tagBDSMClub 35 - Third Visit Pt. 02

Club 35 - Third Visit Pt. 02


This is the continuation of Club 35 Third Visit. You should read Part 1 before reading this. I would suggest reading the two preceding stories to fully understand the relationship between the characters. Your comments are appreciated as are your votes.


After the office cleared, Christine and Mark came into the room. Mark was carrying a gym bag which he put down on Jennifer's desk. Christine looked at Mark and Mark at Jennifer.

"You must undress now." Mark opened the bag and pulled out a set of leather cuffs, a soft leather collar and a leash, which he handed to Christine. Christine came behind Jennifer's desk.

"Give your clothes to Mark. He will keep them in this bag. For the remainder of our time together, Mark will be your assistant, as he always is. But, if he tells you to do something you must do it without hesitation or comment. If you do not wish for this experience to happen, say so now or begin to strip."

Jennifer bent to remove her shoes. She stood up and handed the shoes to Mark. She then unbuttoned her slacks and let them drop to the floor. She picked them up and gave them to Mark, who folded them and put them in the bag. Her blouse was next, followed by her pantyhose. Before she removed her bra, Christine took the leather collar and put it around Jennifer's neck. It was snug, but not choking. Jennifer noticed that the collar had metal rings.

"The shades are up." Jennifer said.

"So they are." Christine said. "Get on with it."

Jennifer reached behind her and unclasped her bra handing it to Mark. With just a moment's hesitation, Jennifer put her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and slid them off. She balled them up and handed them to Mark.

"Turn around." Christine ordered and Jennifer obeyed. Christine took the cuffs and placed them on Jennifer's wrists and locked them together.

"Good. Ready to go. Remember, Jennifer, that there is no safe word for this." Christine said and she took a leather leash and clipped it to the ring on the front of Jennifer's collar. Christine pulled on the leash and a naked Jennifer was led out of her office through the halls of her company, to the freight elevator. Mark was behind her, holding her by the elbow as they entered the elevator.

The door opened and there was no one around. Jennifer had never been naked in a place she wasn't supposed to be naked. She had been naked in the Club, but never in public and her heart was racing. Christine pulled the leash and Jennifer followed out the back door to the alley, where a van was waiting with the side door open.

"Get in and lie on the floor." Christine ordered. Mark helped Jennifer in. Funny how your mind works, Jennifer thought to herself. I am naked, bound and all I am thinking is I am glad Mark is gay because he just saw my pussy and asshole spread open. When she was lying face down on the floor of the van, Mark got in and slid the door closed. Jennifer did not know who was driving since Christine and Mark were with her in the back of the van. The van began to drive away.

"Time to get you ready. It's a short drive but we must hurry. Lift up your hips and keep your head on the floor." Christine ordered.

Struggling with her bound hands to get her balance she was finally, with Marks assistance, able to get into the position Christine wanted.

"Spread your legs, Jennifer." Christine ordered.

Jennifer complied. She realized that Mark now had a better view of her intimate parts then he did when she climbed into the van.

Once her legs were spread, she heard Mark reach into the bag and remove something. She heard Mark open a jar of something and felt his hands on her ass and a finger push a gel like substance deep into her ass. Mark had seen Jennifer nude in the Club and involved in various sex situations but he never touched her intimately. He stuck another finger in her asshole and then said, "it's just lube. Sorry."

"Please don't be. You are preparing me for something I want. Thank you, Mark."

The van stopped. Christine slid open the door and told Jennifer that she needed to be careful walking because they were in the alley behind Club 35. Jennifer nodded and Mark helped her out of the van. They entered the Club and made their way to the large, open room at the front of the Club.

Jennifer saw a large number of people in the room and one piece of equipment. Andrew approached and took the leash from Catherine.

"All these people are going to take part in your desire to be humiliated and dominated like you never have been. Some people you know or may remember but others you haven't met. You will visit the five rooms of this club. You will have something done to you or will do something different, in each room. As you agreed, you will not have a safe word. Your assistant will be with you in every room and watch every activity. If he feels we should stop or that you can't take anymore, he will ask you. If you say quit, we quit. If you say continue, we continue. Understood?"

Jennifer looked at Andrew and said, "Yes."

