tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCNAs in Trouble

CNAs in Trouble


The CNAs at the retirement home took an instant dislike to the new girl Stephy. She was young and pretty. She had just turned twenty, and stood just under 5'5" and weighed just under 100 lbs. Stephy's shoulder length blonde hair seemed perfect every day she came to work. The other women were jealous of her perky little breasts, and tight ass that every male resident watched as she walked by. Stephy knew what she had, and flaunted it every chance she could. Stephy always wore scrubs that were tight, so when she bent over you could tell if she was wearing panties or a thong.the male residents always found a excuse to have her bend over, so they could see what she was wearing that day. Stephy rarely wore panties, so almost every day was a treat for the male residents. It got to the point that the female residents even started to hate Stephy. The men were losing interest in the female residents, and they weren't getting the action they once got.

Jill the lead CNA had hatched a plan to get back at Stephy. Jill had short brown hair, and had put on a little weight since she turned forty. Her best features are her 36DDs, and her ass. Working as a CNA had kept her legs and ass toned even though her stomach was sticking out a little bit. There was one resident, 70 year old John that took every opportunity to grab the CNAs when they were in his room. He especially loved grabbing their asses when they bent over. Stephy never worked in that wing, so she never knew the stories of John's roaming hands.

One night about two years ago a CNA went into John's room alone during the night shift. John had pretended to sleep as this CNA cleaned up his room. She had her back to him when he had gotten up, and pinned her against the chair. His hands were all over her. She finally freed herself from his grip, and got out of the room. She was so ashamed that she let it happen that she quit her job, and told the other CNAs not to tell anyone. The girls never knew how far it really went.

One night shift both Stephy and Jill were scheduled to work that wing alone. The CNAs would always go into John's room in pairs to keep the grabbing to a minimum. Before break the CNAs would do a bed check. The last room was John's, and Jill had Stephy go in alone. Jill finished her side, and went on break to tell the girls what she did. Jill figured fifteen minutes of John groping her would put her in her place. The other CNAs loved it , and planned on being there when Stephy came running out. Half way through their break an emergency popped up, and an hour went by before Jill realized that Stephy was not back yet. Jill went back to the wing just in time to see Stephy leaving John's room crying and pulling up her scrubs.

Jill stormed into John's room to confront John and to see what happened not realizing her mistake. Jill starts yelling at John about what he did to Stephy, and threatens to tell everyone what had happened with Stephy and the other CNA. With speed she never seen John have before he was on her. In an instant she was laying across John's lap with her ass in the air.

All of a sudden a hard smack and pain racks Jill's ass as John spanked her. He showered her ass with smack after smack until Jill started to wimper. John calmly asks her if she is still going to tell. Jill still trying to be defiant says he is going to be in bigger trouble. That was the wrong answer. John yanks down her scrubs to reveal a bare ass with the fabric of her thong running down her crack. A couple more well placed smacks and John notices Jill's legs start to part a little bit. The only thing keeping her from spreading them more are the scrub pants at her ankles. Jill's ass had turned bright red from the spanking, and her wimpers turned into little moans. John had never seen this reaction, and decided to push it a little father.

John stops the spanking and starts to rub her pussy lips through her thong. He can feel the heat from between her legs, and the moisture starting to soak through the fabric. Jill's little moans are becoming louder, and she starts to move her ass back and forth.

John leans down to Jill's ear and whispers the question are you going to tell anyone now? The only answer he gets is a louder moan. John repeats his question as his fingers digs a little deeper pushing the fabric of Jill's thong between her lips. Jill's thong is now soaked. This time John hears the answer he is waiting for. Jill moans "I will not tell anyone."

John knows he has her where he wants her, and pushes to ask the question he really wants an answer for. Before he asks John brings his hand up just under waistband of the back of her thong, and slowly works the thong to the side as John's finger works its way down the crack of her ass. John stops his finger when he reaches her tight bud. John lets it linger for a little bit. John's finger continues down moving Jill's thong seeking the prize for tonight.

