tagErotic HorrorClubbin' with Hubby

Clubbin' with Hubby


I don't think we are atypical of any married couple. My husband and I look to spice things up whenever possible. So when I asked him to take me to a strip club, he didn't really think much about it. He didn't go as often as he did before we got married, but he still knew of a few.

I had preconceived notions of what a strip club was like inside, and was pleasantly proven wrong. The one he chose wasn't fancy, but it was cleaner than I expected. To the left of the front door there was a rectangle stage, with a pole in the center, and a mirror wall on the back side. Straight ahead were some tables and the bar. To the right were some more tables, and some pool tables in another room. The main color was blue, and there were flashing lights mostly around the stage.

We sat at a table, and a waitress took our drink orders. I could see that I wasn't the only female in the club, even besides the dances and staff. There were two women at the bar, and another 3 or 4 at the pool tables. There were a lot more men there though. Some men were sitting at tables getting lap dances, or at the bar talking to the women who had on bikinis. Most of the men were around the stage. There was a tall, light-skin woman on stage, and the men were giving her money liberally.

From our table I couldn't see what she was doing on the floor of the stage, but I could see when she was standing up or on the pole. She had skills. As we sat there, hubby told me how interactions work in the club, and pointed out the VIP section to the left of the stage.

"What goes on in there?"

He laughed, "Pay $20 for every 5 minutes and you'll find out."

"Not tonight," I shook my head. The waitress brought our drinks to the table, and I took a sip. The light-skin girl that was on stage at first was gone, and a shorter one was on. Some of the guys had left the stage area, and were sitting in seats. I took hubby's hand and asked, "You ever had a lap dance?"

"Oh yeah," he smirked.

"How much are they?" I went in my pocket.


"Who do you want one from?"

He laughed, "You."

"I don't work here."

He took a drink, "Oh well."

"No seriously, who would you want a dance from? I'd like to see it."

"Do you know what a lap dance entails?"

"I saw "Players' Club', and 'Showgirls'."

He laughed, "Okay."

"For real," I squeezed his hand.

He looked around and chose a dark-skin dancer, with a small chest and big booty, "Her."

She was moving through the club talking to different people and laughing. When she moved close enough to us, I waved her over. "Could you give him a lap dance?"

She smiled, "Sure?"

I looked at hubby, and he looked like he didn't think I would let it go quite that far.

"I'm Licorice, by the way," she said getting him to move his chair out from the table a little.

She started off facing me, and moving her hips sensually on his lap to the music. I tried to see his face, but her body blocked my view of him. She noticed me looking, and grinned a little. I quickly turned my eyes from hers. After a minute or so more, she turned to face him. She moved up and down on her knees, then shifted to put her legs on either side of him. With her lower, I could see hubby's face over her shoulder, and he was enthralled. I moved a little closer, and she had her hands on his face directing it to her small cleavage while grinding her hips on his lap. The song went off. She asked if he was okay, and got up.

"Thank you, Licorice," I handed her the money.

She smiled, "If you want one, its half price."

"Not right now, thanks," I laughed.

"Why not?" Hubby asked when she moved away.

"Just want to throw me in the deep end, huh?"

"You wanted to come to enjoy yourself right?"

I reached over and checked for an erection, "I wanted to see you enjoy it, which you did."

"She worked me up, and you finish me off, is that it?"

"Isn't that the point of these places?"

We laughed and drank some more, watching the interactions, until hubby saw an open pool table. I got some looks as walked back to it, but I wasn't feeling uncomfortable. As we played the game, hubby rubbed his erection across my ass a few times. I made sure to touch him when he was shooting. The waitress who refreshed our drinks saw our interactions and smiled. After the game, hubby gave me a juicy kiss against the table.

"Now you're trying to work me up?"

"Payback," he laughed.

The DJ had been calling different dancers to the stage through the night. He called out Licorice, and hubby saw me look to the stage.

"Want to go up?"

"No," I laughed.

He took my hand and went to the stage. We took two chairs by the side of the stage and watched her perform. She worked the pole as well as the light-skin dancer I saw earlier. Licorice looked right at me as she slipped her top off. I looked away again, covering my laugh with my hand. She went to the floor, laid back, and pulled her legs so that the toes of her shoes hit the floor over her head.

My gasp was a little audible over the music. She looked at me and laughed, and a couple of the guys at the stage looked at me too. "I'm sorry. I never saw that before."

"Then you should give me a dollar," Licorice smiled.

