C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 09


I felt happy for Tina. Today was finally the day when all her pent up fantasies would be fulfilled. But I also felt a wee bit jealous, especially after Jill's remark about Tina and Dave being "made just for each other". It made me feel as if Dave was more suitable for Tina than I was. It also made me feel as if Dave was finally giving my wife something that I had failed to give during all our years of marriage.

My consolation was that Dave's wife seemed quite happy with me. She seemed to prefer a no-pressure take-it-easy kind of sexual experience. And that's the way I like it too. So, maybe, even though Jill didn't say so, just maybe, she and I might be made for each other too.

"I'll be back shortly. Nature's call," my bladder was full, and I needed to relieve myself urgently.

"Go ahead. Take your time. I'll quickly do up a little snack for you," Jill seemed very much at home as she opened the fridge.

When I came back from the bathroom, I was taken aback to find Jill stretched out on the breakfast table. She had a bunch of grapes placed over her crotch, a small pile of butter cookies between her breasts, and her boobs were liberally coated with blackberry jam. Between her lips she held a chocolate toffee.

Looking straight into my eyes, she pointed to the toffee sticking out of her mouth. I got her non-verbal message and brought my lips down over hers and around the toffee. Jill bit it into half and I took my share into my mouth. Then I mashed my lips against hers.

"This is a pleasant surprise," I whispered when our lips finally parted.

"Enjoy your meal," she said, munching on the chocolate toffee, "You'll be needing lots of energy later in the night."

I seated myself on the stool beside her and picked up the bunch of grapes. I plucked off a grape between my teeth and deposited it between her waiting lips. Then I plucked off another one for myself.

Next I spent some time diligently licking the jam off her breasts, putting in an extra effort to clean up the nipples. I also snapped up a couple of cookies along the way.

"They've run out of milk," Jill joked when I tried to suckle on her nipples.

"You've got such beautiful breasts," I complimented her, "I can go on eating them and suckling on them the whole night long. But there are also a lot of other things I want to do with you."

"Don't you want to share the cookies with me?" Jill asked, while she stroked the side of my face with her soft hand. "Of course," I said, picking up a cookie and dipping it in the sex sauce oozing out between her pussy lips, "A special cum-flavored cookie for you from your lover."

"Mmmmm ... " she murmured when I fed the cookie into her mouth, "Tastes fantastic ... and simply melts in the mouth ..."

For a moment my mind traveled upstairs to the master bedroom where my wife was being taken care of by Dave. I wondered what kind of new experiences were unfolding for Tina in the privacy of our bedroom.

Jill gripped my cock around the shaft, abruptly bringing my mind back to the kitchen. I suddenly became aware that I had developed a fairly strong erection. And I wasn't sure if it was in response to my little game with Jill or as a result of my mind's preoccupation with Tina's possible escapades in the bedroom.

"Naughty, naughty, naughty boy," Jill tried to make fun of me, "Better finish up the meal. Lots of hard work ahead."

I picked up the last two cookies, putting one in Jill's mouth and one in mine. Then I licked her breasts to make sure there wasn't any more jam on them, sucking up her taut nipples in the process and, at the same time, fingering her cum-drenched pussy.

"Let's go upstairs," I suggested, knowing that I must be taking the words out of her mouth.

"Sure," she responded, "Time for some serious work ..."

"You mean sex?" I interjected, while I helped her off the table.

"Call it what you may, as long as I don't feel too envious about your wife by the time it's morning."

As Jill and I made our way towards the guest room, we passed by the master bedroom and I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. This was not at all surprising, considering how engrossed Tina and Dave were in each other. The room door must have been a low priority in these moments of high passion.

Jill needed to visit the bathroom, which was conveniently attached to the guest room. I darted out of our room to take a quick peep into the master bedroom.

The master room was very dimly lit. Only the dressing table light was on. But I could still get a clear view of the loving couple.

Tina was lying supine with her head thrown back over the edge of the bed. Her lover was standing beside the bed, crouched over her, supporting himself on the bed on his outstretched hands. Tina held on desperately to the sides of his muscular buttocks.

Dave's huge cock was stuffed rather impolitely into Tina's mouth. My wife's sunken cheeks betrayed the enthusiasm and vigor with which she was accepting the piece of engorged meat deep inside her throat.

