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The excitement in the house was palpable after he told her that they would be going to his club that night. Her delighted exclamation had made him smile as he mentally reviewed what he had planned for the evening.

"Wear your new black dress and shoes pet, the ones we just bought, but nothing else."

"Nothing, Sir?"

"Not a thing, pet."

She shivered in anticipation of going out in public wearing so little. The black halter dress was very low cut and didn't cover much and going without undergarments would make her feel that much more exposed.

Finally, she was ready, and stood before him for his approval.

"Hmm, very nice pet, I like what you did with your hair, but I just feel like there is something missing here. Bring me that gold chain that attaches to your nipple rings." She quickly retrieved the chain and brought it to him, untying her dress at his gesture and exposing her breasts for him. He clipped the chain to each ring and then retied her dress, stepping back to survey the effect of the gold glinting between her breasts, accented by the low cut of the dress. "Oh yes, very nice. I think that you will be very popular with the guys tonight, my pet. Still, there seems to be something else that I have missed."

His scrutiny of her was intense and she soon found that she could not meet his eyes, her gaze dropping to the floor and remaining there, her hands unconsciously going behind her, wrists crossed, as she waited. He was pleased by her submission and decided that perhaps a small reward was in order.

"Go over to the bed, bend over and raise your dress so that I can see your pretty ass." She moved to obey him and he stood for a moment, enjoying the sight. "You have been very compliant tonight and I think that you deserve a little spanking, just a little warm up for later on. What do you think?"

"What ever you wish Master, but you know how much I enjoy feeling your hand on my ass!"

His left arm encircled her waist, holding her firmly, as his right hand began to warm her backside. He very much enjoyed the way her skin became pink and hot under his hand and the way she pressed against him as well as her small exclamations with each hard smack. Finishing, he gently rubbed his hand over her ass, soothing her and exciting her all at the same time. "Stay right there pet, I just remembered what it is I was forgetting." He soon returned and she jumped slightly as she felt slick fingers travel up the crack of her ass to circle her small hole, followed soon after by the cool length of a small butt plug being pressed firmly into place, following by pressure against her already wet cunt as he inserted a wireless remote controlled vibrating egg. "Stay still until I am finished" he warned her. She felt a leather harness being buckled into place, adjusted snugly to hold the butt plug firmly in position and to keep the egg in place as well.

"Stand up now pet. How does that feel? I want you to be sure to remember who you belong to tonight."

"It feels fine Sir, pretty comfortable." There was a short pause and she said softly, "Master, you know that I will never forget that I am yours, don't you?"

"Yes pet, I do know. I have a gift for you tonight because you are special to me and I want everyone to know it. On your knees now, and hold up your hair for me." Her eyes were wide as he showed her his gift, a new collar of black leather, less than a half inch wide, with a gold buckle. Hanging from the D-ring of the collar, there was a gold heart shaped charm, engraved with his initials. Her eyes filled with tears as he fastened his gift around her throat, overwhelmed that he would mark her so beautifully for everyone to see.

He drew her to her feet and took her into his arms, kissing her deeply, feeling her respond with her entire body as she gave herself over totally. His thigh slipped between her legs until he was pressed against her center, as his hand slid down her back to apply pressure to the base of the plug deep inside her. She moaned under his mouth as his other hand came up to find her nipple, rolling it between his fingers. Her breath started to come in pants as he released her mouth, and began to speak in a low voice, "That's it my little slut, ride it out, make it feel so good", his thigh pressed tightly against her core, causing the leather of the harness to rub over her clit, while his hands stimulated her ass and breasts. Reaching into his pocket, he thumbed the switch of the vibrator control and watched as her eyes closed and she threw her head back in abandon as she ground against him.

"Come for me baby, come for me."

Her orgasm exploded from her very center, causing her to shake against him, voicing her pleasure. He switched off the vibrator and then held her tightly to him when he felt her legs give out, lowering her gently to the floor. Crouching next to her, he stroked her head gently and she turned to placed soft kisses in the palm of his hand. "Was it good baby?"