Hubby quickly fished a dollar out of his pocket and handed it to me.

"What do I do with it?"

"You can toss it on the stage, or hold it for her to come get it."

As hubby was talking to me, Licorice saw the dollar in my hand and came over. When I looked at the stage, she was right in front of me, moving to the music.

"What do I do?!"

"Give her the dollar," hubby laughed.

I held it out.

"No!" hubby laughed harder, "Put it in her garter or panty waistband."

I moved to put it in her garter, and she put her hand on mine to hold it on her thigh. She dipped her hips a couple of times, then leaned lose to my ear, "Thank you, sexy."

I put my face in hubby chest until I gained my composure, then watched the rest of her routine. She was very flexible. When she was done we went back to our table and ordered new drinks. By now I was feeling the music and was pretty comfortable. After her stage show, Licorice made her way through the crowd again. Someone else bought a lap dance from her, and I watched. She moved so effortlessly.

Hubby saw me watching, and rubbed my leg. "Now you see why I picked her, huh?"

"She's good," I nodded. "Do you wish I could do that?"

He rubbed my leg more, "You move your body just fine."

I kissed his lips, "Thanks for lying to me."

"Have I ever complained?"

"Would you?"

"Baby, I've been with some boring women. I would not be married to you, especially for this long, if you were boring."

I kissed him again.

"So, you ready for that dance?" Licorice asked at our table.

I laughed.

"Yes, she is."

Licorice leaned over, "Mind if we go to the VIP area? Still half price for you."

"The VIP area is fine," hubby gave her the money.

"Don't I have a say in this?"

"No," hubby got up.

"Right this way," Licorice started in that direction.

Hubby took my hand and we followed her. The VIP area was a little nicer than the main area – softer chairs and marble tables. She showed us where to sit, and let me get comfortable. Then she started to dance in front of me while the song ended. When the next one started, she danced on me like she did hubby – facing away from me. It was weird enough to make laugh, but I didn't want her to think I was laughing at her, so I held it in. Hubby kept mouthing for me to relax, so I took a few deep breaths.

Licorice reached back and put my hand on her thigh, "See, back here, you are allowed to touch a little." She kept dancing, and I eventually put my other hand on her other thigh. She said, "There you go, Sexy," when she felt it. I could feel the muscles in her legs move as she moved her ass over me. I gave into the moment a little more, and moved my hands higher up her thighs. She moaned and moved even more sensually.

"Having fun yet?" hubby whispered in my ear.

I looked at him and smiled, "Starting to."

After a minute or two more, licorice looked over her shoulder, "Untie me."

I pulled the knot of her bikini top loose, and she slid it off her shoulders. She tossed it aside, then leaned back against me and put her arm around my neck. Her face was near mine, our lips right by each others, and she asked if was still okay.

I tried to sound normal, but my "Yes," came out more intense than I planned. She danced her whole body on mine, and it was a turn on – especially when I looked down her body. her small breasts had flattened out even more, but her nipples stood very erect. I loved playing with hubby hard nipples, but hers were 4 times as big.

She turned her nose to my neck, "I love your perfume."

"Thank you," I whispered. Part of me wanted so bad to play with her nipples, but I was still trying to stay in control.

Licorice got up and turned to face me. Her bikini was a light blue, and when she opened her legs to straddle me, I could have sworn there was a small, dark spot at the crotch. She sat on my lap, and it dawned on me I've never been this close to another woman's chest in this kind of situation before. She put her hands across my shoulders and moved her body slowly to the music.

"Uh, how long have you been doing this?" I tried to deflect some pressure I felt.

"Not quite two years."

"Do you enjoy it?"

She moved her nipples close to my face, "Certain aspects of it."

I felt my tongue lick my lips. "What aspects?"

"I enjoy people who are out of the ordinary customers we get in here; sexy women, or husband who aren't afraid to bring their wives. I enjoy doing special things for special people."

"I'm not special."

She leaned forward and put her lips millimeters from mine, "You paid for your husband to get a lap dance, and he paid to give you this one. That makes you special."

I got real nervous, and stuttered to get my next thought out, "I'm not, uh-"

"I know," she whispered in my ear. "That makes you even more special."

She was a sexy woman, and I was feeling incredibly aroused having her on me. I looked over at hubby, and he wasn't beside us. I tried to look around Licorice, but she grabbed my face.

"It's just us here, Sexy." She held my face, looking in my eyes. "Just you and me."

