tagMind ControlClothes Store Harem

Clothes Store Harem


"Jeans, flannels, dress shirts, boxers"

Twenty-two year old Daniel read from the shopping list he made on his phone as he walked into the large clothes store. While he did actually need the items on his shopping list, he came to the store for a different reason; to do an experiment.

Since it was a rainy Saturday afternoon, the store was quite busy with employees and customers milling about while generic pop music played softly from the loudspeakers. There was nothing out of the ordinary about this situation or the store.

One of the cashiers immediately caught his attention, a stunning young girl with long, dyed pink hair and several tattoos running up and down her arms, and even from a distance, her pale skin made the dark lines of the tattoos stand out. He made a mental note to remember her for later.

Daniel casually walked around the store, passing by several attractive girls and women looking through various shirts and blouses. Although there were plenty of guys in the store, they seemed to be outnumbered by young women and moms. He made a note of this as well.

Finally, it was time for the fun to begin.

After walking into the men's section, which was quiet and practically empty, he closed his eyes and focused on his breath and his heartbeat, drowning out all the commotion around him. One by one, he entered the minds of every person in the store, taking several minutes due to the sheer amount of people. Even as he slipped into their minds, they continued to walk around and shop as they had been, completely oblivious to what was about to happen.

With his eyes still closed, Daniel said out loud in an authoritative tone,

"Until I give an order to do otherwise, everyone in this store will obey my every command. You are all to become my slaves, doing whatever I order you to do without hesitation. Now, everyone stand still."

Suddenly, everything around him was quiet, except for the music, which continued to play softly in the background. He opened his eyes to find that, as he'd ordered, everyone had stopped moving. They weren't frozen, just awaiting their next order. This was his power, the power of mind control.

He suddenly got super lightheaded and dizzy, having to drop to his knees. The sheer mental strain of taking control of an entire store's-worth of people making his head spin. Prior to this, he had been testing out his powers in small rooms with only a handful of people, but never with this many.

After a minute, the initial wave of dizziness passed and Daniel stood up to look around.

The first thing he did was make sure his hypnosis had worked. He walked up to a pretty, young Asian woman, probably in her late twenties. She was petite but had a cute body, which was covered by a cute floral sundress that stopped right above her knees, and flats.

"Take off your shoes and dress."

She nodded, kicking off her flats, unzipping the back of the dress and pulling it off, leaving the young woman in a black lace bra and a matching black thong that outlined her tight ass.

After admiring her cute body, he opened the purse she had been holding and went through it, learning that her name was Michelle and that she was twenty-eight. He wanted to leave her in her little underwear in front of the whole store, so before walking away, he gave her the order,

"Michelle, stay like this until I tell you otherwise."

Confident that everyone was properly under his control, Daniel undressed as well, pulling off his shirt and jeans until he was standing in only his black and white striped boxers. He'd always wanted to just strip down in a store like this, letting everyone in it see his athletic body and the growing erection in his underwear. There was something about being so exposed in a public place that was already getting him hard.

He then made his way to the dressing rooms. He'd always fantasized about opening a door to a dressing room and finding a sexy girl who was in the middle of taking off her clothes, who would then invite him into the stall and let him take off the rest.

With his powers, he finally he could make that fantasy a reality.

Out of six dressing rooms, only two were being used. He quickly tried to open the two closed doors, which were unsurprisingly locked. Fortunately, he could change that.

"Everyone that is in a dressing room, open their doors."

He looked into the first stall, relieved to find a pretty, college aged girl with long red hair, pale skin, and freckles. She was slim and athletic, but had a decent rack and a tight, juicy butt. She was wearing a cute black crop top, only coming to her bellybutton. A pair of small jean shorts around her ankles indicated that she had probably been pulling them off when she'd been hypnotized. With her shorts on the ground, he could see that she was wearing a small white lace thong that outlined her cute ass. He looked on the floor next to her and found her purse, and quickly rummaged through it. Looking at her ID, her name was Riley, she was twenty years old and a sophomore at a nearby college.

"Riley, take off your shirt so you're only wearing a bra and panties."

