tagSci-Fi & FantasyClub Latex Ch. 02

Club Latex Ch. 02

byCordelia Speedicut©

Fitting In (Friday Night, Continued)

It was exhilarating to slink around the crowded room stark naked - to feel the brush of every breath of air, to thrill to every touch. The new Lori was on display - all of me. Yet none of these mere mortals seemed to notice my transformed body. How could they? Latex-skinned goddesses don't exist. To be sure, there were a few double takes. But then people shook their heads, no doubt deciding that my beauty and the bad lighting had combined to confuse them. I licked my lips hungrily and caressed my sensitive breasts. This was going to be a blast.

The next hour or two passed in a haze. So many hot bodies, so little time. Both men and women approached me and offered to pleasure me or, alternately, begged me to discipline them. I was determined to work my way through them all -- and with my newfound endurance it seemed quite possible.

My first supplicant was a tall girl in a vinyl maid's outfit (complete with garter belt and black stockings), who asked permission to apply her tongue to clean up the musky fluids still trickling down my inner thighs. I granted the favour and stood enjoying this service. While the maid worked her way up in an attempt to drain the source, I noticed a good-looking guy watching us. He was sitting nonchalantly with his leather jacket open and his lovely cock exposed at half-mast. Deciding that he would be my next order of business, I ordered Clyde to suck him to usefulness. "And make sure he doesn't come until I'm ready for him."

When it looked like he was hard enough, I shooed my pet out of the way (first nipping each of its nearest bank of hard nipples, in reward), then abandoned the maid and straddled my next lover's lap. I took his long shaft inside myself in one fluid motion, and proceeded to milk him to distraction. Apparently my inner muscles had become newly toned as well.

The guy soon came, and then promptly feinted. I had my eager pet lap up the excess cum off my sex, and then I lifted clear and allowed Clyde to suck his stricken member clean as well. Meanwhile, I chose another lover.

"You," I said, pointing at a leather girl holding a sizable dildo. She eagerly shed her trench coat and peeled off her kid-leather bustiere with impressive speed. We climbed onto a nearby table and settled into a sixty-nine, with me on top - naturally. As she worked her toy in and out of my insatiable pussy, I returned the favour, finding a convenient gap in her crotch leather with my tongue - a tongue I soon discovered to be much, much longer than before.

Taking a brief breather some time later, I saw that my pet had finished its chore and was now idle, so I called it over to help out by fucking Leather Girl. Masked or not, Clyde managed with body language to express simmering lust, and I was surprised to see its impressive dildo grow. The thing slowly unsheathed itself until its fat head was twitching in anticipation between my pet's top set of tits. Excellent! Not a dildo but a functional, foot-and-a-half long horse-cock. I was hot to try it out for myself, but first things first. The girl under me shuddered as the thing's wide-flanged knob stretched and entered her, and gasped when it struck bottom with roughly half its length inside her.

Unfortunately, after allowing Clyde to engage in some serious thrusting, Leather Girl's licking and dildo play at my own nether end became more and more erratic, and finally stopped. I reached between up my pet's widespread legs, hooking three fingers into its drooling pussy, and pulled it forward until its cock was as deep as it would fit into the moaning girl. Then I forced my tongue back inside her, spiralling it right around that fat cock. She lost it completely and came with a shriek. To my delight, Clyde promptly came too. As its cunny clamped onto my fingers, I could feel under my tongue the powerful pulses of cum surging inside its rod, on its way deep into Leather Girl's own straining pussy. Moments later I tasted the gush of excess seed that was forced back out.

We withdrew together, and when Clyde's cock popped free, it hung down to drool on the floor. It looked delicious. "My turn," I told the beast.

Clyde took a deep breath and made a huffing sound, and then I saw its trembling wang swing back up to full alert. It was obviously eager to please its owner. Two steps took it around to where my pussy hovered over the inert girl's face. With another step forward, my lovely pet buried its stallion-cock inside me. I felt my belly stretch outward against Leather Girl's boobies and thought - I fit that huge thing like a glove! Clearly more than just muscle tone had changed inside me. Clyde set to with a will, and I was soon over the top. A series of ever-building orgasms rolled through me - it was like being tumbled in the surf. Finally my pet came, too, my enhanced pussy wringing out every last pearly drop. That was definitely the best come I'd ever had.

