tagLoving WivesC'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 04

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 04


For the next couple of days my mind was fully preoccupied with my wife's illicit desire to have sex with her best friend's husband. I was also beginning to develop fantasies of what it would be like to be in bed with Carol.

On Tuesday I decided to give a call to my wife from the office. I asked her if she was absolutely sure about her proposal to have a swap with the other couple.

"Well, I've certainly not been joking about it," she responded. "I want him badly, and I want him between my legs."

"Talk to Carol then," I instructed her. "Go ahead and make the necessary arrangements with her."

About an hour later I received a call from my wife.

"I've spoken to Carol," she said, "She'll contact you."

The very next day I received a text message on my mobile phone, "C U @ Paradise Lounge main bar - Sat nite @ 9 xxx Carol xxx"

Tina and I did not exchange a word about it for the next two days. On Saturday morning she woke me up with a kiss.

"Hey, lover boy," she said to me, "The big day has arrived. I have a date with Alan tonight. Did Carol contact you?"

"Yeah," I responded, "I'm meeting her tonight."

"Wow! I'm sure she won't disappoint you."

Then Tine got out of bed and went about her usual Saturday chores, leaving me lying awake in bed.

An uneasy feeling disturbed me as uninvited thoughts swept through my mind. I could not help trying to picture my wife in Alan's arms. Images of their naked bodies pressed against each other. Flashes of my wife impaled on Alan's monstrous erection. Illicit kisses. Illicit passion.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. I left for my date at about eight o'clock that evening. Tina was still painting her nails, and she was still in her tee shirt and shorts when I left.

I walked into Paradise Lounge at exactly eight thirty. After looking around the place I settled onto one of the high stools at the bar and ordered a vodka-lime.

The band was playing light music, and some of the guests were on the dance floor. There were also a few couples seated at the tables around the dance floor, eating, drinking and chatting.

At one table in a far corner, a boisterous group of about ten teenagers were having a jolly good time joking and laughing over their drinks. They looked like college students trying to unwind after a hectic week. Occasionally one of the waitresses would go over to their table to serve them, and the youngsters would take the opportunity to tease her and flirt with her.

I had just finished about half my drink when a rather sluttish-looking lady strolled into the lounge and took a seat at the bar. She attracted a lot of attention and seemed to enjoy the limelight.

I glanced at the new guest through the corner of my eye. She wore a skimpy, tight-fitting black halter neck dress that extended down to just below her hips, leaving her long slender legs very generously exposed. The V-neckline of her dress plunged deep down between her breasts, giving an ample view of her cleavage and bulging globes. There was no doubt that this lady was simply dressed to kill.

She ordered a drink and looked around at the goings-on. As she waited for her drink, she lit a cigarette and occasionally took a light puff, hardly inhaling.. When her drink arrived, she immediately took a sizable gulp and munched on some crispy tidbits that came with the drink.

The group of young fellows at the other table could not hide their excitement as they kept gazing at the unaccompanied lady having a drink all by herself. And I could not blame them. She was pretty good-looking and, from the way she was dressed, she was definitely game for more than just drinks.

As I sat sipping on my second drink, I found myself giving her more frequent glances. I scanned the full length of her fantastic body, letting my eyes travel up and down her hour-glass figure. She had dark brown shoulder-length hair that flowed gracefully past her cheeks. Her slender neck was adorned with what looked like a pearl necklace. The more I looked at her, the more beautiful she appeared to my slightly tipsy mind.

After a while, one of the bolder guys out of the group of teenagers walked over to her amid cheers from his friends. He was obviously taking up a challenge from some of his other friends. He whispered something to her and she smiled. Then she got down from the stool and accompanied him to the dance floor.

My eyes darted from one part of her body to another. As she walked in her stiletto heels, her bottom swung provocatively from side to side. She looked really good. This is the kind of woman that a real man needs, I thought to myself.

She danced only two numbers with her young admirer but she made every moment worthwhile for him. Both were slow numbers and there was no doubt that the guy was getting very excited indeed. As the inexperienced youngster danced with her, he tried to clumsily cling on to her fabulous body, and she tried her best not to disappoint him.

She let him hold her really tight, her slim body molded against his, her bosom squashed against his chest. And when he moved his hands down to cup her bottom, she did not resist. At one point he began to clearly rub his pelvis against hers, and I thought that she would walk away from him. But she turned out to be quite a sport and let him continue to enjoy his little thrill till the music stopped.

