C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 07


Before we fell asleep I asked Tina how she felt about being fucked by her new lover. I asked her if she liked having another man's sperm inside her womb.

"Fantastic," she replied without hesitation, "And I want more of his cock."

We stayed home the next day with Tina refusing to put on a stitch of clothing. She had never done that before. She did all her cooking in the nude. She even went out to hang up a few clothes in the backyard without covering herself up. I hoped that the neighbors would not be (or maybe I was hoping that they would be) looking out of their back window.

She insisted that I should also get naked for lunch. So, for the first time ever, we had our lunch in the nude.

Later in the afternoon, we read the e-mail again, and again we ended up having a good fuck, this time on an exercise mat on the front balcony. We seemed to be getting bolder.

This time even I did not give a damn if anybody passing by were to spot us locked in coitus. In fact, the thought of being spotted in the midst of a fuck added even more excitement to the act. Throughout our married life my wife had never shown any kind of exhibitionist tendency, and I was glad that Morris's e-mail had unveiled this particular side of her character.

That night, as we lay in bed, we finally talked about it. Tina told me that she had never experienced such heights of sexual desire before. She was especially affected by Morris's recommendation of 'a variety of sexual experience'.

My wife had never before been spoken to in such a sexually explicit way by another man. Our previous episodes of role play were based entirely on imagination without any involvement of a third party. The young lad at Paradise Lounge had not really gone beyond satisfying his own base needs on the dance floor.

Morris was different. He was an experienced man married to an extremely seasoned and sexually liberated woman. He knew how to handle a woman, be it his own wife or another man's wife. And he had done a good job with my wife. He had actually got involved with my wife, and she was yearning for his cock.

For the first time, Tina and I actually talked seriously about what it would be like to have an extramarital element, not just a fantasy, in our sex life.

Morris's involvement was a step ahead for us. He was a real man, not just a fantasy, and he was actually communicating with my wife. He had actually fucked my wife on-line.

Tina did not express any reservations about a possible extramarital linkup. But she did make it clear that she would be more comfortable opening up to someone familiar rather than a complete stranger.

After our little heart-to-heart discussion, I was convinced that my wife was ready to be taken by another man. Her pussy was now ripe for use by someone other than her husband.

The way Tina kept calling me 'Morris' during our sex sessions convinced me further that she was, in fact, becoming very desperate, and that it wouldn't take much more nudging to edge her into opening her legs for another man.

On Sunday morning I sent an e-mail to Morris thanking him for his assistance in priming up my wife for some 'sexual variety':

Thank you for your email to my wife Tina. It was an excellent letter written exactly the way I wanted it. I must admit that I was really aroused imagining my wife locked in sexual intercourse with you. I experienced a really solid erection as I read your description of how you deposited your load of sperm deep inside her pussy. What made it so exciting was the fact that you were a real person actually describing your intimate act with my wife. You have now become an integral part of our new spiced-up sex life.

Tina will be writing to you soon. Let's see you give her a little more coaching in the art of sexual variety. Thanks.


On Sunday night I helped Tina write an e-mail to her new real-life lover.

Thanks Morris. That was a fantastic e-mail and a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

I must say that you are a real gentleman, and a nice and loving one. You are also a very sensible and understanding guy who knows how to put a woman at ease in a very tough situation. And you have a great tool that knows exactly what to do with a lady.

I'm not a very good writer, so I've asked my husband to edit my letter so that it sounds better but retains its content.

I attended school at an all-girls convent and only got a chance to interact with guys when I entered college. My conservative family background held me back from making any real contact with guys even in college. Tom has been my one and only sex partner.

You will have read on Literotica how our sex life had deteriorated to a mere ritual with no feelings or excitement. My friend Carol shook me out of my stale marriage. The incorporation of fantasies and role play in our love life has really changed everything.

And now a guy called Morris has come into my life. Your seductive words have mesmerized me. Every time my husband makes love to me. I feel that it's your hard cock working wonders inside me. It's a whole new experience having your cock probing into my throat and thrusting deep into my pussy. And when I get filled with sperm, my mind accepts the deposits as your illicit love juices flooding my womb.

