tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 02

CNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 02


Hello awkward!

So there we were. I was standing in front of my coworker, Danni, whom also happens to be my neighbor. The same neighbor whom I had spied "dancing with herself" the other night, while she noticed me engaged in a little "audience participation" during her show.

And now, we were expected to share a 6'x10' cube in our local cube farm here at the office.

She broke the ice. "So, after 6 months, this is how I finally get to know your name? I was about ready to go through your mail" she joked a bit with me.

"Well, I was going to introduce myself, someday" was the only snappy retort I could come up with.

"Hmm. 'Someday', yeah, right. I just figured people in our townhouse association aren't the friendliest people out there. We've either got retirees who've got nothing better to do than stick their noses into other people's business, or younger people just starting out in their first house." she said. "So, which are you?"

It took me a second to realize she was joking.

"You got me. I'm just putting in time here and collecting my AARP newsletter, until I get my pension. Now, if those damn kids would just stay in their own god-damn yard! You wanna maybe watch "Matlock" later?" I asked in my best '97-year-old-guy-named-Earl' voice.

That got Danni to toss her head back and laugh. A full blown, from the diaphragm, laugh.

"So, about the other night..." I started in.

"Not here" she cut me off quickly. "We can talk about things, but let's keep work, well, work, OK? This is already going to be interesting, you and I sharing a cubicle. Let's not let the tension-o-meter rise any more than it has to, OK?" she finished.

Logical, and quick to come to a conclusion. One that, honestly, I couldn't argue with. Especially since we had to work together and I didn't want to have any discussions with our HR rep that included the words "jacking off."

"But, you could pick up some beers and we can get a pizza tonight and chat" she offered.

Dude! Was I just asked out by a girl? Me? Her? Well, I can deal with that.

"Certainly. Sounds like a plan. Do you want me to come over to your place, or do want to swing by mine?" I asked even as I took a mental inventory of the condition of my house. Vacuuming? Check! Laundry contained? Check! No porn lying out? I'd have to do a sweep. All the beer bottles out of the kitchen and in the recycling container? Easy to do.

"I'll order the pizza, you bring the beer" she offered.

"Deal. Just do me a favor, not Pizza Hut or Domino's, OK? I just came here from Chicago. Chicago has good pizza. It's like Disney World for pizza. This town knows no good pizza. If it's here, I haven't found it yet."

"I'll get it from a local place, snob-boy. Are you always this high maintenance?" Danni teased.

"With some things that are important? Yes I am." I said in mock offense.

"Whatever. How about 7ish? Just come over. I'll leave the door unlocked. Give me your cell number in case I'm late leaving here, I'll call or text you." We exchanged numbers.

"OK, I'll bring a six-pack if that'll work." I suggested.

"Oh, that should be plenty for a school night. I got to run right now. I've got to go to a meeting with a bunch of ignorant monkeys from Marketing who want me to do their job for them. If I don't catch you before I leave, I'll see you later then." Danni said as she grabbed her laptop and headed off down the hallway. It took plenty of restraint not to openly stare at her ass as she walked away.

At about 3pm I looked up to find the clock on the wall moving backwards in strict disobeyance of everything Einstein ever said about time travel.

I left the office about 5 o'clock and stopped to get beer on the way home. What's a good first date beer? Should I assume lowest common denominator and get a typical light beer? Should I get something a little off the wall from a micro-brewery? Should I go for something sweeter? Too many choices! Of course, I stopped at a place with a ton of selection. Had I just gone to a gas station I could have just bought THE only beer they had... I reached in to the cooler and grabbed a six pack at random. I then put it back, and grabbed something else.

Once home, I changed out of my office casual uniform and in to jeans and a comfortable V-neck pull over. I brushed my teeth (better safe than sorry), grabbed the beer and walked over. I knocked on her door.

Danni greeted me at the door, and admonished me about knocking. She was still in her work clothes.

"You could have just come in," she told me, "Like, what, you were worried about seeing me naked?"

More blushing on my part.

"Well, I figured it's like we just met..." I managed to get out. "I shouldn't just barge in to someone's house that's practically still a stranger."

"Please. We live next to each other and we'll be working together. We're on the fast track to be best friends. You're too smart, I guess, to do anything stupid. I trust you by default." Danni reasoned. "Pizza will be here in a few, let's start drinking these before they get warm." She regarded the beer.

