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2: Slumber Party

by Micaela Reynolds as told to BrettJ © 2009


I hope I don't screw this up, but goodness, I'm exhausted. I just spend a night with my daughters and my wife, a 4-girl lesbian orgy that left me not wanting to go to work this morning. I guess I'm fortunate Deb's a bit more responsible than I am, having not grown up with money. She kicked my butt out of bed around 9, although the incentive of showering with my stepdaughter didn't hurt. Christina absolutely loves sex in the shower and it's one of my favorites too, so I didn't have to have my arm twisted.

Sex with my family makes me happy and it makes them happy as well. Sex with beautiful women makes me happiest. My daughters -- I don't usually think of Christina as a step-daughter -- are sexy, vibrant intelligent young women. Sharon works hard and does the books for the Club and has helped us make a pile of money. Paul does a lot too -- he's the bouncer, it's he who puts the ads in the Underground Papers, he handles the bar and often he's the "meat" in a sandwich if a lesbian duo want to try a little threesome. We have all sorts of family fuckers here, from Mothers & Daughters, to Sisters, to Aunts, to Daddies & Daughters and even a few gay couples. We don't discriminate.

Paul also thought of the wonderful idea of our members being able to either write or tape a Video "Diary" -- kind of like that Taxi Cab Video thing. Other members are free to read or view them once they're written down and now we've been given permission to share some of those stories with you. One of our first members was a sexy beauty named Claire and her crazy family. Claire has brought a few other people along since she joined, so I begged her to share her story. She told me that she'd share her story another time, but here is the story she related to me about her niece Jena and how she joined their loving, pervy family.


Jena lugged her suitcase up the long staircase leading to her cousin's big home. Jeez, couldn't there be a few less stairs, she groused to herself. Still, she was glad to be visiting her cousin Sienna, aunt Claire and the rest of her family and getting away from her bickering parents. She brushed a curly auburn lock from her forehead and stood back, marveling at the opulence of her aunt and uncle's new home. Claire and her husband of 21 years had just paid off the mortgage of their previous home and decided it was a bit too small, so they'd bought a nice home in Richmond Hill.

Jena knew most of the conflict was over her mother's ever-dwindling sexual appetite and the fact Daddy was still quite the stud. Jena couldn't help but hearing them fight, her mother's voice went high and shrill when she was upset.

Upset seemed to be her Mom's usual state of mind these days. Her father was nearing 50 but showed no signs of slowing down. Her mother, 5 years his junior, was starting to have the opinion that sex was evil and depraved. From what her daddy had told her at one time, that was quite a change from the sexual wildcat she'd been at Jena's age. Jena wished she still had a mother like that, someone she could talk to and ask questions, but her mother got her nose out of joint whenever sex was even brought up.

The front door opened and Sienna came running out, a mess of curly blonde hair, long legs and bouncy boobs. She gave her cousin a huge hug and invited her in. "We're going to have the best time, you can stay as long as you want, Mom says."

"Where are Auntie Claire and Uncle B?"

"Oh, the 'rents are away for the day. We've got the whole house to ourselves, we can stay up late as we want, do whatever we want. Mom even said we can have some wine and she made snacks for us. It's going to be like the Slumber Parties we had as kids, you remember those?"

Jena did, her cousin always getting them in trouble with her antics. Sienna was a pretty wild young woman; she did whatever she felt like, although no one ever got hurt. Some of their escapades in their younger years had even been quite fun. Auntie Claire and Uncle B lived by the philosophy "if it feels good, do it -- so long as no one gets hurt" and had imparted that to their 19-year old daughter. Claire's brother, Jena's daddy, shared that lifestyle and her mother had as well, until about 6 months ago. Now as she followed Sienna's bouncy body into the kitchen, Jena realized her mother was becoming a bitch on wheels.

"Want a drink?" Sienna offered, to which Jena replied "More than life itself, thanks." She accepted a cool glass of Cabernet and clinked glasses with her cuddly blonde cousin.

"How long can you stay?" Sienna wanted to know, sitting on a kitchen stool and crossing her legs. She was wearing a tight, low-cut top and short-shorts, was bare-legged and barefoot.

"Daddy says come home when I want -- you know I'm finished the school year early, right?" Sienna nodded. "I can't stand it at home, I love my folks, but Mom's seriously gone over the edge."

"Yeah, well Mom said your Mom's always been -- how did she put it? -- tightly wound ." Sienna said, sipping her wine.

