Club Night, Second Time Around


I thought about this for a second, gauging if I could satisfy her a second time. "Yes, but not here."

She looked disappointed. "Why not? We did it on the balcony."

"I have a better idea..." Danielle looked puzzled. "Let's go upstairs to the group room, that way we could lie down and be more comfortable."

She looked into my eyes. I could tell she was quickly considering the idea. Her lust got the better of her.

"OK, let's go." She quickly stood up and retrieved her filmy, black top, putting it on but not buttoning it, She simply held her bra and thong in her hand. As we walked back to the stairs we passed a trash can. Danielle made a point to stop, take her thong in her hand, raise it above the container, and then drop the skimpy underwear right in with a flourish."No point hanging on to that anymore," was all she said to me.

We walked up the stairs and made our way to the entrance to the group room. It was crowded with bodies on the mattresses. Luckily, we only had to wait a moment when two couples got up to leave and no one else was waiting in front of us. Both couples were stark naked and Danielle squeezed my hand when they walked past. I grabbed a couple of fresh towels from the nearby stack and led Danielle to claim the empty space on the raised mattress. We had to walk carefully so as not to step on piles of clothes and legs extending into the short walkway between the two rows of raised mattresses. The room was dimly lit but with enough light to see that we were walking in the middle of an orgy.

Adjacent to us on the right was a young, black couple; both naked. His head was between her slender legs and she was laying on her back, up on her elbows, her head back. On the left were two naked couples. It was hard to tell if they were starting or finishing their sexual antics. Danielle sat down on the edge of the mattress. I took the two towels and spread them behind her. She took off her shoes and scooted back until her head was almost to the wall. She made a "come here" motion with her finger. I quickly stripped off all my clothes, putting them in a pile on the end of the mattress. In a moment I was naked, standing before her. My girlfriend spread her legs and lightly patted the space between her knees as an invitation for me to find a place there.

I sat on the mattress and swiveled my body towards her. She was on sitting on her butt, lying back a little, supported by her elbows. She was still wearing her stockings, skirt, and the gauzy top which was open and not covering her breasts at all. I got up on my knees and worked my way between her legs. She sat up and quickly took my half erect cock in her hands and then guided it in to her open mouth. With expert licking, sucking, and stroking, she easily brought me to a full hard on. While she was doing that, I slipped off her top and reached down to caress her breasts. Once again, I was in awe of her complete and unrestrained willingness to be so utterly sexual with me in a room full of naked, moaning bodies completely engaged in fucking and sucking. It was a night of surprises.

With a final kiss on the head of my cock, Danielle laid back down, her eyes shiny and welcoming. I briefly thought about just ramming my fiercely erect cock into her. Instead, I looked at her moist, swollen pussy and decided it was ripe for the tasting. I moved back a little and then got on my stomach and chest, my head right between her splayed out legs. I looked up at her. She was still on her elbows but her head was thrown back in anticipation. I lowered my head and put my mouth directly on her pussy, moving my hands under her skirt so that I could feel the sides of her ass. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" was all she could muster as my tongue found her erect clit. I used a pointy tongue to flick at it. Her voice changed. "Ummmmmmmmmm".

I maneuvered my left hand so I could unfasten the buttons on her skirt. With it completely undone, I could move the fold of fabric over her, completely exposing Danielle as I continued to work her clit with my tongue. She was making low, moaning noises. I fattened my tongue and put it right on her labia. This caused her to lie back completely and grasp my shaved head. I licked her up and down, making my tongue pointy when I came to her clit. Then, I pursed my lips and sucked on the little bud of flesh. Danielle started trembling. I knew she adored this.

All around us were the sounds of sex and lust and the low hum of voices in conversation. There were moans, cries, and grunts. I couldn't see anything and was not really interested. I was concentrating on my passionate girlfriend's dripping pussy, tasting her heat and desire with my tongue and lips. Perhaps she was watching the sexuality around us or maybe she was too overwhelmed by it all. Danielle suddenly squeezed her thighs together. She always did this just before cumming. I held her clit with my lips and pushed down on her pelvis with my hands. This allowed me to feel her muscle contract sharply with each spasm of pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, GOD!" she cried out.

