tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClub Pericol Ch. 03

Club Pericol Ch. 03


Brittin, Cami and Paige stood in line, checking out the other club attendees.

"Think we can sneak out and just pretend we went in?" asked Paige, still apprehensive to enter the bondage club.

"No, we can't do that," Cami insisted, anxious to check out the unknown. "Petra went to a lot of trouble to get us in, and we are going to treat this like our last Romanian adventure, which it is."

"I agree," Brittin chimed in, supporting Cami, despite Paige's reluctance.

The girls reached the front of the short line, handing over their tickets as they passed through the turnstile.

"Here goes nothing," Cami commented excitedly, as the girls unknowingly entered the trap.


A bit ahead of the American girls, two young, innocent British damsels had arrived at the marble game, which is where they had been told the fun started. "You go first, Emma," Katie told her brunette friend. "If you draw a black marble, take one of those cute boys, just for fun," she giggled.

"Alright," responded Emma. "But if I draw a white marble, you better select me and not one of the cute boys, leaving me to the whims of a stranger."

"We'll see," Katie answered, brushing her long blonde hair out of her face to watch Emma as she approached the game.

"Are you ready to play?" the game operator inquired. "Black, your choice. White, you get chosen."

"I guess so," Emma said, reaching her hand into the box. Pulling it out, she slowly opened her hand.

"White," announced the man, slapping a handcuff on Emma's wrist.

Katie approached the man next, glancing at her friend who was now wearing a collar and leash, with her hands cuffed above her head. "Do I pick you Emma, or do I pick a cute boy?" she asked loudly, so her friend could hear. It really was a tough choice. Dominating a boy would be more fun, and it would be good for Emma to be adventurous with a stranger.

When Katie opened her hand and saw the white marble, it became a moot point. She soon joined Emma on stage.

Victor stood back and smiled. Part one of the plan was complete. His two targets were in place. He turned back to find the American prey, confident his partners would take care of Emma and Katie for him.


The girls checked their purses and phones as they entered the club. Signing the club agreement, they quickly moved forward to check out the club.

It didn't take long for Brittin to notice the petite, black haired girl locked in a pillory. "Oh my God, look," she half screamed, half squealed, pointing the girl out to her two friends. Her excitement would have betrayed her fetish had her friends been paying closer attention.

The girl was standing naked, her head and hands locked in the pillory with her feet locked in stocks on the floor. She was being fucked from behind by a man, with a line of three more men behind him, obviously waiting their turn.

"Calm down," Cami implored her friend, following Brittin who had crept forward to get a better look.

"It's just like Petra said," Brittin said, in awe of the scene before her. Brittin felt her pussy moisten, and had to get a better look.

"Would one of you young ladies like to try a pillory to see how it feels?" the man running the show asked.

"Not me," answered Paige, quickly, while Cami just shook her head.

But Brittin realized she could get a better look at the girl from one of the pillories. "Can I try that one?" pointing at the one that would provide her the best view.

"Certainly," the man responded, guiding Brittin into the pillory and closing the device on her neck and wrists.

"This is amazing," Brittin gushed, the feeling of being trapped combined with the show in front of her getting her very aroused.

"We've seen enough, Brittin," Cami announced, wondering what her friend saw in some slut getting gang banged. "It's time to move on to something more entertaining."

"Okay," Brittin said, dejectedly. "I guess we need to move on," she told the operator.

"You seem to be confused about the rules," he replied. "Once you are locked in the pillory, you have to stay until the timer runs out. You have over an hour left."

"Huh?" Brittin responded, with total shock.

Cami laughed hysterically. "I wish I had my camera," Cami gloated. "This picture is priceless."

"If the two of you would like to continue through the club, I will make sure she catches up with you when she is released," the man informed Paige and Cami, trying to separate them from Brittin.

"That sounds like a good idea," Paige said, giggling a bit herself, at her friend's plight.

"Thanks a lot, guys," Brittin yelled at her friends, as they wandered deeper into the club. She was actually elated that she could stand and watch this girl getting fucked, as the next man in line stepped in for his turn. Brittin watched in amazement as he pumped in and out of her wet pussy.