"Sam Adams. Hmmm. Not too cheap so I'd think you're cheap, but not too far out there that I'd think you're weird. Good, safe bet on the beer." Wow. Danni was totally able to deconstruct the (far too many) thoughts in my head around which beer to bring. What other thoughts of mine did she know? "Hey, about the seeing you naked part..." I started. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to be watching you the other night."

"If I was really worried, I could shut the blinds. I just usually don't worry about it. I mean our other neighbors are both too old to even see this far. I just got used to leaving the blinds open when the Naked Guys lived in the unit you're in now."

"Naked guys?" I asked.

"Sure, Steve and Bill. They lived in your place before you. They'd walk around their place naked all the time. Butt. Ass. Naked." Danni was waiving her arms around for emphasis.

"This one time, I had my book club over. My friend Kate went outside on the deck to have a smoke, and she saw the guys sitting out there having a beer. She says hi, they wave. No big deal, right. Until one of them gets up from his lawn chair to get another beer, AND HE'S NAKED! Like totally naked, junk hanging out and everything."

"What did Kate do?" I asked.

"She let loose with a "Woo Hoo" and waved. I think later on, after another half a box of wine she flashed 'em. They were just sitting outside enjoying the summer air, drinking a beer."

"Turns out, and I'm sure you'll discover this, is the ventilation in our townhouses is pretty shitty. In the summer, you turn up the A/C. You are freezing (she pronounced this "FAH-reezing") downstairs and upstairs you're still sweatin' balls. So, trust me, come summer time, you'll be walking around in your underwear all day, too." I took this all in. I looked forward to seeing her in her underwear all the time.

"So, you walk around in your panties all the time?" I had to ask.

"Sure, why not? Usually I wear my bathrobe. All of the comforts of nudity and you feel like you can still sit on furniture. But, I usually don't pay too much attention, so I'm in my undies, my PJs, nothing. It depends. I really didn't care with the Naked Guys, I saw them naked way more then they saw me," Danni finished.

"Do you think they were gay?" I asked.

"Nope, certainly straight. I think they were old college buddies or something. They were just really casual and comfortable with themselves. It's not like I saw them jackin' it or anything too pervy like that" she elbowed me when she mentioned the pervert part.

"Uh, yeah, about that, I'm sorry. I don't normally watch people like that." I offered meagerly.

"Dude, it's totally cool. I liked watching you, too. I figured you enjoyed watching me, no big deal. I was kind of hoping if you saw me naked enough you'd finally ask me out."

"Well, if that's the case, what are you doing Friday night?" I asked.

"Nope. You're too late. We're coworkers now. I'm not that dumb to be screwing around with people I have to work with. Well, not anymore at least. It just makes things too uncomfortable. Plus, we're in the same cube... So, no dating for us. Sorry. You blew it" she finished her speech and got up to grab another beer. I was feeling pretty sad, if I had only not waited so long...

"Hey, I'm going to get out of these work clothes, these pants are killing me and I've got a turbo-wedgie" she said as she got up. "Don't go anywhere..." she admonished. She headed upstairs to her bedroom to change. Like I was going to be leaving at this point. I got up and grabbed my second beer. By the time the pizza got here, I'd need to get more beer. Why don't places deliver pizza and beer, I wondered. Sounds like a good business model to me. I could start a business with that idea.

I busied myself looking around Danni's living room. Lots of art from Spain and some pictures of friends. A few pictures of her in what looked like Europe. I'd have to ask her about those. Cue the doorbell.

"Shit!" I hear from up the stairwell. "Can you grab my purse, it on the kitchen counter?"

"Sure, do you want me to get the pizza? I think I've got a $20 on me." I offered.

"No, you got the beer, and I've got a coupon for a free pizza cause they fucked up my order before. The coupon is in my purse though, just bring it up here."

I grabbed her purse from the kitchen and went to the bottom of the stairs. I froze at when I got there. She was coming down the stairs towards me, wearing only a pair of panties. She may have had socks on, but I wasn't exactly concerned with her feet at that point. The jiggling coming down the stairs was unbelievable.

"Ah... here" I croaked out. She was standing two steps higher than me. Her girls were right at eye level, and oh, about 10 inches away. Boobs in 3-D.

