tagSci-Fi & FantasyClub Latex Ch. 10

Club Latex Ch. 10

byCordelia Speedicut©

Consolidation [weeks 3 & 4]

In the space of two weeks the Latex Club had generated a sizable squad of converts. So over the next couple of weeks we took some care to cut a low profile: "nothing to see here," sort of thing. Except rude sex, of course. Those of us least human in appearance - that is to say Clyde, Elfie, the Maxettes, and I - stayed out of sight. That only left Emile and Trixie to run the show, so we put a blouse and skirt on the Nadia-bot, and sent her out to tend bar. The customers thought the robot 'act' was a bit of cabaret, and they took turns trying to get her to break character. Only one succeeded, by lucking onto the 'activate' command. Once our bot had fucked him senseless, Trixie quietly told it, "Standby. Resume task," whereupon it returned to serving the now titillated (but still thirsty) bar queue their drinks.

In the event, there were more notable exceptions to the whole 'lying low' thing - returning trade, really. I shouldn't have been surprised, given that I had personally fucked nearly everyone in the room that first night. Apparently Eve - the gal with the barbell nipple-pin - had spotted Demi slipping back into the club after our demoness had helped catch Doc. She'd then spent the rest of the evening watching our barely behind-the-scenes activities, and figured out that we'd transformed her somehow. After thinking it over, she returned and confronted Emile. The upshot was that Trixie rooted out a second, similarly devilish costume for her. Eve finished up a deep purple, which set off her golden body piercings nicely (I forgot to mention earlier the studs in her ears, and the matching ones in her tongue and clitoris). She also wound up with high-heeled boot-feet (like mine) and a 'regular' pointy tail, instead of Demi's hooves and wang-tail.

Then there was the Morticia woman, also from our first night (whose real name was Mina - or so she said), who likewise returned. I think she mostly wanted to display her green dragon tattoo more fully - whatever, she too had puzzled out what was going on, and wanted to join our band. I dug out what looked like a standard Sub suit for her, but she came out a Dom, much like me in color and fineness of feature.

So far, so good. But instead of her tattoo, she had an actual writhing green latex serpent emerging from her pussy. In spite of its previous illustrated manifestation, the thing didn't seem bitey. Rather it seemed content to wrap itself around Mina's waist and nuzzle her between her breasts ... which suited her just fine. Me too - I'd noticed that she could stuff a few fingers between labia and lizard, with room enough for her juices to flow free, so I quickly took them both up to the loft for a tumble. I was right - I could get my tongue in there, and we soon discovered my Clyde could even get her cock in, too. The dragon-snake's tail seemed to be permanently rooted inside Mina, but it was happy to pass the time snouting around in Clyde's pussy - and mine - while we played.

* * *

Several days later, the word came to ship out. I happened to be indulging in a bit of slap-and-tickle with Emile and Trixie ... and Clyde. Even if civilians couldn't cope with her horse wang, we'd found a work-round. Clyde lay on her back, Emile put it to her in the usual fashion and Trixie sat on her face to enjoy a tongue lashing. Then the siblings leaned together for a liplock with Clyde's drooling cock pressed between their bellies. Meanwhile I enjoyed a bit of stray friction and the chance to hang with people who didn't think I was some sort of goddess or empress.

Anyhow, I'd just swapped out places with Clyde and we were hard at it again, when Elphie came over with the phone. I would have let her take a message, but when she's excited (which is mostly) her stiffie-tongue makes her pretty hard to understand. Since I was otherwise engaged underneath my friends, I motioned for Emile take it on speaker.

It was Pril. The upshot was that the Latex Lodge was ready for occupation, if still a bit rough around the edges. They had, in fact, moved in "to test it out," as she put it. Presumably they intended to see if the place could withstand a rowdy orgy. The other breaking news was that Lewis had a fresh pony girl ready for conversion.

"We should ship the lab out here. There's room enough in the hay barn," Pril said.

"That would appear ... to be the more ... secure location. ... In any event ... it's time ... to abandon ... the club." Emile was delivering this butleresque speech quite well, considering he was simultaneously thrusting deeply, if languorously, into my tight vag. "The less attention ... we draw to ourselves ... the better. ... Molly and the 'Doctor' ... were transient ... for good reason." He was obliged to admit that, notwithstanding our intentions, we'd somehow managed to add Eve and Mina to the fold.