She nodded and slipped the small crop top over her head, leaving her in her small black bra and her white lace thong. The bra stood out against her pale skin, which was smooth and like her face, was marked with cute freckles. She had a toned body, tight stomach and a tight but round ass, which was highlighted by the thong. He almost stripped and fucked her right then and there, but remembered that there was much more work to do before that happened.

As Daniel stepped out of the room with the sexy redhead, he looked inside the second stall and saw that there was a guy inside, maybe a year or two older than himself. He had a somewhat attractive face with a tight jawline and shaggy brown hair. The guy had a shirt in his hand and was only wearing slim-fitting jeans, giving Daniel the impression that he'd been in the process of trying on the shirt. He could see that the guy had a muscular body, maybe that of a college athlete. He reached into the guy's pocket and found his wallet, finding out that his name was Jackson, he was indeed a year older than him at twenty-three, and that they actually went to the same school.

"Jackson, strip to only your boxers."

Jackson did just that and pulled off his jeans, leaving him in just his tight grey boxer briefs, a bulge clearly protruding in the front.

Out of pure curiosity, he asked, "Jackson, how big is your dick?"

"Seven inches."

"Perfect. I'll be needing your help later."

He walked out and back into Riley's stall. After staring at her gorgeous body for a bit, he ordered, "Riley, come with me. We're going shopping."

And with that, she walked out of the dressing room in just a bra and panties, following him to the lingerie section.

This particular store had a massive selection of bras, panties and other lingerie of all kinds. There were bras that ranged from being so small they'd only fit the most flat-chested of girls to those that were so big that the cups were the size of his head. There were thongs that were so sexy that they were made almost entirely of strings, and even sexy knee socks and stockings.

"Pick out some cute and sexy underwear, then find me when you're done and you can model them for me" He thought for a second and added, "...also, kiss me."

She grabbed him and pulled herself into his nearly-naked body as he tilted his head down and kissed her again and again. She parted her lips and he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, their tongues dancing together. He wrapped his arms around her, trying to feel every inch of her. His hands grabbed her tight butt, making her gasp and deepen the kiss.

"Good girl." Daniel smirked as he pulled away from her delicious kisses, grabbing her ass one last time before he turned and went to find his next cute victim.

It wasn't long before he came across a beautiful woman, older than Riley and even older than the first girl, Michelle. She must've been in her late thirties or even early forties, but she had long golden-blonde hair that went down to her sizable chest, a pretty face and a fit body that could've belonged to a woman fifteen years younger. Her body was covered by a tight grey athletic tank top, solid black leggings, and expensive looking running shoes. Judging by her outfit, he guessed she'd just been to the nearby gym.

"Excuse me miss, what's your name and how old are you?"

She smiled at him warmly, "My name is Anne, and I'm thirty-nine"

"Anne, are you married or in a relationship, and do you have any kids?"

"I have a fiance, and no kids."

"Okay perfect. I hope your fiance isn't going to be upset, but I'm going to using you and your body for my own pleasure today. And if you don't mind me saying, you're incredibly sexy, and I wouldn't mind watching you strip down right here to your bra and panties."

Right in the middle of the store, she pulled her tank top over her head and peeled off her leggings, leaving the gorgeous woman in just a pink sports bra and black thong.

"Make out with me Anne, hard."

They immediately began kissing fast and hard, their tongues shoving in each other's mouths. He felt up her body, groping her big tits through her sports bra with one hand while grabbing her surprisingly tight ass with the other. His boner prodded the crotch of her already-wet thong, forcing her to let out a hot moan into his mouth.

He was about to go further with her, but stopped when a cute girly voice said his name.

He turned around to see Riley standing in the cutest red bra and panty set he'd ever seen. The lace fabric was so thin that it was basically see-through, her pert nipples poking through the bra and the outline of her small pussy visible on the panties. The color of the underwear matched that of her fire-red hair, making her look ever sexier.

He immediately grabbed her, feeling the heat of her bare skin on his own. "Fuck Riley, you look so hot right now. Make out with me hard, my pretty little slut."