"Oh yes, sooooo good! Thank you Master, thank you."

"Are you ready? We need to go now."

It took her a second to respond and he noted that her eyes were still slightly unfocused as she said, "I think that we need to change Sir. My dress is wet and you have a damp place on your trousers!"

"I think that we will dry enough on the way to the club pet. It won't show on the black. Plus, I like the thought of you wet and ready for me and I don't believe that you will be wearing that dress too long tonight anyway!"



The smell of sex filled the car and, by the time they reached the club, he was rock hard.

"I think that you are going to have to do something about this, pet."

"I was hoping so Master. We can't have you walking around like that!"

She slid closer to him on the seat, her small hands quickly unbuckling and unzipping until his cock sprang proudly free. The feel of her hand on him caused him to groan in pleasure, quickly followed by a gasp as her warm mouth enveloped the silky head of his cock. The feeling of her tongue swirling over his sensitive crown was exquisite but he needed more and wound his hand into her hair, pressing her forward, feeling his hard shaft slide between her lips as she took him in. Using his hands to guide her, he slid in and out of her hot wetness, enjoying the play of her tongue over his cock and the suction of her lips. His balls began to draw up and he could feel that he was close. His own large hand closed around his cock and he began to stroke himself firmly, keeping his hand on the back of her head, with her soft lips, tongue and mouth working the sensitive head of his cock. Her small hand crept lower to caress his balls and he suddenly froze, his hand locked on the back of her head, then arched back in pleasure, shouting as his orgasm roared through him. His come filled her mouth and she swallowed, licking and sucking gently, eager to get everything he could give.

"Oh pet, that was very, very nice." One stray droplet of come glistened at the corner of her mouth and he used his finger to wipe it up, smiling as she took his finger into her mouth, licking up his sweetness, then kissing the tip of his finger. After a few minutes, she helped him straighten his clothing and then smiled as he said, "Are you ready to go in? I think that we will have an interesting time tonight..."

The doorman buzzed them in and Sir checked them in at the front desk. He turned to her, his gaze intense once more as he produced a gold chain leash from his coat pocket and clipped it to the ring of her collar. Using the leash, he pulled her to him for a hard quick kiss and then turned, opening the inner door to the club and letting the pounding music wash over them.



There were lots of people on the dance floor, male and female, in a variety of combinations, some in leather, some in regular street clothes and a few completely nude. The rest of the room was furnished with tables and chairs, some occupied by couples with a few hopeful "singles" scattered about. Victoria also noted a few Masters and Mistresses with their pets, some leashed as she was, but others sitting at their owner's feet. Sir directed her attention to a back corner, where she saw a red haired male pet over his Mistress' lap, obviously being given a very hard spanking. She wondered if he had displeased her in some way or if she spanked him simply because she could. A gentle tug on her leash distracted her from the scene and reminded her that she must pay close attention to Sir this evening. He led her past the dance floor and the common area to a locker room, where they were able to leave their coats and other things.

"Let's just wander around a bit and see who is here tonight. Keep an eye out for anyone who looks interesting, pet."

"Of course Sir, you know that "interesting" always catches my attention!"

They went back through the large common area, into a TV room, a game room where several couples were playing billiards, a dining area where food and drinks were available, a hallway that contained private rooms and then finally into the public dungeon area, which was mostly empty at this time of the night. There were also several private dungeon rooms, only one of which was occupied. They ended up back on the dance floor, Victoria melting willingly into her Master's arms as he pulled her close. His large hand slid down her back to cup her ass as they swayed together. She moaned against his chest as he began to press the base of the butt plug in gently and then gasped as the vibrator in her pussy was switched on. He continued this gentle torture for some time, switching the vibrator off and on intermittently.

