tagSci-Fi & FantasyClub Latex Ch. 11

Club Latex Ch. 11

byCordelia Speedicut©

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Conflation - Third Month

In which it is Revealed that the Above Narrated Events have been Unfolding in the same

Time & Place (more or less) as those in "Charlotte the Harlot".

Alice and May had secretly been skinny-dipping in Abigail Lewis' quiet pond for years. But timing is everything. By chance they had finally encountered their unwitting host just after she'd been upgraded to become 'Mistress of the Horses', her lower half now the rubberized facsimile of a stallion (excepting that she sported vagina where a set of horsey balls might be expected). And then there'd been Fran: a freshly minted, latex-hided and slightly unconvincing pony.

The cousins found they'd stumbled on a whole new world.

First Lewis and Fran, of course, but within weeks the Latex Clubbers were bussed in. Lewd in appearance and concupiscent in temperament, their shiny latex skin was hypersensitive to the point where the touch of clothing, let alone flesh, could bring them to orgasm ... not that they often deigned to wear clothing.

More importantly, it was on the day the first wave of Latex Girls arrived that Alice and May were inducted into the LG fold - although in their cases the changes, while extreme, were not readily apparent. At least not until you saw them in action.

It was not totally about the sex, of course. There was some good food; they also engaged in swimming with Coral the mermaid, hanging with Blossom and her bovine friends, and taking turns riding - in several senses - Sable (a standard issue horse).

Also once Demi and Eve, the duo of bat-winged demoness-clones, had got the hang of flying, they'd take the girls up for spins around the property. All that swooping, gleeful shouting, and occasional deep groping - what with those prehensile demon tails - was very exciting. (When the 'Supreme Mistress Lori' suggested that someone spotting them could get the wrong idea, Alice pointed out that the sight of demons carrying off screaming girls should cure anybody - else - of trespassing.)

So fine - all together, there was a lot of fucking.

* * *

In the event, May and Alice had been 'working' at the newly-christened Wellness Centre ranch for over a month and they'd been far too busy to visit home - what with one often boisterous and/or vulgar thing or another. They were aware that they wouldn't be greatly missed (both had sufficient older siblings to work the family farms), which was true until the morning they suddenly realised it was Alice's mother's birthday - complete with a long-planned family gathering.

They had just enough time to hunt for some clothing, and sort out their deeply tangled hair. Their discarded sundresses eventually turned up - sans underwear, which was long gone - but that was enough. Once home they could party the weekend with duds from Alice's stash in the broken-down travel trailer she had been using as a bedroom the past few years.

They also found their boots. These hadn't been needful all summer, but now they were going to ride their long-parked quads down the same trails they'd used when first they came ... to say nothing of passing themselves off as proper farmers when they got to their former home turf.

As they were saddling up their machines, Lori stopped by to hand them a fistful of cash, to back up the story that they were gainfully employed on Miss Lewis's ranch (and glorified health farm for city folk - hence the overwrought gates).

"And try not to shag everything in sight," their friend had added.

The family visit had started out great - the in-laws and out-laws gathered at Alice's place for the huge pot-luck added up to quite a crowd. After a while, though, when they tried to go for a quick diddle together, they found they were constantly waylaid by yet another relation keen to catch up on lost gossip. The need to take the edge off the growing lust that was part of the Latex Girl package continued to grow as the evening wore on. They whispered fantasies about cousins Bill and Jerri; then about Wilber the dog. Finally Sable came to mind - and another old friend.

"Mom - do Jill and Doug still have Midnight?"

"No ... they moved to the city a while back. I still see Midnight once in a while, though. Their kids ... no, it was their niece and her husband that moved in, or the other way 'round. I remember you and May used to spend a lot of time over there, but I don't think you met their relations. Drop by and introduce yourselves sometime. David and, uh, Gina, I think they are. Or Jenny, maybe."