As John reaches her lips he bends down and whispers will you do everything I tell you to do? Before Jill can answer John's finger parts her lips, and enters her pussy. A loud moan escapes Jill's lips as John's finger saws back and forth in Jill's wet pussy. Inbetween the moans Jill is able to answer the question. In a voice she doesn't even recognize she answered "yes I will do anything."

John laughs out loud as he now has two new playthings in one night. With John's laugh Jill hangs her head in shame. Here she is on an old mans lap with her ass and pussy exposed while her husband is home asleep. She doesn't know why, but she has given self to this man without much of a fight. In the back of her mind she wonders if Stephy went through the same thing.

John's laugh dies down and he tells Jill that she was much easier to break than the other one. Tears well up in Jill's eyes as she realizes she gave in too easily. She tried to fight back, but her body betrayed her. Jill loved to be spanked, and her and husband played around with light bondage, and spanking was her favorite. Jill was always the submissive, and now here she was being submissive to an old man.

John decides he will play with this one a little longer, and give the younger one a break for the night. After what John did to her she deserved it. John knows he put his fingers in places no man had ever entered before, and she is going to be sore for a little while. Plus this one broke so easy it is going fun watching her shame as he cums inside her.

John grabs the thong at the waistband and pulls it down with no resistance. John pulls off Jill's scrub bottoms and thong, and removes her shoes and socks. Jill is naked from the waist down. Tears are flowing faster and her head still hangs down in shame knowing what is going to happen, and she doesn't have the strength to stop him.

John decides to prolong her torture by playing with ass and pussy lips. Jill tries to fight the feeling, but her body can't resist any longer. Jill's first orgasm comes fast and hard. It happens as soon as John's fingers penetrate her pussy for the second time. Jill feels her juices escaping from between her lips as John's fingers keep doing there work.

Before Jill can recover John orders her to stand and face him. Jill immediately obeys. John gets his first look at the neatly trimmed pussy. Jill's lips are red and puffy from John's playing with them. John can see Jill's juices coating her outer lips making them shine in the light. John knows the young one has a nice pussy too, and he will see it better when she follows orders and shaves it bald.

John decides he will have this one keep her pussy neatly trimmed. John likes that little brown patch right above those swollen lips. John's only recommendation is going to be that she keeps it nice and tight. John hates it when a pussy looks messy. The first girls hair was a mess. She let it grow to much, and you could hardly see her lips. John had told the other girl to be completely bald from the neck down for their next visit. Plus, for what he has planned for these two he needed one completely shaven.

Jill just stands there exposed to this old man. Jill's head still hangs down in shame, and her tears still trickle down her face. Jill jumps a little when John orders her to remove her top. She now knows she is going to be completely naked before this old man in no time. John is disappointed when Jill removes the scrub top just to reveal a cami top. John wanted see her bra immediately. Jill jumps again when John angrily orders her to never wear another top under the first shirt, and to wear a thong or nothing at all. It finally hits Jill that this won't be the last time John uses her body.

There is a moment of silence when Jill finally looks up to see John's angry face. Jill gets the hint and removes the cami. Next John tells Jill to take off her bra, and she is not to wear bras that are too thick. He wants to see her nipples poking through the bra, and John knows some of Jill's uniforms are almost transparent. John loved those days she came in wearing them. He could always tell what color bra and panties she was wearing that day, and with a thin transparent bra he is sure everyone will be able to see her nipples. John remembers a day Jill was wearing one of those uniforms when some water splashed on the pants. John could see her little pink transparent panties, and could have sworn he saw her pussy lips. Now that Jill was standing in front of him with nothing on from the waist down he was positive he was right. Jill nods yes to his request to wear a thin bra feeling happy that he was allowing her to wear a bra at all to work.

Jill is now completely naked, and when she looks up she sees John's dick getting harder and harder. John orders Jill closer as he sits in his chair. When Jill is close enough John takes both Jill's breasts in his hands and starts playing and rubbing Jill's breasts and nipples. John has found Jill's second button that turns her on completely. Jill can't believe her nipples were getting that hard and sensitive. The more he played with them. The more her juices start flowing.

