tagSci-Fi & FantasyClub Latex Ch. 09

Club Latex Ch. 09

byCordelia Speedicut©

The Ranch - Second Week

Alice, May and Fran settled into a groove after their revelation about the latter's probable human ancestry. On the whole it seemed best to follow Mistress Lewis' instructions regarding keeping off her radar. The consensus was that they had seen their quota of weird shit for the time being. The weather was fine, and the camping, swimming and rambling continued to pass the time pleasantly. Apart from a slight feeling of neglect, their only complaint was a lack of cock, all round - however, being very good friends, they took upon themselves the duty of improvisation. This is to say that, from time to time, the girls brought each other off, and took turns repeating their previous similar assistance for Fran.

So it happened one day that when they all three lay basking naked near their campsite in a post-picnic stupor - sated after much food and futtering - May noticed some movement at the top of the knoll above their valley.

"Look - there seems to be somebody up there, see? On the boob-shaped hill? With a red hang-glider, I think."

Alice rolled languorously in the direction May had been facing. "Yeah - somebody in red spandex, maybe."

"Looks like they're gonna jump. Cool."

The figure did step of the edge, and seemed - as advertized - to hang on the wind. Then it turned with a wide glide in their direction.

"Geez," said Alice. "Funny looking contraption. Looks like that Leonardo thingamy ... wait, did it just flap?"

"Yeah - and it's coming this way. Okay, and it's flapping again. Actually, it kinda looks like ..."

"A devil. Yeah. Seems like Ms Lewis is taking this sorcery thing all the way."

"Well, crap," May muttered. "I was hoping the whole thing was bogus, somehow."

"Huh. Right. Tell Fran that." As they spoke, both girls were getting to their feet and looking around the open glade to see if there happened, against all probability, to be a viable escape route available. "It's definitely seen us. We are truly fucked now."

It was, in fact, quite close by now. It swooped over them, to clearly reveal that it was a female devil; then she spiralled around and pulled up to land. Her great wings held wide to brake herself, she gently touched the turf with her cloven feet ... and then spun out of control, tumbling right up to the girls' feet.

"Thorry about that, ladieth," she said, sitting up and knocking a divot of sod off one of her horns. "Oh - hi, Fran. How ya been?"

The 'ladies' gawped at their monstrous, if bodacious, guest. Her acquaintance with Fran was not high on their list of expectations. But at close range there was also this: colours aside, the skins of both creatures were noticeably similar.

"Chatty ath ever, I thee," lisped the demoness, as she got to her feet. "Do you remember me, I wonder?"

Fran nodded her head and clopped a hoof, once.

"She says yes," offered May.

"You can communicate with her - exthellent!" Then, to Alice, she said, "And what are you looking at?"

"Umm, sorry. I'm Alice. Only, your tongue is ... fascinating."

Spreading her arms and wings wide, the beast laughed. "Right. That'th what you focuth on - my freaking forked tongue. It'th the lithp, ent it? You'd think I would hith, wouldn't ya? I'm Demi, by the way."

"Assuming you're not here for our souls, we're pleased to meet you."

"Pleathed to meet you - Alith, right? Red top and bottom, Mth Lewith told me. And your blonde friend with the mown mound will be May. Your thoulth are thafe with me. That goeth for my friendth, too."

After a brief pause to parse out the gist of what Demi had said (thoulth?), the girls relaxed - enough, in fact, to notice that the demoness' phallic tail had its own agenda, which currently involved delving deeply into Fran's ever-ready pussy.

Given this distraction, it was another few beats before Alice picked up on the last bit. "Friendth - er, friends?"

Still oblivious to her errant tail, Demi elaborated. "Yeah, we rolled in latht night. We're Latex Girlth!"

"Like, a satanic band?"

"More of a randy band, you know, like Robin Hoodth Merry Band, only ruder. Probably."

Both girls thought this sounded goofy, but neither was about to mock a potentially evil being.

"You thould meet 'em. Come on over to the pond - I thaw Coral thwimming up there when I flew over."

Getting dressed for the short hike to have a swim seemed inhospitable, somehow, given their guest's lack of covering (if you discounted the black shaggy vinyl near-hair on her shins). So they followed her directly, riding as usual on a now slightly wobbly, thrice-fucked Fran.

They thought themselves prepared for anything. Having grown up with "My Little Ponies", the whispered guess was a combination of Fran and Demi - a Pegasus variant, fitted with wicked bat wings. So the fat-titted mermaid sunning herself on a rock still came as a surprise, although they fully approved.