It took several increasingly fidgety hours before the girls could slip away, claiming they were off to bed over in Alice's trailer. They stopped there long enough for a quick grind - which was enhanced by their writhing cunt-mounted tongues - and then they put back on the old sundresses and boots they deemed more suitable to their quest. From there they had to dodge umpteen relatives just to get to cover behind the barn ... within which, somewhere among the hay bales, they could hear the now very familiar sounds of an impending orgasm. It was Cousin Jerri's muffled voice, and while it was unclear whether she had successfully found a place to do a solo, or whether she had company, it made their own already returning need all the more acute.

They quickly discussed what to do. They could offer to join her (and her companion, if any) or go for the gusto and hike the mile or so to Midnight's barn. The action heating up behind the wall was tempting, especially when Jerri started gasping, "Fuck me!" This seemed to rule out a tryst with Mary-and-Carry Fivefingers - and, most likely, with Wilber.

However, although they had no objection to doing relatives - witness their dinnertime fantasies, to say nothing of their own frolics - there might be complications, since they were unaware of any other such familial activities. By now they could hear rude whispers. Nearly everyone here was, at the very least, a second cousin. Jerri (and whomever was boinking her) might be more than commonly embarrassed if they waltzed in.

More to the point, there was a risk of accidentally giving away their superhuman abilities ... by clamping their vice-like pussies on someone's unsuspecting dick, for instance.

They settled on a compromise. They started walking over the fields, but stopped to fist one another whenever there was sufficient shrubbery to hide behind.

The next issue was how to approach their target. The ranch-house lights were on, but introducing themselves and then immediately asking for quiet time with their stallion seemed like a non-starter. That left stealthing into the stables in the growing dark. Knowing the layout helped considerably - they soon found the beast, which whickered with excitement. Before, of course, they'd merely admired the powerful creature, and his substantial yard. But now ...

May went first (they having compromised on the short-straw system, rather than the coin toss or rock-paper-scissors). Midnight having been led out of his stall, she crouched in front of him on a hay bale while Alice massaged his ever-ready member to attention. He was surprisingly open to the idea, and mounted her smoothly, as though there was nothing unusual about humping girls. Because May was clamping down enough to savour her first proper fuck in hours, it took a little longer than it might have; but Midnight didn't seem to mind.

Alice did, a bit, but her turn came soon enough. She, too, milked the experience ... as it were. Midnight was still in good form, driving deep into Alice's chest as she clung to the bale to brace herself. May had recovered enough to stand alongside, whispering lewd encouragement to both horse and girl. Thus it was that both were sufficiently distracted to be taken by surprise when a light snapped on.

They were suddenly floodlit as though on a stage - caught in a beam that glittered with the motes of hay lofted by their activities - but they could still make out their audience: a delightfully naked woman staring transfixed by the performance. She was perhaps a bit taller than them (which is to say, not very) and nearly as curvy as their newly reconfigured selves. Backlit, her features were harder to distinguish, but her cloud of curly auburn hair glowed around her head. Below, enough of her pussy could be seen to reveal a dark shaved arrow pointing down to her action center.

They themselves still wore their thin dresses, although Alice's was rucked up to her waist so that she could clearly be seen to be impaled on Midnight's noble lance, while May's failed to conceal the copious cum seeping down the inside of her legs (to say nothing of her sticky chin). And of course both girls were liberally coated with straw, bonded to them by sweat and stallion jiz.

Alice was the first to speak. "Ah. Oh. Hi. We were just ... BLURKkkk ..." The projectile force of the horse's ejaculation blasting from her mouth interrupted whatever explanation she might have concocted, and she was reduced to liquid, gargled groans as her own orgasm took her.

It also interrupted the woman's justified queries - the scene had gone from unusually perverted to patently impossible. Another pause ensued (excepting of course Midnight and Alice, who still had a few rounds to go).

The woman - presumably Gina-or-maybe-Jenny - finally just nodded to her intruders and said, "When you finish up, come over to the house. You can shower; then after you can meet my friends. I think you'll find there's lots to talk about." With that she turned on her heel and left them with a glimpse of her equally admirable back.

This was not quite the reaction expected.

"She took that well," said May to her still cock-skewered cousin.

Alice used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth, then swallowed sufficient surplus stallion-seed to respond (in a sloshy sort of way): "Looked like she'd sheen thish kind of thing before."