John pulls Jill closer and takes a nipple in his mouth and starts to suck and play with it. This is Jill's weakest spot especially when starts playing with her ass. Jill is pushed over the edge and she cums for the second time today. It is almost as hard as the first time she came this evening. Jill feels her legs getting weaker and weaker. She wonders how long before they buckle, and she can't stand any longer.

John is quickly tiring of just playing, and dick is harder than its been in years. John stands and orders Jill to her knees and tells her to remove his clothes. Jill takes off John's shoes and socks, and reaches up to undo his belt. John smiles as his new toy is obeying his every command. As Jill pulls down his pants and underwear John takes off shirt not wanting to delay this any more. Jill lifts up John's legs one at a time to remove his clothes. Jill looks up to see John's hard-on for the first time. It is a bit longer than her husbands and alot thicker. Jill looks a bit higher to see John's flabby stomach hanging down, and his old wrinkly skin hanging off his body. Jill is repulsed by what is standing before her, but she dare not move away. John's pale skin is lose and pale, and is a complete contrast to Jill's tight slightly tan skin.

Without thinking Jill opens her mouth, and leans forward to take in John's dick. John smiles at her obedience, but he doesn't want her mouth right now there is plenty of time for that. John stops Jill and orders her to the bed. Jill stands a takes a few steps to the bed. As she starts to climb on the bed John stops her again. John is loving his new power over this woman. She is more obedient than the first one, and he will keep shaming her with it.

John orders Jill to bend over and place her hands on the bed. She immediately complies. He then orders Jill to spread her legs. Jill spreads her legs and waits for what is next. Jill can feel her pussy betray her as it gets wetter and wetter. John starts rubbing her outer lips, and leans in to whisper in Jill's ear that she was easy to control and at least the other girl fought him the whole way. Jill shuts her eyes and drops her head. She knew she should have fought him, and couldn't understand how she let it go so far. Jill opens her eyes to see her 36DDs swaying back and forth, and her nipples hard as rocks. Jill then sees John wrinkly hand rubbing her outer lips, and watches as a finger penetrates her pussy. Jill's body is on fire, and her pussy is dripping her juices down her leg.

John has had enough of this playing, and it was time to take his prize. She was more than ready, and it was time to give her the ultimate shame of being taken by another man. John orders Jill to lay in the edge of the bed. Jill knows this can't go on, but she is beyond stopping it. Jill slowly stands and turns around to comply to her new master. She sits on the edge of the bed and lays back spreading her legs without an order from John to expose her wet pussy to the old man.

John loves she her like this. He soaks in her large beautiful breasts and hard nipples. His eyes move down hery body taking in her puffy lips shining with her own juices. John can see the lips parting slightly. John waits leaving Jill to ponder the next thing that is going to happen to her. John finally speaks and tells Jill she is the first to get in fucking position without orders. As what John says sinks in Jill realizes she is completely gone, and there is no turning back.

John steps between Jill's legs, and tells her to raise them in the air. Jill obeys and John grabs her ankles spreads them father apart, and puts them over his shoulder. John has access to either hole, but there is only one he is interested in right now. John knows before he gets tired of this toy he will have cum in each of her hole several times.

Jill closes her eyes unable to watch what is going to happen. She tries to pretend it is her husband, and not an 70 year old man about to enter her. John sees this and orders Jill to open her eyes and watch every stroke.

Jill opens her eyes and sees a wrinkly old man between her legs. Jill's eyes fly wide open as John thrusts his dick into her fast and hard. She feels the walls of her pussy being stretched to the limits. She also feels the walls of her pussy grab on to John's large member as he slowly thrusts in and out. She watches as John's dick as it comes out shining from her juices as she coats him more and more with each thrust.

John picks up his pace and Jill throws her head back knowing she is getting close to another orgasm. John notices this, but doesn't care if she is watching anymore. He also notices Jill is starting to get louder with each thrust. John finds the discarded thong on the bed and reaches for it. With John next deep thrust Jill's mouth opens wide, and John pushes the moist thong in her mouth to keep the noise down. He doesn't want to ruin a good thing by getting caught.