Pril just laughed, and confessed that Molly had just performed a Latex-light conversion on a pair of local farm lasses. "But you wouldn't guess to see them," she added.

"So ... there were ... no difficulties ... with their families?"

"Nah. They were actually thrilled the girls had thrown over college to take on jobs on Lewis's farm. Learn the trade, sort of thing. I suppose we'll have to get some cows or something just to look legit."

"You're just thinking about latex girls with udders," laughed Trixie, or rather squealed, owing the extra tongue-swirl I delivered inside her uterus.

"Okay, maybe a little. But we need some sort of local cover story if there's gonna be a lot more activity out here."

"I'm sure ... Mistress Lewis ... can direct us ... as to what ... would be ... required. ... Perhaps ... the notion ...of an exclusive ... 'wellness ... centre' ... would ... help ... to explain ... the new ... structure." As he warmed to the subject, his pace of pounding increased. I could feel the vibration of his sister's giggles all around my still probing tongue.

By this time the other girls had left off their various erotic interactions and joined us to see what was up.

I could see it was time to take the plunge. Lifting Trixie bodily off my mouth (Elfie took over the pussy-probing for me) I finally entered the discussion.

"Pril - you still there?"


"Only I could hear some heavy breathing..."

"I've been riding Candy's snout while, wait - who are you? Destiny, right. Her and Leah are sucking my nipples. What's your excuse?"

"Doesn't matter. I'm back now. Okay. Carry on with that stuff - what you and - ooh yeah - Emile said. Send out wassisname - Matrix - with the bus."

So we had a plan, of sorts. While in truth I had no greater ambition than to party, I did feel a responsibility for the growing crowd who looked to me for protection. That included eventually rescuing such other girls as preferred our company to their current owners (who, to be fair, thought they'd acquired 'animatronic orgasmatrons'). At any rate a barn-sized structure out in the country, surrounded by private fields and meadows, seemed like the perfect playground.

* * *

That night a rent-a-truck piloted by Jasmine pulled up behind the club. She and I had a nice hump against a wall (with her lower tongue exploring most delightfully inside me), while the others loaded up the Doc's lab and costume inventory. I'd already had the gang return the place to its former derelict glory, so when Matrix appeared in the alley with our bus, we made a disorderly withdrawal. (Quite literally in the case of Trixie and Emile, who'd at the last minute had a quickie on the other side of the alley.)

By dawn we were turning up a winding gravel drive and sliding under a wrought iron arch with "CL Wellness Centre" written in script so ornate as to be barely legible. As we cruised up the sun-dappled lane, the bordering maple trees kept opening to reveal fresh vistas. The ranch was even better than I'd imagined.

Eventually we broke into the open, to discover an old-school farm courtyard. Ahead was a big barn, while on our left was a long shed harbouring a couple of battered old trucks, one old tractor and Lewis's Volvo wagon. To our right was a two- story clapboard house complete with a wide veranda - on the railing of which sat two remarkably pretty girls, holding hands and swinging their feet. They were so perfectly normal I'd have thought we'd come up the wrong drive, except that all they were wearing were welcoming grins. As the dust began to settle around the ticking bus, they jumped down and elaborately bowed us out its door by way of greeting.

You must be the Mistress Lori," said the redhead.

"How did you guess?"

"They said you looked a lot like Mistress Pril. Also they said you tend to hold your pet's cock like a staff."

"Assistant," corrected Clyde, from her position half a step behind me and to my left.

Like an assistant? - I thought, stupidly.

"So not a pet," said the girl who must be Alice. "Gotcha."

I swept them both a haughty look, but I didn't let go of Clyde's yard. Frankly I find it rather comforting. The two of them just grinned.

"Mistress Pril said we were to meet you guys," continued Alice. May's gonna take you up to the lodge. It's just back there behind those trees, a ways." With a stage whisper to me she added, "Pril thought you should arrive in style. I'm supposed to take you on Mistress Lewis's carriage for the royal tour first."

As she led me away to the barn, I asked, "So you won the rock-paper-scissors, did you?"

"Coin toss, actually," said my freckled driver. "And, um, actually May won. She gets to fuck Clyde first."