Christine and a man that Jennifer did not recognize walked toward her. Christine went behind Jennifer and was undoing the lock on her cuffs. The man was playing with Jennifer's nipples, making them hard. Jennifer thought that nipple clips were coming, but she was wrong. They each took Jennifer by an arm and led her to the only equipment in the room, the stocks.

The man lifted the top part and told Jennifer to lower her head and put her hands in the proper spots. Jennifer did not hesitate and lowered her head and put her hands in position as the man closed the top portion, locking her in. Christine tapped one of Jennifer's legs and Jennifer moved her legs apart. She spread her legs as far as she could and Christine cuffed her ankles to the support posts. Jennifer was now bent over, legs spread and her pussy and asshole open to view.

A number of implements, a tawse, riding crop, flexible paddle and the strap Andrew liked to use, were laying on a small table near the stocks. Andrew went to the table and picked up the strap. Christine picked up the crop but stayed by the table. Andrew was behind Jennifer gently stroking her ass. He patted her ass twice then brought the strap across her ass. Five strokes later, Jennifer's ass was turning red.

Andrew returned the strap to the table and sat down. Christine took the crop and teased Jennifer's slit with the leather flap. She flicked the crop on her slit six times and four more on her ass. Christine moved behind Jennifer and pushed two of her fingers into Jennifer's pussy. She withdrew her wet fingers and held them up to the twenty or so people who watching Jennifer be whipped.

"Wet. We have to hit harder." The onlookers laughed. One voice sounded above the others. "Shouldn't be a problem."

Jennifer thought she had heard the voice before but couldn't match the voice to a face.

She suddenly felt two stinging slaps to the top of her thighs as the flexible paddle struck first her thighs then her ass cheeks. The spanker, whoever it was, had delivered a dozen more to Jennifer's ass. She was now moving her ass to alleviate the pain. But the paddling continued.

"Well, you've eaten my ass now I am going to beat yours."

It was Doris. She picked up the strap and brought it across Jennifer's ass. Jennifer's mind was racing from one thought to another as Doris continued to strap her ass.

"How many strokes was this? How could a woman of Doris's age hit so hard?"

Doris had delivered well over a dozen strokes to Jennifer's ass. She finished with four upswings into Jennifer's pussy. The last was delivered with such accuracy on Jennifer's clit that she couldn't help but scream. Doris walked behind Jennifer and stuck three fingers into Jennifer's asshole.

"I have a little, or I should say, a big surprise for this later, if you last that long."

Doris twisted her fingers in Jennifer's asshole and then walked away.

One man and one women each used the paddle on Jennifer's ass. Another male took the tawse and gave her three sharp slaps on each cheek. A woman then picked up the strap.

"I've never used this before," she said.

She had delivered two strokes to Jennifer's ass when Mark's voice yelled "stop."

Mark walked around to the front of the stocks. Tears were rolling down Jennifer's face.

"It was decided that you would get 100 strokes in the stocks. You have reached that number but this lady has four more to give. Do you want to quit or do you want her to finish?"

"Finish!" Jennifer cried.

The woman delivered her four strokes. They were not as hard as her first two.

Christine and Mark moved to the stocks. Christine kneeling to uncuff Jennifer's ankles and Mark undoing the top of the stocks. They helped Jennifer stand. Andrew approached them.

"Do you want to quit, Jennifer?" Andrew asked.


"Medical fetish room. They are waiting."

Christine and Mark kept hold of Jennifer. Her hands and ankles were cuffed but her hands were not locked together as the pair led her to the Medical Fetish Room. Jennifer had been in this room only once, when Andrew had taken her on a tour of the premises before she joined. She only remembered the gynecologist table but she thought that there may have been other things in the room.

When the three arrived in the room there were two women and one man waiting. Catherine and Mark led Jennifer to the gynecologist table.

"Get on the table," one of the women told Jennifer. Catherine and Mark let her arms go and the other women and man pulled Jennifer to the table. Once on the table, Jennifer's wrists were secured above her head and her feet were put in the stirrups that had been raised into position. The cuffs on her ankles were locked into the stirrups. The bottom portion of the table was collapsed and Jennifer's pussy and asshole were open to whatever the three people in the room wished to do.

