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Club Inzest 09


Chapter 9: Claire's Birthday Bash

by Micaela Reynolds as told to BrettJ © 2009


Debra and I are going to have a busy couple of days, it seems. We got a phone call early today, from Jena and Sienna , of all people. Turns out that it's Claire's birthday in a few days and the girls want to throw her a party that defies description and wondered if we might be willing to help. Is an orange -- well, orange ?

I wandered into the kitchen after speaking with Jena and Sienna and found my wife in one of her "homemaker" moods. About once a month, Deb gets the urge to cook a really huge breakfast. There was enough food to feed an army, waffles, pancakes, hash browns, sausages, bacon, fresh OJ and hot coffee. Sharon and Christina were already gorging, the way those two can pack it away, I'm often surprised they're not 200 pounds each!

Sharon answered that question one night in her own, inimitable, naughty fashion. She and her brother were fucking away and she said "Mom, with all the sex that goes on here, we need all the Carbs we can get!"

For a change, everyone was actually dressed. Sharon and Christina were happily chowing down, there was no sign of the men. "They're at the Club, Mom!" my stepdaughter said, grabbing another waffle from the pile. "There's been some trouble with the Sound System, so Paul and Chris figured they'd go early and check it out before we open up tomorrow night."

I got some pancakes and bacon for myself and Deb sat down at the table and joined us. "I hope they can get everything all together girls, because that was Jena and Sienna they I was just speaking to on the phone. It's Claire's birthday on the 15th and the girls would like to throw her a party. They've asked for all the help we can give and whatever naughty ideas come to mind."

"Well, they sure came to the right people!" Sharon chuckled as she winked at all of us. "Did they have anything in mind?"

I shook my head, but did remember one detail. "They'd discussed it with Teri and thought it should be an all girl party. I have a few ideas of my own in that regard, Sharon, Christina, Deb -- what do the 3 of you think, any suggestions?"

I should have known with those perverted 3 that ideas would flow, both hot and heavy. The ideas got sexy, everyone got turned on and we all ran upstairs, leaving the breakfast dishes for much, much later.

We planned a "Day of Debauchery" for Claire and I made sure that everything ran smoothly by co-ordinating it with everyone involved. Deb and I left nothing to chance, we even had back-up plans in case anything should go wrong, but we hoped it didn't.

Teri and I talked a bit on the phone and she informed me that expense was not even a factor -- both she and Claire's husband were footing the bill for everything. Factoring that in, I brought Sharon with me and contacted Jena and Sienna and told them to bring Claire in to meet us for brunch. We enjoyed a lovely meal and then I told Claire that we were all going shopping and she was going to get treated to a day she'd never forget.

Need I say that I had made arrangements at Susanna's Lingerie Boutique and that when we all got there, she put the "Closed" sign in the window? We had arranged a fashion show for Claire -- but one with a difference.

Susanna disappeared for a few minutes, as did Jena and Sienna, leaving only Claire, myself and Sharon seated and ready to observe the show. This was a show no one would want to miss.

Katelyn was the first model, slinking down a makeshift runway in a white negligee and matching heels. She was so sensual, but this was only the beginning -- it was going to get hotter.

Next was Susanna herself, in a sexy black basque, garter and stockings, with "fuck me" boots and she moved towards Katelyn, kissed her sensuously and two of them went to one side. Suze and Katelyn continued to kiss and fondle as the next model strutted down the runway.

It was adorable little Jena, she had on a tiny peach teddy and her hair had been set in a nice wave, she looked absolutely edible. She had on a pair of white stockings and vampy stilettos that clicked sexily as she walked on by her mother and the rest of us. I heard a gentle sigh from Claire as my naughty little daughter was now tugging her short skirt down her legs and away from her body. Claire wasn't wearing panties and Sharon looked over at me. I nodded and let my baby go to work on giving the birthday girl her first climax of the day as Sienna strutted out. She looked absolutely smoking hot in a long black negligee with a thigh-high slit, expensive black silk stockings on, stilettos and you could see her perky breasts through the sheer material. The girls moved towards us all and everyone began to give Claire her birthday kisses, while removing articles of her clothing. It didn't take long for the others to get our Guest of Honor naked and they carried her to the runway.

Claire had barely spoken a word all this time, but her moans and sighs were encouragement enough. Sienna was between her mom's thighs, eating pussy with all the considerable skill at her command, while on one side Katelyn was getting acquainted with Claire by licking and sucking her nipples, Susanna joining her partner on the other. Jena was on top of Auntie Claire's face, keeping her occupied. Sharon and I? Well, we had our own tasks to attend to next.

I first gave Teri a call, she was with Debra and Christina at the Club. The boys had got the Sound System working fine and had made themselves scarce, Deb and I had even gone to the trouble of making sure even our Caterers were all women. I gave my sweeties a kiss over the phone and returned to the celebration at hand.

"Claire? Are you ready for the next act, you slutty bitch?" I hissed and saw her eyes looking at me.