She would have been thrashing but I was holding her down with both hands on her flat stomach, pushing down so I could mercilessly manipulate her clit with my lips and tongue. She was cumming almost violently now.... "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" Her hands were on my head, pushing me into her. I had to push back so I could breathe freely. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!. Danielle was still cumming. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! SHIT! She shoved her hips up suddenly causing me to pull my head away. The climax was fully on her and it was dramatic. She lowered her hips, leaving her legs spread lewdly. "Ahhhhhhhhhh....God" she said more quietly. It was one the most powerful orgasms I had seen in her.

I didn't wait for her to recover. I moved up to kiss Danielle and lowered my body between her legs. My stiff cock found her wet center and easily thrust into her. As I did that, I planted my lips on her mouth and forced my tongue between her teeth. Danielle was completely over stimulated. I pulled away from her and the hot kiss, leaving her pussy smell on her lips. She took in a great lungful of air and let it out while moaning...."mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm". She tried to thrust her hips towards me but I had her pinned onto the mattress with my weight, my cock deep insider her.

I didn't let up. I began thrusting in and out with long, deliberate motions. I increased my pace. With each thrust in, she grunted as another climax hit her.... 'UH! UH! UH! UH!. My pace increased. I was ruthless, slamming into her, our bodies slapping together. "UH! UH! UH! UH!... OHGOD!...OHGOD!...OHGOD!" Danielle's eyes flew open and she looked at me briefly with a stunned expression. With the next thrust, her eyes closed again. OHGOD!...OHGOD!...OHGOD!.. .OHGOD!.......ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Her legs were spread wide, the skirt wrinkled under her ass. Her face was shiny with sweat and her hair was sticking to her shoulders. Her hands stretched to her sides, clutching at the fabric on the mattress. I don't know if it was just one orgasm or a series of them. More softly she muttered, "ohgod!... ohgod!... ohgod!... ohgod!......" Her voice trailed off...

Finally, the spasms left her body and she calmed down. Her body resting heavily on the mattress. She opened her eyes and almost glared at me with disbelief. I kept my cock deeply buried in her, it throbbed in excitement. It was a truly pornographic scene. Her legs, clad in black stockings, spread so widely, my body lying between them, my cock as deep as it could possibly go. Danielle pulled herself up to her elbows, still looking at me in wonder. I smiled and then made my cock twitch inside her. "Oh SHIT!" she uttered when I did that.

Danielle looked to either side of. I did too. The young, black couple was now fucking vigorously. She was knelt over, he was thrusting from behind. On the other side, there was now an oral sex three-way of two women and a man, the second guy had left. My girlfriend looked back up at me. I made my cock twitch again. Her eyes opened wide. I couldn't keep this up much longer, I had to cum and soon. Danielle sensed my urgency. "Cum in me! I want to feel you cum!" She reached around my waist and held me tightly. She also started to tilt her pelvis up and down causing her pussy to squeeze on my cock deliciously. "I want to make you cum," she told me seriously. I just made a murmur of contentment and then my cock twitched again deep insider her.

Sometimes a climax can be controlled. Sometimes it just sneaks up and jolts the body with an explosion of pleasure. My climax accelerated from zero to detonation in a single breath. I could no longer resist the power of the profound sexuality Danielle and I were experiencing. Her adroit squeezing of my cock with her pussy took me over the edge in a waterfall of pelvic contractions, thrusting, and gush of fluid from my balls, through my cock, and into her. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I cried loudly and I tried to the look into her eyes. But my eyes closed involuntarily as my fast and forceful explosion crashed into me. Danielle was in control now. She rocked her hips against mine, trying to fill herself more and also trying to drain me completely. It worked. I spasmed again and again and again, each time a bit more semen squirted into her. I let out a long breath of air and my arms quickly became weak.

I felt that the wind had been knocked out of me. I reluctantly withdrew from Danielle and laid down on my side next to her. She rolled over so we were on the mattress, face to face. She stroked my face delicately and put one leg between mine. "You're a good fuck," she told me softly, a wry smile on her face. I couldn't say much. I rolled over to be completely on my back, Danielle left her thigh on mine and reached out to hold my still-slippery and semi-erect cock.