"We are going to prepare you for what comes next. Clips," said one woman who appeared to be the one running the scene.

The other woman brought over four alligator clips and put one on each of Jennifer's nipples and one on each lip of her pussy. Jennifer squirmed when the last clip was put on her pussy.

The man approached the table pushing an intravenous hook from which a large, filled enema bag was hanging. He also carried what looked like a large cock that was attached to a tube that hung down from the enema bag. The man handed the cock to one of the women who applied lube along the entire shaft. She then stood between Jennifer's spread legs and pulled on the clips attached to her pussy. Jennifer writhed with pain.

"You think this for your pussy? No, no. For your asshole," the woman said as she again pulled on the pussy clips.

"Do you want to quit?" she asked.

"No," Jennifer shouted.

The woman moved the tip of the cock to Jennifer's asshole and began to push it in. When half of the twelve inch cock was inside Jennifer's asshole, the woman pulled it back and thrust in again. Two more pushes and the cock was almost all the way in her asshole. The other woman released a valve on the tubing running from the enema bag and liquid began to flow into Jennifer. Her stomach began to fill and to add to her discomfort, the man pushed the last bit of cock into Jennifer. He then began to squeeze the bag to empty the contents. One of the women was pulling on the clips on her pussy lips while the other played with her clit.

"It's time," said the man. The two women stopped their torment of Jennifer's pussy and one picked up a bucket from underneath the table. The other reached for the end of the cock in Jennifer's ass.

"You had better not let any leak out. We are going to pull out your cock now. You hold the liquid in until we tell you to release into the bucket," one of the woman said.

The woman dug her fingers into Jennifer's asshole and pulled on the dildo. Some liquid did leak out by Jennifer held most of it in.

"Please, let me pass it out, please!" Jennifer pleaded.

"Go on," said the man and Jennifer began to pass the enema into the bucket. The liquid was almost clear. The women removed the clips from Jennifer's pussy lips and nipples.

Mark came over to Jennifer and tenderly put his hand on her stomach.

"Do you want to quit, Jennifer?" Mark asked.

With a deep breath, she said no.

Christine and Mark undid the locks binding her but the cuffs remained on.

"Time to go next door," Christine said. "Mark will be the only male in the room, do you understand?"

It took a moment, but Jennifer said, "I understand."

She slid off the table and Mark and Christine led her into the next room.

Jennifer was led into the larger room next to the Medical Fetish Room. She had been in this room before but there were pieces of equipment in this room, just mats spread from wall to wall. Jennifer was greeted by Doris, who stood in the middle of the room naked. Well, almost naked.

Doris had on some type of harness device that had a very thick, long shaft protruding from the front. Jennifer looked past Doris and saw other women with strap ons, some without, but they all were naked. Christine and Mark led her toward Doris and let go of her arms. Mark went and stood by the door and Christine joined the group of women after she removed her clothes.

"There are eight of us in this room who all share a need." Doris announced. "We need to cum and we want a woman, namely you, to make us cum. You will notice that there is no equipment or implements in this room except for the few of us who have strap ons which we like to use in a woman's pussy, or in my case her asshole. That is why you were cleaned out."

Doris approached Jennifer and pushed her to her knees. She held her fake cock in her hand and said, "open!" Jennifer opened her mouth and Doris began to move her strap on in and out of Jennifer's open mouth. She fed her a little at a time until Jennifer was able to accommodate a bit over half its length in her mouth. Jennifer thought that the latex cock had to be ten inches long, maybe more.

"Head down and get that cute, but very red ass of yours up in the air." Doris said.

Christine came over and took a tube of lube and pushed a large amount into Jennifer's asshole. Christine moved the lube all around the walls of Jennifer's ass, pushing three fingers deeply inside her. Christine wasn't hurting her. Jennifer found the lubing of her ass pleasurable and to show her arousal to Christine, Jennifer pushed her ass back onto Christine's fingers. Christine took the cue and slid her little finger into Jennifer's ass before withdrawing. Smiling, Christine patted Jennifer's ass and left her side. Another woman, one Jennifer didn't know, came and laid down in front of her, raised her knees up and spread her legs. Jennifer lowered her head into the woman's pussy and began lick her wet slit. Doris had the tip of her strap on aimed at Jennifer's asshole and pushed it in. Doris sank her cock deep into Jennifer's asshole. She established a rhythm quickly and after a few thrusts, Jennifer could fell the cock all the way in. As Doris continued her fucking, Jennifer's tongue had brought the woman she was eating to orgasm. She wrapped her legs around Jennifer's head as she came.