I know that when I'm in this position with hubby, I love for him to grab my ass – and she did say we could touch back here. I put my hands on her ass, and she smiled. To the music, she'd move up to have her nipples at my mouth, and then back down to have our lips almost touching.

I felt an urge. It built up until I smacked her ass.

"Yeah, get into it, sexy."

Feeling her body move against mine, and her breath on my ears had me feeling really good. I smacked her ass again.

"This isn't your first time, huh?"

I laughed, "Yes, it is."

"Can I make it not be your last?"

"I just asked hubby to bring me here so I could see what it's like."

She leaned to me ear, and licked it this time, "Can I make it not your last?" she asked again.

My hands dug into her ass at the charge she gave me, "Don't do that!"

"Put your tongue out," she directed.

I opened my mouth and let half of my tongue come out. She moved so that her nipples grazed across my tongue. I wasn't expecting that, and looked up at her. She just smiled and did it again.

"Y'know, I've given dances to men, and every once in a while, I'll get one to release in his pants." she laughed but danced on me a little harder. "It's a little embarrassing to them, but it's a point of pride for me. It means I've done a really good job." Her movements got a little more intense, "I've given dances to women, and have never really made that happen. I can't say I've thought to though. But you? Something about you just makes me want to," she looked over her shoulder at the door, then started lifting my top with one hand.

"Is that allowed?"

"You gonna report me to my manager?" she ran her hand up to my chest.

I sighed, "No."

She had me lean forward and slid her hands to my back. I felt her unclasp my bra, and slide her hand under it back to the front. "Is that better?" Her soft, warm hand was on my bare breast; her palm moved gently over my nipple.

I squeezed her ass again, "You're gonna get me in trouble," I moaned.

She leaned back over to my ear, "I want to get you in good trouble, Sexy." She palmed my breasts and ran her thumbs over my nipples as she gyrated her hips in my lap. "I want you to be my first. The very first woman I make cum from a lap dance."

My body was starting to give in, "With your hands up my shirt, this is a little more than a lap dance."

"True; but that's what I'm calling it anyway." She danced and rubbed for a few more minutes, "You're fighting it aren't you? I can tell you are close, but don't want to let go. It's okay, sexy – let go for me."

Her words were adding to the intensity. I dropped my head back with a moan, and saw hubby standing behind us. He had been watching the whole time. I started to ask why he was hiding, but he pushed my head back up – and Licorice's nipple went right in my mouth. She groaned and gave my breast a good squeeze – and that put me over the edge.

I lost control of my body as it shook, and Licorice's breasts muffled my moans.

"Yes, Sexy yes – that's it. Cream them panties!"

The orgasm rolled on for a minute, and as I hit the high point, I bit down on Licorice's nipple. She yelped, then started cumming herself.

"Ohhhh fuck!" she squeezed my breasts until it subsided. She took a deep breath, then sat up and put my bra back in place. "Damn I'm glad you came tonight – literally."

"I never expected this."

"Expectations can be disappointing; you gotta go with what happens," she got up, with a large wet spot at her crotch. "I think I got some on you; I'm sorry!" She rushed behind a counter and came back with a towel and started wiping my thighs.

"It's okay; we're going home now," I said definitively.

She was on her knees, "No, I shouldn't have gone that far. Send me your cleaning bill."

Her wiping my thighs was reigniting me. "Licorice," I grabbed her hand, "I'ma need you to stop wiping me like that. Okay?"

She looked at me, then understood what I was saying, "Sorry." She put her head between my legs, then looked up at me and took a deep breath.

"Stop that!" I laughed.

She got up, "You've got to bring her back," she said to hubby. "I ain't for all that sneaking behind each other's back stuff, so you can't come without him," she said to me.

Hubby gave her a $50, despite her half-price offer. She gave us both a hug, then went through a side door to the dressing room.

Hubby and I made a beeline to the car, and home. When he saw the mess she made in my panties, he got devilish grin on his face. "You know what we should do?"

"What are you cooking up?"

He went to the kitchen and came back with a sandwich bag. "I'm sure Licorice would appreciate the seeing the fruits of her labor."

I was shocked, "Are you serious?"

"Why not?" he put my wet panties in the sandwich bag and sealed it.

""Cause that's nasty."

"How much you wanna bet she doesn't think so?"

"I like those panties!"

"They can be replaced," he rubbed my clit. "I'll mail them to her tomorrow, and I bet she'll be glad to have them."

My pussy was way too sensitive to put up a fight. He rubbed me until I came, then gave me one of his best oral performances ever – and I returned the favor.

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