tagBDSMClub 35 - Third Visit Pt. 01

Club 35 - Third Visit Pt. 01


This is a continuation of The Club. You certainly would have a better understanding of the characters and what motivates them if you read the first two parts. Your comments are appreciated and I will respond to them, if appropriate. Your votes are valued as well. Thanks to Rman for proofing. This story is being split into 2 parts only because of the length. Part 2 will follow shortly.

I would suggest that you read Club 35 and Club 35 Second Visit before reading this installment. It will give you background and information on the characters and their relationships. Your comments and votes would be appreciated.


Six weeks had passed since Jennifer Lowe's second experience at Club 35. It was, to her way of thinking, a very satisfying experience. She had been fucked in the ass and pussy repeatedly. She sucked cock and ate pussy. She was whipped, paddled and spanked. She had been fucked in the ass with a large dildo all the while being watched by an unknown amount of people. But what gave her the most satisfaction was that one of her tormentor's had offered Jennifer and the company Jennifer owned, a lucrative contract that Jennifer turned down. She reasoned that her sexual desires were hers and hers alone. She did not want to be or feel obligated because of the contract.

Jennifer had also begun a relationship with Andrew, one of the founders of Club 35, who acted as manager. He had other investments but Jennifer did not know what they were. Her medium sized agency was doing very well, thank you, and she felt comfortable with its size and measured growth. She had two employees who knew of her need for submission, Mark, her Personal Assistant, and Christine, who worked in accounting. The two never spoke about anything that had happened at the Club unless Jennifer asked and always when there was no one in the office.

Jennifer had not had any ideas or fantasies on what would happen the next time she went to the Club as a submissive. She had been with Andrew at the Club once but only to watch not play. After work, she returned home and sorted through the mail when a red envelope caught her eye. Curious, she put the other mail down and opened the envelope. Inside was an announcement that Club 35 would be holding its semi-annual slave auction in three weeks and anyone wishing to be auctioned should call the Club and register.

Not knowing that the Club did anything like this, Jennifer would ask Andrew about it when they had dinner the next evening.

"You haven't been a member for long so you would not have known about the auctions. Usually, there are two per year." Andrew explained. The one that is coming up is for members only." Andrew explained. "Any member can bid and any member can put themselves up for auction. The rules are simple; the winning bidder's money goes to charity and the slave is the property of the winning bidder for the night. They can't leave the club and a good time is had by all. Males and females are auctioned. Once in a while you have a couple."

Not wanting to be heard by other dinners around them in the restaurant, Jennifer whispered how does it work.

"Simple. Those being auctioned are presented nude to the audience and one by one they are bid upon."

"That's the auction happening next, right?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes, it is. A few months from now a second auction night takes place. Where the first one is rather tame, although the slaves do get some attention, the second one, Founders Night, is much more serious. Only the original founders are allowed to bid. The Club is closed except for the Founders and those being auctioned. Sales can be for as long as someone desires. The slave may also be taken away from the club and the slave can be expected to be well worked over, both from a dominant as well as a sexual perspective. If you wish to take part in that auction, be very sure that the limits you have are understood by all parties. The terms of a sale are strictly enforced."

"Sounds interesting. I think I want to go to the Members Night and just watch. See if this is a turn on for me."

"Maybe so, because the slave is asked what things she or he wants done to them during their time as a slave."

"Will you escort me, dear sir?" Jennifer teased.

"Of course. I will have to be there in an official capacity."

They finished dinner and went back to Andrew's apartment.

As has been their recent habit, Andrew made very sweet, passionate love to Jennifer. If it was to be more than that, it would be taken care of at the Club.

The next morning, Jennifer asked Andrew what one wears to a slave auction.

"If you're being auctioned, it's simple. You wear nothing. If not, dress like you are going to buy all the slaves."

"Got it," Jennifer said.

They arrived at the Club late in the evening. During Auction nights, no other activities were allowed. Only the auctioned slaves and those who bought them or those invited by the winning bidder, were allowed to play.

"Why don't you sit here. I'll be back in a moment. Just making sure that everything is under control."