Oh, sweet Lordy Jesus. Very light, large areolas. Nipples that were about the size of the non-dairy creamers you got at diners. I could hang a hat on them. And, the whole breast was just simply spectacular. Very large this close up, no sagging. The nipples just pointed straight out, not downward. I had to be careful, lest I lose an eye. I know tastes vary with breasts, but if I could pick a pair out of a catalog, these would be the ones. And they were close enough that I could just lean forward and kiss them if I wanted to. She was leaning forward just a bit as she reached for her purse, and the girls swayed back and forth in unison. It was magic.

She broke my trance. "Seriously, dude. They're just boobs. Hello? My eyes are up here. Here's the coupon and a tip for the guy. I'll be back down in a second."

The doorbell ringing a second time broke me from my bout with immobility. I opened door, handed the guy the coupon and tip. He could have handed me a large cartoon anvil at the point, I wouldn't have cared.

"Hey, don't get dressed on my account..." I managed to offer when I got back in to the kitchen. By then she came down the stairs in a T-shirt and shorts. It was glaringly obvious she did not have a bra on. Her shorts were just short enough that I could make out a little cheek. The shorts were kind of tight, maybe a size too small, and hugged her ass perfectly. The shirt wasn't that tight, but it was kind of thin and yellow, with a big drawing of a sock monkey on it.

She grabbed a couple of plates and we each grabbed a couple of slices.

"You really aren't all that modest, are you?" I had to ask.

"Nope, not really. I actually prefer being naked. I've laid out on my deck nude here. The other two neighbors are old enough that they can't see this far, but they aren't usually out and they keep their blinds closed all the time. No one can really see down our cul-de-sac, so why not? You've probably seen me naked plenty of times by now."

"So, if I wasn't here, you'd be naked right now?" I asked, ducking the implied 'how many times have you watched me' question.

"Probably. It's warm enough. Come on, let's sit outside and eat. I dare you to take your jeans off." She was up like a shot and grabbed her beer and her pizza. She headed out on the deck. "Are you coming?"

"You want me to take my jeans off?" I confirmed.

"Yeah, no one's out here," she turned around and mooned me. She didn't quite pull her shorts down far enough to give me a rear view of her pink bits. There was no underwear under her shorts when she dropped them. She turned back around, and kind of skipped over to a deck chair. She plopped down in to it, causing all sorts of bouncing under her shirt, and looked at me, arching one eyebrow. "You coming?"

"Not yet," I thought to myself. "Sure, why not?" I said out loud. I undid my belt and dropped my jeans. Good thing I wasn't wearing my "Star Wars" boxers today, just a regular pair of plaid ones. One of the things I feared, though, was that I'd be hard. And sure enough, I was partly stiff. Oh well, no hiding it. I grabbed the box of pizza, my plate and headed outside.

"Looks like someone is happy to see me." Danni commented, looking at the peak in my boxers. She kind of giggled as I looked around. I guess no one could really see us up here.

"Well, it isn't every day I'm talked out of my pants by a cute girl. Take it as a compliment." I recommended. All the while, I was trying to sit in such a way that partially hid my hard-on. Her talking about it was not helping, and neither was sitting outside in my underwear while it was still partially light out.

"Oh, don't worry. Have another beer, and everything will turn out ok." She leaned back a bit and stretched in her chair, pushing her tits out. Her nipples looked like they were going to pop right through her shirt. The shirt was thin enough that it really didn't leave much to the imagination. It was a beautiful sight. Danni had a really nice body as long as you weren't in to really skinny girls. You certainly couldn't count her ribs, and that was absolutely fine by me.

Sure enough, despite my reservations on local pizza being pretty craptastic, it was actually passable. I let her know I approved of it. I popped open the last beer. By my count, we were even at 3 and 3. She finished hers, and stood up.

"I'm grabbing something else to drink. Do you want anything?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she walked inside, again letting me see the boy shorts that absolutely followed every contour of her ass.

"Nope, still doing well on this beer. Maybe in a bit"

She came back with a glass of white wine. She slowly lowered herself into her chair this time, no seismic undulations, unfortunately. She looked at me right in the eye, with her piercing blue irises featuring a conspiratorial glint.

"Take your shirt off" she commanded.