When Dave withdrew his cock halfway, only to slam it in again, Tina tightened her grip on him, as if not wanting him to get out of her mouth. I had never ever seen her in such submissive mood throughout our married life. And I had never before seen her gripped by such hunger for raw sex.

I could only watch as Dave began to slowly fuck Tina in her mouth. He slid his cock back and forth like a piston between her lips. I wondered if my wife was okay, especially on those strokes when he slammed deep into her with rather brute force.

The tingling sensation in my crotch made me bring my hand down, and I was amazed by the tremendous effect the erotic scene in the master bedroom was having on my penis. Watching my wife being savagely ravished by Dave had more than prepared my cock for the next session with Jill.

At the sound of the toilet being flushed, I hurried back to the guest room and lay down on the bed to await my lover. When the bathroom door opened, I turned my head to look at Jill walking slowly towards me in her naked splendor.

"Oh my my, I've got a big one waiting for me," Jill remarked, looking at my full erection. She got into bed and rolled over to lie on top of me with my penis squeezed against her tummy.

"Let's have a nice long fuck," she suggested softly into my ear, "No hurry. Make it nice and slow and steady. And at the end of it, lots and lots of your love juices inside me."

With that Jill gave me a soft kiss on my lips while steadying herself astride my hips. She guided my throbbing cock expertly into her soaking pussy and began to deliver gentle downward thrusts of her pelvis, allowing my erection to slip casually in and out of her at a steady pace.

It felt incredibly good just lying back and having my cock massaged by Jill's tight nulliparous vagina. She was fantastic, especially so when she intermittently contracted her pelvic floor to tighten her grip on my swollen shaft.

Just as I thought I was spiraling towards a climax, I rolled Jill over to the side and pulled my cock out before I could spill my seed. I was not going to let it end so fast. Jill wanted a long slow fuck, and that's what it was going to be.

We kissed passionately, our lips grinding together, and my tongue meeting and wrestling with hers. My hands roamed all over her, feeling and caressing her naked body, as we lay entangled in each other. I felt Jill's hands moving restlessly over my back, occasionally digging desperately into the flesh.

When I rolled over to get on top of her, she looked pleadingly into my eyes. She was in the grips of a lustful passion that was written all over her beautiful face, and her large eyes clearly communicated the immediate needs of her body.

"Fuck me," she murmured, "Just put your big cock inside me and keep it in there ... just keep fucking me ... I need a nice long fuck ... fuck me the whole night long if you can ..."

I urged my cock towards her waiting pussy and, with a little thrust of my pelvis, slid the impatient tool into her slippery vagina.

"Ohhhhhhh, darling ..." she mumbled, as she lay with her eyes closed, enjoying the presence of the monster inside her.

I began to work on her, with slow and gentle thrusts, gliding into her warm depths and sliding out, then gliding into her again and sliding out, pumping into her again and again and again, with no undue urgency, and no undue force.

Deep inside my heart I felt only love for this adorable girl, and I wanted to keep on making love to her. I wanted to see her enjoy her intimate union with me. I wanted her to treasure the moments when my fertile seed would be deposited in her womb.

"Ohhhhhhh, darling ..." she mumbled again, "It feels so nice ..."

Occasionally I would pause, with my cock embedded deep inside her, to give soft loving kisses on her face and lips, and sometimes I whispered little words of love and passion into her ear, further strengthening the tender bond between us.

We were lost in each other, and we were lost in time. As I maintained a gentle and steady pace on her, Jill and I were lost in a universe of our own. Her face was an icon of absolute bliss as she took round after round of passionate pounding .

Our world of blissful passion was abruptly jolted by a shrill cry of erotic pleasure and maybe even pain. My wife's voice, echoing from the other room, snapped my mind back to reality.

Jill and I were obviously not the only ones in cloud nine. Dave was still working hard on my lusty wife, and I was very glad indeed that he was not letting up on his task of fully satisfying her voracious carnal needs.

"She's very noisy," Jill commented, "But I can't blame her. Dave's been waiting two weeks to get his hands on her. And I think she enjoys his rather rough and harsh style in bed."

