tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 05

CNG (Cute Neighbor Girl) Ch. 05


It had been several days, several tense days, since the "Night of the Fruit Fight" as I've come to call it. (No, really, cucumbers are technically fruit. Look it up.) We had our usually flirty repartee at the office, but not much had happened on the home front. She was busy, I was busy, and after our last encounter that ended up with her having a "peaches and cream" desert licked off of my cock, there weren't too many areas in which we could "flirt" without it becoming far more serious than Danni most likely wanted.

Me? I was all in favor of full-on dating/monogamy/exclusivity/whatever. However, Danni was not, apparently, in full agreement. She had said she didn't want to date co-workers. We were not only that, we were cube-mates. So, interestingly, us exchanging cum was somehow OK, as long as it didn't constitute dating.

How does one define dating? To quote Justice Potter Stewart, "I know it when I see it." So, we weren't dating. There was more a mutual sexual release than actual affection.

I felt rather affectionate, no doubt there. She did too, I'd guess. There had to be some attraction there. But she had some sort of imaginary lines that we shouldn't cross. So, I played along for the last few weeks. Her lines were pretty fuckin' high, mind you. We'd gotten off together, tasted each other, and pushed our own boundaries in some ways.

But, there was no kissing, no real expression of attraction, no making of love. I was certainly of the mind that I'd love to make love to Danni, not fuck her. Oh, at some point, I was sure there'd be wall-to-wall, over-the-top, balls-to-the-wall, let-someone-write-an-epic-poem-about-it, FUCKING. But, we were not there.

I'd love to be there, obviously. However, my feelings about her emanated from my brain, not my balls. I would just as soon stroke her hair as have her stroke my cock.

Danni had asked me to help her prep for an upcoming party she was having. It was to be the next Sunday, over the three-day Memorial Day weekend. As long as I got to watch some auto racing (I am a world-class gearhead), I'd be in for whatever she asked.

So, we planned for a party on Sunday. It was to be at her place. I helped her with the grocery shopping (with pants this time, unfortunately), picking up some beer, and dragging my ass to the butchers to buy half of my body weight in hot dogs (a pain, to be sure, but they are so much tastier than the store bought wieners).

Sunday rolled around, and I walked across the alley to Danni's pretty early. I helped her set up the food, and appointed myself Grill Master General, and grabbed my ceremonial barbecue tongs.

The party itself was pretty good. Loud music, people talking and free flowing drinks. I noticed that Danni had invited the cute IT guy. I also noticed that several of her "non-work" friends of hers were there, and they were pretty cute as well.

Of course, I would have loved to have monopolized Danni's attention. But, she was the hostess with the mostess, so I tried hard not to be underfoot every time she turned around. She did bump in to me several times, some of which involved a discrete smack on the ass (either hers or mine) as we passed each other. Since I had the tongs, I spent a good deal of time near the grill. This was likely a good thing as it kept my mind occupied.

I did notice that she seemed to spend some time with the cute IT guy. She got close to him. She giggled, and seemed to flirt with him. Leaned in to him. As she laughed, she put her hand on his chest.

This was simply not cool with me.

What the hell was going on? My penis was in her mouth less than a week ago. So, why was she so fucking friendly with him right now?

Now, I did not have a claim to her, in any sense. But, still, what the fuck? Does she get to flirt with another dude when she and I have fooled around a little?

But, that was the issue, wasn't it? She and I weren't dating. We were not anything but fuck buddies who hadn't gotten around to fucking yet. Both of us were free to see whomever we wanted. The issue was I didn't want to see anyone but her.

I tried to not "stalk" her at her own party. I mingled, chatted up a few people and manned the grill.

One of Danni's friends was a girl named Becca. Becca was a friend from college, she was in one of the photos Danni had up from her trip to Spain. She was cute, red headed and slender. She wore a little tease of a white sundress that almost went transparent when she was back-lit by the sun. She was certainly flirty, and more outgoing than Danni, who I thought was pretty forward herself.

I hung around after most people had left and helped with the clean-up and recovery effort. It wasn't too bad, this had been more of a backyard cookout than a beer bash. Soon, it was just Danni, Becca and myself. Becca was a little too tipsy to drive, so she was going to stay over at Danni's place. After I dropped the last bag of garbage in to my trash can (Danni's was full), I walked back over to see if there was anything else that needed cleaning. It was around midnight, so it was somewhat late, but we didn't have to work the next day due to the holiday.