Brittin wished she had a free hand so she could rub her now soaked pussy. The thought of being molested while in bondage was dancing in her head, although in reality there was no way she would let it happen. Brittin drew a firm line between voyeur- fantasy, and actual sex. But that didn't dampen the enjoyment she was feeling at that moment.

"I take it you are a bit of a voyeur?" the man asked Brittin, as she stood enthralled by the sex before her.

"Maybe, a little," Brittin responded, sheepishly.

"Well, enjoy the show while I get on with my job," the man responded walking behind Brittin.

Brittin's focus returned to the black haired girl getting hammered in front of her, now by yet another man and in her ass hole. Brittin's mouth fell open as she thought about having her ass violated like that. She was trying to fathom what it would feel like, when suddenly she felt the zipper of her skirt slide open. "Huh, what?" was all Brittin managed to utter before her skirt slid off her body and hit the floor. "Stop," she cried, but felt her g-string being pulled down to join her skirt. Now naked from the waist down, Brittin was panicked. This was not supposed to happen. "Mister, you have to stop," Brittin snapped.

"Just use your safe word when you reach your limit," he replied, working her sheer shirt up her body.

"What safe word?" Brittin screamed, desperately trying to stop from being stripped.

"The one in the contract you just signed," he replied, now working one sleeve through the pillory hole over her hand.

"Safe word?" Brittin asked herself. She didn't read the contract. Nobody in the line was reading it. They were just signing the form and moving on. Brittin's head spun as her shirt was expertly removed, the man exhibiting a talent for removing clothing while maneuvering around the pillory. She felt the clasp on her bra open and her big tits spilled out into the open air. The men waiting in line to fuck the brunette were now staring at her. Brittin's nude body was on display for everyone's enjoyment, and all she could do was watch as the straps of her bra were worked over her bound hands leaving her stark naked.

The man finished Brittin's bondage by locking her feet into the stocks, pinning her legs apart and displaying her pussy for anyone standing behind her. When Brittin looked back at the girl, she noticed a man talking to her, the gag no longer in her mouth. He ordered her released from the pillory and, began putting a collar and leash around her neck.

"Nice job, Carly," Victor said quietly. "Now remember, not a single word to anybody tonight, or else."

"Yes, Master," Carly answered. She had learned that disobedience was dealt with harshly, and wasn't about to disobey, despite knowing the innocent girl behind her was in serious trouble.


Cami and Paige looked over the slave candidates on stage. "Which one will you pick if you get a black marble?" Paige asked Cami.

Cami was eyeing two cute girls, one brunette and one blonde. The blonde's tits were jiggling enticingly, clearly not inhibited by a bra. "Not sure," Cami answered, not wanting to give away her bisexual interests.

"I kind of like the boy on the end," Paige gushed, her normally timid friend surprising Cami.

"Well, I will go first," Cami announced. "If I end up as a slave, I won't be upset if you pick your cute boy over me. I'll understand. And if I pick a black marble, I promise to leave the cute boy for you."

"Fair enough," Paige said. She was surprising herself at how excited she was at what was happening. She hadn't wanted to come at all, but now that she was here, she decided to have some fun. Paige watched as Cami received instructions and reached into the box. She couldn't tell what color Cami picked, but the handcuffs being slapped on her wrist gave it away. Paige giggled, enjoying the site of her friend being fitted with a collar and hung up on stage by her cuffed wrists.

Suddenly, Cami didn't feel quite so confident. Displayed on stage in her tiny outfit, her fate resting in the hands of a stranger. She hoped Paige would pick her, and regretted telling Paige to pick the boy for her fun. But as she saw the handcuffs being placed on Paige's wrists, she realized it was a moot point.

Paige was soon standing beside the other slaves. Her too small dress had ridden up , clearly displaying her dental floss underwear to the club.

"Nice flash Paige," Cami chided. But when Paige looked back at Cami, they both realized that they were in the thick of it now. The fear of the unknown set in as they looked out over the crowd, realizing they had lost control of the situation. They were left wondering who would be dominating them, the fear of the unknown suddenly very real.

Anton looked on, pleased as the last two targets were locked into place. The plan was going perfectly. He went to let Sabina know that it was time for her to do her part, leaving all four targets on display for a few more minutes.