Faster music started and he steered her off the dance floor, toward the TV room. He settled into one of the large couches, pulling Victoria up beside him until she lay with her head in his lap. His attention seemed to be on the big screen TV as he gently stroked her hair, but she heard him laugh quietly as she jumped when he hit the "on" switch of the vibrator again. The vibrations seemed to go straight to her clit as she squirmed under his hand, gasping when his fingers closed over her nipple, squeezing and pinching, tugging on the nipple ring and its attached chain. She felt his hands at her neck and her dress was untied, exposing both her breasts to his view and hands. He turned her on her back, her head still in his lap, using both hands to play with her nipples and breasts as the vibrator worked her into a frenzy.

"Please sir, I am going to come, please let me come!"

"Right here pet? With people watching? Well, if you must...."

She attempted to bite back the moan of pleasure as her orgasm began, but there was no mistaking the flush that washed over her neck and face and the way her body arched under his hands as she came hard. The vibrator was switched off and she lay panting, trying to catch her breath, not caring that her breasts were exposed or that her dress had crept high up on her thighs. He bent toward her and she raised enough to kiss him softly.

"That was beautiful Victoria, just beautiful."

Sir helped her re-tie her dress and then settled her on a cushion on the floor between his feet. She sat cautiously at first, very aware of the plug in her ass but was soon able to relax, resting her head on his thigh.

"What do you think of that couple over there, Victoria?" pointing to a pair who had come in and were standing just inside the door of the room.

She observed their dress and the way the dark haired woman tightly clutched her purse against her chest. "I think that this is probably their first time here Sir. They seem a little lost. Might be interesting!"

"Well, let's see if they are "interesting" as you put it pet." With that, Sir rose and approached the couple, inviting them to join him. They settled onto an adjoining sofa as introductions were made. Their names turned out to be Daniel and Sherry and it was indeed their first time at the club, telling Sir that they had just recently decided to explore the "swingers" life-style. Victoria noticed that Sherry's eyes kept coming back to her and she knew that the other woman was wondering exactly what was going on. Victoria brushed her cheek against her Master's hand to get his attention and he looked down at her, "Yes, pet?"

"Sir, I think that they may have some questions about our relationship, don't you?"

"I am sure that they do. Don't feel shy about speaking up yourself pet, I am sure that they would appreciate your point of view as well."

As he explained briefly about their relationship as Master and pet, Victoria noted that the other woman's pupils had dilated and that her lips had parted with her quickening breaths. She smiled as she realized that Sherry was becoming aroused just talking about their Dom/sub roles. She exchanged a glance with her Master and realized that he had seen it as well.

"Daniel, let's go check out the game room! I haven't played a good game of pool in a while! I think that we can leave the girls here for a while, don't you?" Standing, Sir reached down and unclipped the leash from Victoria's collar, placing it in his pocket. He and Daniel then headed off in the direction of the game room, where it was certain that more conversation than pool playing was about to take place!

Victoria noted Sherry's signs of discomfort at being left alone and quickly suggested that they go to the dining area for a drink and perhaps something to eat. Sherry agreed but said nothing else until they got their drinks and found an empty table.

Looking at Victoria sympathetically, she finally blurted out "Does he hurt you a lot? How can you let him hit you?"

"Does he hurt me.....? Oh, no, Sherry! You don't understand! No, he doesn't hurt me, at least not more than I ask him to or not more than he knows I like! Oh boy, I can see that I have a lot of explaining to do!"

One half hour and many words later, Sherry finally said, "So, in the end, it's all about pleasure for both of you, right?"

"Yes, about pleasure and also about fulfilling needs that we both have, his to be a dominant male and mine to be a submissive female, in ways that society usually doesn't allow these days. My submission is a gift to him and his dominance over me and his care of me is his gift in return. I know that he will never allow me to be injured or truly hurt. I trust him to keep me safe! He does occasionally push me farther that I think I can go, but we can do that because we trust each other. Plus, it usually turns out to be fantastic! Have you ever thought about trying it a little? Ever had fantasies about being tied up or blindfolded? Have you ever wanted Daniel to spank you? I think that you might like it, a lot!"

Sherry's face was red as she admitted, "Yeah, I have thought about it, but it's just so embarrassing to ask, you know?"

"Well, I don't think that you are going to have to ask tonight! I can see the boys headed this way and they both look like they have something on their minds!"