"I'm leaking you," she said simply. "And I'm not going to do anything about it. I think it's erotic feeling your sperm run across my thigh." I just smiled weakly, still drained from my climax. Danielle leaned over and kissed me affectionately on my nose. It was kind of funny. Then she kissed me lightly on the lips. She spent a long time just looking at me while my energy gradually returned. Despite the noise and sexual activity in the group room and the music pulsing in the background, we were actually feeling intimate and alone.

A few more minutes passed and I finally found the energy to gather my wits. Danielle had turned her head to watch the scene to her left. Right at her feet was woman's head, her dirty blond hair actually over my girlfriend's right calf. Danielle had rested her head on my chest her eyes cast downward to see the blond woman. I slowly raised myself to my elbows, careful not to disturb Danielle. But she shifted her position anyway so she could sit next to me, also up on her elbows, her arms touching mine. This allowed us to get a real look at what was going on around us.

The scene to the right was getting wilder and the three bodies were running out of mattress real estate. The woman close to Danielle's legs was lying on her back, her legs spread very widely. There was another woman with her head between those spread legs, lips and mouth working sensuously, with an ass in the air. Behind that woman was a young, blond man slowing thrusting in and out. The three of them looked a bit cramped as the wall was directly behind the blond guy.

To our left, another couple had joined the young, black couple. The new couple was white and the contrast of dark skin and white skin was fascinating. The white woman was eagerly sucking the black man's long cock in slow, deliberate motions. Her partner was being ridden by the black woman.

Directly in front of us on the mattresses lining the other side of the room we saw a knot of naked bodies in motion. At least four couples were actively fucking in all manner of positions. Danielle and I just looked, taking in the scene of wild abandon. I noticed that the threesome on our right was shifting positions and motioned to Danielle to move back so that our backs were against the wall, out (our) legs outstretched. This provided more room for the three naked bodies to stretch and get more comfortable. They took advantage of that. The blond woman moved backwards, the other woman still between her legs. The blond guy repositioned himself so he could thrust more deeply. The blond woman turned her head and smiled at us. She then reached our (out) her right hand and starting massaging Danielle's shapely calf, dark with the fabric of the stockings.

I didn't know if my girlfriend would move her leg away from a woman's touch. Instead she looked at me questioningly. "If you don't want it, just move your leg." I whispered very quietly. Danielle looked back down at the woman and didn't do anything; she allowed the massage to go on. I took my girlfriend's left hand and guided it towards my somewhat wet cock. She got the idea and took it in her palm, just holding it. It was a warm and close feeling. The blond woman massaging Danielle's leg suddenly tensed, clutched my girlfriend's leg, and gasped quietly. I squeezed Danielle's thigh.

The woman with her lips and mouth on the blond's pussy removed herself to lie on her back, allowing the man to move between her legs and thrust his erect cock into her and then slowly start fucking her. This left the blond woman alone, laying on her back at our feet. I don't know how Danielle felt about this but I thought it was exciting. The woman then rolled over on her side to look at us and smiled invitingly. She looked directly at my girlfriend's hand holding my cock.

The woman moved closer. She was in her thirties, neither fat nor skinny. Her breasts were small and her nipples prominent. She had a bit of a stomach and it was hard to tell if she were short or tall given her position on the mattresses. I would say that she was attractive and made more so by her recent orgasm right in front of us.

"You two are sexy," she said quietly but still able to be heard above the music from the dance floor down below. Danielle simply nodded subtly. The woman reached out and stroked my girlfriend's foot. "I love your stockings. Where did you get them?"

"Frederick's. I like how the garters and belt are already attached," answered Danielle, a very small hint of nervousness in her soft voice.

"Very convenient for sex." The woman moved closer and then sat up cross legged, facing us. It was easy to see that her pubic area was completely shaved, her labia puffy and pink. I was a bit worried for Danielle because she and I didn't know the intentions of the blond woman and we had never foreseen this scenario. But Danielle seemed generally calm and collected, her hand still hold my cock which by this time had swollen slightly. It couldn't get to a full erection because of my recent orgasm. Regardless, it was exciting to be naked on the mattresses with two women. I hoped that my girlfriend wouldn't get squeamish or jealous.