As the girl was led away, Brittin felt sick to her stomach. There were still men in line, rubbing their crotches. The first man in line had his big dick out and ready.

The man running the attraction came up to her, ball gag in hand. "Safe word?" he asked.

"I don't know, please," Brittin begged, grabbing at straws on what to do.

"Most voyeurs use their safe word," he said. "Damn hot fantasy to pretend to forget it. Have fun." With that he put the ball gag in Brittin's mouth, effectively silencing her for the series of assaults about to commence.

She felt a pair of hands on her ass, and one reached around to caress one of her hanging tits. She knew the man with his dick out was now behind her, preparing to take her virginity. She was actually bigger and stronger than him, and knew she could kick his ass. But locked in her bondage, she was at his mercy. She lurched against the pillory as a last ditch effort to escape the coming assault, but the bondage device stood firm, preserving her vulnerability.

The man slid his dick into her pussy, despite Brittin's feeble attempt to wriggle away. The assault underway, Brittin became aware of possibly her worst humiliation. Her pussy was still soaking wet and aroused from watching the earlier sex show. As a result, her pussy had welcomed the violating cock into her body without resistance, and embraced the intruder as it further stimulated her most private parts. She was helpless, and wondered briefly if she should just enjoy the experience. No, she had to resist it, she swore. But it was no use. The big dick pummeling her pussy was doing the job she wanted to do with her hand minutes before. Her body was reacting to the friction of her first fuck, and she felt an orgasm building. Her best efforts to suppress it went for naught. Brittin gasped into her gag as the feeling shot through her body as the assault continued.


The girls had been standing, exposed, on stage for quite a while. It was a bit disconcerting, having the crowd eyeing the scantily clad submissives, but not taking any action. Paige was feeling particularly vulnerable, with her dress riding up, showing more than she wanted.

Finally a young lady approached the attraction. She wasn't big, maybe 5-foot five, with dishwater blonde hair and a nice body, highlighted by an impressive chest. Cami was immediately attracted, and prayed that she would draw a black marble and choose her. None of them noticed the man in charge make a subtle adjustment to the box, ensuring that only black marbles were now available.

Sure enough, when the black marble appeared, the girl pointed at Cami.

As Cami's arms were uncuffed, Paige whispered to her to adjust her dress, hoping to save a bit of modesty as she stood on stage.

Paige quickly reached over before being led to her new master, and deftly lifted the hem of Paige's dress up around her waist.

"Cami," Paige squealed, her face turning bright red as her tiny g-string was exposed to the club, her ass totally on display.

As Cami's leash was handed to the new girl, she inquired to the man, "Can I select a second slave? You have a nice crop up there."

"You can try," said the operator. "But if you pick a white marble, you both go back up on stage."

"Worth the risk," she replied, promptly picking another black marble.

Cami hoped she would select Paige, but no such luck as she selected the cute blonde that Cami had eyed earlier.

Cami winked at Paige as the girl led her and the blonde away by the leash. Paige stood on stage, futilely trying to wiggle her dress back down over her nearly naked nether regions.

"Hello, slaves," Sabina said, looking back at her two new slaves. "My name is Sabina, but you can call me Mistress or Mistress Sabina. Tell me your names and a bit about yourselves."

"My name is Katie, Mistress," the British girl started. "I am 23, from Liverpool. My friend and I are finishing a three week vacation in Romania. The concierge at our hotel, who has been wonderful during our stay, sent us here for the unique experience."

"Well, I will make sure you get that unique experience," Sabina said, sternly. "And you?"

"My name is Cami, Mistress Sabina" the American answered. "I am 19, from Utah in the US. I have been attending the University on an exchange program, playing soccer with two other girls. We were sent here by a friend who spoke highly of the club."

"All well and good," Sabina said in her most menacing voice. "But for now, you will do as I say, if you know what is good for you. If you obey me, we will have fun. If not, well, you don't want to find out."

Cami wasn't sure what to think. Mistress Sabina wasn't much older than she, and was sexy as hell. But she also had a streak in her that frightened Cami a bit.

Sabina led the girls into one of the nearby play rooms, and pointed to a round cage in the corner. "Get in, both of you," she ordered. "Face to face."

"Yes, Mistress," they answered, in unison.