Andrew left Jennifer in the front row. He returned a few moments later when a well dressed man came on stage. He had a microphone so Jennifer thought that this must be the MC. The MC welcomed everyone to what he promised would be a fun night.

Andrew returned and took his seat next to Jennifer just as the MC began to speak.

"This should be fun. Four people have put themselves up for auction. Want to bid?"

"That's not fair, I don't know any of them or do I?"

"I don't think so." Andrew said. "But I know three of them. There are three women and one man which is unusual. It's normally more males than females."

The MC introduced the first person up for auction. He was a thirty something man named Joe. Joe strutted around the stage holding a very average size cock in his hand. The MC said Joe was bi and he was open to almost everything except pain. The bidding open at $50.00 but only progressed to $125.00 when he was sold to a middle age woman who paid her money, put a collar around Joe's neck, and led him off to one of the private rooms.

The second person was a female. Jennifer thought she was in her late twenties and quite good looking. The MC introduced her as Marianne. She had firm breasts and a really good ass and legs and Jennifer mentioned this to Andrew.

"I know her. She might like you, but not me."

The MC announced that Marianne was only interested in a female buyer or buyers. She sold for $350.00 to a trio of women who quickly took their "property" to another private room.

The third person up for bid was a young women about Jennifer's age and build. Jennifer thought she looked very good naked. Andrew said her name was Catherine and she was very popular at the Club. Jennifer looked at Andrew and saw him grin.

"So, how popular is she?" Jennifer said in mock indignation. The MC said that Catherine was open to anyone and almost everything, including a little pain. The bidding on her was intense and she sold for $1100.00.

"Poor Doris must have drawn number 4. The slaves draw numbers to see who gets auctioned first, second and so on." Andrew explained. "Since no one knows who is up for auction, you never know what will be available."

Jennifer was surprised by what came on stage. Doris was easily over 60 years old. She had long grey hair that hung below her shoulders, good size breasts that sagged just a little, but at one time were firm and her ass had lost some of its tautness but had very little cellulite. Jennifer thought she should look that good naked when she was in her 60s.

The MC introduced Doris and had her turn around so that the audience could see all of her. Jennifer noticed that she had removed her pussy hair. Andrew whispered to Jennifer that Doris was very active in the Club and always volunteered for these auctions although he thought that she never did the Founder's Auction.

The MC opened the bidding but there was silence. Despite the MC's best efforts, no bids were forthcoming. Jennifer could see the look of disappointment on Doris's face.

"$200.00" shouted Jennifer.

"We have $200 from the lady in front. Anyone else?"


Doris walked over to where Jennifer and Andrew were sitting. The nude woman was smiling as she approached. Up closer now, Jennifer thought the woman had a distinguished, almost aristocratic face despite the obvious aging to her body.

"Hello, Andrew. And though I have seen you before, I do not know your name." Doris said.

"Doris, this is Jennifer. Jennifer, Doris."

The two women smiled at each other and shook hands.

"I'm sorry," said Jennifer, "but I don't recall seeing you."

"Well, that's because you had three cocks in you. I watched some of that. So, you bought me what do you wish to do to me?"

"Oh, nothing. I just didn't want you to be left up there naked with no one wanting you."

"That's sweet but someone would have. Besides, do you think I don't have it anymore, or want it anymore? Do you think you're the only woman who wants one in her pussy, mouth and asshole at the same time?"

"No, no," Jennifer protested. I just meant that..." Doris cut her off.

"Listen, I was getting fucked up the ass before you were born. I am certain I could take more cock up my ass than you."

Jennifer wasn't going to back down, now. "Yes, ok, and how in the world are you going to prove that?"

"Well, there you are all dressed and me naked. How about you strip and we invite any guy who wants to fuck us in the ass to do that. They cum on our asses as proof. Andrew can keep score."

Jennifer thought for a moment and looked at Andrew.

"If you take the bet be prepared to take a lot of cock up your ass."

Jennifer asked, "what does the winner get?"

Doris responded like she had this in mind from the start. "The loser licks all the cum from the winners ass and doesn't swallow until she shows the cum in her mouth. Then the loser licks out the winner's asshole and pussy while Andrew fucks the loser in the ass."