From the expression on his face, Victoria knew that her Master was irritated at having to come and find her. She stood as the two men approached and then went to her knees, eyes down, hands submissively behind her back, waiting for the storm to break.

" I don't like having to look for you, pet, you know that."

"Yes sir, I know. I'm sorry, I didn't think it would take so long to get something to drink, but we started talking and..."

"It doesn't matter Victoria, you know that!"

"Yes, Sir. I deserve to be punished then."

Sherry couldn't hold back any longer and said, "It's not her fault! I wanted to talk and she was kind enough to tell me some things.. You can't punish her for that!" Daniel laid a hand on her arm and said, "Don't interfere honey, this is between them and you really don't have anything to do with it. Just watch and see what happens."

Sir held out his hand and helped Victoria to her feet, clipping the leash back to her collar. "I think that we should take this back to the TV room. Tanning someone's ass where they are serving food probably violates some health code or other!"

They re-appropriated their seats in the TV room and Victoria was not surprised to soon find herself over her Master's knee. He pulled up her dress, exposing her ass and the harness she was wearing to the room. He pressed gently on the butt plug and asked, "How is this feeling now, still good for you?"

"It's getting a tiny bit uncomfortable, Sir."

"Well, we'll have it out soon, pet, just a little while longer I think. In the meantime, I believe that you have a punishment coming?"

"Yes please, Sir. I was thoughtless and deserve to be punished."

His hand cracked across her ass three times in quick succession and she could hear Sherry gasp behind her. After that, she heard nothing more as she lost herself in the sensation, concentrating on the feel of his hands on her, the sting of his hard slaps and the growing warmth of her skin. Finally, her punishment complete, he helped her up, guiding her so that she was facing him, on her knees between his feet. He leaned forward and kissed her softly several times and then whispered, "Look at Daniel and Sherry pet".

Sherry was sitting on Daniel's lap, her arms about his neck. Her shirt was open and her bra had been pulled up, completely exposing her. Daniel's hand explored her breasts, tweaking her nipples and she moaned under his touch, pressing closer and then kissing him passionately.

"Do you think that they would be willing to join us tonight? I know that Daniel would like to try it, but what do you think about Sherry?"

"I think that she's curious Sir, but you would need to start out slowly."

He kissed her again, slowly and more thoroughly this time, feeling her respond completely, opening to him at once, sliding her hands up to hold him closer. He could feel her need for him, like a living thing just under her skin, and knew that it was time to move things along.

Sir looked across to Daniel and said, "Well, now that we've got them nicely warmed up, why don't we take this downstairs? I have a room reserved for tonight and you would be welcome to join us. We can see just how obedient Victoria is going to be and we can let Sherry explore a little if she wants to!"

Daniel replied, "I would like to very much! How about you honey?" Sherry hesitated, but after a reassuring smile from Victoria, nodded her agreement.



The room he had reserved turned out to be a rather well appointed and tastefully done small dungeon chamber, complete with a large bed on one side, a padded table along another wall, and a variety of restraints, including a set of chains hanging from the ceiling and a sturdy looking cross nearby. As they entered the room, Sir directed Victoria to go and lean over the padded table. "I think that it's time we had that harness off, don't you pet?"

"Yes Sir, it's getting a little much now." He quickly unbuckled the harness on both sides and then removed it, slowly drawing out the butt plug under the very interested gaze of their two friends. He then also removed the vibrating egg, wrapping both in a towel and placing them in the bag he had brought in.

"All right. Daniel and I are going to leave you ladies alone for about ten minutes to allow you to prepare. Sherry, just try to relax and have fun. Nothing will happen tonight that you don't want and Victoria will be here to help you, if you need it. OK?"

Her eyes big, Sherry just nodded in reply and then, with quick kisses all around, the men left the room.

"Victoria, what do we do now?"

"We need to get the room ready, and then get ourselves ready too. We don't have a lot of time, so I guess the first thing we should do is lay out all of the things they might want to use tonight. Grab a clean towel out of the bag and put it on that table and we can lay things out on that."

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