tagLoving WivesClub Manitou Ch. 01

Club Manitou Ch. 01

byAztek Pagan©

Dawn had heard about this place called the Club Manitou. The place was named after a mischievous Native American spirit. It was a private club that had opened for business only a month ago, but from the stories that were quickly spreading throughout the city it was the new place to be on Friday night.

She had listened to the stories with much interest and spent many nights fantasizing about the place and the things going on that went on there. Dawn had whispered these stories to Steven, her husband, while they were in bed at night fucking. Rumors of mass orgies and incest seemed to be flooding the Internet about the place.

A week past by, with her giving recounts of these stories in explicit detail to Steven, as he secretly plotted a surprise for his wife. Her birthday was coming up soon and he wanted to give her something special. They had never really done anything crazy and spontaneous, but with her fascination with the Club Manitou the time for exploration seemed to have arrived.

Friday had arrived and when Dawn awoke she found the first of her presents lying on the bed beside her. She opened the pink box and unfolded the tissue paper revealing a black and silver dress. Raising it up out of the box and holding it up she noticed that it was short with black lace sewn into the front and back.

The lace design swirled around the breasts, ass and crotch areas with thin sliver spirals. There was a silver stripe that ran the length of the collar down to a v-shape just below the bust line. The hem of the dress was jagged, almost like it was ripped and torn, and also was lined with silver.

Dawn had to try on the dress. She slid it down her sleek body and adjusted it here and there until she was satisfied. The damn thing was tight. So tight that she knew that she wouldn’t be able to wear anything underneath but maybe stockings and garters.

She looked at herself in the mirror she was surprised at the affect that it was having on her. Wetness began to build in her groin as she ran her hand from her neck down her body feeling the material against her naked skin. Her nipples hardened and could be seen through the lace that covered them. The v-cut stopped just below her breasts and she realized that her tits, that stretched the opening, were barely covered.

The frayed edge of the dress rode up her right thigh almost to her waist. She pushed her hand down her bare right leg. Her fingernails lightly clawing her sensitive skin as her hand made its way up her thigh under the opening of the dress. It was just as she thought. Her hand moved easily under the edge of the dress feeling the heat radiate from her moistening crotch.

Her fingers touched her shaved lips causing juices to dribble down her leg. Dawn couldn’t remember the last time she was this horny. A finger pushed passed her swelling lips. A moan escaped her lips as the finger drove deeper into her cunt. Dawn’s other hand snaked up to her chest.

Her breathing was growing steadily heavy causing her breasts to rise and fall. She ran her palm over her lace-covered nipples. They reacted immediately to her touch and hardened pushing against the fabric. The tips of her fingers traced around her left nipple and then her right as she added another finger into her cunt.

“Oh yess!” Dawn was moaning with each stroke of her fingers. She slid them out and up to her hardening clit and smearing her juices around it. Her fingers trapping her clit between them and then she pushed then down back into her lips again. Slow pulling her fingers out over the top of her clit and then back down into her pussy again.

“Fuck! Yes—Oh! YESSS!” The orgasm that was building was massive. The feeling of the dress and her fingers caused her pleasure to spike. She imagined herself in the club surrounded by men and women wearing masks.

The masks were nothing special just cloth masks with eyeholes cut out. They wore long velvet cloaks of various dark colors with nothing-on underneath. They were paired off in twos and threes surrounding her.

The pale blue glow from the floor made the flesh luminescent. The couple she was facing was busy with one another. The man stood behind the woman with his arms wrapped around her. His hands at her breasts kneading them and pulling on her hard nipples as his lips were kissing her bare neck.

The woman’s cloak was open to her sides and all could see how she was pushing back against him grinding her ass into his groin. She was moaning as his fingers played with her hard nipples.

Dawn watched this and mimicked his movements with one hand while she continued to fuck herself with the other. Her moans echoed the woman’s as she thrust her fingers deeper and deeper into her sopping wet cunt. A third finger was pushed in and her legs began to shake. The three fingers rubbed her clit with each plunge pausing only a moment to press against it in small circle movements and then back into her pussy.

She imagined the man’s left hand dropping to the woman’s throbbing clit and fingering it in a similar fashion. Dawn stood in the center of the room and felt hands on her hot flesh.

She was lost in the vision of being in the club and being touched by strangers. Someone pulled her hands free and replaced them with their own. The fingers felt passed her lips and into her. They pushed deeper and deeper into her until she swore they were feeling her womb.