Jennifer grinned, then said, "So no pussy except the loser's tongue on the winner's pussy, right?"

The two women shook hands and Andrew went to find the MC so he could make the announcement. Jennifer went to the locker area to undress. When she was down to her bra and panties she hesitated. The door opened and a woman entered. It was Christine, Jennifer's employee and one of two people at her company who knew about her sexual needs.

"Are you really going to do this?" Christine asked.

"I guess so. A bet is a bet. It's not as if I've never been fucked in the ass before."

"Yes, I know. I watched you, remember? But having one or two cocks in your butt is different than having a dozen...or more!"

"Thanks, Christine, but Doris got my competitive juices flowing," Jennifer said as she unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders. She put the bra in her locker and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid the down and off.

"I hope, for your sake, it's more than your competitive juices flowing. Andrew asked me to do this. Bend over the bench. I am going to put some lube in your asshole."

Jennifer bent over and spread her legs. Christine took a tube of gel and squirted it into Jennifer's asshole. She pushed the thick liquid in and repeated the process. She patted Jennifer's ass, smiled, and told her she was ready.

"If it starts to get uncomfortable, quit. Better to eat some cum out of someone's asshole than have your butt hole ruined." Christine laughed.

Jennifer leaned over and kissed Christine on her lips.

"Sorry, Christine. I don't know why I did that but thank you for being a good friend."

Jennifer left the locker room and headed for the large, public area. When she got to the private area, a large group of men were already gathering. Doris was on a thick mat on her knees with her ass in the air and her head down. Jennifer saw immediately that Christine's gesture of lubing her asshole would not give her a tactical advantage. A woman, in her fifties, Jennifer thought, was three fingers deep in Doris's asshole applying lube like Christine had done. Andrew was seated on a chair as the MC ushered Jennifer to her spot and told her to get in position. She knelt down and stuck her ass up. She looked at Andrew who mouthed "good luck" and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Christine smiling.

The MC announced the start of the Ass Fucking competition to loud applause and cheers.

"The first male in line gets to chose which asshole he wants to fuck. The next person in line gets the vacant lady's asshole. When a male finishes he must cum on the ass cheeks of the lady or it doesn't count. Andrew is the official scorer. The contest concludes when one of the ladies quits. No time outs. First gentleman, chose your asshole and go!"

The first man in line went right for Jennifer. There was no fluffing, so each man was stroking his cock to get it hard. It didn't take him long to get hard enough to put his hands on Jennifer's hips and push his cock into her ass. He eased his cock head in and then began to move in and out of Jennifer's very tight ass. She couldn't believe that the second man had already had a rhythm going in and out of Doris. Jennifer's fucker finally was all the way in and was pumping her hard. Her pulled out and sprayed his cum on her ass a moment after the man fucking Doris did.

Two new men entered. A middle aged man went behind Doris and slid his cock right into Doris' asshole and he began to fuck her ass with quick strokes. Jennifer wasn't so lucky. Her next fucker was a young man with a large cock. Even with her ass warmed up by the first cock, it took a bit of time for the cock to completely penetrate Jennifer's ass. Jennifer could feel the cock inside her begin to thrust with more urgency and she knew that he was getting close to cumming. By the time he shot his load on her ass, Doris was well on to her third cock.

The attention Jennifer's ass was getting began to effect her pussy. She felt like she really had to cum, but her number 3 was going very slowly in and out of her ass. Under normal circumstances, Jennifer would have really enjoyed the efforts of the man. She reached back and began to rub her clit, an action that was not lost on those watching. Jennifer could hear the murmur and the shouts of encouragement and her third cock pulled out and shot his load on her ass and lower back.

Jennifer still hadn't cum, but when she looked back at her fourth man all she saw was a large black cock.

"I know your open but I am going to feed you this slow or I might hurt you," said the nameless man.

He fed his cock slowly into Jennifer and she felt as if she were being tortured. She had been ass fucked before, but this was by far the biggest cock she had ever had. Jennifer drifted off into subspace, even though she wasn't bound, she imagined that she was bound to some device, her arms spread as a large hard object was shoved up her ass and the crowd yelling at the torturer to go deeper. She was rubbing her clit for all she was worth as the monster cock in her was getting close to balls deep.

