tagBDSMClothes Make the Woman....Cry

Clothes Make the Woman....Cry


The leaves rustling in the trees as a spring breeze ruffles the fabric of the air. Window open but blind pulled shut, she knows that the last light of the evening should be just streaking across the backyard.

The twitter of birds as they head to their nests to roost, and the baying of a dog makes her smile. It is a glorious evening, and she is dressing to annoy.

Her Master has a very specific dress code ...and she is feeling mischievous, positively contrary. She pulls on socks, panties, jeans and a pair of sneakers. All definitely on the list of no nos where it pertains to clothing. Running her fingers over ample breasts, she admires them in the mirror, and slips her arms through the loops of the bra, fastening it and pulling on a t-shirt. This outfit should get her the kind of attention she truly seeks tonight.

This is not a kiss me softly, pat me on the bottom and make love to me kind of night. She wants wild and wanton...excitement tinged with danger. The kind of night that keeps her on edge, wanting more.

She arrives late...on purpose, knowing that that by itself is a punishable offense. When he opens the door, the darkness in his eyes causes her to step back. He reaches out for her, his strong hand grabbing her forearm, fingers wrapping around punishing, bruising and he pulls her forward, she loses her balance and lands heavily against him, knocking the very breath from her lungs.

Gasping for air, his hand still gripping her arm he whispers in her ear, "You are late." Her bottom lip trembles, as she nods, an apology poised to spill out, her mind racing as she rethinks her theory. This may earn her more than she had bargained for.

Not letting her put voice to the apology that starts to form in her mind, he closes the door pushing her up against it. His lips come down on hers, territorial kisses, meant to mark and claim, not ones of passion. Although there is a veiled lust lurking just below the surface.

She can feel it in the length of manhood that is pressing hard into her belly, can smell his arousal as well as her own. He pulls back, still gripping that arm tightly and looks her over..starting at her sneaker clad feet, sneering as his eyes rove over the jeans, shaking his head at the fettered breasts, in their bra under the t-shirt. He lets go of her so suddenly that if not for the door behind her, she would have stumbled and fallen to the floor.

He turns and walks away. She watches him as he disappears down the hallway, and listens as the door to the basement creaks open. A shiver of trepidation runs along her spine. A little excitement, a little fear...a lot of hesitancy.

His voice calls out...demanding her immediate compliance, "COME TO ME!" The booming voice pulls her from her reverie and she rushes forward, pausing only momentarily at the top of the stairs...wondering how quickly she can at least remove the bra and panties.

"NOW!" turns her insides into tightly coiled spasms of panic, her feet take her quickly to the steps, descending into the murky half gloom of the playroom. She stands at the bottom of the stairs, letting her eyes adjust...straining to see where he is.

A gasp as her eyes fall on his newest acquisition, the wheel. He slaps a leather paddle against his palm...the sound like gunshots in the dungeon, echoing and she bites into her bottom lip to keep from crying out.

His eyes lock on hers drawing her to him with out need of command. Approaching, she quickly drops to her knees, head down...reaching to kiss the paddle, but he pulls it away. "You come to me dressed like that - you do not deserve to kiss the paddle, nor any part of my body. Stand." His eyes flash in the dim light, twin orbs of menace as he glares at her.

Trembling as she stands...legs loose, almost not able to hold her up...once again she parts her lips, an apology ready...but he stops her...shakes his head and presses cold fingers to her trembling and bitten lips..."Shhhh!"

Still hitting the palm of his hand with the paddle, he walks around her, circling, surveying her from every side, the paddle whistles and her jean clad bottom quivers in the wake of the smack.

Five more in quick succession before he returns to stand in front of her. "You like the way you are dressed...well I will not take your clothes from your body...but before this night is through you will beg me to strip you naked."

He pushes her to the wheel, his hands rough and firm, he straps first wrists, then her ankles, her thighs, waist and head so that she is virtually unable to move. Her nipples swell as the reality hits her...omg...fully dressed and on the wheel...this is truly not what she had imagined as she dressed earlier.

