tagInterracial LoveCloud 9 Ch. 1

Cloud 9 Ch. 1


Karina and Milan went clubbing three times each week, though their college courses probably required more devotion than they were giving them. But what the hell, you only get to partake in the college life once, right? Karina, often admiring Milan's athletic features, was curvy, or, as her mother referred to her, "Coca-Cola bottle" shaped. She had a 36-C shelf, a small waist that flared out into soft unyielding hips. Her 5'6" frame could barely contain her rubenesque body. Milan, on the other hand, was as exotic as her name. Her now tanned mahogany skin sheathed a goddess body. She stood 5'10", with 38-DD breasts, and slender hips with the slightest flare. The tomboy body from her youth had blossomed into a desirable woman.

Tonight, Karina and Milan decided to go out to a new club, Cloud 9. Walking in, Milan was dressed in boots, leather booty shorts and a halter top that barely containing her well above average breasts. Karina was dressed as sexily, in an ultra-mini dress that showed the bottom of her lovely ass cheeks when she bent over. They did what they knew how to do, starting the night with double tequila shots and then gyrating against every man they could get their hands on. They loved to give men rock-hard hard-ons, and leave them on the dance floor, and frequently kept tally to compare notes at the end of the night. This one night though, Karina found one man that she didn't want to leave quite yet.

Dancing, her ass to his hips, she decided to turn around to get a better look at the man that felt so good. She liked how he was dressed, simply and elegantly, in a nice jacket and silk shirt, and she found his white tanned skin and the hard lump in his pants very intriguing. Having never been with a white man, but naturally curious, she did everything to keep his attention on her.

She decided to say au revoir to Milan early and told her to page her when she got home. Mike, as he introduced himself, told Karina that he was 26 (which, to a 22-year old, seems a distant number) and was a candidate for residency at the city hospital. On the drive to the IHOP, and while there, he told her that he was not in the habit of picking up women at a club, much less going to clubs, but he had a good feeling about her. They talked some more, and decided to go to his house to talk some more.

Karina looked at Mike's home through the window of the Camaro, spread out like a hacienda in the hills and wondered how a medical student could afford these digs. He read her mind, explaining "I'm from money. This is just the tip of the iceberg from my father's estate. When I was younger I had a problem with it, but as a starving medical student, I take what I can get." They got out of the sports car, the medical student leading the way. She was nervous, and her nervousness and wanting for this man left her thong soaked and made her horny. As she shifted against her thong, she let the string rub gently against her clit, sending chills up her spine.

Inside, Karina now shifted absently on Mike's leather couch watching him make drinks for them. Karina realized that she was wet due to her shifting and the spot would be rather evident on a black leather couch. The air-conditioning was on, she noticed, because her eraser-sized nipples were poking through the spaghetti-strapped mini-dress. As he came toward the couch, Karina explained why she was here with him "Excuse me, this is not my habit, going home with strange men, so why don't you tell me more about yourself, before you hand me that drink."

She coyly smiled and noticed the twitch in his pants. "My name is Mike, really, it's Michele. Michele is a little too French for Americans."

"So your French," Karina asked. "Well, my father is French, my mother a California girl, and he insisted that his children be instilled with French gentile, so here I am, Michele Jean Louis Beauveau." The French rolled from his tongue and made him even more sexy to Karina, and in turn, made her even more wet, a problem that becoming more hard to hide." You look more California-boy to me rather than French."

His tan physique with sun-kissed blonde hair and ocean-blue eyes was a far cry from the buppie wannabe businessmen that Karina usually dated or the thugs she fucked. "Well", Mike said, "genes can be a very complicated thing. 1/2 French and 1/2 American does not necessarily mix equally. I think I got great features from both of my parents."

"I won't argue with that, she huskily cooed."

Mike sat down next to Karina and put his hand on the top of her thigh. His hand was as smooth as silk and as though through reflex, her legs parted. "You're very wet love. In my medical opinion, I think you need a have that looked at. Are you up to that?" He stared into her deep brown eyes and moved his other hand against her caramel-colored face. "Sure, are you just going to fuck an' run though? Even though this is not the start of a great relationship, I would love to at least be friends...."