The two new slave girls climbed into the cage as ordered, despite it being clearly built for one person. Sabina cuffed their wrists to the top of the cage and shut the cage door, locking them tightly in place, their bodies pressed sensually against each other.

Sabina was amused at their reaction. Neither girl overtly showed that they had any attraction to the other, yet both showed subtle signs of being extremely turned on by their close quarters. Sabina was confident she could get them so worked up that they would readily agree to the next step of her plan.


Brittin felt her second attacker drive his dick into her pussy one last time. From his groans, it was clear that he had come deep inside her, just like the first man. As he pulled out, she quickly felt a new pair of hands begin to explore her exposed body. How long is the line, Brittin wondered to herself, unable to see what was happening behind her. As she felt a penis tickle the bottom of her ass, Brittin made an effort to slide her pussy away to avoid a third assault. She failed, as the lips of her pussy were pierced by yet another rock hard cock.

As this attacker began to pump in and out of Brittin, her mind wandered to imagine that she was watching the act from afar; voyeur style. This only made Brittin's pussy more sensitive to the movement of the dick inside her. Brittin quickly came to her senses, and was able to stave off another embarrassing orgasm. But from the feel of her body, she didn't know how long she could prevent her pussy from succumbing once again to the stimulation it was receiving.

Victor watched Brittin's ordeal from behind, where he couldn't be seen. He was relieved that the plan had worked to separate her from her friends, which would make things go much smoother. Brittin was progressing, but wasn't ready for him to intervene yet. He knew that each time her body betrayed her, she would sink deeper into desperation. So he allowed the fucking to continue. Patience was necessary to ensure her imminent capture.


Cami could barely control her excitement. This was everything Petra had said, and more. She and Katie, pressed against each other, both bodies sweating from the eroticism of the moment.

Sabina started by caressing the bodies of her two slaves, lightly running her fingers on the exposed skin of her pets, which there was plenty of considering their slutty clothing. The caresses turned to light tickling, Cami and Katie hopelessly trying to squirm away from Sabina's torturous fingers, serving only to heighten the arousal both girls were feeling.

"It is time to torture my two little pets," Sabina said, threateningly. Grabbing a tens unit, Sabina applied electric shocks to her bound targets. With the unit set on its lowest level, the shocks delivered no pain, but enough stimuli to keep her slaves moving and grinding against each other.

Sabina sensed it was time to move to the next phase of the plan. Letting her hands roam on the bodies of her slaves, she caressed their asses, then moved to lightly play with their breasts. Sabina guided the girls' lips together, encouraging them to share a sensuous kiss. She smiled at the increased breathing of her slaves, and softly cooed, "You two are so hot. I'd like to do something special for you if you'll let me. Can I take the two of you downstairs to the private club, where we can have a lot more fun?"

"Yes, Mistress," each of the slaves responded, just as Sabina had known they would.

Sabina let the girls out of their cage, and led them to the elevator that would take them to the promised land. Looking at Katie's braless condition, she smirked as she informed the girls about the rule that slaves had to be in their underwear to enter the private club.

"But Mistress Sabina," Katie said, "I am not wearing a bra."

"Well, that was not very good planning on your part," Sabina answered, making it clear that she only had one option. "The downstairs club is private, if that helps."

"Don't worry about it," interjected Cami, who was also anxious to see more of Katie's body. "This night is for the adventurous. Just go for it." Cami peeled off her crop top, and dropped her mini skirt, providing incentive for Katie to follow suit.

Katie grit her teeth, and slithered out of her dress, letting her bare chest feel the cool air of the club.

"Great," Sabina extolled, appreciative of the impressive rack that Katie had exposed. "But I am afraid I can't have one topless slave, and one wearing a bra. That would never do," Sabina added, looking back at Cami.

Cami's eyes were big as saucers. "Mistress, Sabina," she started to protest, but couldn't think of anything else to add.

"Don't worry about it," said Katie. "This night is for the adventurous. Just go for it."

Dammit, Cami's own words had been used against her, and she knew she was had. Cami reached behind her and released the hooks on her bra, casting it aside.

"Your clothes will be added to anything you checked when you arrived tonight," Sabina informed the girls. "Now, let's go have some fun." Sabina pulled the girls leashes and led them onto the elevator.

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