Curious, the girls finished up their session with Midnight, then, having returned him to his stall, they padded out to the back door of the farm house. There were two post-its stuck to it:

Door is open -

come in


Shower room first door

down hall to left

The shower room door had two more sticky-notes:

Throw those dresses

in the laundry basket

And the slightly puzzling:

Sandwiches for after

on counter next to fridge

- eat & drink if you can

"That's weird. Could be they're vampires," said May. "Or they think we are."

"Yeah. 'I never drink ... wine', sort of thing," answered Alice.

Inside, the room was big and obviously new. It was completely tiled, with a seemingly random array of spray nozzles, a stack of toiletries, and an actual toilet in the corner. They tossed their bedraggled dresses into a plastic basket by the door; then while May sat for a pee, Alice cranked the shower knob. All the nozzles came on together, in a deluge that sprayed the whole space (including the clothes basket and May, who was still enthroned). Once they got into it - and one another - they had a most satisfactory shower.

It was only afterwards they realized there were no towels, so they were obliged to head for the kitchen dripping wet. There they found the fridge and the food, as promised, along with a stack of face clothes.

"Apparently the dress code here is the same as back at Latex Central," noted Alice.

Having patted herself to a state of mere dampness, May dangled one of the little squares in front of her plump, muff-free labia. "Not if we rig up a bunch of these to make loincloths."

Alice laughed and held another two in front of her generous boobs. "And bikinis. Like we care."

On the fridge there was yet another note:

When you're sorted out

we're in solarium

- end of hall

Having eaten their fill, they walked down to the door in question.

"Well, let's do this - they can't be any stranger than our girls," said May.

In the event, they nearly were.

The solarium was big enough for a good-sized pool and a surrounding deck. It was dark outside by this time, and dim inside, being lit only by the pool lights and the radiant heaters that kept the place toasty. Low drifting steam added to the warm-but-diffused glow to the place. Their host was on a deckchair nearby, her legs spread wide to straddle another woman beneath ... who seemed to be one of their own: a black, phallus-enhanced latex girl.

"That looks like maybe one of the older units Mistress Lori was hoping to rescue," whispered May.

"Yeah - only I can see one of those underwater lights glowing right through her."

"Oh. Yeah. Also, she's got an air nozzle thingie on her shoulder."

Alice pointed past the copulating ladies. "And that guy over there? The orange rubber pool toy with the big boobs that's wrapped around his waist just waved at us."

"And she's likewise see-through," said May, as she hesitantly waved back.

"Yeah, that'll be his dick we can just make out pushing into her donut ring."

A new, slightly electronic voice interrupted from behind them: "Hiya!"

Alice and May spun to their left to see a girl stepping out of the shadows. Or, rather, yet another latex blow-up toy: she too was sporting a prominent inflation valve, and they could both see a distant street light through her. She wore nothing but a sleeveless top and collar (which, to be fair, was more than anyone else in the room was wearing); these were the same bright red as she was. The shirt provided not the slightest nod to modesty, given that it had cut-outs to release her sizable attributes. Like the other inflatables, her shiny exterior was very reminiscent of a latex girl.

"My name is Charlotte," their new translucent friend continued, using tablet with a text-to-voice app to communicate. She followed their gazes down to where a furiously wagging tail was protruding from between her glossy pussy lips (along with two doggy legs and a pair of fat testicles). The rest could be glimpsed wriggling deep inside her. "I was not always as I am now," she added with a familiarly twisted grin - the result of smiling with a mouth determined to hold its rounded, cock-sucking resting position. "I don't think the dog started out this way either, but I don't really care. He gets me over. Which I kind of crave, these days. We all do."

May nodded. "Magic."

Charlotte tilted her head, clearly surprised at their complacent acceptance of the situation.

"And I'm Ginnie," said their probably human (but possibly vampire) host.

Mama was so close, thought Alice.

Ginnie continued. "Over there is my bro, Dave, and Dorothy. They're a pretty good fit - she has a pussy pouch down where her back becomes her float-ring." The two waved again. "And the rubber girl with her cock in me is Arleen." Although the angle was an awkward one, she too managed a wave.