The paddle lashes at her bottom, her thighs, over and over again. Her traitorous cunt, as ever, fills as the paddle works over her quivering globes.

He turns out the lights and there is silence..not even the whir of a fan...nor a waft of air it would stir. Just her in her tethers, he spins the wheel so that she is almost upside down....and walks away. The silence is deafening, the darkness complete, the pounding of her heart getting louder, til it is the only thing that anchors her to the world.

What seems like hours go by, and finally she hears him approach, footsteps on the stairs, and then the lights come on..brilliant as day...she blinks and whimpers, wincing from the brightness. He spins the wheel...bringing her upright...and runs his fingers over her back, down to the swell of buttocks.

The sensation dulled by clothing, unable to even squirm, she wants more...harder touches...needs to feel. Lips parched she asks to be forgiven, as the buzzing starts, it drowns out her pleas. He touches the vibrator to the spread v of her legs, the sensations traveling through the clothes, she can hear the squelch of her wet pussy as it tries to open, to expose that aching clit. The lips stay pressed together, pooling the flow of her juices behind them.

He presses tighter, bruising her delicate nether lips, her clit dancing but unable to feel the full force, not enough to bring her to the edge...but enough to make her yearn to get there. Unable to resist...she screams out in frustration, "PLEASE!!!!" Her answer is his chuckle. Tears spill from her eyes, as she begs to feel the kiss of the paddle, the sting of the whip...anything that will penetrate the clothing and fire her straining nerve endings. Her legs spread so wide that she cannot even create friction by rubbing them together. The screams of frustration ring out through the night.

He steps away, leaving her bathed in sweat, panties tucked into the groove of her slit, the crack of her ass, wicking the moisture away from that streaming pussy. Unable to even wriggle against the panties...she begs to be let down, to have her clothing ripped from her body ... "PLEASE!!!!"

She hears the whistle a mere blink before the tip of the whip kisses her inner thighs. Over and over, counting...screaming, at 20, she slumps ... the heat intense as it spreads bringing a fresh wave of sweat cascading over her, a new outpouring from that hungry pussy,

It is long moments before she realizes that she no longer hears the whip slicing the air, before she can breathe in enough air to stop her head from swimming.

He releases the cuffs from ankles and thighs, she presses her legs together and the cold wet of her panties chills her, makes her shiver. Her waist and head, then her wrists...and she slumps weakly against the wheel.

He turns her and pushes her to her knees...drives his hard cock into her mouth, past swollen lips, both of her hands captured in one of his...his other hand holding her head steady...fucking her throat ...not letting her get a breath before plunging deep. Gagging, drooling...eyes watering.

With a final hard and urgent thrust, he shoves deep down her throat, past the bend and shoots his load. It rushes down...not even back splashing ... deprived even of the taste of his spunk. He lets go of her head and pulls her to trembling legs, staring into her eyes..."Next time, mind how you dress...and remember the consequences."

He walks quickly to the stairs, pulling her roughly behind him...at the door...he pauses..."Tomorrow night be here...I trust you will dress accordingly." Without another touch to her quivering body he opens the door and propels her forward.

Standing on the porch, trembling, wet and unsatisfied...pouting and stamping her foot. Letting a grin cross her face....til tomorrow, sighing softly she reaches back and rubs that spanked rump.

The sun is just sending its final rays of daylight across the sky. Already, there are pockets of deep shadows in the backyard...she watches them deepen...lost in thought. The loons in the lake have started calling to each other, to their young, time to come home to roost for the night. An eagle circles overhead , slowly watching its prey and as it dives she rises from the chair and goes inside.

Stripping the towel from her body she walks down the hall...the warm air caressing her tub pinked skin....water long dried as she sat basking in the last traces of sunlight. Opening the fridge and reaching for the can of soda...the cool air stiffening her nipples, rolling the cold can across her breasts...shivering as a smile creeps to her lips. "Tonight, he will be pleased with the way I am dressed. Tonight I will get rewarded." she whispers the words aloud and trembles in anticipation.

