tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 03

CNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 03


"Morning, Sunshine," my too chipper cube mate greeted me in the morning.

"Hi there. What's up this fine morning?" I asked. I figured we were still playing by the 'what happens at stays at home' rules.

You see, I discovered my neighbor Danni, who had an exhibitionist streak a mile wide, was my new coworker. So, while we might hang out naked and talk about sex in her house, while we were at work, it was very strictly work.

All things being equal, I preferred the naked part quite a bit more.

Danni looked over at me with her blue eyes. It looked like the only makeup she wore was a little eye shadow, nothing too severe. When she turned her head, her pony tail swished behind. She still had enough of her hair down that a few strands of her light brown highlighted hair were in her eyes. I'd love to grab that pony tail like the reins of a horse, but I digress.

"I'm having an issue with trying to get one of the databases to spit out the information I want. This new system is a serious pain in my ass," she said.

"Sorry to hear that, I can try to play around with it if you'd like. I'm not all that up on the tools you're using, but I can give it a whirl" I offered.

Let's be honest. I'd help this chick paint her house right now. Do her taxes, hide a dead body, whatever. I was seriously attracted to her by this point. She was the right combination of serious and fun, girl next door and sexpot, smart and funny. You toss all of that together in a wrapper that includes a room brightening smile and D cups, and I was hooked.

"Well, I've got this guy from IT coming over to mess with it. If he can't get it to work, I'll let you bang away on it with a hammer," Danni replied.

A little while later, the IT guy showed up. He seemed nice, and didn't strike me as the typical tech guy, mainly because he was well dressed and didn't seem too over the top nerdy. I know, I'm playing a stereotype here, but you get my point.

Three people in our cube was a little bit tight. Besides, I found working near Danni seriously distracting. Although the cube was set up so each of us was pretty much in a corner, I found myself looking over at her constantly. Every time she moved, it caught my attention. I couldn't get any work done while I was here.

This could turn in to a problem pretty quickly. It also was the reason why Danni didn't want to date people she worked around. Yet, somehow, hanging out tipsy and naked in her living room and later watching each other engage in a round of self-pleasure was OK. Didn't make sense to me, but, it sure beat a sharp stick in the eye.

So to make some space, both physical and mental, I grabbed my laptop and headed down to our office's cafeteria. The company had finally installed a wireless network throughout the building, so I opted to go hide somewhere to work on my presentation. I wondered if this was going to be the case from here on out.

Around 3 o'clock I went back upstairs to find Danni still at her desk.

"Where've you been all day?" she asked. "I was going to see if you wanted to grab some lunch earlier."

"Sorry, wrapped up in trying to get this project nailed down. If I don't start crossing things off of the to-do list, I'll get too backed up to function." I offered. It sounded better than 'I can't work with your tits going so horrifically unmolested right next to me...' which was the real reason.

One of the things I've discovered about Danni in the last few days since we've started talking is that she seems unaware of the impact she has on guys. She was certainly no supermodel. But a really mind-achingly cute girl who is predisposed to smiling is wonderful to be around. Put that face and charming personality with a five and half foot tall body with generous curves, and it was magic. Unfortunately for me, the magic trick was working on me, and she made it difficult to think straight.

"Well, the cute IT guy hooked me up with what I needed. This shit rocks now that I know how to use it." She seemed pretty excited about being able to generate reports. I mean, data tables are what every girl wants, right?

"Of course the IT dude went out of his way to help you, he got to look down your shirt while he was leaning over working on your computer," I explained. Being a guy, it was pretty easy to spot motive in this case.

She looked down and saw that she had just a bit of cleavage peeking out from the top of her shirt. She looked at me like the cat that got the canary, but didn't she disagree with my statement.

"Hey, will you be around tonight?" I asked her. "I've got nothing going on, wanted to know if you wanted to come over and watch some TV. It's Thursday, which means "Friends" is on." (This was 2002, remember...) I figured every chick loved "Friends," right?

"Can't, I've got my bowling league tonight. Sorry," was all Danni offered. That's fine, I can let her determine when and where and how much we hang out. Christ, I'm way over thinking everything.

Good job, self, not getting obsessed.

About 4 hours later I was sitting at home by myself watching Ross and Rachel flirting with each other while eating leftover pizza. Boy, that was the best part about being a bachelor. The freedom...