"So, is there anything else you need me to do?" I asked as I opened another beer and sat down on Danni's couch.

"Yes, I just realized we forgot something I was planning. The swimming pool." Danni said.

"Swimming pool? What pool?" I asked. It wasn't as if our townhouse development had a communal pool, and there certainly weren't large enough back yards to support one.

Danni got up, went in to the closet, and grabbed a box. It was for a kiddie pool, the kind that was about six feet across and two feet deep.

"I was going to put this out on the deck, but I forgot about it once the party got rolling," she explained.

"Um, that thing is almost as big as your deck. Would the deck take the weight of all that water? You wouldn't want the deck collapsing on top of your garage or having your Civic flooded." I wondered aloud.

Danni explained: "I asked Chad about it. He said that since the weight was spread out over a large area, it wasn't any different than having 10 people out there. Something about a person's weight being in a small area putting more force on the deck than this pool would..."

"OK, that makes sense. Wait, who's Chad?" I asked.

"The Cute IT guy you were glaring at all night." Danni responded

"He WAS cute..." Becca chimed in from across the room as she picked through Danni's CD collection.

"I wasn't glaring." I said, perhaps a little too defensively.

"Well, you didn't come over and chat with him, either. He's a nice guy, he asked me out for this coming Friday. I think I might go," Danni said.

Becca piped up again: "If you don't want go out with him, I will. He was a sexy boy."

"Really, he asked you out?" I asked. I tried not to sound mad or jealous. But, in reality, I was both. Just as I thought Danni and I were getting closer, Chad the IT Guy becomes Chad the Interloper.

"Yep, he asked me out on a date. Sure, I'll go. I'm not dating anyone right now, why not?" Danni was looking right at me. She knew I'd feel a little ticked off. I wondered if she was doing this as much to prove the point that we were not a couple (and setting that firm boundary) as she wanted was to go out with a new boy.

"OK, well, have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do..." was I all I could say.

"Oh, do all sorts of sexy stuff, he was HOT!" Becca said. Becca was having a very different conversation than Danni and I was, despite the fact that she was now sitting between us. She was drunk and she didn't know what had gone on with Danni and me over the last couple of weeks. She was not in a position to pick up the subtext here.

"OK, it's not too late to enjoy the pool. Help me set this up," Danni was up and off of the couch. She grabbed the pool and went out on her deck. "Do you have a garden hose we can run up here?" she asked.

"I suppose I can get mine from the side of my house. I have a better idea for how to fill it, though. Wait one moment." I went and got my garden hose, which gave me a little time to think. I wasn't really all that drunk at this point, but my thoughts were somewhat erratic. They kind of bounced around my head a like pinball.

I really didn't like the idea of Danni dating someone else, I was hooked on her. This was her way of pushing me away without hurting me, I'd have to guess.

Evidently, the fooling around we had done was just that, fooling around. Fun, drunken, fooling around. She wanted to put shields up before she (or I) got hurt and in too deep. It was too late for me. I was in over my head. Both of them.

I brought the hose back in. Danni wanted me to hook it up outside, but I showed her my idea. I went to her kitchen sink, and unscrewed the aerator on the faucet. Once that cap was off, the garden hose might screw right on. We were in luck, they were the same size.

"Now we can have a warm pool instead of a cold one." I explained. We ran the hose over her couch and out the sliding door to the pool. Danni went outside with me to help with the set up.

"Oh, this works. This will work nicely," Danni said as we started to fill the pool. She kissed me lightly on the cheek.

While Danni was close she whispered to me: "Don't be upset about Chad. I like the guy and I want to see if it goes anywhere. Plus, you and I were getting too intense. You could always ask out Becca. We could double date," Danni said to me with a wink.

Becca was inside swapping CDs and playing DJ for herself. She was dancing, well, more like bouncing around the room. The hem of her sundress was teasingly flying up now and again, revealing slender, toned legs. She was certainly feeling no pain at the moment.