When I threw her a quick look, she gave me a wink - but I knew she wasn't joking. I'd already forgotten she and her friend were now Latex Girls, despite appearances.

I failed to see how being stripped of my court to ride in a carriage would impart grandeur. But when I saw the rig, I had to admit that our matched brace of latex pony girls, with their plumes, shiny harnesses, and bells, definitely suited my style.

"Before we go," my little Virgil said, "we should step out back."

She led me to the stables, where a handsome stallion nuzzled her in a most familiar way. It could have been the carrot she gave him, but when I gave her side-eye, she blushed and shifted her gaze to the floor. Hmm.

After I had admired her sometime lover, she continued on through a part of the barn set up as a dairy, and told me Lewis had a mind to make her own cheese, since we were supposed to be an operational farm.

We emerged in a little pasture on the far side of the barn. It appeared that our first livestock herd had already been delivered: four milk cows munching grass and, their backs toward us, one horny bull humping the daylights out of cow number five. She rocked back to meet him, her ropy tail flapping and her milk-sack shaking underneath her, while her little cowbell jingled its own rhythmic accompaniment to this randy action.

The bull came with a bellow, and then clambered off his mate, clearly pleased with a job well done. While he moseyed away for a grassy snack, she stayed for a moment, shaking. Then she stood upright - as in, on her hind feet - and stretched.

"Meet Blossom," said Alice. "She's a cowgirl," she added unnecessarily. "And Rosco."

The way she'd lingered on the bull's name caused me to give her yet another lifted eyebrow (that is to say, I hoisted the ridge where my eyebrow used to be).

"What? Of course not." There was a pause, and then she added, "He's only been here a few days ..."

Having finally noticed us, Blossom headed over our way. She was cute, for a rubberized cow-bottomed girl, with a smiling round face and pretty brown eyes. She was also sporting large ears, and horns. Although she could stand upright, her legs were clearly cow legs now, and her feet proper hoofs. Altogether, she was a good deal sturdier than she likely was before the overhaul. Unlike her pale brown herd, she was mostly black with dappled white patches. Her udder was a cream color, as were her upsized girl-breasts: in total, she was fitted with six fat pink teats. The cowbell was secured to a standard issue sub's collar and ring.

She still seemed dazed from the rogering, but she nodded shyly and smiled while Alice introduced me. "Pleased to meet you. I was hired to take care of the cows," she said. "And Rosco." She shook her head, so that the bell clanked merrily, as she continued, "I shouldn't let him do that, I guess, but ... I can't seem to help myself."

Unlike the rest of us, she seemed to be unaware of her enhanced condition - or, for that matter, of the rivulets of bull semen running down the inside of her thighs.

"I wouldn't worry about that," I said. Trying to make conversation, I added, "What, um, else do you do for them?"

"Oh, goodness, everything really. Lead them from pasture to pasture, groom them, and settle them into their stalls at night. And milk the girls, of course. In fact we're due about now."

I had already deduced that - I'd seen how swollen her multiple mammaries were. Her teats all stood out rigidly like three-inch penises.

She reached down and rubbed her taut udder gingerly. It was so full, her touch caused a trickle of milk to start from the nearest teat - in anticipation, I suppose. Although her swollen breasts were mostly holding their own, gravity was winning down below ... there must have been a lot of weight suspended from her belly. She slipped her hands under to help support it, and groaned - or rather, lowed. I couldn't tell if it was relief, or if it was discomfort at the milky pressure still inside.

"We'd best go back to the dairy, then." I didn't want to keep her waiting - or learn any more about a day in the life of a cow.

Blossom was remarkably spry, hustling ahead of us. By the time we'd caught up, she was lifting her tail out of the way so as to ease herself down on a stool. Then she picked up the cluster of a milking machine's suction cups and systematically let them swallow up her swollen teats, one by one - first her chest and then her udder.

Finally, with a huge sigh, she shifted to a position that was obviously more comfortable: she stood again, and then carefully bent forward until her hands were on the ground in front of her. Her legs and arms were now nearly the same length, so her back finished up parallel with the floor. She stood that way for a while, with her head lowered, dreamily chewing something, her breasts and udder suspended below her while the machine worked to suck her dry.

We left her to her bovine reveries and climbed aboard Lewis's carriage. Blossom seemed content enough, but ... I had to ask: "Did she volunteer? For that?"