Next morning, I got in to the office before Danni. We should seriously think about car pooling it occurred to me. I'd bring it up to her later.

Danni came in around 9 am. She was moving slowly and stiffly. She gingerly sat down in her chair.

"Hey Skippy, you OK?" I asked her, knowing the answer had to be some variation of "no".

She turned to look at me. She had to move her whole body to do it. She was moving like a mannequin wearing a well-starched suit. It was kind of humorous, despite the fact that she was obviously in pain.

"I popped something in my back bowling last night. I don't know what happened, but I went to roll, and all of sudden I had spasms in my back. Today I am completely stiff. I could barely drive in this morning because it hurts like a mofo to turn my head. This sucks."

"It certainly sounds like it. Anything I can do to help you out? I'm fresh out of muscle relaxants, unfortunately. I can at least give you a ride home tonight, it isn't as if it is out of the way. Leaving your car here shouldn't be a problem," I offered.

"Oh God, that would be wonderful. I feel like if I could just recline the seat and lay flat I'd be perfect."

"OK, when's your last meeting today? We could leave after that. I've got a, let me check, a status update on a project that goes until 3:30, I could sneak out after that," I mentioned, checking my schedule.

"I'll be ready to bolt at about 4. Do you just want to meet here at the cube or at your car?" she asked.

"Let's met here."

The rest of the day went smoothly. At around 4, after a small argument from her about being able to do it herself, I grabbed Danni's work bag along with my own, and we headed downstairs. Holy Falling Pianos, Batman, her bag had to weigh 30 pounds. Was her laptop and bowling ball in here? No wonder she's got back pains.

We made it out to the car. I opened the passenger door for her, and held her hand (Loved it!) as she lowered herself gingerly in to the seat. I know she was in pain, but it was almost comical to watch.

On the way to our cul-de-sac she commented that she didn't know how to drive a stick shift, I offered to teach her someday. The conversation was pretty light, she yelled at me twice when I made her laugh as it hurt.

Once we got home, I parked in front of her garage.

"OK, how are we going to do this? How are you with stairs? I'd offer to carry you, but you'd likely end up in the hospital," I started in.

"Stairs aren't too bad, as long as I go slow. I may need some help once I get up there, though. I you can grab my computer bag and meet me up there, that would be great."

Taking her direction, I went and dropped my car in my garage across the alley and grabbed her seemingly lead-filled computer bag. I started back over to her place.

When I got to the top of her stairs, she wasn't around. "Yo, Miss Danielle, where are you?"

"I'm upstairs in my bedroom, can you come up here?" she called back down.

I got upstairs to find her sitting on her bed. Her eyes looked like she was about to cry.

"I put these stupid shoes on this morning, and now I can't undo the strap. I should have just worn slip-ons, but I wasn't this bad this morning. I feel really bad asking this, but can you take my shoes off for me?" she practically pleaded with me.

Too bad I am not a foot fetishist. I kneeled down, and undid the little buckle on her shoes and slipped them off of her feet. Without asking, I took her socks off, too, guessing that they would be the next order of business.

I thought about seeing how ticklish she was, but realized she'd just kick me in the head right now. So, I saved that one for later.

"Oh, God, I feel so helpless right now. I called my chiropractor, and she said I should just relax. I was going to get a back massage, but they didn't have any open appointments this afternoon. I think I'll just take some Advil and wash them down with a bottle of wine," she said.

"Well, let me at least help. Where's the Advil, and what type of wine? No need for you to run up and down stairs. You lie flat on your back if that feels the best, and I'll be back," I offered to help.

"Right now, you're my best friend EVER. The drugs are in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Sorry if it's a mess, I didn't expect to have a boy in my room today. As for the wine, I think I have an open bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge. If you can grab that and a glass from the cabinet next to the sink, that'd be great."

I went in to the bathroom. Messy by her standards and messy by a typical guy's standards were in two different galaxies, apparently. Opened the medicine cabinet, and grabbed the Advil. I also noticed her packs of birth control pills, which was comforting in case things got out of hand one day.

I set the bottle of pills on the night stand and started to head downstairs.

"Hey, don't call me Danielle, by the way," She called out. "Only my folks call me that. I'm much more a Danni."