Running a dab of perfume along the top edge of her pubic bone...another drop at the start of the Y that forms her ass crack...and one more dab on the beating pulse of her throat, sighing softly, the scent filling her nostrils.

Black stockings, a denim skirt that barely covers the swell of her quivering bottom and a top, so sheer that it is as if she is wearing nothing at all....if not for the fabric rubbing across those swollen nipples she wouldn't even feel the weight of the scrap of material that drapes over her shoulders. A pair of impossibly high black heels completes the outfit and feeling confident...her pussy already moist, she grabs her keys and climbs into the car. The hum of the engine, the aroma of perfume and sex, she shudders, dipping two fingers into her sopping pussy to ease the tension, being careful not to cum.

Standing on his doorstep....she rings the bell, and patiently awaits his arrival. The night seems ominous as she stands here...tapping her foot...she knocks. Rapping so loud her knuckles sting. Taking a step back, she sees that there are no lights blazing in any window.

Curiosity over taking her sense of disappointment, she trudges across the lawn in those impossibly high heels, feeling off balance, the spikes digging into the soft earth. Approaching the garage, she rises up on tip toe to peer into the darkened window...her scream cut short as a hand covers her mouth, dragged backwards, off balance she topples into the arms of?....trembling, her voice husky with fear she whispers, "Who are you?"

Several chuckles float to her ears and a sensation not unlike a trickle of icy water on heated flesh ripples along her spine.

'He said you'd be here on time tonight....and to entertain you until he arrives." Her voice gives answer before she can think and a strangled "NO!" escapes her lips. Rough hands grip her legs and shoulders and she is carried around to the back of the garage. A blindfold is slipped over her eyes and the dark night becomes absolute. No light penetrates the edges and her heart beats too fast.

Ropes are slipped over her wrists and pulled up and out til her feet are just grazing the ground...a mouth slips over her pussy wet and sticky fingers and licks the dried juice...a deep growl pushes from that mouth and teeth dig into her....she cries out, more from shock than pain...the ropes are pulled tighter and her feet lift from the ground.

More ropes on her ankles and they too are pulled up and out until her skirt pushes up over parted thighs...legs so wide it feels like they will pull apart. The muscles in her thighs dancing, screaming as they are stretched to the point of tearing. The sound of sobbing as her body is suspended...surprised into silence as she realizes that the sobs are coming from her.

There is no need to remove her skirt as it is now little more then a belt, the wind caresses her wet pussy lips, tingles as it moves the fabric across engorged nipples. She pulls, her body twisting to no avail....there is no play in the ropes.

She hears an odd whistle and turns unseeing eyes in that direction to be rewarded with the kiss of the whip just below the swell of her heaving breasts. A scream tears from her throat and a voice growls, "Scream, scream all you want...there is no one to hear you but us...and we like the sound."

The second slash takes her just above the nipples...and her body bucks like a wild animal...she can feel herself swaying back and forth. A loud keening, a mere breath before the lash strikes across those hardened nipples, feeling like it cut her right one in half, and a simultaneous strike to the back of her thighs.

The pain so hot that she cannot force even a whimper from between her gritted teeth. She loses count after 20, her mind reeling as she doubles that number, each whistle gives her twin lashes, front and back.

The air chilling the wet trails that run down her thighs, and it is several moments before she can breathe. The sounds of the night return to her ears and somewhere off in the distance the croak of frogs and the call of loons bring a normalcy to the night that does not exist.

Long moments pass and and at last her breathing slows, the beating of her heart less of a pounding sound, reduced to a slow trot. Her ears straining to detect any motion...biting her bottom lip as she hears breathing, not her own...so close. .

Whimpering....nervously twitching in the ropes, her traitorous pussy dripping its sweet lubricating oils. A finger touches and trails through the slippery tracks of her spilling juices, making her moan, the soft touch such a welcome relief after the pain of the lash.