She opened her mouth to let his tongue shove sloppily against hers, spit dripping down their chins. They couldn't keep their hands off each other, touching and grabbing wildly.

Not wanting to ignore the hot milf he'd just met, Daniel pulled back from Riley's mouth and ordered, "Anne, come here and join us."

She did as she was told, first grabbing Riley and kissing her passionately, like they'd been long lost lovers. Their hands felt and groped each other's sexy bodies, Riley's slim body and pale skin a lovely contrast to Anne's much more mature figure and sun-tanned skin. Riley was also a good five inches shorter than Anne, forcing her to stand on her cute painted toes as they made out. He squeezed both of their tight butts as he joined them, all three of their tongues and mouths going wild.

He pulled back from their kisses, telling them to continue making out while he watched. He looked at the incredible scene he'd created; a hot college girl and a milf were in their little underwear, making out hard and moaning in the middle of a crowded clothes store. Just then, he remembered something he was going to do.

He went to the front of the store, going to the cash registers. There stood the pink-haired girl, and as he approached her, he realized she was even hotter up close. She was short with a petite body, and was wearing black crop top with the logo of a punk band he recognized, tight black jeans and classic Vans.

Her numerous tattoos came into detail as well, and he could see the intricate patterns as well as vines wrapping around her arms, various leaves and flowers adorning them. Because of her bare midriff, he could see her small waist, one side of which was also intricately decorated with tattoos. She had several small ear piercings as well as a cute nose ring, and her makeup was done perfectly. Right above her small but cute chest was a name-tag that said "Chloe" in white lettering.

"Not exactly trying to break out of the 'alternative girl' stereotype, huh Chloe?" Daniel joked as he checked her out, making her giggle cutely in response.

"Come over here and show me that adorable little body." he ordered.

Chloe walked out from behind the register, letting him see her small frame, slender legs and cute ass in the tight black jeans.

"How old are you?" he asked, walking up to her and putting his hands on her slim hips.

"Eighteen" she replied, as he let out a sigh of relief. He was perverted for sure, but he still had morals.

He slipped his hands around her small ass, giving it a light squeeze. His face only an inch from hers, he smelled her sweet and girly perfume. "Kiss me" he whispered seductively.

She eagerly leaned in and kissed him, putting her arms around his bare torso. Her small stature made it so he had to bend down slightly, even with her standing on her toes.

After a few seconds of kissing her, he lifted her black shirt over her candy-cotton-pink hair, letting it fall back over her pale skin as he tossed the shirt aside. She was wearing a little black lace bralette that made her small frame even cuter. Her tattoos were now fully visible, as he could now see several more on her back and the one he'd noticed on her stomach.

Eager to see the rest, he unbuttoned her black jeans, struggling to get them off. Slightly annoyed, he told her to do it, watching her young lithe body wriggle out of the skin-tight jeans.

Now Chloe stood in just her bralette and a pair of small pink panties that not only matched the color of her hair, but accentuated her small butt. She looked so hot that he couldn't help but make out with her, running his hands over her smooth young body.

Before he could go any further with her, he pulled away and took her hand, leading her back to where he'd left the other two. He heard soft moans and the sounds of sloppy kisses, but couldn't find them. Finally he stumbled upon his two girls, both topless and passionately making out and humping each other, rolling around on the floor. He assumed they got so horny from kissing that they'd ripped each other's bras off, an image that made his cock tent in his boxers.

"Stop kissing and stand up, you horny sluts."

They immediately got up, both of them with obvious wet spots on their panties. He grabbed Anne's big tits first, her D-cups still surprisingly perky for her age. After playing with and sucking on her pink puffy nipples and making her moan, he grabbed Riley's tits and did the same thing, equally enjoying her C-cup size and small pert nipples.

He stepped back, introducing them their new toy.

"Girls, this sexy, tattooed little thing is Chloe, she's a cashier and looked like she wanted to come play with us. Chloe, the sexy girl with the freckles and red hair is Riley, and the slutty blonde milf with the big tits is Anne. I want all three of you make out, and take off Chloe's bra in the process."