>< >< ><

After a quick break I was off again, fucking my way tirelessly around the rowdy room. Like they say, a woman's work is never done. Okay, well, I drew the line at the Mastiff Brothers. They had to settle for a vigorous flogging while their Commandant Girl master sucked on my fat clit.

I finally found April by the bar. She was wrapped tightly around a longhaired Asian guy who sported dark sunglasses and a floor-length leather coat. He'd hoisted her up with his arms under her knees, and now her rubberized hair whipped in circles as he methodically bounced her on his cock.

No rush, I thought. I sat on a bar stool with my legs spread wide. While my own pet stood waiting for orders - hooves planted wide, cock erect, and hands clasped behind its back -- I signalled to Blackie. The creature glanced at its preoccupied master for permission. I simply leaned over, caught April's bouncing hand, and traded leashes. Satisfied, her pet eagerly dropped to its knees in front of me, tilting its long stiff facial protuberance up for my inspection. At the tip of the black shaft was a vertical slit, which slowly opened until it formed a tiny round 'O', like the mouth of a goldfish.

I turned to Mistress Molly, who still stood behind the bar. "How does it eat?" I asked, more from curiosity than concern.

"It can live on broth, but it prefers pussy juice," said Molly.

"So it sucks instead of cumming," I said, with a laugh.

"It can do both. Look again."

Anticipating what Molly wanted to display, the pet tipped its head back further.

I reached down and rubbed one side of its plump cleft chin, and felt a round mass twist slightly under the thick skin. "Balls!"

"See? Clever, huh? It can fill you up and then suck you clean again ... when there's nobody around to share, that is."

And now it was between my thighs, oozing a thick lubricating film of cum from its phallic mouth as it prepared to plunge into my ever-hungry pussy. I stroked the back of its head. Mmm - its skin was warm and soft. In response, a thin tongue like that of an anteater shot out of its tiny mouth and slipped into my waiting hole. I gasped -- it felt as though it was tickling my insides.

"Do me," I commanded. It immediately obeyed, retracting its teasing tongue and then driving the bulky mass of its cock into me. "Oh, yeah. Now deeper. That's it."

But Blackie clearly needed neither encouragement nor instruction. Watching me carefully with its glistening black eyes, it weighed my responses as it thrust and wiggled its phallic proboscis, and read my quivering flesh to direct its cunning fingers as to how best to tug and stroke at nipple and clit. And, even as it focused on delighting me, it fed. Its smooth throat pulsated as it siphoned up my steadily flowing juices.

Then, when it decided the time was right, it began to rotate itself completely around, pivoting itself on the point where its plump cock-beak lodged in my pussy. Sliding its arms and legs and its full breasts sensually across my slick, writhing body, it finished up with its plump pussy open and inviting in front of my face. I accepted the offer, and dove in with my own long tongue. The medley of accumulated juices tasted wonderful.

Within moments I felt the pet's body stiffen, and then it began to pump cum into my quivering quim. While its hooves slashed the air dangerously behind my head, I felt my body grip its pulsing pecker inside me as I too came, big time. I barely caught my breath before the second rush came. A thought flashed in my head - Surfs up! Again and again my orgasms washed over me, overwhelming my senses. Eventually I started to come back to earth, drawn by the sensation of the creature again sucking up the blended juices from my molten core.

After the Blackie had at last finished its meal and withdrawn its now drooping appendage, I sighed and languorously stretched my back. April, I saw, was long done with the Matrix guy, who had collapsed in a seat nearby. She was now sitting comfortably impaled on Clyde's cock. My pet had its round mouth clamped onto her left teat, sucking hard, while her right one leaked in sympathy.

April's eyes were half closed and she was rolling her bottom slowly to maximize her pleasure, but she had clearly been watching me for some time.

"Ready?" I asked.

She smiled her reply, and extricated herself from Clyde. We had saved the best for last. Stepping into one another's embrace, we exchanged a deep and welcome kiss, our long tongues writhing together. Our pets, I noticed, felt free to do the same -- and with a certain yin and yang symmetry, they successfully penetrated one another both top and bottom.