A hot breath on parted pussy lips, it brushes as light as a feathers touch across that protruding clit. Another long moan as she strains to touch her aching clit to those lips that must be so close...muscles rippling with the effort.

"As much as I'd like to push my tongue to your quivering bits, you do smell delicious, and thrust my fingers into your throbbing cunt...the instructions were clear. If you are to cum...it will be by the sting of the lash, the kiss of the paddle or if we are very lucky to witness, from the zap of the electric prod. No touching or inserting allowed. " the voice fading as he moves away from her body. "And we had better get started if we wish to see His cunt streaming with cum before he arrives."

Finding her voice once again, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" as the sobs bubble up, her body twisting and turning, arms pulling, legs unable to even pull just a little...and the whipping begins anew. The lashes striking across her parted vulva, nipping into the soft pink bits, the sounds of the strikes evident of the dripping state of her cunt.

The lash at the rear of her changes to a paddle and the hand wielding it never ceases...the blows fast and constant. Hanging limply from the ropes, defeated , all fight gone, she endures, her mind floating away and her body staying to accept its punishment.

Brought back to her senses, the shock of the cold water as it splashes on fevered flesh, the loud gasp from her lungs as she involuntarily sucks for air....every stripe standing lividly on her pale skin, on fire as the water cascades over her.

"Now that I have your attention....we need to see you cum...keep that in mind...cum for us and we will stop." his words punctuated by the unmistakable sound of the electric zap as the wand sizzles close to her ear. Tears soak the blindfold...her sobs wrenched from her, ripping the fabric of the still night air.

The first zap hits her right nipple and before she can react...the second takes her left nipple. Body twitching....flailing, spittle flying from her lips as she opens her mouth to scream...and before she can even do that....the prod touches her puckered rosebud and sets her world on fire.

Screaming...her asshole spasming as it flares one, two , omggggg, three more times...the fluids pouring from her cunt dripping audibly onto the ground....

"Just one more well placed zap and I think you boys will get your reward." says the voice that will protect her...make them stop. "Here let me show you how to make that cunt's cunt cum for you." He reaches up and grips a handful of her hair, pulls her lips to his and kisses her hard, bruising her tender lips, sucking her tongue into his mouth along with her very breath...he bites down hard.

Her screams filtered, muffled and she feels the cold steel of the prongs on her swollen, heaving, engorged and very wet clit. Shaking her head, her tongue still pinioned by his teeth he pulls the trigger...and lets the electric current continue to flow.

Her body convulses....cunt contracts as all other muscles relax...a stream of hot piss added to the outpouring from her pussy. A full body orgasm rips through her tortured body, he pulls his mouth from hers and lets her scream ring out. Long after the prod is removed her body processes the sensations, sustaining an exquisitely painful orgasm until there seems to be no fluid left to spray from her. Hanging loosely, too weak to lift her head, she hears the amazed murmurs from the men who strung her up.

His voice, commanding as always booms through the night, piercing even her semi-conscious state, "Hose her down boys, let her down and put her in the stall next to the horse....let him put up with her smell all night long....it's late and I'm going to bed." He leans to whisper in her ear..."Never antagonize me again, unless you have enjoyed this, but remember, the consequences always escalate in intensity...as do the rewards for good behavior."

His hand slipping easily into her sloppy cunt...he fucks her with his fist...hard and fast into another painful orgasm....pulls his fist out still clenched, and feeds her his fingers, pushing them deep into her mouth until she has licked the salty taste of piss and the sweet taste of girl cum from them...then leaves without another word.

Sobbing as the cold water rinses her body, she is let down to fall on the ground...legs unable to hold her up....arms tied behind her back they carry her wretched body to the stall....tossing her onto the hay...it pokes and stings her flailed flesh. Her tied hands are hooked to the stall wall, allowing her very little movement, exhausted, she falls asleep in the fragrant grass.

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