"Hey, Coral! Here'th Fran, and her palth Alice and May! Fran, do you remember Coral? Thee had a thexthy French maid thing going on, before thee wath tranthmogrified."

Fran clopped once, while the girls greeted the new denizen of the pond and coincidentally wondered the same things: how much more transmogrification are we going to encounter ... and what the fuck kind of hell-spawn says 'pals'?

There was another novelty. While the two new creatures exchanged the details of such adventures as they had fit in since that morning (first flight, first proper swim), Alice whispered to May from the side of her mouth: "Mermaids got pussies!"

"Stands to reason, if you want more merfolks."

"Looks like mermen must need major wangs!"

Indeed, for lack of such an individual, Demi's fat tail was filling the void to some depth, again seemingly of its own volition.

They were all soon splashing merrily in the center of the pond, and managing to rub against one another far more than was strictly necessary given the space available. Still, apart from boob-and-belly grinding and a few copped feels, there was relatively little other sexual stuff going on ... excepting, of course, the extremely rude demon-tail, which continued to do as it pleased. Even as Demi gossiped about plans for a Latex Girl Ranch, the girls felt her tail snaking below the surface, brushing against their bums and pussies. This time, not coincidentally, the two each wished for and simultaneously feared even more attention from the phallic appendage.

** ** **

Later, they climbed onto a sunlit bank and sprawled out, excepting Fran who sedately munched the nearby grass. Demi lay on her back with her wings spread wide under her and her proud scarlet breasts only slightly yielding to gravity, with Coral likewise pussy-up nearby, tail dibbling the water. Between lay the girls, meditating on their new discoveries.

"So, Demi ... you're kinda nice and stuff ..." said Alice, after a while.

"Thank you."

"Right. So did Ms Lewis, um, summon you to change Fran?"

"What? No, no - but it'th kind of a long thtory ..."

"We're human. Or were," said Coral. "A mad scientist changed Demi."

"Okay - maybe not tho long."

"I, on the other hand, chose to be a mermaid. It was, like, my destiny."

"Huh. Time I took the girlth up to meet the gang," said Demi, as she climbed back onto her hooves and shook the grass out of her wings. "Fran okay with you?"

"Sure, if she doesn't mind the guys coming down to play with me, later."

"Guys?" May reflexively crossed her legs to more or less hide her pussy.

"Yeah. Thee, you got your Latex girth, but thom other folkth pledged allegianth to Mithreth Pril. Thee'th in charge. Well, not of me, exactly, but nearly everybody. For now. The guyth, they're a bit like roadieth. With dog collarth."

The girls puzzled out this last statement as they too got to their feet.

"Um. Allegiance?" asked Alice.

"Dog collars?" added May. She was pretty sure Demi hadn't meant clergy.

"Yeah, well, it'th a thing. Thee you later, Coral - you too, Fran."

** ** **

The girls had remained comfortably bare on the walk, but as they approached the clearing just above the house they heard voices and slowed their pace, then stopped shyly at the edge to take in the scene. Across the meadow, mostly naked figures of various improbable colours and shapes scrambled busily around the wooden framework of an unfinished building. It was as though a company of imps from hell's 'Bureau of S & M' had decided to put on an Amish barn-raising.

There was even a large table of refreshments waiting nearby, tended by a shiny red ... mostly female creature. She was wearing nothing but a black collar fitted with an iron ring (which seemed to answer May's earlier question); plus an oversized dildo that projected from her nether lips, thereby making the identification of her sex briefly challenging. She also had a strange bald head - ears missing, eyes staring, and her mouth open and perfectly round until she spoke: "You must be Alice and May. We thought you might come up. I'm Molly." At this she held up the black ribbon on her collar ring which spelled out her name in silver lettering. "Welcome!"

The girls were slightly miffed, despite the strangeness of the situation - they'd been here first, after all. But the two big glasses of lemonade Molly was pouring, ice cold from a cooler, took the edge off their annoyance. "On the house," she said, cheerfully. "Hot day, isn't it?"

Demi looked on expectantly for her own drink, but the bartender held up the empty jug with a shrug. The demon scowled more than might be considered appropriate, but Molly told her, seemingly randomly, "Pril's idea, but it'll be fine."

The girls downed their drinks - it was quite warm out, actually - so fast that there was a sticky overflow trickling down their chins and between their sweaty breasts.

"I thought you might be uncomfortable at first with the 'naked-in-public' thing, what with the randy guys and all, so I found you these." Molly held up a pair of silky bikini bottoms - more like skimpy underwear, really, because they were flesh-toned (although not quite their flesh-tone, naturally).