Imagined mouths closed over her nipples and sucked hard. Their tongues circling the lace covered nipples as the fingers pumped in and out of her with such ferocity that she was about to lose it.

“Yess! Fuck me!” Her moans turned into grunts with each thrust of the fingers. The fingers spread out like a fan as they pushed deep into her. Her hips were thrusting to meet the invading fingers. “OH! YESS! Almost there!” They began to bite on her sensitive nipples. “YES BITE THEM! HARDER!”

Dawn watched the three strangers taking turns fingering her pussy and sucking on her nipples. Looking out to the others she noticed a woman on all fours with a cock in her mouth and one in her ass.

The woman was pushing back against the cock behind her taking in as much of it as she could. The man was huge 8 or 9 inches long. He was pulling out to the tip then thrusting back into her hard causing the woman to scream into the cock that was in her mouth.

With each thrust from behind it would cause her to suck down the cock in front of her. There was no need to bob her head because the man in front of her had hold of her head still while he pushed the tip of his cock into her eager mouth. Her tongue pressed hard against the underside of his penetrating cock as she sucked harder and harder with each thrust.

"YES! Suck it." Dawn could see the woman’s throat expanding with each thrust of the man’s cock into her mouth and wondered what it must be like to have a cock penetrate her throat that deep. "Oh yessss. Fuck her ass." She found herself saying. "Shove that cock inside her!"

Watching this vision threw her over the edge. The fingers in her were pumping wildly and she couldn’t tell how many hands were on her. Lips, tongues and fingers roamed every inch of her body. They pinched and teased her nipples while others sucked on her neck. Even still others squeezed her ass and fingered her holes. She was in bliss.

The woman on all fours was screaming with pleasure. The man behind her was grunting like an animal as he pushed deep into her ass. The man in front of her matched the motion of her body with his own thrusting. Driving his cock into her mouth.

She released the cock in her mouth with a loud POP!. "OH! fuck yes! Fuck my ass harder!" She was like a woman possessed. Eagerly she placed the cock back into her mouth.

Both men increased their pace. The one fucking her from behind grabbed her hips and pulled her hard back onto his hard-on. His fingernails were digging into her flesh with each thrust of his groin.

The woman’s moans grew louder as her excitement began to peak. "YESS! YESSS!" she screamed as she pushed back meeting each of his thrusts.

The man in front of her let out a loud moan as his hips jerked. He pushed his cock as far down her throat as he could and released the first spurt of cum. She moaned as her mouth quickly filled. She swallowed as fast as she could, but she was too close to orgasm and was already lost in the ecstasy. Cum spilled out of her mouth as the second and third wave of cum flooded her mouth.

Gooey strands of semen dripped from her mouth and chin. She looked back at the man pounding her from behind. There was a look of lust in her eyes that caught the man’s attention. Their gazes locked on one another as he slowed his thrusts. There was a smile on her face as he got into a deep powerful rhythm.

She scooped cum off her chin and mouth with her fingers. "That tasted great! OH! Baby yes like that. Fuck me like you mean it!" She was sucking her fingers clean but even as she did her gaze never left the man.

As her orgasm began she started moaning. She felt every inch of him slide into her and then back out of her. Her moans turned into a squeal as she was hit with an incredible orgasm. Wave after wave hit her as her lover continued to pound her.

He was like a jackhammer as he fucked her. His face twisted in a grimace of pleasure. His grunts and moans increased until his body started quivering and he finally shot his hot load into her. He involuntarily kept thrusting as he filled her with so much cum that it spilled out around him.

They all were breathing heavily and sunk onto the cum and sweat cover floor. As Dawn watched this her own excitement peaked. She thrust her fingers deep inside her pussy imagining that she that woman and he was fucking her. She felt the veins of his cock as it slid into her moist walls. She felt the mushroom-shaped head press against her womb.

Everything and everyone else was gone now. The only image she saw was that of the woman and the two men. She pulled on her nipples as her fingers played with her clit. Dawn began to moan as she pushed her fingers deep inside her. She was grinding into her own hand as she started sucking on the fingers of her other hand. She imagined that it was a hard cock and she was getting face fucked.

Her muscles began to burn as she thrust one last time. She screamed and moaned as her orgasm enveloped her. Dawn’s body quivered and when she woke her fingers were still inside her pussy.

She lay on the floor and beside her was the crumpled remains of the box and tissue paper.

She had to remember to thank Steven when he got home.

To be continued…

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