We suddenly became aware of the black and white couples to our left. The black girl let out a series of moans and cries as she climaxed on top of her partner. The blond woman in front of us also noticed. "Hmmmmmmm, sexy. That gets me turned on." She had a husky, raspy voice. She moved closer to use further still, our legs now touching hers. She was staring quite intently at the open sexuality right next to us. She moved her hand to between her legs and began wantonly stroking her own pussy. She caught herself, stopped, and looked at us. "You don't mind, do you?" I shook my head and Danielle, well, she didn't say anything, just squeezed my cock a little and began stroking it. I think she was turned on by the blond's display but didn't want to say anything.

Then the couple on our right shared orgasms. The blond man thrust into the woman on her back and cried out as she gasped loudly. The blond woman reached out and stroked the other woman's check delicately. It was an almost tender display right in the middle of almost violent passion.

The blond looked back at us. She whispered "Those are my married friends. Aren't they sexy?" .

Danielle finally spoke up, softly. "It's all so hot, it's making me crazy."

The blond woman smiled and then shifted her body. "I'm going to get comfortable with you two so we can all be friends... here, let's sit together," she said quietly and almost seductively. This woman was being assertive and Danielle was taking it quite well. Of course, I didn't resist this turn of events.

In a moment, the three of us were sitting cross-legged and naked, sitting so close that our knees and thighs were all touching. We didn't want to talk too loudly, that might upset the mood of the orgiasts around us so we kept our voices as low as possible. The music was still loud enough to be heard and helped cover the sounds of our conversation.

"I'm Brenda."

"I'm Danielle." She sounded pleased to meet Brenda, even in this naked setting.

"I'm Justin." I tried be calm and collected. It wasn't easy.

"I saw you two, you guys are hot together. It got me really turned on."

Danielle responded first. "I think we got carried away."

"I think that's the idea here," Brenda giggled softly.

"Danielle surprised me, it's only our second time here." I was certainly being honest with both statements. In a type of response, Danielle reached down and held my cock.

"See, that's the way it should be, a couple of lovers expressing themselves without caring who is around." I was beginning to like Brenda.

"You don't care what I'm doing to Justin?" Danielle was honestly curious.

Brenda laughed softly and placed her hand on Danielle's knew. "You can do anything you want to him, just let me watch." She had a look of anticipation on her face.

Danielle began stroking me, up and down, very slowly. My cock swelled some.

"That's the way, make it all hard and fat so I can see." Brenda had a gleam in her eye.

"OK... I don't mind... and I know he doesn't mind." Danielle responded slyly.

"Absolutely not!" I replied enthusiastically but quietly. I had never considered this happening on only our second visit to the club.

Brenda leaned in conspiratorially towards my girlfriend. "I have yet to meet a man who doesn't appreciate a hand on his dick. Now go ahead, stroke him for me."

Danielle complied without hesitation and stroked me further.

I laughed a bit. "Brenda, she and I have already had sex twice already tonight, I might need time to recover."

"Then I might have to help if Danielle doesn't mind." Brenda looked directly at Danielle. This was a moment of truth for my girlfriend. We weren't prepared for this. I didn't want to look at Danielle because I truly didn't want to pressure her into doing something that she might not want to or keep her from doing something she wanted to try.

Our new friend quickly figured out the situation. "Don't worry, I'm not going to (do) anything to make anyone uncomfortable,"

Danielle hesitated and then looked at me. "Whatever you want to do," I told her. I wasn't happy with putting the burden on my girlfriend but pressuring her to do something was just not an option. Having sex just between us was one thing. Putting on a show on the other side of a window was one thing. Being naked with a relative stranger was one thing. Having that stranger involved in our sexual play was something entirely different.

"How would you help?" Asked Danielle, sounding curious.

Brenda thought for a moment. "Well, to start, I'd use my hands on him with you."

"That doesn't seem so bad... go ahead." I was quite startled but pleasantly so. Brenda reached out her hand and wrapped it around Danielle's hand. They both moved up and down my cock. I was so hoping that I was good for another orgasm. But I knew it might take awhile. Brenda and Danielle were concentrating on my slowly (very slowly) growing penis.

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