Both Sharon and I had donned strap-ons. I was going to fuck Claire while Jena ate me and Sharon was going to fuck Jena with hers. Sienna was beside us, already wrapped up with Katelyn between her legs, tasting her blonde box while she tongued and licked away at Susanna. Claire was grinning from ear to ear and nodded. I moved deep inside of my friend and began giving her a great lezzie-fucking while the kinkfest continued all around us.

"Wow, do you think I can have an orgasm for every year?" Claire sighed as I moved the plastic cock in and out of her pussy.

"I promise you will, Auntie Claire -- and then some!" Jena giggled as she licked my pussy. What was with this family? All of them could have gone pro as Lesbian Call Girls and done quite nicely at it. I was doing my best to keep control as Jena's tongue snaked deep into the well of my cunt.

We switched around one more time -- Claire got the toy from me and she wanted to fuck Susanna or Katelyn while they made love. She could see how the sisters-in-law made each other happy, so I contented myself with the young nymphs and had Sharon, Jena and Sienna all to myself, enjoying their sexy young bodies and watching them play together.

It was around 4:30 when we finished, Katelyn and Susanna wrapped up all the purchases and included the toys and promised Claire they'd "see her soon." Claire had no idea how soon, but it was still a bit early. As it was her birthday, we all felt Claire should enjoy some cake, so we took her to a little pastry shop and indulged our sweet tooths on various pastries and some truly wonderful coffee. One of the great things about Toronto is there's lots to look at, so we took out time getting back to the Club. Claire was fairly certain a party was planned -- she just had no idea what that party was going to include.

We got back to the Club and went in the back way -- I didn't want Claire to see a thing until we entered the party room. As we approached, Deb met us and gave me the signal that everything had worked out perfectly. Jena and Sienna led a blindfolded Claire into the party room, then Christina started the music and everyone yelled "Surprise!"

Claire couldn't believe her eyes. In the room was Katelyn, Susanna, Andrea, Teri, Janna and some absolutely breathtaking women she'd never seen before. One of Paul's inspirations had been to call Janna and have her invite some of her exotic dancer friends to attend. Each had been promised $50 and free food and drink, and was told they could join in the party and have fun with whoever they so chose. Most of the girls, upon arrival and seeing some of the others, declined the money and were quite happy to be there. Christina even told me we had a few well-known women in attendance, including a former Playboy Playmate [who I did indeed meet up with later on].

The party started almost immediately. The dancers were up on stage, moving to the music, wearing sexy lingerie or nothing at all, creating a nice backdrop. A few would come off stage, a few others would go up. I lost sight of Claire very quickly, but felt someone's arms around me and there was Teri. I liked Teri a lot, even if I didn't know her very well, but I supposed that was about to change.

"You made my baby very happy today," she smiled at me. "I don't know how I can ever thank you."

"Yes, you do," I smirked.

"You're right, I do," Teri said, grabbing my hand and leading me to a private corner of the room. She was wearing a very sexy pale blue negligee and she slipped it down her shoulders and away from her body. She had on a tiny blue thong that went with it and my hands slid that down her long, slender legs. I kissed up those legs and began to work my tongue deep into her pussy. I could see why my friend adored Teri -- she was delectable and tasty and very responsive. She groaned and hunched her body up for more licking and she was a truly giving lover. Once I'd had my way with her, she insisted on treating me to an orgasm -- or two -- or three -- under her talented tongue and nimble digits.

There was lots of activity in the room. Janna, who everyone always wanted to play with, was in the spirit of things tonight. She was enjoying a four-for-all with Sharon, another dancer named Penny and Christina. They all moved and writhed about and it was very sexy to see, especially as Janna usually confined herself to just one playmate most evenings.

I left Teri in the more-than capable arms of Brandy, who'd arrived a bit after her mother and found Claire immersed in the pussy of Susanna, who was quite noisily eating Katelyn, who in turn, was getting acquainted with Val. Dyanna was nowhere in sight, but I am sure she was around somewhere. I wondered if they'd finally convinced Cory to attend one of our little soirres?

The party continued in full swing. At one point, I teased the girls later, it seemed to be youth vs. experience. There was a Daisy Chain consisting of me, Deb, Claire, Teri, Andrea, Katelyn and Susanna on one side and over on the other, it was Sharon, Christina, Janna, Jena, Sienna, Brandy and some of the other girls. Before long though, we'd all kind-of moved into the center of the room and the chain had formed into a naughty circle.

That wasn't all of it though. Janna and I had arranged for a performance by as many of the dancers who were willing to participate -- which turned out to be nearly all of them -- and they brought Claire and Teri up on stage with them. Then, they all did a nicely co-ordinated strip set, which culminated in the dancers all joining together and putting on a truly smoking-hot lesbian act, allowing Claire and Teri to join in the finale. It was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

Around midnight, birthday cake was served -- but as I am sure you have already guessed, being one of our naughty little functions, we couldn't do it up in a dull, boring fashion, now could we? Deb and I had arranged with a caterer friend to cover Jena and Sienna with cake, frosting, fruit and whipped cream and everyone was free to nibble and lick them clean, but Claire got the first taste, followed by Teri. Claire lamented that she didn't get to blow out any birthday candles, but we'd more than blown her mind and that was good enough for her, she giggled.

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