I'm sure that, one of these days, I'm going to let another guy get between my legs. My guess is that it'll probably be someone from Tom's office. A couple of my husband's colleagues have given me the kind of look that says it all.

But Morris my dear, you will always be on my mind because you are the first man other than my hubby to have inserted his cock into my vagina and deposited his fertile sperm in my womb albeit in the form of a written fantasy.

I'm going to picture you and get fucked by you every time my husband makes love to me.

Thank you once again for that fantastic fuck and that lovely deposit of thick semen inside me.


Two days later, Morris sent another e-mail to my wife.

My lovely Tina,

Your email was just the kind of response I had hoped for. You are a self-confident kind of woman who knows what she wants and will assert herself to get it from her lovers. You are the kind of woman who will push me onto the couch, pull my pants down and grab my cock if you want the taste of my cum in your mouth. Call me Tom if you want. Call your husband Morris if he likes it. Do what you need to do to quench your lust. I will try to do my part to satisfy you fully.

It is true that I seduced you. I convinced you to be fucked by me with your husband in the same room - and we all enjoyed it. My thoughts were the ones that seduced you. You had never seen my cock and I had never slid my hand over your bare nipples or penetrated your vagina with my fingers before you presented your naked body to me. You have understood and accepted my argument in favor of extra-marital love. Taking another lover has been good for you and good for your husband. Now get me to shut up. I talk too much. The time for well-reasoned justifications for infidelity is over. Now it's time to get into some exciting action. Tell me what you want. My cock is your tool to enjoy. My tongue will do your bidding. My fingers will probe your depths and stimulate you to the sexual highs that you have craved for.

You said that you attended Convent School. To even imagine being naked with the seed from two cocks dripping from your vagina is a sin for the girl who has attended Convent School. When did you change from that chaste girl to the woman imagining a "husband swap" with her friend Carol - and why? Please don't ever decide to change back to your former self because you are so much fun the way you are now.

Just another question. Are you attracted to women? You shared an orgasm over the phone with your friend Carol while imagining having sex with each other's husband. Have you ever wondered what the taste of a woman is like? You should not deny yourself pleasure in whatever form it comes. There is a little bit of devil inside every angel – you just need to scratch the surface to let him out.

I will try not to get you so excited that you run out into your backyard naked again. I want you and your husband to have fun exploring extra-marital sex. I will help you to be as careful as I am if you help me to be as wild as you are. The balance is so precarious.

I tried to picture you while my wife was having a giant orgasm riding my tool , but it's hard to imagine you on the end of my cock when I have no idea what you look like.

If only my fingers were your lips, then you would be tasting my cum even now.

Your dear lover,


Tina was again uncontrollably excited to receive this second e-mail from her lover. The following Saturday she asked me to help her write a reply to Morris. I let Tina dictate to me what she wanted to say to her lover and, as I worked on the keyboard, I tried as far as possible not to edit her message to Morris.

My dear lover Morris,

WOW! Before I can even start reading your e-mail my pussy gets drenched in anticipation of the touch of your naked body against mine, the crush of your lips over mine, the steady strokes of your cock in my hungry pussy...oh my God, what have you done to me?

Yes, I studied in an all-girls Convent school, and attending Convent school did convince me that doing anything to enjoy life was a sin. My thoughts began to change over the last 5 years when I realized that my life was becoming a real drag and Carol started throwing in some mischievous ideas. She was always very excited by the thought of me getting fucked by her husband.

Although we have shared a couple of orgasms, we don't really have any lesbian kind of attraction. Our sexual attraction has been solely directed towards each other's husband. But we have not really made any move to transform fantasy to reality. And I can't really say anything for sure about how things may proceed in time to come.

My darling Morris,

Don't worry about me getting overexcited by your seduction. For me, in my present uninhibited state, it can never be too much, it can never be enough . I want to be aroused all the time. And my husband really likes me in this state.

I think of you as a man, a man who is not my husband, a man whose cock I yearn for, a man who can fill me up with loads of illicit sperm...

So I hold my legs wide apart and bring my hot pussy to your lips. Kiss me there darling, lick my wet pussy and taste the juices of my love for you. Then get your big cock inside me and give me a good fuck to last me till I get your next mail...