I tended to agree with Jill. She was quite right in her assessment of Tina's sexual preferences. I was happy that Tina's special sexual needs were being met. But I hoped that, in his enthusiasm, Dave would not do anything too unpleasant or unnatural.

The way I had seen him fucking her mouth earlier, with his dick lodged deep inside her throat, I was really amazed that my wife was actually enjoying the ferocity of the savage act.

"Let them fuck the way they want," I said, consoling myself, as I continued my gentle rhythm inside Jill's pussy, "And we'll just fuck the way we want."

"That's right," Jill agreed, "I just love the way you do it. Slow and steady, and so very passionate."

"You are such a sweet girl and your pussy is so tight and wet, I could go on making love to you forever."

"Please do, darling. Please let your cock stay inside my pussy and keep fucking me forever."

Then I increased my pace, and when Jill began to moan uncontrollably, I slammed repeatedly into her with more force than before.

"Oooooh ... that's fantastic ... keep fucking me, darling ... don't stop now ... fuck me till I cum ... fill me up with your hot juices ..."

We came almost simultaneously. She tightened up first, and very soon I felt the surge in my groins. I poured my load of seed into the depths of her vagina even as she quivered in the aftermath of her climax.

Our lips met in a deep kiss as we cuddled up into each others arms, and we lay like that for what seemed like a very long time, drifting off into a dream-like state where nothing mattered more than being very close to each other.

I'm not sure when we really fell asleep, but the last thing I can remember is the tender touch of Jill's soft fingers as she fondled my semi-erect penis while whispering words of passion into my ear .

"I love you, Tom ... you are so wonderful. You really make me feel like a woman. I want to be with you more often. I want you inside me more often."

When I opened my eyes again, the early morning sunlight was already filtering in through the curtains. Before I could adjust my vision to the brightness, I became aware of a throbbing tightness in my genitals that made me realize that I was having a massive erection, and Jill's moist mouth was clamped around my shaft.

"I'm not going to let you off without another round of good fucking," Jill declared, giving my cock a short reprieve, "My pussy is just yearning for your cock."

"It's my pleasure, darling," I replied, drawing her up to face me, "Nothing would please my cock more than to be inside you."

And so we were again locked in coitus, enjoying our slow and steady pace, and relishing the wonderful feeling of being in physical and mental union.

When I finally ejaculated, Jill had already gone through one minor orgasm and another truly explosive one. She was really exhausted after this early morning round of sex. She just lay limp on her back, and I cuddled up next to her.

Later, when Jill took a break to go to the bathroom, I took the opportunity to check out the next room. The door was still ajar, and I could hear my wife's soft moans of sexual pleasure.

Peeping into the room, I could see Tina sprawled on her back, with Dave positioned between her legs. In marked contrast to the previous night's scene, Dave appeared more subdued and gentle. Tina had her long legs raised beside her lover, and her gaze was focused on his face.

With his cock embedded deep inside my wife, Dave was only intermittently pumping into her. Occasionally he would plant little soft pecks on her face and lips. Most of the time he was staring admiringly into her eyes. Their relationship seemed to have taken a dramatic turn from purely physical to one full of love and passion.

I felt happy for my wife. Dave was the kind of lover she needed to dowse the flames of lust and carnal desire that had been raging inside her for so long.

I had seen how she had let herself be used like a rag doll by Dave just a few hours earlier. Now she was being pampered with love by the same man as if she meant everything to him.

When Dave suddenly became very still and stiff, I knew that my wife was about to receive another load of his seed. I wondered how many times he had deposited his semen inside her during the night.

I got a glimpse of Dave's thick seminal fluids oozing out of Tina's gaping cunt as soon as his limp tool plopped out of her. He had completed his job on her, and he had done it well.

I hurried back to the guest room to find Jill already lying peacefully on the bed. Getting into bed beside her, I wrapped my arm around her waist.

"Went peeping, huh?" Jill had already guessed what I was up to, "Was my husband taking good care of your dear wife?

"Yeah, caught him pouring another load of sperm into her."

Later, as we lazed in bed, we chatted idly about our lives and about the beautiful night that had just passed.

It was almost noon by the time Jill and I got out of bed. After a quick wash, we found ourselves walking hand-in-hand down the stairs. We hadn't bothered to cover ourselves with any form of clothing.