"Baby, let's think about that later." He smiled and she yielded to the hand on her thigh. He moved her hand to his crotch and she started to unzip his pants while noticing that his caress was getting close to the front of her thong. He put his hand to her face and kissed her deeply, savoring her full lips and probing her mouth with his tongue. Karina wanted him to kiss her forever so that she could savor the coolness of his mouth. He must have brushed his teeth when he went to make the drinks, she thought.

His hand moved to the front of her skimpy thong and he delicately slipped a finger inside. She moaned when she felt his finger against her slickness. She freed him from the confines of his pants and underwear, then moved her hand up and down against the semi-hard, semi-soft pink flesh, eager to stand at attention to her coaxing. Karina became bolder, released her grip on his dick and slid two fingers into her wetness. Mike's dick stood at attention even more at her brazen display. She took the wetness, mixed it with his pre-cum and around the head of his circumcised penis. Mike's lust became uncontrollable! He released from their kissing and picked up Karina, taking her to his bedroom.

With her help, Mike removed her dress and left her topless, clad in only the thong. He admired her light brown skin and removed his pants and underwear. Left in only a shirt, Karina admired his well-defined legs and noticed that he had no tan lines...Mike's hard shaft stood at attention and curved upward, the head tapping his against his belly. "Come here baby, don't you want to taste my brown sugar? You know what they say, once you go black..."

"Baby, right now, I'll never go back."

He kneeled in front of the bed and pulled her by the ankles down to him. He kissed her ankles, her calves, her thighs, up to her mound. He put his nose into her mound, savoring her womanly scent and making her moan in anticipation of what was next. Mike fulfilled her wish and used his tongue to part her lips. He lapped up to her clit and Karina cooed "Oooh, oooh, Michele, oooh...don't stop..." He didn't. He tongued her clit, simultaneously taking two fingers and sliding them into her slick pussy. She was so hot, and he wanted to take her higher. He removed his slick fingers and slid them along her ass crack. Over and over again he repeated the motion, speeding up the ecstasy for Karina by sucking on her clit.

"Oh god Michele, oooh Mike, don't stop, baby, don't ever stop! Suck it baby...you're going to make me cum!" Mike switched to licking her clit again and fingering her pussy. With her asshole lubed up, He slid a finger into her bum and fingered her pussy and asshole. "Oh Mike, I've never been ass-fucked, but I want you to do it. Turn this black bitch out baby! Ooh Mike, you're gonna make me cum!" He could hardly hold against her arching and releasing, but he did, wrapping his other arm around her thigh, his biceps bulging against her bucking. "OOOH...OOOH...you fucker...OOOH...I'm cum-ming, oooh baby!!"

Mike was so turned on, he wanted to fuck the hell out of her right then, but he held on--he wanted to give this girl the best night of her life. He went into his closet while Karina was coming down from her bliss and picked a silver vibrator from his arsenal of toys. He headed back to Karina But she wanted to be in control and pulled his shirttails to her, ripping off the silk shirt and feeling his broad chest and ripped muscles. "It's your turn, baby. I can suck dick with the best of them."

She immediately zeroed in on his crotch and deep-throated his cock. She inhaled and took a whiff of his pubes and savored the musk of his pubes. Karina looked like a pro and felt like she was in a porn movie, deep throating this white guy's cock, loving it and wanting to go further. She sucked gently on his perfect balls while pumping his cock with her hand. Moving back to his cock to give it the attention it deserved, she licked and sucked the area between his balls and asshole; he moaned, partly because it felt so good and partly because no one ever did that to him before. "Oh baby, you are so good, je suis....oh, fuck, you're so good.... oh, I can't remember my French...oh.!!" She moved back to his balls and quickly rimmed his asshole, sliding her tongue into his ass. "OH SHIT, baby, ooh… ahh."

She moved back up, moving her tongue along his balls, then moving up and down over his dick, mirroring the movement of his lightly thrusting hips. She then surprises him again by sticking a lubed finger into his asshole. "SHIT! Karina!" She stopped abruptly, scared she had done something wrong. "Baby, don't stop!" She rimmed his asshole, again sticking a finger up his ass and sucking the life out of his dick. She bobbed up and down over his dick making him crazy. Mike felt the twitching in his balls, the rush to his head, and knew what was coming next. "Swallow baby, swallow my jism….you're so good…you're gonna make me cum!!" He exploded and Karina swallowed every last drop.