"That's a good way to put it, yeah. I'd say she's gone Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs." Sienna laughed uproariously, while Jena smiled and took a cheese puff from the platter Sienna had put out. "Hey, you look good -- when did you get those killer curves?" Last time Jena had seen Sienna, she was pretty enough, now she was all angles and curves, she was undeniably sexy.

"Grew these last summer," Sienna said, hefting her boobs. "When I tried on all my bikinis they were too small; I'd gone up two sizes."

"Boys must really be hitting on you," Jena said enviously.

"Hmm? Oh, I guess, but I really can't be bothered to care. Come on; let's put your stuff away. We're going to share a room, just like when we were kids."

The girls went upstairs and on the spare bed, there was a large nicely-wrapped box. "What's this?" Jena said, turning around to her blonde cousin.

"A welcoming gift, you can put it on later. Come on, let's order pizza or KFC or something -- I'm starved!" Sienna said, running downstairs. As they did, they passed a picture on the staircase of an attractive blonde woman Jena did not recognize. Attractive was actually an understatement -- the blonde was beautiful, with eyes that radiated even in a photo and full, red lips.

"Hey, who's this?" Jena said, pointing at the picture.

"Oh, that's Teri. She's a friend of Mom's."

"She's lovely."

"Yeah. Come on, I'm hungry!"

It was a wonderful evening, exactly the kind Jena had needed to lift her spirits. By around midnight, neither girl was feeling any pain, although they weren't drunk by any means. "Hey, I think you should go open your present. Head upstairs and come down when you're ready, okay?" Jena scampered back upstairs and unwrapped the big box elatedly, she loved getting presents. When she opened the box, she was amazed and delighted at the contents. She didn't know quite what to make of it, but she decided to just see what would happen. She came downstairs about 15 minutes later to find her cousin clad in a white lace teddy with heels and matching stockings, hair brushed and nicely made up.

"What's all this?" Jena wanted to know, indicating Sienna's outfit.

"Well, it's a slumber party, so I thought we should have sleepwear. But as we're older now, I thought the sleepwear should be a bit more grown up. What do you think -- you like?"

"Mmm-hmm, it's very pretty. Thank you very much for my outfit, it's gorgeous. I feel so grown up."

All of Jena's sensual, slender body was packaged sensually in a sheer black bra, matching thong, garterbelt and real black silk stockings. There had even been a pair of black, spiky heels for her to wear and some makeup. Jena had never worn clothes this sexy in her life and she just felt so happy.

"You look beautiful Jena, your boyfriend is ... "

"Nuh-uh, haven't got one. Boy are boring and I think some of them are afraid of Daddy."

"Maybe he wants you for himself!" Sienna teased, breathing into her cousin's ear.

"SIENNA! Oh, the things you say!" Jena said, shocked, then giggling.

"Well, why not? He's a man and you're a woman, and wow, what a woman! I bet there are even some women who'd love to go to bed with you when you're dressed like that -- or not dressed at all." Sienna teased.

"Women? Oh Sienna, don't be ridiculous -- well, I guess. I know lots of girls these days like girls. Have you ever been attracted to a woman?" Jena asked her cousin.

"Oh yeah Jena, lots of them. I've been to bed with a girl before."

"REALLY? Oh, you've got to give me the details. What's it like?"

Reclining by the fire she'd built in the fireplace, Sienna set her wine down. "Well, it varies from girl to girl honey, but generally, it's a bit slower than with a man and softer. Much more sensual. I think women tend to be better kissers and are a bit more attentive. Not that a woman can't fuck Jens -- because they can -- but I like it with girls a lot, because a girl knows how to make you cum!" Sienna sighed.

"It sounds heavenly!" Jena sighed. "It almost makes me want to try it."

Sienna shot up fast. " Would you like to try it?" Sienna she asked.

"What? I don't follow."

"I asked if you'd like to try having sex with a girl. If you would, I'd be happy to show you."

Jena was about to make protestations about incest, but Sienna was way ahead of her. "Don't sweat the family shit, I don't. So what if we're cousins, we're not having kids together or anything. You know my folks are very liberal, so were yours, at one point. We have a whole night and I can't get over how gorgeous you are in that thing. I'd like to make love to you, right here in front of this nice fire and show you how soft I am and how sexy you are. What do you say?"

Jena wasn't sure if it was the wine or her own frustration over being a virgin or just a need for close, human contact, but she nodded and let Sienna kiss her. She reacted instinctively and returned the kiss, her aqua eyes met Sienna's and they both saw love and desire there. The one kiss became two, then three.