We continued to drink beers and make small talk as the pool filled up. It took about half an hour. When it was full enough, Danni told us to hop in. I was wearing boxers under my jeans, I decided to just wear those. Danni offered Becca a swimsuit, which made both girls crack up. Becca was about four inches taller than Danni and much more slender. She had rather small breasts compared to Danni. These girls could not swap clothes.

Becca just pulled her sundress over her head, revealing a white cotton thong and simple white bra. Danni slinked out of her jeans revealing a sexier, lacier thong with a matching black bra. Becca got in the pool, and slid down as far as she could. Her undergarments instantly went transparent; she didn't seem to care too much.

This highlighted Becca's dancer figure.

Small, A-cup boobs that wouldn't sag until she deep in to her 8th decade. Small, dark, pointy nipples perched on top. A small brief patch of dark public hair illustrated two things: 1) She sure as hell wasn't a natural red head and 2) She believed in a well-groomed front yard.

"Hey, we can see your little boobies," Danni teased her.

"So? It isn't like you've never seen them before," Becca shot back. "I sure Phil here doesn't mind," she said waving her beer bottle at me. "Do you?" she asked, nudging me with her foot. The pool was small enough that three of us in it were a little snug; all of our legs were intertwined.

"Nope, I'm a fan. Boobs are two of my favorite things on earth." I said which elicited giggles from Becca and a full laugh from Danni.

"Oh, then you must really like Danni, she's got these big ole jugs..." Becca went on. She reached over with a hand and grabbed one of Danni's tits and shook it around like a maraca. Becca was certainly feeling playful.

"Yep, they certainly aren't lacking in any discernable way," I agreed.

The three of us just sat in the pool for a while, looking at the stars and sipping our beer. It was fairly relaxing.

"So, Phil, you work with Danni, and you live, like, right there?" Becca asked while pointing in the general direction of my house with her beer. "Do you ever get sick of seeing her?"

"Nope, she amuses me. I think I'll keep her around." I admitted.

"Assuming she wants to be kept..." Danni muttered, almost under her breath. Sheesh, were we going down that path again? I had just, almost, forgotten about Chad, the IT guy.

"Hey, when was the last time you guys played 'Truth or Dare?'" Becca asked. She was too drunk to know that it was time to change the subject. So, while her timing was good, I just assumed the filter between her brain and mouth was simply offline at the moment.

"What is this, high school?" I asked. "I think it was, oh, 15 years ago."

"I don't know if I like the sound of this, but sure, we could use some entertainment," was Danni's input. She got up to get some more beers for us. I loved the look of her ass in her wet thong as she walked away. She came back looking like a classic beer wench, three bottles in each hand, and breasts thrust out.

"OK," Becca started, "Phil, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." I wasn't much of a truth man, and I wondered how bad the dare could be.

"Hmmm, you have to, um, pretend to give your beer bottle a blow job."

And so it began.

Needless to say, as the night progressed, we all ended up naked and drunk. The game had quickly gone from "Truth or Dare" to "Pretty Much All Dare All the Time." Thankfully, on the few "Truths" I picked, Becca didn't ask if I liked Danni and Danni sure as hell didn't need to ask me any stupid questions to which she already knew the answer.

The dares slowly escalated, as these games tend to do. At some point, each of us ended up peeing over/through the railing of the deck on to the yard and driveway. Danni and Becca made out a few times. I wore both girls' thongs (but not at the same time). I demonstrated my preferred masturbation techniques on first a beer bottle, then, later on myself, but not to orgasm. The girls attempted to see how many of their own fingers they could put inside themselves (Danni: 4, Becca: 3). In short, we were really drunk and really horny. But, no one had, in a two hours or so of drunkenness, had really crossed that imaginary line of touching each other.

Then it happened.

"Phil, you need to give Danni a really sexy kiss," came the command from Becca.

Ok, we hadn't done that before. In fact, Danni and I, despite all of the foreplay we'd engaged in up until this point, had really never kissed. Again, this was personal. Getting ourselves off in front of each other was still nowhere near as intense as a full on, mouth on mouth kiss. I really wanted to do this, but was drunk and nervous.

Danni took this as a true dare.

"Bring it on, mister. You have to curl my toes," she said. She was almost taunting me. Was she was daring me to cross the line she had established between "friends with some benefits" and something more? She looked at me right in the eye.