Your woman, today and forever, impaled on your loving cock,


Even as I typed the letter, I could not believe that I was doing this – helping my wife solicit fucks from her lover. I could not believe that I was actually coaxing my wife into immersing herself even deeper into this illicit relationship. But deep down I knew where Tina was heading for, and I wanted to give her my full backing in her new transformed state. I added the following postscript without Tina's knowledge.

Give it to her buddy. You've got her so filled with lust and desire. I'll take over afterward. Looks like tomorrow's going to be a Sunday of love and sex. Thanks a million.


Morris sent a reply the very next day.


I am even more fascinated with your wife every time she sends me an email. I am glad that Tina's transformation from chaste to uninhibited has taken a number of years and that she has the support of her friend Carol as well as the two of us. Sudden transformations due to a single experience (for example, an evening at the Paradise Lounge) are not as lasting as changes that occur over time and involve the added support and encouragement of friends and spouse.

You are both at the beginning of a very interesting journey. You have had the pleasure of filling her womb with sperm as she calls out my name, and I have read how she would like to suck the juices out of my cock and then have me thrust my tool into her pussy.

I can assure you that there is going to be another man between her legs soon. You should be prepared for that moment when you get the chance to see your wife wrap her legs around the back of another man as she receives his cock into her pussy. It would be even better if at that moment you have this other man's naked wife snuggling up to you. I wish it could be me initiating her into this new lifestyle but that seems impossible. As she says, it will probably be someone you know.

But I hope to get to know you both better. My wish is to move up from the seductive effect of the written words that Tina and I have exchanged to the ultimate pleasure of tasting your wife's wet pussy and then filling her with my cum. Of course, before that happens, I will need to convince Tina to send me a modest picture of herself smiling. Later you might even consider arranging for Tina to send me some pictures of herself in different stages of undress - if she wants to.

Please give Tina a kiss on her pussy, and tell her that it's from me.

Your friend


When I went downstairs after shutting down my computer, I saw Tina sitting on the sofa watching TV. I went over to her, pulled her nightie up and gave her a sloppy kiss on her naked pussy.

"What was that for?" she asked in surprise.

"For Morris," I told her, "He sent that kiss over for you." She was thrilled.

My wife was indeed a new woman. Previously sex used to be the last thing on her mind. Now her thoughts were perpetually preoccupied with sex of the illicit type.

I told Tina how Morris had expressed the desire to see pictures of her in different stages of undress. She was amused and laughed aloud.

"Wishful thinking," she said, as she pushed her nightie down to cover her pussy, "No wonder he told you to give me that kiss."

"But there's no harm in sending him a picture of your beautiful face," I told her, "At least he will be able to imagine you as he makes love to his wife."

"That shouldn't be a problem," she agreed.

Over the next few days we played around with the digital camera, and I was quite surprised how adventurous my good wife was. I managed to get some really hot pictures of her after reassuring her that I would not send any picture to Morris without her full consent. I really doubted that she would agree to send any of those hot shots to her online lover. Anyway, even the more modest shots of her pretty face were guaranteed to get him wildly excited. At the back of my mind, I still nurtured the hope that my wife would become bolder as she became closer to Morris.

Bringing an online lover into Tina's life had done wonders to our own sexual relationship. Morris had more or less convinced my wife that she needed an extramarital lover to fully rejuvenate her sex life. We were no longer talking about whether we should introduce others into our sex life. We were now beginning to focus more on the possible candidates, and we were looking out for couples because we wanted to do it together.

We shortlisted a few couples, including some of my office mates. But our attention was especially getting focused on the possibility of developing a closer relationship with Fred and Annie, our next-door neighbors.

Tina had always seemed quite attracted to the husband, and I would never have said no if I got a chance to be between the wife's legs. The couple had always been very friendly and warm, but we had never looked at them in a sexual way before because we never expected to be in our present situation.

We were beginning to feel that it would be very convenient to have an intimate relationship going with the neighbors, away from the spying eyes of society. But at the same time we did not want to rule out the possibility of some other suitable bedmates.

While we scanned the social landscape for suitable sex partners, I encouraged Tina to nurture her relationship with Morris. I stopped helping her with the e-mail and told her that she would have to get on with it on her own. I felt that she deserved some privacy if she was going to be more open and more adventurous with her online lover.

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