I was close to yet another orgasm just being in my friend's arms. Then one of those lovely smooth arms insinuated itself slowly into my pussy -- hand, wrist and then shiny blue forearm sinking slowly from view. I managed to get myself into position to simultaneously return the favour. Within moments, we peaked together. I felt my frenzied pussy clamping ferociously on April's arm, and hers trying to crush my own. Yet again I was in the grips of unimagined ecstasy. This round of orgasms was even harder and longer than the last -- at least, I think so, 'cause this time there were sparklers in my head and I passed out for a bit.

Eventually we came up for air.

"I've gotta pee," said April.

"Mmmm -- I've gotta watch," was my response.

We two randy love goddesses separated our cum-smeared pets and led them past the smiling bartender into the Ladies washroom.

>< >< ><

As soon as the heavy metal door closed behind us, each of us gave a trembling shiver.

"Where am I?" It was Blackie that spoke first, in a thin, piping voice.

Clyde responded to her friend's confusion. "Candice? Is that you?"

"Wendy? What's going on?"

"We've been made into some kind of sex slaves," said April, who seemed to be the first to grasp what had happened to us. "Our minds were being controlled, somehow. But it doesn't seem to work in this room." She handed Candice the end of her own leash, and paced the small room, trying to think.

"There's a little window over there -- maybe we could break out," said Candice. She was clearly as terrified as the rest of us, but, unlike the fetish toy to which she had been reduced, she was smart enough to begin to review our options.

"And do what?" asked Wendy. "Our clothes, our I.D., our money, our keys ... they're all in there, somewhere." She waved at the closed door, and then stopped to extract a largish dildo from where I had stored it earlier in the evening. "Besides -- just look at us," she added, tears welling under her lidless eyes. When she finished speaking, her mouth relaxed into its resting open oval.

I rubbed the side of my head where an ear had once been. "I don't think we can change back. Ever," I said. Then I looked at the former pets more closely. "You two are still hard."

"And I'm still horny as hell," Wendy said, popping some juicy fingers into her mouth to suck them clean, and staring hungrily at my body.

I nodded. "Thank God -- I thought it was just me." Apparently lust had been built right into us.

"We're running out of time," said April. "They don't know we're not under their control in here -- but they'll miss us soon. How are they doing it?"

It was Candice who answered. "It's either magic or science." She paused, thoughtfully, and moistened her tiny lips with her long tongue. "If it's magic, we're probably fucked. But if it's some kind of bizarre new technology, then the only reason it won't work in here is that it's being blocked by that steel door -- it must be some sort of radio signal."

"And who's 'they', exactly?" I asked. "Molly, for sure. What about the two at the front?"

"I don't know about them. They both looked pretty dense. There must be someone else working the mind control machine -- anybody notice a surveillance camera out there?"

"We were too busy for that," said Wendy, ruefully. "Does it matter?"

Candice nodded, which set her long cock-bill to bobbling. "Sure. It's too late to run. Our only chance is to take out the machine."

"How?" April asked. "As soon as we leave this room, we'll be fuck puppets again."

Candice had an answer for that, too. "The thing only seems to control our emotions. And our mental abilities," she added, grimly. "If we can try and hold a thought, we might manage."

I had another idea. "If the machine is electric, then maybe we can try to knock off the power. I saw what looked like a breaker panel thingy in the change room."

"Okay," said April. "Lori and I will try to take down Molly, and you guys -- umm -- just keep thinking, 'I must turn off the power'. Let's go."

On my way to the door, I scooped up the discarded dildo from the floor, and hefted it. I reckoned it should make a serviceable cosh.

As soon as the door was opened, we all shuddered again and then left the washroom as if nothing had happened. We'd been away long enough to get a thoughtful look from Molly, but when I licked my lips and chin suggestively, the bartender turned her attention back to three young women at the bar. The newcomers were all in street clothes, and each had a half-empty Bloody Mary in front of her.

My head was spinning again. There was something I absolutely had to do. Fuck April again. No ... something else. My pet kept pulling on its leash, and mumbling. Have Blackie lick me out some more? Yes ... no! Something about Mistress. Fuck the Mistress? I rubbed my smooth head. It was about power. And April. If we overpowered the Mistress, make her submit, we would have the power. Something like that, anyway. The rubber-clad barkeep looked pretty tough, but I was pretty sure April and I had agreed on this, so I looked around for my fellow conspirator.