Jill is surprised, but knows she can't keep the noise down on her own. She doesn't want to get caught either. She would surely lose her job, and the embarrassment of getting caught fucking a resident would follow her forever. Jill is getting the fuck of a lifetime, and there is no stopping now. With the fear of getting caught now gone Jill lets loose. Her head is flying back and forth, and her muffled moans getting louder. Jill's hips are now meeting John's thrusts.

Jill's body can't take it anymore. It feels to good, and she is ready to cum again. She has lost track of how many times she has cum, but knows this is going to be the biggest she has ever had. Jill's head now stops thrashing as her body tightens as her pussy explodes. John feels Jill's pussy tighten and throb around his dick. This pushes John over the edge as his dick erupts splashing his cum all the walls of her pussy.

As Jill comes down from the euphoria of cumming she realizes that she just had unprotected sex with another man. Jill's pussy is overflowing with John's sperm. She has never felt so full in her life. A million things go through Jill's mind, but two questions stand above the rest. Will she get pregnant? Does John have any diseases?

John pulls out with a audible pop. He looks down to see his sperm oozing out of her open lips. He is surprised that she hasn't tried to cover herself up. She is still laying there legs spread wide open letting him take in his handy work. She has even left her thong in her mouth. Probably afraid it would make him angry if she pulled it out.

John orders Jill to stand up and clean up the mess she made. Jill looks around and finds the discarded cami, and wipes up the bed. She looks down and sees a pool of cum on the floor under her pussy. Jill wipes off her legs, and cleans up her pussy. She takes a step forward to wipe off John's shiny dick.

John stops Jill and orders her to remove her panties from her mouth. John takes a step back, and sits in his chair. Jill takes them out and bends down to wipe off John's dick. John likes the view her heavy breasts hanging down, but he wants to be cleaned another way. John looks at the clock, and sees the timing is just about right. John stops Jill and orders her on her knees.

John orders Jill to use her mouth to clean him up, and she is not to use her hands. Jill lowers her head and starts licking their combined juices off his dick. Jill can taste both of them on his dick. John is happy with this, but he wants more. Orders Jill to use more mouth and less tongue. Jill opens her mouth and takes in as much as she can. John keeps alternating between watching her head bob up and down, and the clock on the wall.

At 10:30 the door creeks open. Jill hears this and tries to raise her head, but a clearing of John's throat reminds her to keep going. Jill hears a gasp that sounds like Stephy as someone walks in and shuts the door.

Jill feels a presence behind her, but no words are spoken. John's dick is getting harder and bigger in her mouth. John finally talks, but not to Jill but the person behind her. Jill hears John says Stephy's name, and Jill closes her eyes in shame. Here this young girl is watching her lead CAN suck this old mans dick while naked. The worse is that it Jill can still feel cum dripping from her pussy, and knows it is pooling underneath her.

Stephy does notice the cum dripping from Jill's spread legs, and she can smell the odor of sex in the air. Stephy knows she was setup by Jill, and was glad it was Jill that had to have sex with the old, and not her. John finally speaks again to Stephy. He tells her that Jill has saved her from tonights punishment by satisfying him. A small smile crosses Stephy's face until the next words ring in her ears.

John tells both of them that this is the first night of many to come. As the words sunk in John's dick explodes in Jill's mouth. John waits until she has swallowed every last drop before he continues. He orders Jill to stand next to Stephy. Jill can't look at Stephy as she rises and steps next to her. Jill looks down to see the view that Stephy had been looking at this whole time. Jill sees John's old naked body sitting in his chair, and his flaccid shiny dick lying off to the side. Jill imagines herself kneeling in front of him with her head bobbing up and down.

A large pool of cum has formed on the floor. Jill is feeling very embarrassed by what had been leaking out of her, and now she was the only naked person in the room as John put on a shirt and boxers.

John is now standing directly in front a Stephy telling her how obedient you were. How you followed orders without question or a fight. Jill is shamed by this. She knows she should have fought him to the end, but somehow she could not find the strength. He tells Stephy that Jill felt only pleasure tonight not the pain that she had to endure. That gets Jill thinking of what this poor girl had to go through.

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