In between the two numbers the two of them just stood on the dance floor holding on to each other. The youngster hardly spoke to her, but I noticed that she would occasionally say something to him.

When the music resumed they began to sway together again. Now she began to lightly caress the back of his neck, and she also kept whispering something into his ear. I wondered what she was saying to him.

He seemed to be getting even more excited, and again began to grind his hips against hers. He tried to kiss her on her lips but she politely turned her face away, letting him plant a soft kiss on her cheek.

I noticed that his hands, which were still on her bottom, were getting a little bolder. At first he let his fingers curl into the crack of her butt, pushing the soft material deep into the cleft. Then his fingers played with the soft fabric of her dress, slowly managing to tease the hem up sufficiently to expose a little bit of her smooth round buttocks. The hot slut seemed to have no qualms about exposing some of her pretty rear. Soon he was cupping her bare ass cheeks with his palms and his pelvis was working even more vigorously against hers. He tried once again to bring his lips to meet hers, but again he only managed a peck on her cheek.

Then, for some reason, he suddenly stopped moving his hips and just clung on to her. She said something in his ear, and the two of them edged their way to the other side of the dance floor, still glued to each other.

When the music stopped, the young man slipped away into the darkness towards the washrooms while the lady started walking back towards the bar.

As she approached the bar, I noticed a damp patch on her dress over her lower abdomen. She did not appear to be bothered at all about this tell-tale sign of the youngster's embarrassing experience.

I looked at her as she settled onto her bar stool. She must be a sex goddess, I thought to myself. What a woman to have in bed!

It did not take her very long to finish her drink. Then she turned around to look straight at me. I was jolted out of my dreamy state and a little embarrassed to be caught staring at her. She smiled and got down from her stool. My heart began to pound violently inside my chest as she walked slowly towards me.

"Hi," she greeted me, "You must be Tom. You got my message, huh?"

Oh my god, I thought to myself, don't tell me that this sizzling chick is my date for tonight.

"Hello," I responded, trying to sound very cool, "You're looking very nice. I didn't expect you to be so attractive."

I extended my hand out and she gave me hers. I shook her hand gently and then held on to her hand even as she got onto the stool next to mine. I could not help noticing her long painstakingly painted nails.

"Thank you," she said, "You're looking very good too."

I noticed that she was wearing very intricate make-up, giving her a very lovely and flawless complexion. Her lips, painted with glossy lipstick, looked very inviting indeed. Looking at her cleavage at close range sent tingling sensations through my crotch.

"Why don't you finish your drink?" she suggested, "Then we could get onto the dance floor for a while. It'll help break the ice. You're looking a little nervous, you know. Relax, lover boy. You were obviously expecting your wife's friend to be a real prude, huh?"

I was still in a daze. My date had begun. A reward of sorts. So that my wife could fulfill her own illicit fantasy. Would I be able to handle this hot lady?

The first number was a fast one. It gave me a chance to really scrutinize and admire her beautiful body. As she swayed gracefully to the beat of the music, I longed to get my hands on her sensual curves.

The next number, a slow one, gave me the first chance to touch and feel her divine body. It also gave us a chance to talk.

"Do you come here often?" I asked her.

"No," she replied, "this is my first time here."

"You look very confident. Do you go out often with other men?"

"No, I've never been out with any guy other than my husband ever since we got married. Your wife encouraged me to meet you. I'm sure she's explained the whole thing to you."

"What about your husband?" I asked, "He's supposed to be with my wife tonight. Don't you mind letting your husband spend the night with another woman?"

"Why should I mind? I'm the one who got your wife interested in him in the first place. I don't know what your wife's exact plans are, but she seems determined to go all the way with him. She'll probably take him back to your house. She told me that she was going to send the kids over to their granny's for the weekend. I don't mind my husband having some fun with her -- as long as I can have some fun with you. And I can tell you that right now I'm feeling real horny."

"Was your husband looking forward to being with my wife?"

"Of course, why should he not want to take advantage of an opportunity to savor the intimate delights of another man's wife? By now he must already be holding her in his arms. I don't know about you, but the very thought of my husband having sex with another woman fills me up with very mixed-up feelings."