"OK, stand up." I told her. I got up at the same time she did. Becca stayed sitting in the now really chilly water.

I approached Danni, and we were, once again, only about 3 inches from each other. We looked in to each other's eyes. We waited, face to face, as if knowing that once we kissed, really kissed, there was no passing off our relationship as just a 'friends fooling around with no emotion thing.'

I reached out and put a hand on each shoulder. She leaned her head back, and closed her eyes.

Instead of kissing her, I turned her around. I pulled her back in to me, so my chest was pressed up to her back. My hard cock was sticking up, pressed against my stomach, and right in between her ass cheeks. I reached one arm around her stomach, right below her breasts.

With my left hand, I reached up gently, and moved her chin, tilting her head to the side. I then put my open mouth on her exposed neck, and slowly exhaled warm breath on her cold skin. I brought my lips together and drew out a long, slow kiss on her neck. At the same time, I pulled her closer. She started to grind her ass against me, and when she exhaled it was accompanied by a low growl from the back of her throat. I had moved my left hand from her chin up in to her hair. I ran my fingers in to the wet mass slowly, like a comb.

My right hand, which had been around her midsection, right below her boobs, moved up to cup her left breast. I gently sucked on her neck, and teased it with my tongue. We started to sway a little.

We had gone from a sexy kiss on a dare to an expression of our suppressed feelings for one another.

I had moved my point of focus on her neck slightly forward, she responded by tilting her head back further. My right hand was now fully around her boob, my thumb going back and forth over her nipple. Slowly, I moved it in circles and pressed it down. Danni responded with a bit of a high-pitched squeak, which quickly faded. I moved my left hand from her hair to around near her mouth, my hand practically wrapped around her neck. I pulled slightly at her lower lip with my index finger; she reacted by opening her mouth slightly and drawing in my finger. She started to suck on my digit as I continued to kiss her neck and knead her breast. Her suck turned in to a bite as she got more worked up.

I moved my hand from her boob slowly down her stomach. She did nothing to stop me. I slowly rubbed over her pubic mound, where her hair would be if she had any. When I slowly moved the tip of my pinky over her clit and into her rather moist crease, she reached down and put her right hand on top of mine. Instead of pulling my hand back, she pushed it further in to her. She spread her legs slightly. I found her clit with my index finger, and started to circle it, still while kissing her neck and with her grinding her ass in to me.

At this point, Danni reach behind her, and pushed down on my dick while she went up on her tip toes. Now, my penis was under her. It was no longer between her ass cheeks, but sliding between her pussy lips.

It wouldn't have taken much but a slight angle change to enter her.

I was using two fingers on her now, rolling her clit between them. I increased my pace, and started kissing up her neck. She was moving back and forth on my cock, my length running between her lips, but not inside her. In fact, as I played with her pussy, I could feel the head of my cock poking out from between her soaking wet lips.

Danni's knees started to buckle a little as she began to come. I reached my other arm around under her boobs to hold her up, and kept the speed and pressure constant on her clit. She shook, and started to moan. The moan became a cry, which she tried, and failed, to stifle. I had almost all of her weight now in my arms, but I was able to keep my fingers going on her clit. She came what felt like one more time.

"Stop" she whispered.

I slowly withdrew my hand, and returned her weight to her shaky legs.

She moved forward, pulling my erection from between her soaking wet lips. She slowly turned around, and faced me, with her eyes closed. She opened them slowly. It was clear her world had been rocked. I was pretty sure she wasn't expecting that, nor was she planning to let it go that long.

She got swept up in the passion, the horniness, the night. And, her self control had been sent out on a smoke break by all of alcohol. Danni, who had controlled everything up until this point, had lost control for a little bit.

In a few minutes we had moved from just fooling around, with no emotion behind it, to a rather passionate encounter. Danni had said she didn't want to get that involved, and we sailed rather briskly past whatever line she had drawn in her mental sand.

"Thank you," she said. "And, fuck you and your hands," she whispered so only I could hear. I didn't know if she was angry or not, but I had to guess yes. I was too drunk to care, really. Fuck it, and fuck Chad the IT Guy. I was sick of following Danni around. If Danni wanted to be mad that I got to her, so be it. With hindsight, I'd have to say she was probably more mad at herself than she was at me.

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