"Umm -- I'd say you like this!" Sienna sighed as she broke this kiss. Being uncharacteristically shy, Jena nodded.

Sienna looked at her gorgeous, auburn-haired cousin, as the firelight danced across her skin and her eyes sparkled. It was going to be all about making this experience wonderful for Jena, letting her know through deeds and sweet words just how sexy she was. She was sexy -- that perfect face, kissable lips, her yummy tits and smooth flat tummy, those gorgeous legs -- making love to Jena would be exquisite.

Teasing a bit, Sienna told her cousin "You are one yummy piece of ass, you know that?"

Jena giggled, snuggling into her cousin's embrace. "No I didn't, but thank you very much for the compliment."

"No guy has ever told you ...? " and then it dawned on Sienna. "Holy shit Jens, are you a -- a .... "

"A virgin? More or less, I've sucked cock and played around, but like I said, boys are afraid of Daddy. So I've never really made love with anyone."

Sienna had to think things over for a second, as her cousin cuddled in. To be her cousin's first girl, that was fine, but to be her first -- that was another matter. Still, Jena's face was beaming at her and someone would have to be there for her, why shouldn't it be someone she loved and would do everything possible to make it special for her? She rolled Jena onto her back and moved on top of her, fingers gently trailing over Jena's soft, silky skin, seeing little Goosebumps raising up and just the lightest sheen of perspiration from the warm fire. Sienna lowered her lips to Jena's and kissed her again, sliding her tongue along Jena's mouth and insinuating it between her lips. Jena's tongue met her own as the kiss intensified.

"You have gorgeous tits," Sienna told her cousin as she caressed them through the sheer bra. "Well, frankly, you have gorgeous everything. I have a very sexy cuz."

"So do I -- with all those curves and that blonde hair of yours, you could get any boy you wanted!" Jena murmured as her cousin pulled the bra aside and began tonguing her nipples.

"Don't really want a boy," Sienna murmured, helping her cousin unhook the sexy bra and continuing to play. She nuzzled her cousin's neck and enjoyed the light dusting of freckles that adorned Jena's body, it was like she'd been dusted with cinnamon. Jena's eyes closed as wonderful, gentle ripples of pleasure washed over her, all due to Sienna's careful, loving attentions.

Jena was one of the sexiest playmates Sienna had ever had and the curvy blonde was choosy about her lovers. As her curves developed, she'd become very aware of her body's power and wielded those powers responsibly. Although highly sexual, Sienna wasn't a slut -- well, not in the true sense of the word, although with the right partner ....

"Oh sweetie, keep doing that -- you're really turning me on!" Jena sighed as her cousin kissed down her body. She lifted Jena's legs and slid the tiny thong off, noticing Jena's clean pussy. Naked and baby-soft, it was sexy and adorable, she rubbed it with the palm of her hand and stroked it lovingly with her fingertips.

"My girlfriend treated me to a Wax last month, she said it feels better!" Jena sighed as her cousin's gentle fingers continued to thrill her. "It sure does from this end!"

"Maybe she wanted to get into your panties too," Sienna teased as she took one gentle lick at the dainty morsel.

"Umm -- oooh, that's nice -- if she had tried, I might have let her. She's Asian and hot."

"Slut!" Sienna teased.

"Not yet, but maybe in the future ... " Jena shot back quickly, making her cousin chuckle. "Please Sienna, don't stop doing that, if feels so good!"

Sienna didn't stop, she went for broke. She lowered her face between her cousin's stocking clad thighs and placed her mouth squarely on Jena's pussy and began eating her ferociously, showing no mercy. Jena screamed out a shriek of joy, nothing in her life had ever felt like this. She came within mere minutes and fell back on the rug, the fire still dancing behind them.

"Fuck Sienna, what did you do to me? That was amazing!"

"You just had your first orgasm of the night, silly. You're going to have more, I promise. This Slumber Party just got kicked up a notch." Sienna got out of the teddy, Jena could see she'd been tanning -- nude, as far as she could see, Jena bore no tan lines.

"Come over here Jens and lick my titties -- I have very sensitive nipples, that's it, suck on them -- oooh, such soft lips!" Jena was licking her cousin's soft mams, fondling a girl's tits for the first time, but it wouldn't be the last. The sensual softness of another woman was very appealing and the skin-to-skin contact was starting to heat her up as much as the fire.

