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Clutches Of Destiny


Arora Destiny is a princess that will soon become a woman. Eighteen is the age at which a girl is accepted into society as a woman with a woman’s responsibilities. Her home is the neighboring kingdom of Silver. Those who have the gift of magical abilities can sense that she has great power within her. Arora however knows nothing of her hidden abilities. Her life as a princess is as full as it can be.King Dracon, a dark mage, has noticed her hidden powers and has tried to get the royal family of Silver to send her to a mages school but they have refused. He awaits the day when he can take control of her, until then he simply watches her. She quickly grows from a skin and bones child into a sensuous woman who fills his nights with thoughts other then dark magic.

In two days there would be a coming of age ball. At last Arora Destiny was in his grasp. He could almost feel her even though she was not with him. Those eyes, that body, the sweet smell of her hair. Lips tasting of the sweetest nectar. His loins tighten as he thinks about it. Dracon smiles to himself thinking of when he will finally have her for himself. He may be 35 years her senior but he has been told the grey that streaks his long black hair is sexy. Dracon Rose stops at the door to his chambers and enters them. Removing his cloak and black leather pants then his leather shirt to lie naked on his bed of blood red silk. Dracon smiles thinking how often she will sleep here with him. Perhaps willing, and other times not willing. His eyes close as he let’s the cool night airs caress his hot wanting body. Sleep overtakes him quickly.

Dracon sees Arora coming to him, dressed in only her filmy green chemise with her lustrous hair braided. Her eyes are full of desire and lust for him. Standing he takes her pale hand in his, savoring the way her body trembles to his touch. He lays her back on the antique four poster bed. Expecting her to run but she does not, she lies back against the pillows. His desire for her hightens, his touch gentle as he slides his hand up her creamy thighs. Dracon slides Aroras chemise up with his probing fingers until he sees the dark triangle of hair at the base of her legs. Uncaring of anything else but pleasing her he slides his fingers into her tight hot sheath. Arora arches back against the pillows moaning softly as his fingers caress her silken insides. Her body is becoming hotter slicker, and ready for him. He kisses a sensuous path up her flat stomach to one large breast, taking her hard pink nipple into his mouth, sucking hard with his mouth then licking lazy circles around it. His dark obsidian eyes meet her swirling purple orbs as he moves to lie beside her. Seeing his protruding manhood Arora needs not be told what to do next, she rips off her chemise and plunges herself onto his hardness. Dracons eyes burn with black fire as he takes hold of her rocking hips and helps her plunge harder. Arora moans out loudly, screaming her pleasure when Dracons teeth nip at her tender flesh. Dracon feels himself thicken with his need to release; he rolls Arora under him. Aroras body shakes with abandon at her own release as Dracon pounds into her soft sheath finally spilling his seeds deep in her belly.

Dracon awakes just before dawn twisted in his bed sheets, sweat pouring from his unsatisfied body. He sits up untangling the covering around his hard naked body. "It will be that way someday Arora. I promise you."

A few days later...

It was a blistering hot summer day. There was not even any wind to break the steady beating down of the sun. Ladies of well breeding stayed inside their homes to keep their bodies cool as possible. As sweating was just unacceptable, the servants were very busy with the fans. The Silver City streets, usually alive with the shouts of children and haggling merchants had fallen silent. The usually busy street leading up to the silver castle was empty. Inside the castles garden a young woman sits on the edge of a large bubbling water fountain. The girl looks to be about sixteen years old. Her pale yellow gown is soaked through from her repeatedly splashing the cool water on her hot sticky skin. Her young body has recently reached near full womanhood. Her guards now notice the delicate curves of the princess, much to her annoyance. The young woman looks up into the deep blue sky. Her eyes are a strange and alluring purple-gray color. Long waves of dark chestnut hair cascade down her slender back to her softly rounded hips.

"Arora! Sis?" Arora's twin sister Sarah walks up and prods gently her on the arm. Snapping out of a romantic daydream about the neighboring princes Arora turns towards her sister. "Sarah, Do you think Prince Travis will be at the ball tonight?" Arora's purple eyes sparkle brightly. Sarah contains a laugh. More level headed then her romantic and passionate sister Sarah ponders this. "Perhaps they will be here. Just remember there are other very handsome men going to be here tonight. I saw King Dracon looking at you last eve." Arora makes a face. "Come on Sarah. He is much to old for me." Arora blushes deeply with a thought about her love. Sarah sees the pink on her sister’s cheeks. "What were you thinking?" Arora giggles a bit and shakes her head. "Come on tell me sis." Arora shakes her head again laughing. "Oh well ... come on we must prepare for the ball." Arora rises and the sisters link arms and climb the steps to their adjoining rooms