A strange feeling gushed through my body as I tried to imagine my wife in this new situation. It was a feeling tinged with a bit of jealousy and apprehension and a tremendous amount of excitement. Tonight my wife was going to realize her ultimate fantasy, and I was being rewarded in return with this lovely lady who was now in my arms.

Our third dance was also a slow one. By then we were already holding on to each other very tightly. I could feel her breasts squeezed against my chest, and my hips were pressing firmly against hers. She would definitely have felt the bulge in my crotch probing into her lower abdomen. But she gave no indication that she was bothered by it.

Then I tilted my face towards hers and approached her mouth for the first time. And her lips willingly received mine in a deep passionate kiss. Like two long-lost lovers. I let my hands wander freely over the back of her body, while she held on tightly with her arms wrapped over my shoulders. By now I was hardly moving to the music, though I did occasionally feel the gentle sway of her hips.

"You said that you're feeling horny?" I whispered in her ear.

"Yessss ... " she purred sexily, "And I think I'm beginning to fall in love with you."

"Do you feel like making love?" I asked.

"Mmmmm ... yeah ... of course ... " she murmured and brought her lips to touch mine again.

We were not dancing any more. We just stood on the dance floor sharing a long deep kiss, our bodies stuck together in total surrender to this new love. This was a new phase in my life and I was looking forward to the excitement it promised.

"Let's go to my place," she whispered as the number came to a close, "I can see that you are ready for some real action."

"Did you drive here?" I asked.

"No, I took a cab."

As we left the dance floor I could not help noticing the looks of envy on the faces of her young admirers. The guy who had earlier danced with Carol was nowhere to be seen. She told me that he was nineteen and very inexperienced with girls. He had obviously decided to call it a night after his embarrassing experience on the dance floor.

"You've broken quite a few hearts tonight," I joked as I helped her to her seat.

"I would have loved to quench their youthful passions, but I've got some very good company for now. Tonight I'm reserving myself just for you, lover boy," she responded, trying to live up to her slutty image.

"I'm sure those young brats would have loved to stuff their meat up your pussy," I commented, pinching her cheek gently between by thumb and forefinger.

"Tonight I'll leave that task to you," she said with a naughty smile on her lovely face.

I excused myself briefly to go to the washroom, and took the opportunity to give a quick call to my wife.

"Hi darling." I said, "How are things with my hot and horny wife tonight?"

"Fantastic! Couldn't be better!" she responded, "I'm having a great time."

"Has your dream guy screwed you yet?" I asked, knowing that illicit sex was the ultimate objective of my wife's night out.

"Oh, come on, not so fast," she replied, "We just finished dancing. Alan was already having such a big tent in his pants on the dance floor. If that is anything to go by, I think I'm going to have it real good tonight. I think I'll take him home and let him ravage my chastity on our marriage bed. You don't mind that, do you?"

"Oh no, I don't mind it at all," I reassured her, "Do whatever it takes to quench your wildest passions. What better way than to be taken by your lover on your very own marriage bed?"

"How are things with you?" my wife enquired.

"The going's good," I replied, "I didn't know that your friend was such a sizzling bomb. I think I'll just follow her back to her place and let things happen. Please take care."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. You take care too. I love you."

"I love you too and I want you to be happy. Bye."


I felt much better after talking to my wife. She seemed to be really excited about the whole thing. I hoped that her lover would not let her down. And I must admit that I was no less excited about my upcoming session with Carol.

As I returned to the bar area, I noticed that Carol had unfastened a zip on the left side of her dress to create a spectacular slit extending all the way up to her waist. Wow, I thought to myself, this girl really wants to show off her fantastic body. "Let's go," I said, wrapping my arm around her small waist, "Let's go to your place and get to know each other better."

As we left, the barman gave me a thumbs-up.

"You're great," he quipped, "She's a hot one."

I winked at him and tightened my hold around her waist.

As we took a slow drive to her place, she related to me how she and my wife had been enjoying their secret fantasies and how they had been encouraging each other. She told me that Tina was really crazy about Alan and that her mind was always preoccupied with fantasies about sex with Alan.

"Your wife is going to have the time of her life tonight," she declared, "My husband is going to make sure of that."

As I pulled into the driveway I thought of my wife. I wondered if she was already on the way home with her lover.

I parked the car in the porch and turned towards the woman who was going to be my love partner for tonight. We kissed briefly and then got out of the car.

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