Doris withdrew her strap on from Jennifer's ass and took off her harness. She laid down in front of Jennifer and spread her legs.

Jennifer lowered her head and sucked Doris's clit into her mouth. A woman Jennifer recognized from one of her previous encounters at the Club, moved in behind her. Her strap on was not as long as the one Doris used, but it was as thick. The woman pushed into Jennifer's ass without stopping. She had her entire strap on in Jennifer's asshole in one steady push. Jennifer moaned softly as her asshole became accustomed to the width. Doris heard her moan.

"You do like getting fucked in the ass, don't you?" Doris said. "That's it, suck my clit."

The woman fucking Jennifer's ass had increased her tempo and it sounded to Jennifer that she was cumming, although Jennifer wasn't sure how. She did know that Doris was appreciating her efforts on her clit, as she began to orgasm. As she came, Doris grabbed Jennifer's head and ground her pussy into Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer licked all of juices from Doris's pussy and the inside of her legs. The woman who was fucking Jennifer's ass had finished. Doris moved away and another pussy presented itself to Jennifer's mouth.

Christine had put on her strap on and directed the next part of the scene. Two more women were motioned over and laid down next to the woman Jennifer was going down on.

"You have it too easy, Jennifer." Christine said. "Use your fingers to get these two off while you eat pussy. I am going to fuck your pussy while you do this. We all better cum before you do because it looks like your ass couldn't take much more."

To emphasize her point, Christine brought her palm down on Jennifer's ass. The pain shot through Jennifer and she began to lick the pussy in front of her harder and found the clits of the other two women with her fingers and began to rub their clits. Christine had lubed her strap on and was pushing it into Jennifer's pussy. Christine sunk her strap on all the way into Jennifer causing her to moan and move her hips back toward Christine.

"I should have used my bigger strap on if you're trying to get more into you." Christine said.

Jennifer tried to postpone her building orgasm by concentrating on making the women she was licking cum and Jennifer was successful. When the women had cum, however, she rolled onto her stomach instead of rolling away.

"Do my ass," she ordered and Jennifer leaned forward and tongued the asshole of the women.

Jennifer stuck her fingers into the pussies of the two women she was fingering to get wetness on their clits. The two began to emit "ahh's" from their mouths. Christine was fucking Jennifer with renewed effort. The two women had no cum and Jennifer raised her mouth from the asshole of the women and pushed back onto Christine's strap on.

"I'm cumming!" Jennifer cried and she groaned as she did.

Christine slowed her pelvic thrusts and was patting Jennifer's ass. Then, without warning, Christine smacked her ass and told Jennifer to get up on her knees.

The only women who had not used Jennifer walked forward wearing a large strap on. Jennifer thought that it was as big as the largest cock she took in her ass paying off the bet with Doris. Christine came in front of Jennifer and laid down in front of Jennifer.

"Sit on my cock, Jennifer." Christine barked.

Jennifer moved her pussy over the cock and lowered herself down until it was all the way in her. She felt a hand on her back pushing her forward so her tits were hanging right by Christine's mouth and Jennifer felt Christine begin to lick and bite her nipples. Jennifer felt the large strap on push at the entrance to her asshole and ease in. The strap ons soon were working in tandem. The one in her ass pushed in when Christine pulled back. When Christine thrust, the cock in her ass pulled back. The movement of the cocks and Christine's licking and biting of her nipples was driving Jennifer to the brink and she knew that she couldn't hold it back much longer.

Jennifer pushed back on the strap on in her ass and ground her hips into Christine, rubbing her clit on the top of Christine's strap on. Jennifer gasped as her orgasm overtook her. She did not care that her raw ass would be feel pain again. She need to cum and she did. She was slumped against Christine who did not move as the strap on that was in Jennifer's ass was removed.

Mark had come to her side and was gently helping her stand. Christine's strap on squelched out of her pussy as she stood. Christine also stood up next to Jennifer.

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