Jennifer came a few minutes before the big cock in her pulled all the way out and plunged in. She could feel his cum hit her deep in her asshole and she backed away so he could withdraw and cum on her ass. He most of his cum was inside Jennifer. He whispered to Jennifer that he was sorry for not getting all his cum on her ass but that she was the first woman who ever took his cock all the way in her ass. Jennifer smiled. He got up and left.

Andrew yelled that the score was seven to four in favor of Doris. Jennifer didn't care anymore. She yelled "enough." There were groans of disappointment from the dozen or so men still in line and stroking their cocks. But the MC announced Doris as the winner and told Jennifer it was time to kiss some ass.

Jennifer crawled on her hands and knees toward Doris who was on her elbows and knees, turned so that her cum covered ass was right in front of Jennifer's face.

"Start licking my ass and clean me off good. Don't forget to clean my asshole out with your tongue."

Jennifer started to lick off the cum and swallowed all that she collected on her tongue. She ran her tongue over Doris's asshole and dipped into the gaping hole. When she had licked Doris clean, Doris turned over and spread her legs wide and Jennifer knew it was time to pay off the bet. She bent her head and started to lick the pussy of the victor. Jennifer was going to make her cum and cum quickly. She stuck her tongue into Doris's pussy and licked and sucked her clit until Doris began to moan and lift her hips into Jennifer's face. Doris was screaming when her orgasm came. Jennifer continued to lick but slowed her pace as Doris twitched through the end of her orgasm.

"That was great," said Doris. "Really great." And she leaned forward and kissed Jennifer, driving her tongue into Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer returned the favor, kissing Doris passionately. When they were done, those that watched applauded the two women and Doris rose up and helped Jennifer to her feet.

"I think you have to do him now."Doris said indicating Andrew.

"Yes, she does, but I think I want my cock in her mouth. Is that alright with you, Doris?"

"Only if she shows me your cum in her mouth before she swallows it!"

"Agreed," said Andrew as he began to undress.

Jennifer was on her knees in front of Andrew as she reached for his cock and put it in her mouth. She took him deeply, sliding her mouth all the way down Andrew's length. This wasn't a submissive sucking on a dominant. It was a woman sucking on her lover and Andrew responded as he grew in her mouth. Jennifer continued to lick and suck on Andrew as he began to push in and out of Jennifer's mouth. He grabbed her head as he began to cum. Doing as she agreed to do, Jennifer collected all of his cum in her mouth, not spilling a drop.

When Andrew finished, Jennifer turned on her knees to face Doris and opened her mouth.

"Go ahead and swallow," said Doris.

Jennifer swallowed Andrew's cum and showed her empty mouth to Doris.

Andrew helped Jennifer up and they chatted with Doris. Doris said that she was still Jennifer's slave for the rest of the evening but Jennifer released her from her slavery.

"But, a some point in the future I want you to eat my pussy." Jennifer said.

"That would be a pleasure," said Doris.

"I am going to go get dressed," Jennifer said to Andrew as she kissed him on the cheek and walked to the locker room.

Jennifer spent the rest of the weekend at Andrew's place. She returned to her condo Sunday night to get ready for the work week. It was a hectic week at work and it was only once or twice did she think back to her group ass fucking. But, when she did, she got that very pleasant tingle between her legs. The work week expanded through the weekend as major campaigns needed to be finished. She only talked to Andrew on the phone.

The next week was a carbon copy of the previous one in every sense save one. She was in the office late one evening when Christine knocked on her door to drop off some accounting reports. Jennifer waived her in and thanked her for the reports. After a moments silence, Christine asked if she had recovered from the events of the auction. Looking out her door to see if anyone was still in the office, Christine assured her that they were alone.

"Yes, I think so." Jennifer blushed and said, "My asshole is almost back to normal."

Christine giggled and said she was glad. She then asked Jennifer if she enjoyed the experience.

"On some levels I did. Being nude in front of a group of people doesn't concern me anymore. Being fucked in the ass multiple times was ok. I got an orgasm out of it and I like eating pussy."

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