"Be prepared to get fucked baby. Every which way!" Michele pulled her up to him and kissed her, making her moan. Karina felt his chest, smoothing her hand over his pecks, going lower and lower until she rested on his cock. She noticed that his cock was still hard and this made her wet. Karina rubbed Michele's dick and tongued him, both of them trading their scents back and forth. Karina pushed Michele down onto his back, and straddled his hips.

"Hey baby, ready for the ride of your life?" She raised up slightly, positioning his piston at her hole and sliding down his pole until she felt his pubes. She moved against him, gyrating, rolling her hips and making him moan uncontrollably. He came again into her hot pussy. She laughed, dropping next to him on the bed and enveloping his dick with her mouth. He watched this beautiful brown-skinned girl suck his member clean and was aroused yet again. He pinned her to the bed and ate her again, this time using the silver sheath that he got from the closet. In and out he moved the vibrator while sucking her clit.

"Get up, baby, turn over, on you hands and knees," and she did. He then grabbed her full ass cheeks and licked in between them. He made her moan over and over by licking her crack, however, Mike wasn't done. He rimmed her asshole, slithering his tongue deep into her bowels, making her cream from her pussy. He took the vibrator and inserted it into her pussy, fucking he with the vibrator doggy-style, while tonguing her asshole. He wanted to loosen her up for later…All of a sudden, pop! He slid his dick into her pussy to the hilt. She arched her back and he grabbed her hair, riding her like a pony.

"This is what I LOVE about fucking a black woman…looking at that glorious ass while I ride the SHIT out of you. Baby, Karina, I think I love you! He pulled all the way out, is head making a popping noise from her tight pussy and backing her up against him, ass to his hips. "Ooh daddy, I want you to put a finger up my ass. I love the feeling…please daddy…" He was so drunk with her pussy that he did as she asked, and slid is finger into her slick asshole.

"Yes baby, that's it! Yes, fuck me, fuck ME!" Karina yelled at the top of her lungs, and exploded. Mike rolled her over, sowing no mercy and lifted her thick thighs to his shoulders. He thrust deeply, making her scream. "AAAH…yeah, that's it yeah, my black beauty, your pussy's so tight, so wet…mmmm, so warm...you're so good!" And he hit her spot over and over again, making her cum again and again, so many times she felt numb. But he wasn't finished. He released himself, wanting to fulfill her first wish. He went back to her ass, licking her making her twitch with lust, and rimmed her again. He stuck two fingers in and alternated with his tongue.

Mike moved a third finger into her bum, working them in and out while tonguing her pussy from the back. Ass in the air, face in the pillow, she screamed her lust into the pillow. He went for the gold and turned on the vibrator. He slid the silver phallus into her ass slowly, letting her ass relax around the vibrator. She felt pleasure from the phallus, pleasure from the vibrating, but some pain from this silver sheath going into her virgin ass. But she didn't want him to stop. "Don't stop…" she muffled into the pillow. He didn't. Now, fucking her with the vibrator, he so wanted to be inside her. He removed the vibrator out of her ass and quickly slid his monster into her ass.

She tensed at the girth, but relaxed and allowed him to ride her again, this time, from her back door. "It feels so good. I never thought fucking a white man could be so good…oooooh…" He fucked her ad again, felt the stirring in his balls. "Here I come baby!" His hot jism washed the walls of her bowels and caused her to cum. "I love you!" The collapsed together, him on top of her, his dick starting to shrivel and her ass slowly releasing him. They uncoupled and slid under the covers, nestling against each other. "Shit, Karina, I must admit, that was probably THE best fuck I've ever had."

Karina smiled. "Me too."

He touched a sticky hand to her face. "I meant what I said, that wasn't a heat-of-the-moment thing: I think I love you."

Karina looked into the ocean-blue eyes. "This is going too fast. You sure about your feelings? I must admit, I feel something for you too, don't know if it's love, but I'm willing to try! You know what? I wonder what happened to Milan?"

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