My wobbly concentration was immediately broken when the latex schoolgirl twins took hold of a leg each and begged me to spank them - again. By the time I had satisfied the constantly naughty pair, and pulled my mind back to Molly, the bartender had disappeared.

I recovered the dildo I'd nearly left in a schoolgirl pussy, and tried to focus. I looked over to the bar. There had been some drab girls sitting there, and they were gone now, too. Then I remembered -- there was a little door behind the bar. Molly would be there. I spotted April nearby, riding yet another outclassed challenger. Stepping over, I pulled my friend up off the man's fleshy spike, spun her in the direction of the bar and snarled, "Molly! We've got to get her!"

April's annoyed expression cleared at my words, and she lit up as though struck by a nagging memory. She nodded, and then we strode across the room, our still muttering pets following behind.

The door was locked, but yielded to a well-aimed kick. We tumbled into the room to discover Mistress Molly alone, talking on an intercom. The woman took one look at our fierce expressions and crouched into a defensive position like a giant cat.

Unfortunately for her, either one of us alone was now too much for her. Together we bowled her to the ground and began to unbuckle her costume. April sat across her chest, tearing at her hood and bustiere, while I managed to pull her tight boots free ... and then her pants. I was in the process of inserting my fat dildo into my still struggling foe, to demonstrate my dominance, when all the lights went out.

There was a pause, and then I heard Candice's tiny voice, "Got it!"

April's voice was next. "Where is the machine?"

Apparently her hands were doing something very persuasive, because Molly's strangled response was, "Behind the coatroom!"

"Candy and I are on it!" said Wendy, from somewhere nearby. "You two hold on to Molly."

By now there were shouts in the dark, both from the club floor beyond, and from somewhere inside the dressing room. The change booths, I thought. Those other girls. "Don't put on the costumes," I shouted.

"Too late," came a shaken response.

I could hear movement as the girls came out of their booths, and then a great thump and clatter. And voices: "OOF!" - "Hey!" - "Ow!" Someone bowled into me, and then something cold, hard and heavy slid into my leg. There was a scrabbling sound, and then...

"Ha!" shouted a male voice, and then the lights came back on. "Doctor Abseil's Animatronic Orgasmatron Manufacturing Enterprise is back in business!"

I blinked. Across Molly's legs, behind me, sprawled one of the new girls, all wide-eyed and winded. Her pussy was also gasping like a fish -- she had obviously been masturbating enthusiastically when the lights went out. She displayed an odd patchwork of black latex. A wide band circled her neck from her shoulders to her jaw line, and an oval panel was centred over her now shiny abdomen. Another patch lay in the saddle of her crotch, so that her upper thighs and gaping pussy glistened a wet black. But each of these areas of rubber had sunk below the level of her skin. The result was that the girl looked like she had pulled an incomplete set of somebody else's skin over a latex body like mine. It probably should have been unsettling, but I just thought it looked hot.

Beyond her stood a small man in black-framed glasses and a lab coat -- presumably the Doctor. His grey hair stuck up wildly, and he was grinning, his hand still on the main breaker switch. "Now I have you!"

I picked up the sawed-off shotgun that had come to rest beside me when the Doc had fallen over me in the dark, and pointed it at the loony little bastard. "Um. No ... I don't think you do."

The man's jaw went slack. "But..."

"Hey everybody - calm down," It was Wendy's voice, from the next room, calling out to the crowd. "Just a first night glitch. Everything's fine, now. Party on!" Then she stepped into view through the doorway. "Got it. Would you believe the thing had a big red button labelled 'Emergency Shutdown'? The other two ran out the front." In the time it had taken to cross the club floor she had traded away her leash. In its place now hung a fertility fetish -- a wang carved out of ebony.

I could see I'd have to get myself a new pet. Then I recalled what the doctor had first said. I prodded Molly's nose with the shotgun. "Animatronic?" Maybe we'd been changed even more than I'd supposed.

She shrugged. "Nah. Doc figured it would be easier to sell our product -- you, that is - if people thought they were buying an extremely detailed, high-tech sex machine. Fantasy Dominatrices and Submissives our speciality." She seemed to be quoting the brochure.

With a few more meaningful jabs, I directed both the bad bartender and the mad doctor to a corner safely away from the breaker panel ... and the exit. Once April had bound them with some handy duct tape, I turned back to inspect the other two new recruits.

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