tagLoving WivesClothing Optional Surprise Pt. 01

Clothing Optional Surprise Pt. 01


My husband Daniel and I have been married for 5 years. We both turned 32 this past year. A few years ago, we created a vacation bucket list together. Cities, states, countries, attractions - we travel as often as our jobs allow, and we love trying new places and new experiences.

One of the items on our bucket list is a clothing optional resort. We researched many of the options in beach locations, but we were concerned that those might be a little too fast-paced and too expensive. We were looking for more of a nudist experience than a party and hook-up place. We found some intriguing options in the Midwest states, and settled on a five night stay at a sprawling resort not too far from us in rural Iowa. This resort offered cabins, campsites, and RV pads for nightly and weekly rentals.

Nervously, we drove onto the grounds. The security guard at the gate pointed us towards the registration area. Thankfully, he was clothed. We checked in, and were given an introductory tour of the grounds in a golf cart. Our tour guide was a very kind older man, who also happened to be buck naked.

I gulped when he stepped out of the cart to shake our hands. He had a typical older man's body: a bit of a belly, some wrinkles and loose skin, flowing gray hair, a very nice full-body tan, and a tiny penis. He introduced himself as James, and he did a great job of answering our questions throughout. He knew we were nervous first-timers, and he assured us that we would never be forced to take any clothes off. The resort was truly clothing-optional.

James was very clear about the three cardinal rules of their lifestyle at the resort: No staring; always have a towel with you to sit on; and no sex out in the open. He made it clear that it was not a sex-romp resort, but rather a "freedom from clothing experience."

My husband asked James if he ever worried about getting a hard-on looking at the naked women. James assured Daniel that it was perfectly normal to get an erection at times, but to just let it go down on its own. He also told Daniel that, since he was gay and had an old, wrinkled penis, the women were safe from causing him an erection.

James dropped us off at our cabin, and we took our things inside to unpack. Daniel suggested that we try the pool area for the afternoon. We covered our bodies with sunscreen, threw on some long t-shirts, and headed out. We both decided to dive right in to the nudist experience, and wore nothing underneath. With towels, books, and more lotion in hand, we walked over to the pool deck.

As we walked across the pool deck to a pair of open chaise lounges, I was a little nervous about being on display. No one seemed to bat an eye, though. This was normal for them. A few couples did say hello as we walked by. Once we spread out our towels, we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and took off the t-shirts. We settled in to read and enjoy getting an all-over tan.

I took a few peeks up from my book and noticed that every body shape and age was on display. I saw a few couples who appeared younger than us, but most were at least 10 years older. I'd say we had two of the nicest-looking bodies at the pool, and it made me feel very comfortable in my own skin.

That afternoon, we took part in many of the activities. We played shuffleboard, volleyball, bingo, trivia, and even cooked some smores. We never even put our t-shirts back on. 80% of the people there were totally in the buff, too. Daniel only had to deal with a couple of erections, and admit that I got a little wet looking at a few of the guests.

At the bonfire, some of the men talked about playing golf at a nearby course the next day. They invited Daniel to fill out their foursome. Daniel jumped at the invitation.

That night, Daniel and I had some of the best sex we have ever had. We were intense from start to finish and ended up in multiple positions. I lost count of how many orgasms I had. I guess just being naked all day around other naked people had revved up our engines.

The next morning, I took part in a yoga class. Naked yoga is quite an eyeful. I caught a few men and women staring at me during the class, and it made me feel sexy. After class, I showered and said goodbye to Daniel before he left for golf. I headed out to the pool with only my towel and a smile.

After a couple of hours of lounging in and around the pool, James approached me . He said that I looked like I was settling into the lifestyle nicely. He asked if I would like to join him for a sandwich in his cabin. I said "sure", and we headed out. Once inside, I looked around while he got out the bread, deli meat, and chips. I stopped short when I saw the end table by the couch. There must have been 20 different dildos and vibrators, of all different sizes. Some were huge, like 14-15 inches long!

"Um, James, care to explain?" He told me that consenting adults like to experiment with his collection, which makes him pretty popular at the resort. Both males and females can find something that interests them, as well as try new sizes they have never felt. While he finished making the sandwiches, I picked up a small 4" vibrator and turned it on.

James smiled and told me to feel the sensations while I moved the vibrator all around my body. My back was to him, so he could not see what I was doing, and I threw caution to the wind. I took his advice, and soon had tingles from head to toe as I touched it to many different places. I spent a lot of time with it on my nipples, where I am the most sensitive. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the waves of electricity coursing through my body.

I was startled when James whispered in my ear, "You'll love how that one feels inside of you." He caressed my shoulders from behind, and starting kissing my neck. That always gets me going, and my hand moved quickly down my belly. I touched the most sensitive parts of my pussy for a minute, and was soon wet enough to insert the vibrator. I leaned back and gave my mouth to James. He kissed me aggressively, and his hands reached around to caress my 35B breasts. I slid the vibrator in and out of my soaking pussy while his tongue danced in my mouth and his hands traced circles around my nipples.

Suddenly, I stopped the kiss. "Wait," I said, "aren't you gay?"

He replied, "No, my love, I am straight. I tell the men that I am gay so they let their guard down, and then I help their wives or girlfriends pleasure themselves while they are here. I am retired, and I rent this cabin for the summer. I have a tiny dick, which is only about 3-4 inches fully hard, so I usually just watch women get off. This dick is only good for anal." I was amazed by his direct tone. I felt like I should be mad that he planned this and tricked us, but I was feeling too many pleasurable sensations to think straight.

He moved me over to a chair in the center of the room and set out a towel for me to sit on. I kept my eyes closed as I worked the vibrator in and out of my dripping pussy. My pleasure was interrupted when James tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Here, try this one. I think you'll like it."

I opened my eyes, and saw a 10" black-skinned dildo. "No way," I said, "that will never fit. My husband is 6.5 inches, and he fills me up completely." After a little more prodding from James, we made a trade. I was so wet that I didn't need any lube, but James spread KY along its length just in case. He sat on the couch and watched as I threw my legs over the arms of the chair rubbed the dildo along my opening.

After a few minutes of rubbing, I was ready to insert it. It was a slow process moving that monster in and out just a fraction of an inch each push, and I winced with pain a few times, but eventually I was able to work it all the way inside of me. My pussy was so stretched out, and that monster dildo was touching me in places that have never been touched before. James watched and smiled as I had a mind-blowing orgasm. Once my body stopped shaking and spasming, James walked over and slowly pulled the dildo out of me. When the tip left my pussy with a slurping sound, juices spilled out around it and covered the towel.

James thoroughly cleaned off both toys and set them back on the table while I came down from the high of what I had just done. We ate our sandwiches, mostly in silence, and then I said that I had to go before Daniel returned. He gave me another electric kiss, and a long hug, and wished me a good day.

When Daniel and I had sex that night, he commented that my pussy felt really stretched out. He said that his cock seemed small for some reason. I dismissed his comment, saying that it must stretched from the sun and the sights. I had a wry smile, though, as I thought of my afternoon with James.

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