"Yep" she answered. She set down her wine glass. With one swift motion, she reached down with crossed arms, grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it up. It caught slightly on the bottom of her globes, causing each to rise up and then drop back down. If this were a cartoon, there would have been an audible "Sproing." That noise would have been followed by my eyes popping out of my skull with an ah-ooga sound effect.

It was certainly starting to cool off outside. Her large nipples were poking out at least half an inch. Little goose bumps appeared on her light areola. She crossed her arms below her breasts, not covering her nipples, and creating what looked like 12 inches of cleavage. This girl could win a wet T-shirt contest in a bullet-proof vest.

"You really aren't shy, are you?" I asked the obvious.

"Nope, I think I actually love to be naked. It's weird, but I really enjoy it. Not really sexually, but in the sense I also enjoy a good steak or a nice glass of wine. It just feels good to be naked." She was smiling right now, and I believed her.

"Take your shorts off, Phil." It wasn't a question.

"Wait, only a minute ago you asked me to take my shirt off, and now you want my shorts, too? Can't I just take my shirt off?"

"Nope, you snooze you lose." Danni leaned back in her chair and pulled her knees up to her chest. She lifted her ass just enough to slide her shorts off. I got the beautiful sight of her pink lips peeking out from between her legs as she peeled the slightly too tight shorts down her legs. She wadded up the shorts and threw them at me.

"C'mon. I'm waiting. Let's see everything." She looked at me expectantly. I pulled my shirt off, and tossed it back at her along with her shorts.

"Everything" she repeated.

I looked around nervously to see if anyone was around. Nope. There was no one. I tried to reason out the problem here. On the side of "good reasons to get naked" were: I liked this girl, a lot. She wanted to see me naked. I had certainly enjoyed seeing her private real estate. She had already seen me naked, from a distance.

On the side of "bad reasons to get naked" were: We worked together. She said she didn't want a relationship due to that. I didn't know her name before this morning. And that was it. The fact that I was already done with my third beer likely was the deciding factor.

I stood up and started to pull my shorts down. The elastic caught on the end of my erection, pulling it down slightly. I paused there for effect. I looked at Danni. She was staring at my hands, waiting for them to go lower. A very mischievous grin was on her face.

"C'mon, I want to see it... Let's see your little fella." Danni pleaded. Her big, 'swimming-pool-in-summer-blue' eyes looked up at me. She batted her eye lashes. She was painfully cute.

"Little?" I asked as I pulled my shorts all the way down, allowing my dick to spring free. Now, I am certainly no John Holmes type, but I'd like to think I'm above average. "I wouldn't say little. Besides, you saw it before."

"Oh, that's pretty. I like it, it's a Goldilocks penis. Not too short, not too long, it's just right. Besides, it was kind of dark the other night. I could see what you were doing, but I couldn't make out any details."

"Sorry about it being hard, it isn't as if I can control it. Must be because I'm around a pretty girl. A pretty girl who's pretty naked, that is." I offered.

"So, when did you start at Corporate?" was the next thing out of her mouth. Like that, we were beyond talking about being naked and we simply were naked and talking. She didn't seem to mind, or even notice. I, however, found eye contact to be a challenge. My body soon relaxed, and my penis stood down from DEFCON4 after a few minutes.

We spent the next hour or so drinking wine (we exhausted the beer) and just chatting. How long had we been with the company, people we both knew, etc. We complained about the townhome association. Most of the people on it were older busybodies who didn't know how to mind their own business. They really did not care of the younger folks who bough townhouses here, and even complained when, shocking, an unmarried couple moved in. Most of them would simply have a stroke if they saw us out here right now wearing nothing. Scandal!

I asked her about the pictures on her wall. She told me about going to Spain as an exchange student in college. She stayed an entire semester, and toured around Europe for a while.

"That was the first time I got naked outside, by the way. A bunch of us American students were on a beach, which was topless, of course. No big deal to the Europeans, right? Our host family was there. The dad was wearing a Speedo despite the fact that he had the body of Homer Simpson. The mom was like the classic older European woman who seems to have her shit together and just gets more beautiful as she hits middle age. She was wearing just a little bikini bottom. She's tan all over. So, all of us exchange students are a little uncomfortable, because you just don't hang out with people this naked here in the US," Danni related.

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