Alice couldn't help noticing that while Arleen's air mattress style fill-valve was cheap looking, it was obviously sturdy enough to stand up to a hard ride - although she tended to compress and bend in a very unladylike manner. But ... "Oh my God - they can be deflated," she whispered to May.

"It's not so bad," said Charlotte, defensively.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean ... I'm Alice, and this is May. We used to live across the road. We're sorta old friends of Midnight ..."

"I took that last part as a given," said Ginnie. To the others, she announced, "I think our new friends know something about magic." To the girls, again, she elaborated: "Do you happen to know a guy named Aloysius? Al? A wizardy sort of dude?"

"Um," said May. "Not by name. But it looks like maybe one of our friends knows him - or at least knows somebody who does."

"Okay," said Dave. "All Ginnie would say was that you had a surprise for us. It's great to meet you ..." - here he gave them a cheeky once-over, which actually managed to make them blush in places not ordinarily visible in public - "and if you have any connection to that asshole Al, that would constitute a surprise. But you both look pretty ordinary. Sorry, you know what I mean - compared to our blown-up lovers, here."

"Ah," said Alice. "Ginnie failed to mention anything else about Midnight, then." Turning to Charlotte, she continued. "The thing is, we kind of crave it now, too. I don't suppose we can borrow your puppy for a bit?" By now, she could feel both the sweat trickling down her chest from the heat, and her inner lubricants tricking down her thighs from the unabashed sex all about.

Charlotte began to point out how big her magically modified pup Jackie was - but Ginnie interrupted and just said, "Watch."

Slightly grudgingly, Charlotte extracted the struggling creature from her pussy pouch. At first glance it looked like a black-and-brown glossy dildo (excepting the ballsy hindquarters and tail, of course). Then, as it emerged, its forelegs sprang from grooves along its sides. Finally the girls could see the face on its knobby phallic head: a traditional vertical slit formed its mouth, which was flanked by puppy eyes, now blinking in the light. At the upper turn of its mouth was the bump of a nose - complete with bristly whiskers.

It eagerly uncoiled a long pink tongue, which went a long way toward giving it a doggish appearance. Still, it was not a show dog. Its lack of fur, and the tracery of veiny ridges, gave it the look of a huge mole rat. On the other hand, it was solid, rather than a balloon thing. There was no telling in what form it had started its career.

After giving it a friendly pat, Charlotte passed it to Alice - who, having watched the sentient inflatable sex toy perform this manoeuvre while standing, decided to insert it likewise. She spread her legs, crouched slightly, and lined up Jackie beneath her, whereupon the excited thing ejaculated a good blast of cum straight into her own waiting tunnel.

She used the extra lubrication to drive it home, heaving on its butt until only back feet and tail tip were visible - which is to say, somewhat deeper than Charlotte had managed. Her own hand was briefly out of sight in there, as well, as she pushed it up.

Nor could anyone see Jackie squirm (or squirt) in Alice's belly; but she provided a running commentary. "Holy fuck," was her first, unladylike announcement. "This thing is amazing! I can feel its tongue swirling inside my uterus!" She was obliged to sit down before she fell down - May had to steer her to perch on the edge of the pool, leaning well back so as not to squash the lusty pup. As the others crowded in for the view, a bit of fluid began to dribble from the corner of her mouth.

Ginnie broke the amazed silence (not counting Alice's groans), asking, "Is that Jackie's cum?"

"Yeah," said May. "Could be the last of Midnight's, too." She licked her lips, recalling the flavour; then, for the benefit of everyone who wasn't Ginnie, she repeated, "Magic."

"No shit," said Dave, who had just seen what clearly was a tongue, surreptitiously slipping out from between May's labia to sample the juices that were trickling down her thighs (which no doubt likewise included jiz provided by Midnight).

"I think," said Alice, gurgling slightly, "that your friends should meet our friends."

"Soon," added May. "They're just up the road a ways."

"Agreed," said Ginnie and Dave.

First, of course, everyone present felt the need to sample one another's charms. While the cock-to-pussy ratio was slightly skewed, Alice and May were able to demonstrate their recently acquired cuni-lingual skills to the satisfaction of all.

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