"Oh. Well, sort of. She did say something about envying the cows ..."

"Only now she seems to think she's always been one. More or less."

"Yeah, I don't know how that happened. Just as well, maybe. And it coulda been worse."

"How so?"

"Reverse cowgirl."

Huh? That's one of my favorite ... oh. "You mean, as in the Minotaur."

"More like his sister, really."

"He had a normal sister, Ariadne," I started, trying to take the pedantic high ground. "Well, half sister ... "

"Sure. Whatever. You know what I mean." Alice paused, then added, "Nice girl. Nothing like warm milk before bedtime."

She was clearly not referring to Ariadne. "Huh. And what about you? Another volunteer?"

"Not exactly. But me and May feel great. And, like Pril said, we'd all seen too much."

I mused about that for a while. We'd stared out by being kidnapped and transformed into weird life-forms by a mad doctor. Then we decided we liked it so much that we did the same for others - at their own request. After that, we did over some more folks that seemed to deserve the upgrade, whether they wanted it or not. And now we were changing girls who'd 'seen too much', like some sort of gangsters? And yet they did seem happy (possibly barring our sexbots).

As I pondered our future, Alice was steering us along a narrow lane, away from where May had led the others. Our ponygirls, who had been cooling their jets while we reviewed the new herd, kept up a good pace for my tour of our new estate.

We were soon trotting past the pond, where Coral and Matrix cheerfully waved at us in mid-fuck. Given the anatomical restrictions they were obliged to do it face to face, shoulder-deep in the chilly looking water - him standing and her obviously holding station with an occasional flick of her tail. I waved back and resolved to see if Molly could match them up, so they could frolic underwater.

Then I remembered that he was basically assigned to be her personal minion, scaring up her meals and carrying her about as needed. (That explained the old gypsy caravan parked nearby for them to sleep in.) If we gave him a fishtail, we'd have to assign them yet another minion.

As I was admiring the scenery and musing on latex merfolk sex, Alice pointed to the hilltop we seemed to be heading for.

"Look! Demi is teaching that new demoness you brought how to fly."

Sure enough, the two of them were alternately flapping and falling over the treetops.

"Not very good yet, are they?"

Well, to be fair, Demi's only been practicing for a week or so. And she's been pretty busy ..."

"I know what she's been busy at," I said. "So is this place big enough the neighbors won't complain about circling hell spawn?"

"Sure. Yeah. Probably."


"As long as folks stay away, we're good. There's 'no trespassing signs' all around."

"Didn't keep you out, did it?"

Alice grinned. "Nah, but as far as I know, we were the only ones."

I soon saw for myself how big this place was. Essentially all I could see from that hill and some ways beyond was ours. "Just how far did you and May walk when you were coming out here to swim?"

"Walk? Only a mile or so. We used to park our quads off in the bush over that way. Our farms are about six miles off, down that way where the land flattens out some."

"Fair enough."

We were soon cresting what I was told was Big Tit Hill (which begged the question of whether there was a Lesser Tit Hill nearby). Alice pulled up, and I climbed out of the carriage to admire the vista. From up here you could see the barn roofs, new and old. Also, even at this range, you could see our cattle around the one and our latex girls (and minions) amusing themselves around the other.

"Pril told me not to take too long."

It didn't look to me like we'd been missed. "So who is the Empress of, um, a whole bunch of universes, here?"

Alice laughed - not rude, but like she was sharing the joke. "Not me. Not you, either, although I noticed your minions seem to think so. Molly told me about the wizard or whatever who makes these suits."

Fuck, I thought. I knew that mad scientist shtick was bullshit. "How much did she spill?"

"Just that she changed you, and then you did her back. And that she still has a line on her magical supplier. I guess this dude charges plenty. She also mentioned that she and her previous boss screwed up one time, so badly they offered to pay wizard-guy for a do-over. But he wasn't interested. She didn't know if he couldn't or wouldn't do it. But then they sold the poor girl to an aficionado for a profit, so everybody lived happily ever after. Probably."

"Yeah, that about covers it," I said, as if I'd known this stuff all along. I'd have to get the duct tape back out one of these days and extract the rest from Molly. "I am running this show, though, and a late arrival would be ..."

"Assertive," suggested Alice.

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