Put that way, they both shrugged and pulled the garments on. And then ...

"What the fuck?" said May.

Alice agreed - the bikini bottoms had disappeared (as had her pubic hair). In their wake remained only faint tan lines, as though the girls had already worn the things in the sun for a day or two. Even more alarming was the fact that the hips and bums of both her and May seemed to have grown. And then there was the sensation of her pussy clenching, as though it was trying to get a grip on something - she had been mildly aroused all morning, but this was very much stronger. "You're leaking," she said to May.

"Well, so are you!"

"Ahem," interrupted Molly. "Sorry about this, ladies, but we're trying to keep this whole operation under the radar, and the mistresses agreed the best course of action was to make you one of us. So, like I said, welcome."

"Like you?" May sounded panicky.

"Not too much, but yeah. Look - here comes Lewis!"

Alice saw May's face drain of colour, and was ready to panic herself even as she turned around to see. She thought she had seen the half-woman's huge cock erect before, but she'd clearly been mistaken. The thing's blunt head, with its sparkling gold ring piercing, was mounted on top of the stiff yard like the first stage of a rocket. The woman gripped the shaft so that it stood level with her chest. It was well suited to servicing mares (and, the girls suspected, the ponified Fran and Loni, although they'd avoided asking about it); yet given its skyward position, and for want of testicles, you could clearly see her oversized vulva hungrily gaping to reveal her pussy's plump inner folds below. The possibility of Sable's similar services now came to mind.

As she approached, the Mistress was clearly doing some sort of eeny-meeny in her head. May moaned when she became the clear target, but instead of bolting she began to worry her now-erect clitoris with the palm of her hand.

Alice found she could relate. It was obvious that Lewis's wang couldn't actually enter her friend; and the prospect of sliding her own hungry slit up and down the length of that log next had her own clit rigid. She trembled with excitement as Demi helped May onto the table-top, and she leaned closer to watch as Lewis forced her shaft down enough for the thing's tip to rub between the lifted legs of her friend. What she was not prepared for was the sight of that bevel-tipped knob gently but relentlessly spreading May's waiting labia - wider, and wider still, until with a slight lurch it actually advanced an inch or two.

May's groaning became continuous as, little by little, her pussy began to swallow the turgid flesh. Three inches, five inches, and deeper it slid; until at ten inches, the thick collar of Lewis's cock finally lodged solidly into her notch.

Lewis grunted, and then withdrew perhaps half before driving forward to amazingly bury another three or four inches beyond that. And still she pressed on, with an occasional repeated back-and-thrust.

Alice realized that she too had been moaning for some time, even as she did the calculations in her head: a cylinder four inches thick was - what? - twelve or thirteen inches in diameter ... and Lewis must have sunk a foot-and-a-half inside that stretched hole with no sign of stopping. It was becoming clear what "one of us" meant.

As for May, she had begun interrupting the moaning with solid grunts at each new thrust, her eyes wide. Meanwhile, her hands alternated between gripping the table edge for support, and caressing either her distended belly (which was visibly rippling as it massaged its contents) or the cock-shaft yet to come.

Finally, Lewis reached her own climax, gasping as she at last sheathed her horse-cock up to the hilt inside the trembling girl, and began pumping aboard what had to be a prodigious load.

It was when cum began to spurt out of May's mouth that Alice sobered up enough to turn to the grinning Molly and say, "There is no mad scientist, is there?"

"Funny - you're the first one to ask me that. Technically yes - I worked for a man who was mad, and he claimed to be a scientist. I guess he was - he had this mind control machine going on. As for the rest, he'd create bizarre designs and then I'd call a guy who knew a guy who knew a venal sorcerer who would send us pretty much anything for a price. But these panty things he shipped were my idea. I wanted something way less over the top."

Beside them was a loud 'shloop' noise, and two deep sighs, as Mistress Lewis withdrew her instrument from the modified May, who lay limp among the buns and potato salad and fresh semen. A smattering of applause came from the girls' appreciative new family, who had gathered around as the show progressed.

Lewis turned to make a mock bow to the others, and then swung back to Alice. Licking her lips, she began rubbing the slick of shared juices along her already reviving shaft. "I'll be ready for you in a jiffy," she promised.

Alice looked down to see that, without realizing, she had her hands churning deep inside her own dripping love canal. Shivering with anticipation, she managed to respond: "Fucking yeah!"

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