Riley wasted no time, immediately grabbing Chloe's small body and pulling it into hers. They began to kiss, both young girls getting horny for each other in no time. Riley's natural red hair and freckles stood out against Chloe's dyed pink hair and inked skin, both girls grabbing at each other as they kissed wildly. Anne, who was temporarily distracted by the glorious sight in front of her, snapped out of it and joined them, creating an insanely hot and sloppy three-way make out session. Anne got behind Chloe and kissed her neck as she helped Riley pull off the small girl's bralette, letting it drop to the floor. They all savored the view of Chloe's small and girly B-cup chest, her milky-white skin and hard little pink nipples.

Even just from watching them, Daniel realized there was a full erection in his boxers. He finally just pulled them down, letting his sizable six inch dick spring out of its fabric cage and stick straight out. He wanted to fuck these three horny girls so badly, but he remembered one last girl he wanted to play with.

Completely naked, he walked all the way to the men's section, his fully-hard cock bouncing freely. He finally found Michelle, the cute Asian woman he'd first found and stripped. As he had ordered, she stood right in the middle of the isle in her matching black lace bra and thong.

Without saying a word, he walked up to her and roughly shoved his tongue in her mouth. Too horny to care, he grabbed and slapped her ass while trying to choke her with his tongue, spit dripping off her chin. His bare cock rubbed against the crotch of her thong, which was quickly becoming wet.

"Come with me, little slut"

He brought her back to the three girls, who were still grabbing each other and making out sloppily. He wanted to watch them, but he had an even better plan.

"Michelle, take off your bra. I want to see that sexy Asian body"

She did as she was told, unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor, her black thong joining it. Her C-cup tits and dark nipples were just as hot as he'd imagined, just a little smaller than Riley's but just as perky.

"Get on your knees and let me fuck your little mouth." he commanded.

She obeyed, getting on her knees in the middle of the isle and opening her mouth wide, taking half of his throbbing dick into her mouth on the first try. He groaned as she sucked and licked, the young woman starting to bob her head up and down as his head and shaft disappeared past her red lips. Once she got his entire length in her wet mouth, he started going harder and faster. He grabbed the back of her head and held it in place while he roughly fucked her mouth and throat, her thick spit pouring out of her mouth, covering his cock and dripping onto her tits.

Daniel was face-fucking a hot, nearly-naked young Asian woman in the middle of a crowded store, and she was doing all of this without hesitation. She was his slave, willingly doing anything he asked of her. All of the girls he'd played with so far were just like her, as was every person in the entire store. They were all his.

The hot realization of his own power was enough to make him feel his orgasm closing in, so he went all out. Violently fucking the young woman's mouth, he forced her mouth all the way down his dick and held her there so her nose was pressed into his trimmed pubes. He groaned and swore loudly, shooting thick load after thick load down Michelle's throat and into her stomach, making her suddenly gag. After finally releasing her, she coughed and sputtered, trying to swallow his massive cumshot. He only gave her a second to recover before putting his already-softening dick back in her mouth, telling her suck and lick it clean. She blew him quickly, trying to milk every last drop of his hot cum into her wet mouth.

"Stand up and join the other girls over there, and introduce yourself by giving them all kisses." he told her after a minute, satisfied with her blowjob.

She took his swollen cock out of her mouth and walked over to his trio of sluts, all of them soaking wet with excitement from watching him roughly face-fuck a cute Asian woman they'd never seen before. Michelle went up to each of them, giving each girl a deep kiss and letting them taste the remnants of his thick cum still on her tongue.

He had found the perfect mix of girls for his harem: a redhead with freckles, a petite tattooed girl with pink hair, a blonde milf and a small young Asian woman.

After letting them all get to know each other, he said, "Now girls, I'm going to ask you all some questions, all of which only apply to your lives BEFORE you entered this store, understand?

They all nodded, the motion making Riley and Anne's lovely tits bounce.

"We'll start out easy, raise your hand if you've been kissed."

They all raised their hands.

"Next, keep your hand up if you've ever kissed another girl."

Only Michelle put her hand down, meaning that Riley, Chloe and Anne all had kissed other girls, making him wonder what lucky girl was on the receiving end of their kisses.

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