"Whatever you say, Danny-boy." I promised. I could practically hear her eyes roll as I went down to the kitchen to grab the other half of her 'medication.'

In the fridge I found the bottle of white, it was a 1.75l bottle with only a little missing. Plenty for this evening, and it was a Friday, too. Interestingly enough, there was twelve pack of Sam Adams in there, as well. At least she was considerate. I grabbed a glass and headed upstairs.

Danni was laying on her back on her bed. Her jeans were unzipped, but still on. Black panties that said "Friday" in glitter peeked out. As least she got the day right. I poured her a glass of wine, set it down within arm's reach of her and picked up the bottle of pills.

"How many do you want?" I asked her.

"Give me eight. Those are like Tic-tacs compared to what my doctor normally prescribes. With that and the wine I'll be OK in about an hour" Danni told me. She sat up in bed, slowly, and I handed her the wine and the fistful of Advil.

"Where's your glass?" she asked. "I bought some beer as well in case you stopped by. It should have been right next to this stuff."

"Yeah, I saw it. I didn't know if you wanted me to hang out tonight or if you just wanted to go to sleep or something. I didn't want to assume."

"Oh, it's totally cool. You're welcome to stay. I won't be able to go to sleep anytime soon. My back hurts way too much and I always have a problem sleeping on my back anyway. Which sucks, because it'd be so much more comfortable with these things" she said as she grabbed one of her boobs for emphasis. "Plus, it isn't even 7 o'clock yet, dude. Sun's still up."

"Well, then, for this evening, I am at your service, Mademoiselle. What do you need me to do? You want the TV on? Food later? Foot massage?" I was hoping we could just kind of hang out and talk a bit and just relax. I was thinking if I was simply a good friend to her that perhaps there'd be enough of a spark. We certainly had an interesting night together earlier in the week, and there was certainly enough sexual tension in the air to taste, so maybe it was possible.

"Oh, a foot massage is always a good thing, but not right now. I feel like my feet are gross from being in work shoes all day. Stinky Feet. Bad. However, why don't you get yourself some wine or beer and you could, if you want to massage something, just do my lower back. If you can work out some of the knots, it will feel soooo much better tomorrow morning," Danni asked.

"OK, I'll do that. Let me get some wine." With that I took her glass from her and swallowed about half of what was in there. This made her laugh, which caused her to wince.

"Fucker," she teased. "Don't make me laugh, it hurts too much. I'd punch you in the head for that, but that would hurt too," she threatened.

She started to unbutton her shirt. She did this in a totally matter-of-fact manner, so sexiness here. Underneath was a black bra that was more function than fashion. Of course, I still watched with the rapt attention of a dog who thought his owner might drop of bit of meat on the floor while making hamburgers.

"OK, this is going to be awkward, but if you can help me slide my jeans down, then I can just roll over. I could do it but it would kill me to bend over. God, I feel like I'm two years old having someone else undress me," Danni whined a little bit, but not quite enough to be annoying. She had her shirt open right now, and sat up a bit. I stood up and pulled it off of her.

As erotic as this might be, I honestly felt more like a nurse right now. She was miserable, and I could, hopefully, help her out a little bit.

"OK, lie flat, and work your jeans off." I told her.

She started to work her jeans down, but they were tight. I started to tug a little in the cuffs and legs. Her undies started to slide down with them, and she seemed content to let them go. Once her pants her past her curvy hips, they came off easily. Her black panties, however, were left about mid-thigh, exposing her pussy in all of its pink glory. No signs of her being aroused, however.

"OK, what about the underwear? Good job on getting the day of the week right, by the way. You want them on or off?" I asked.

"Might as well take them off. You're gonna do my lower back right above my ass, so I feel like they'd be down anyway," she advised.

"It breaks my heart to hear you say "Take off my underwear," but I'll do it because I am a gentleman," I assured her.

"What a guy," was her only response.

I had her roll over, and asked her if she had any lotion, oil, or anything for the rubbin' part of tonight's event. She told me she had some actually massage oil in the bathroom, a leftover from a previous boyfriend. It should work better than the 'Intensive Care' hand lotion I was prepared to use.

I found the stuff. It was scented. 'Passion Rain' it said, whatever that was supposed to smell like.