We were snuggled up to each other on the sofa, gulping down some nice cold plain water, when the other couple made their appearance on the staircase. Our spouses were also both completely naked.

They headed straight for the kitchen and came out a little later, each one holding a large glass of water. Dave, of course, maintained his trademark hold around Tina's waist all the while.

They settled onto the other sofa, with Tina perched on Dave's lap, taking big gulps of water like two thirsty desert gypsies. I noticed the bruises on the sides of Tina's neck and on her upper arms - clear evidence of the violent passions that had gripped them through the night.

No one said a word, and no one had any facial expression to betray his or her inner feelings about the whole episode. It seemed as if the previous night's events had left all four of us with a kind of mental hangover.

Tina kept bringing her lips towards Dave's for brief smooches, while Dave's hand didn't stop its gentle caressing movements over her breasts.

"Wow!" Jill finally broke the ice, "What a night! What a consummating night!"

Tina and Dave looked startled by Jill's sudden outburst. They looked at Jill as if she had suddenly gone crazy or something.

Then Tina burst out laughing, and she leapt off Dave's lap onto the sofa just next to him.

"So now the two couples are married," she said excitedly, while inadvertently rolling Dave's flaccid cock between her fingers and thumb, "And the marriage has been properly consummated."

"I hope so," Dave added, giving Jill and me a questioning look, "I hope the two of you were not just looking at the stars all through the night."

"I've got enough of Tom's juices in my womb to drown you if I sit over your face," Jill retorted, obviously feeling somewhat belittled by Dave's sarcastic remark.

"It's been a fantastic night, and I don't think anyone should have any complaints," I tried to sum up the general feeling of the foursome.

Later, as we helped ourselves to some snacks and milk in the kitchen, I noticed that Tina was a little lost in her thoughts. And Dave seemed to be taking every opportunity to let his hands grope her naked anatomy.

It was about three in the afternoon before Dave and Jill took leave. Jill managed to find and get into the two scanty pieces of her costume. Tina wrapped a towel around herself and I slipped on a pair of shorts to make ourselves look a bit decent as we bid them farewell at the front door.

The farewell kisses spoke volumes for the loving relationship that had developed between Tina and Dave and between Jill and me. And there was no doubt that this rendezvous was just the beginning of many more such sexual encounters to come.

Just as Dave reversed his car out of the driveway, I caught a glimpse of our neighbor Fred tending to some roses on the other side of his garden. He seemed quite oblivious to the goings-on over on this side of the fence.

After closing the front door, Tina and I stood facing each other for a while. Then we wrapped ourselves in each other's arms, and locked our lips in a long deep kiss. Tina's lips tasted exceptionally good.

"How was your night?" I asked, when our lips finally parted.

"Couldn't have been better," my ravaged wife replied, "And I love you very much for that."

"I love you too, darling. I love you even more after last night."

We headed straight for the bedroom, dropped into bed, and soon we were fast asleep, but not before I noticed the tell-tale crusts sticking to the inner side of Tina's thighs. I lay close to my newly emancipated wife, clinging faithfully to her well-used body, despoiled of its innocence, fully conscious of the electrifying fact that her womb was still overflowing with Dave's fertile sperm.

Over the next few days, Tina remained somewhat reluctant to talk freely, especially about our sexual escapade, tending to avoid direct eye contact and preferring to maintain a rather formal demeanor. This was not unexpected of a woman who had chosen to cast all her inhibitions aside to blatantly materialize her deepest illicit fantasies right before her husbands eyes.

I'm sure that feelings of guilt and embarrassment must have been tormenting my wife in the aftermath of her night of sexual indiscretion. I refrained from asking her any questions and completely avoided the topic of sex.

One week later, on Saturday afternoon, as I drove back from the local supermart with Tina, I suddenly felt her hand over my crotch. She gave my limp member a little squeeze that sent a tingle up my spine.

"You have quite some stuff there, huh?" she commented.

"What do you m... mean?" I stammered.

"I've been taking too much for granted all these years. Only realized it when I saw your little devil plunging in and out of Jill."

"You're quite a whore yourself," I muttered, trying to keep up with the sensual tempo, "What haven't I been missing all these years?"

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