"Come on sweetie, let's lie down by the fire again. Now, with passion like this, you've got to know about some sexual stuff, right?" Jena nodded. "Okay, you know what sixty-nine is?" Another nod. "Okay, let me move around here and let's do each other. No rush, no hurries, just try what you like and I'm sure I'll like it -- you have such a nice, soft touch."

Some girls might have been a bit put off by a pussy lowering to their face, but Jena wasn't one of them. Once she made a decision, Jena didn't back out, and she loved her cousin's delicately-furred blonde muff. The second the pink morsel made contact with her tongue, Jena's tongue shot out and snaked deep inside her cousin's cunt, causing Sienna to howl.

"You little wildcat, you're amazing, keep on doing that Jens. Oh, I'm licking you too and you're so sweet, so wet. I'm eating you baby, we're loving each other, let's keep this up all night, love it, LOVE it!" Sienna groaned.

"Yes, all night lover, that sounds soooo nice!" Jena sighed, lost in a sexual euphoria. Making love with another girl wasn't evil or dirty, it just couldn't be, because it felt so nice. She was completely relaxed as her body moved against Sienna's and their tongues delved deeper into each other's recesses. All night, they had all night ...

Then the front door opened and Claire walked in with a blonde woman Jena didn't recognize at first, then she saw it was that Teri-woman she'd seen the photo of earlier. She was so self-conscious, she wanted to cry, Claire was looking at both girls with a stern expression.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Mother, what the hell are you doing home already?"

"Your father had a bit too much, so we're letting him sleep it off in the car. I'll deal with him later. Now, answer my question, what in hell are you doing?"

"Well gee Mom, isn't it kind of obvious? I'm having sex with my cousin."

"Don't get snippy with me young lady, I ..."

"Oh, cut the shit Mom. You want her yourself, that's why you bought her that sexy outfit."

Teri's beautiful face broke into a wide grin. "Uh-oh ... busted!"

Claire gave Teri a quick little bus on the lips. "Quiet, you!" She relaxed and said to her daughter "You, young lady, are a very naughty girl!" but there didn't seem to be any harshness to her tone.

"I don't understand. Aunt Claire, you bought me the sexy lingerie?" Claire nodded. "What for?"

Claire and Teri sat on the nearby couch and let Sienna explain. "Jena, we kind of ... set you up. We know you've been miserable with your folks, so we wanted you here, surrounded by love. When we saw the picture you sent us from last summer's vacation, the one with you in the white bikini, we all realized how sexy you were and we wanted to help you reach that potential, do you understand?"

"No, I don't think so."

Claire spoke next. "Jena, this is a home filled with love -- both emotional and sexual. We sleep together and commune in a family way, with no societal repercussions, sex is as natural in this family as breathing. Sienna knows every inch of my body, almost as intimately as her father -- and Teri."

Teri spoke next, her voice husky and soft. It was compelling and Jena was drawn to her every word. "I was in a very bad place and your Uncle and Aunt helped me to escape it. Over time, I found myself in love with Claire and knew she loved me too. Oh, and this naughty little vixen over here!" Teri said, indicating Sienna.

"What does Uncle B say about all this?" Jena wanted to know.

"Daddy's cool with it!" Sienna piped up.

"We have an -- arrangement. Your Uncle doesn't lack for sex, his big cock is kept well satisfied, but Teri and I have a deeper, spiritual connection. I see it in the way you and Sienna were together -- I think you're on your way to forging a similar connection. What we'd all like to know is, do you want to be part of our family?"

"What about my Daddy, what will he say about all of this?"

"Your father won't mind. He knows about us, Jena. So angel-kitten, what do you say? Want to become part of our household and see all the decadent pleasures a lesbian, incestuous relationship can hold for you?"

Jena's heart was pounding as she answered "Yes, please, yes!"

Sienna said "One more thing."

"What's that?"

Teri spoke again. "Claire is the boss. She makes the rules. If you disobey, you're punished."

Sienna sighed. "It's okay though. Sometimes, the punishment is as much fun as the other things."

Claire scowled, then chuckled. "My daughter is incorrigible. Jena, Sienna, cuddle a bit more and enjoy another drink, then join us upstairs in half an hour, please." The tone in which she said it let Jena know it was a gentle command.

"You okay sweetie?" Sienna said, cuddling her cousin close. "I know this is a lot to take in, all of us having sex and ..."

"I can handle it, the more I think about it, the hotter I get!" Jena sighed. "Auntie Claire is very sexy and Teri is ... "

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