I came back in to the bedroom to find Danni lying on her stomach, with a pillow bunched up under her shoulders and head. Her legs were together, and her arms were at her side. She was still wearing her black bra, but nothing else. I had to guess she had the pillow under her to make it somewhat comfortable lying on her stomach with those prodigious breasts in the way. As much as I loved them, I realized it had to be a curse carrying those things around forever.

"Ok, I'll start on your lower back. Any tips or tricks you want me to look out for?" I asked. I started to wrap my hands around her waist, with my thumbs pointing up her spine. Her bed was just the right height for this. It was a bed that had a set of drawers under the base. So, the mattress was at the perfect level for this, and I guessed, several other things. I wondered if that had been a consideration when buying it?

"Just keep this a massage, OK? You can pretty much rub anywhere, and please do, but this isn't foreplay, OK?" she cautioned.

"How about this? I won't rub anything that's pink. No nips, no lips. And certainly no penetration. Does that work?" I asked.

"That will be fine, and wonderful. If you want to do my whole body, you can have whatever beer is in the fridge. How's that for payment?" she asked amid sighs from me applying pressure to her back between her ribs and hips.

"Works for me. Rub a nearly naked girl in exchange for beer? That's one killer job description." I had to smile. In the grand scheme of things, this didn't suck. Although I did have to admit to some mixed emotions here. Hanging out naked was one thing. Touching, even if it was a presumably chaste massage, was something else entirely. It was simple more loving, more sensual. I knew that this was going to raise even more of my inner demons, but I went along with it anyway.

"Hey, speaking of naked girls, why aren't you naked?" Danni asked.

"Did you just call me a girl?"

"Yes, I mean, no. I wanted to know why I'm the only one here bare-assed. Stop rubbing and start losing clothes, Bubba. First, though, unhook my bra. It'll be easier if you do it, I can't reach right now," Danni commanded. When asked to unhook a woman's bra, you kind of have to. I unhooked it, and helped slide it off of her shoulders. She lifted herself slightly, and I pulled it out.

"Hmm, 36D," I regarded the tag. "I was wondering ."

"Why are guys always obsessed with the size of a girl's breasts?"

"I don't know. Call it some kind of repressed Freudian thing. All I know is, despite what they might say to the contrary, most guys I know are boob-men. Even if they swear they aren't breast men, guys can't ignore a nice pair of tits. And you, my sweet, have a really nice pair of tits."

"Don't remind me. Since I was 13, guys have been talking to them and not me. Even my dad's friends, which is kind of gross. So, let's just say the novelty has worn off for me. I'd be happy at this point with a perfectly below average set of B's. I'd have less back pain for one thing."

"OK, well let me continue massaging, then," I offered up.

"Are you naked yet? " She asked.

"Um, no."

"Well then get with the program." Danni ordered.

More naked time with Danni. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Yet, I also dreaded it. Why if this girl was lodged in my head did I continue to bend over backwards to be with her, to help her, etc. She said she didn't want a boyfriend, why am I still following her around? But still, I started to unbuckle my belt.

Shortly I was naked and, thankfully, flaccid. I really didn't want this chick to think every time she saw me it was a huge turn on. Well, let's be honest, it usually was. But this situation was totally relaxed.

I returned to her back. I started working the muscles along her spine, and just above the crack of her ass. I worked in the direction of the muscles, trying to think about to all those college human anatomy classes. This was probably the first time I had used my Bachelor's Degree in Biology in years, I thought to myself. I kept the strokes fairly light at first, working the oil in to her skin more than anything.

"Let me know if you need it harder or softer, or if there is spot that's too sensitive. I don't want to go all Chuck Norris on you here if you already hurt."

"This is fine now, but you can apply a little more pressure if you'd like," Danni pretty much mumbled.

I started to press a little harder, trying hard not to pinch the skin. I felt like I was putting a ton of pressure on her, but spread out over my entire hand. The trick here was to knead the muscles, not the skin above it. Glide over the skin, but really loosen up the muscles underneath.

Danni made some sort of exhalation/groan that I took as a positive sign. I expanded the area I was working on, covering the top of her ass and further up her rib cage. I had been working on her back for about 20 minutes or so at this point.

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