The day finally turned to evening, the sunset a shower of golden brilliance. The evening brought with it a cool breeze. Guests of the family began to arrive steadily. Their presence announced by a page dressed in fine silks. Arora sits impatiently as Sarah pins her hair in ringlets atop her head. "Honestly Arora, I don't understand why you wont at least consider another man. You don’t have to honor your betrothal. A king like Dracon could make you a queen and rich beyond your dreams." Sarah places a diamond clip in Aroras hair. Sarah’s hair is accented with several precious stones and a couple feathers. Arora shakes her head. "I don’t really like Dracon. He makes me feel uncomfortable." Sarah sighs and steps back her flowing pale pink ball gown swishing around her ankles. "Stand up and let me see you Arora." Arora rises with born grace from the chair. Her forest green gown dips low enough to reveal just the tops of her creamy breasts. The bodice is cut in princess style and accented with lace. The skirt itself sweeps out in full ball gown style. The bottom of the dress is laced with the same pattern as her bodice; a small silver crown completes her look. Arora spins round so her dress twirls out just a bit. Sarah claps softly and smiles. "Breathtaking. You are sure to catch your prince’s eye. Not to mention several others." Aroras eyes sparkle at her sister. “You are also radiant in that pink gown. Let us go make a fashionably late entrance.” They share a smile as they walk towards the ballroom.

The ballroom is the largest in the seven kingdoms of Crystalia. Enclosed gold toned lanterns all around the room bring in a warm glow. The floor is a highly polished rare blue marble set in a circular design. Two large balcony’s lead off from the room for those guests that wish to have fresh air.

Hearing laughter and music the sisters attempt to slip past the page and into the crowd unnoticed. Arora feels eyes on her the moment she enters the room. Looking around she sees no one staring in her direction. She feels relief when she sees her betrothed coming towards her. Prince Travis Rose, the youngest of five brothers, is looking handsome in his paladins uniform with his ornamental sword strapped to his side. His muscles in his arms and his broad chest can be seen through the fabric of his shirt. His sky blue eyes are full of much intelligence for his young age. His long golden hair is pulled back neatly with a black tie.

. Aroras eyes sparkle as he stops before her and bows deeply. “You take my breath away my love. You are the most beautiful woman here.” She blushes deeply and curtsies to him.

“You look very handsome this evening as well. I was hoping you could be here.” Travis takes her hand in his and kisses it lovingly.

“I could not miss the opportunity to see you once more before I had to leave for the three years of training. When I return from the east we shall be finally married and I will never leave you again.” The man who watches Arora smiles darkly from the shadowed corner in which he stands. Once his pest of a nephew is gone he will be able to do as he wishes with the young princess. The musicians begin to play a soft melody as Travis and Arora stand looking into one anothers eyes.

Travis gently pulls her into his arms, his eyes never leaving hers. “May I have this dance princess?” Arora smiles at her lover. She will wait for his return if it takes forever.

“Yes, you can have this dance forever.” Holding her close as they dance is soon not enough for either of them. Travis lowers his lips towards hers, and she tilts her head back so that he has full access to them. The kiss is exquisitely gentle yet passionate. Speaking without words how deeply they will miss one another.

The night moves faster then they would like. Soon guests begin to leave. Travis and Arora walk hand in hand out onto the balcony to say their good-byes. Aroras eyes fill with tears and she throws herself into his arms. “ I will miss you so much.” Travis puts his strong arms around her and holds her tightly to him.

“I know how you feel. This will ensure us a good home in which to raise our family. If not for that I would never leave you.” Arora steps back and raises a hand to trace lines around his face. Her eyes are sad as she tries to memorize every inch of him. His dark blue eyes, his soft golden hair, his strong hard muscular body.

“I will be strong until you return my love. My heart will never love any other then you. No matter what may happen I am forever yours.” Travis removes his pendant from around his neck and fastens it around her throat.

“This will keep you safe. If you are ever lonely and you need me just hold this.” Arora removes her ring that he gave her a long time ago when they were children of only 5 summers. She removes his gold chain and slips her ring on it then fastens it back around his neck.

“My ring will also keep you safe. If you are lonely just touch it and know that I am thinking of you always.”

She watches from the balcony as Travis climbs into the coach and drives away. Tears slip from her cheeks as she waves goodbye. Heart heavy she turns running into Dracon.

"Whatever is the matter princess?" He says in a deep voice. He is dressed in a sharp blue uniform, he is leaner then Travis but still muscular. His eyes dark and grey. His hair is pulled back in a gentlemans knot.

"I am fine your highness. If you would please excuse me." she moves to go around him but he steps in her path. She looks up confused.

"Child it is not uncommon for one of my age to marry one of yours." his smile tight and almost mocking. Her obvious confusion seems to please him as he leans closer his breath hot in her ear.

"I took the liberty of asking your father for your hand. He broke off your engagment to my nephew since he will be gone so long. Also I am a better match for you." Arora looks shocked and backs up a step.

"But..I mean no offence but..I dont wish to marry you. I dont love you at all. I dearly love Travis." She knows defiance in a woman is never tolerated but she cannot help it this time.

Dracons eyes flash momentarily in anger but his face remains calm. "Ahh love, the dreams of youth are often smashed. You will learn to be happy and you will never want for anything."

Arora feels trapped,she feels lightheaded and she faints out.... Was it all a nightmare?

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