Club Lush


Pulling myself back to the task at hand, I positioned my cock at Juliette's pussy and was going to gently tease her with it. Without warning, Wifey slammed back against me, driving my cock as deep as she could into her pussy. Ruth cuddled up to me and ran her hands up and down my back while she looked down and watched my cock sliding in my wife.

"Ruth, I'd love it if you rub my balls."

Her hands wandered down to my balls and stroked them while rubbing her fingers over the sensitive area between my ass and scrotum. I wasn't going to last long if she continued that, even after having just come in her mouth.

While no John Holmes, the girth of my cock makes Juliette's pussy sore after ten minutes of serious pounding. When she gets too sore from me fucking her pussy, she often asks for something that just delights me to no end.

Flushed from face to chest, Juliette looked back at us. "Ruth, do you think you can get my asshole ready so that my husband can fuck me there?"

Ruth grabbed the Astroglide from the bed and poured some on her fingers. Running a hand over Juliette's back with one hand, she used the other to pour a generous amount of lube all over my wife's asshole. After putting down the Astroglide, Ruth rubbed her slippery fingers around Juliette's butt and then slowly eased a finger into my wife's ass.

"Oooh, she's so soft in there," exclaimed Ruth.

Juliette's moans were getting louder and higher pitched as Ruth moved a little closer to Juliette and slid her hand from my wife's back to her breasts while continuing to lube up her ass. If I hadn't come a few minutes before, I would have surely lost control seeing this woman sliding her fingers in and out of my wife's anus.

After Ruth worked eased in a second finger, Juliette said she was ready. I put my cock up to her ass and gently touched the tip of my dick her slick anus and let her tell me how to enter her.

"Easy. Slow. There... Oh god. Oh, that feels incredible. A little deeper. Stay right there. OK, a little more" went her nasty litany of commands until my cock was completely buried in her ass.

Even though we had done this a half dozen times, I was still amazed seeing my cock sunk to the hilt in Juliette's ass and observing the taught flesh of her asshole stretched tightly around my cock.

Juliette started slowly moving back and forth and was soon screaming and moaning so loudly that a woman across the room cajoled the half dozen people on her bed, "Would you listen to that woman? Why don't the rest of you get into it like she is. Come on. I want to hear a lot more moaning like that woman."

Upon hearing my wife's progressively louder moans and screams, I had to restrain myself from laughing. Her vocalness during sex is hot, but, at the same time, I find it amusing that my professional businesswoman of a wife can be such an adorable slut.

Ruth saw that I was having trouble holding on to my Wifey while trying to rub her pussy at the same time.

"Juliette, can I rub your pussy. Your husband doesn't seem to have enough hands for you".

Juliette didn't respond so Ruth reached around and fingered my wife's clit while rubbing her hand all over my wife's bottom. Ruth turned to me and kissed me on the lips. When she put her tongue in my mouth, I couldn't hold back. I let out a grunt as a toe-curling orgasm enveloped me.

Juliette collapsed forward and I followed her, pinning her to the bed with my cock still buried in her backside. After a few minutes of holding her down and kissing her neck, I slowly pulled out of her bottom. Ruth lay down next to her and ran here hands over Juliette's back and bottom as if she had been Juliette's lover for years. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and wash off.

The restroom facilities were inadequate and I had to wait several minutes to get into the bathroom. When I finally made it back to the bad, I was pleased to see Ruth still in bed. I was even more pleased watching my wife playing with Ruth's erect nipples and then pulling each one gently into her mouth before looking up at me.

"This turns you on, doesn't it?"

"You wouldn't believe how much", I replied.

"Why don't you take her other tit in your mouth? I'm sure she'd like that."

I got on the other side of Ruth and began sucking her nipple. With her nipple in my mouth, I noticed the flower-scented lotion on her skin, a scent so different than the familiar sent of my wife. Inhaling the pleasant smells, I put my mouth around her nipple and savored the sensation of it hardening while I rolled my tongue around her soft flesh.

"Al, go ahead and rub her pussy."

"Are you sure that's OK?" She was allowing me to interact with Ruth further than I expected and I was hesitant since I didn't want to hurt Wifey.

"It's OK hubby. I don't mind."

With that I reached down and started playing in Ruth's well-trimmed pussy and fingered her to orgasm. I hadn't touched another pussy in thirteen years and was surprised how much smaller her clit was than my wife's. It took a little fumbling around before I got in sync with her. But once I got everything figured out, Ruth started thrashing about as I began driving several fingers into her wet cunt.

Ruth moaned and grabbed my arm with such force her handprints were visible on my arm when she finally released me. I wanted to give her some real pleasure by getting down between her legs and eating her out, but I didn't want to go faster than Juliette's comfort level. I was patient. If I waited, I was sure I'd get more of this kind of fun in the future.

After Ruth's orgasm, Juliette gave Ruth a little peck on her lips and said we needed to be getting home. Ruth smiled and said she really enjoyed herself and hoped to see us in the future. We dressed while Ruth gathered her stuff and went to meet up with her friends in the orgy room.

Juliette and I were all smiles on the way back to the car. As always, she was going on about what a good time she had and that she couldn't believe she watched another woman give me a blowjob. She also gave a little jab and said, "You see, she couldn't deep throat you all the way either" as if this was supposed to make me feel better.


Club Lush has been closed for more than three years. In that time, our tastes have changed and we no longer find the club scene as exciting as we once did. Instead of clubs, we are pretty much immersed in the "lifestyle" and have ads on several different swinger websites. Every weekend is filled with some kind of swinger event: meeting couples for dinner, attending house parties, or traveling to lifestyle conventions around the US and Mexico.

And we've continued to expand our limits and explore new things. Observing Juliette's progression with women has been fascinating. Before we were involved in swinging, Juliette thought the idea of being intimate with another woman was sickening. But as we attended more parties and met more couples, I'd see Juliette reach out and lightly touch other women's body. Then the first time we met another couple at a hotel for a daytime tryst, Juliette made out with the woman and rolled around on the bed with her. But kissing and nuzzling nipples was her limit, she stated firmly. And then I noticed more kissing, flirting and fingering. I just watched, enjoyed the show, and was mindful that bringing up the topic might put an end to her exploring. I was never one of those spouses who cajoled or begged their spouse to play with other women, but I certainly enjoyed the show when it happened.

After a recent "date" with another couple, Juliette commented that women were nice to kiss, especially when attractive men weren't available, but she would absolutely never go down on a woman; that would be far too repulsive. I just listened and said I understood. But last week while entertaining another couple at our house, the guy asked Juliette to go down on his wife. I nearly blurted out that Juliette doesn't do that, but remembered Juliette telling me she was a big girl and could take care of herself. So I watched in amazement as Juliette crawled between Kayla's thighs and began kissing and licking her first pussy. After a few minutes, Juliette looked up at me and exclaimed, "This is fun!" But that's a story for another time.

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