tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 02

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 02


This is the second in a series. Check out the first to keep things in sequence. As always, please vote and send on your comments.


Beth was another student in one of my classes who was failing her course. She, on the other hand, didn't seem to care that much about it. A tall blonde, she was not built as well as Pam but in many ways she was much prettier. She had a slender body and an absolutely stunning face, framed by shoulder length, blonde hair. She really knew how to dress to accentuate her beauty and was much more confident about herself than Pam would ever be and she loved to flirt.

Today, she came to class in a dress I was particularly fond of. It was white, with puffy sleeves a tight fitting top that came to her hips and then flared out to a wide skirt. The lower portion was shaped like a leotard, with a deep vee in the front and a slightly shallower one in the back. I could tell by the look in her eye, that she had something up her sleeve. During the break, I was talking to some of the students, including Pam, when Beth joined us. She kept looking at me in a very flirtatious way.

On the way back to class, Beth pulled me aside. "Could I see you after class about my grades?" she asked.

"Sure, come over right after class." I said. Beth smiled and so did I but not outwardly. I figured that Pam had not been able to keep our secret. I would deal with her later.

Once in my office, Beth was quite direct. "Can I pass?" she asked.

"No." I answered with similar directness. "Not with your grades."

"Is there anything I can do to convince you to pass me?" she said with a sparkle in her eye. She was cocky and liked the challenge.

"What are you suggesting?" I asked sarcastically. Beth stood up tall and placing her arms at her sides, spun around. Her full skirt flared out as she tilted her head and her beautiful, blonde hair swung seductively.

"Looks very nice." I said with a note of boredom in my voice. Beth walked around the side of my desk and standing right next to me, leaned against it. I looked up at her and smiled but made no move. She started to unbutton her dress and I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. Then opened it to reveal her creamy white tits and her very hard, pink nipples. She was in all of her glory as she took charge of the situation.

I rolled my desk chair back a little and turned it to face her. Beth stepped in front of me and sank to her knees. Her palms pressed my thighs and then slid up to my crotch. She expertly opened my shorts and took out my shaft. Without a word, she bent forward and sucked my shaft into her talented mouth.

"I see you've done this before." I quipped as I felt her tongue expertly maneuver over my cock. Beth created a tremendous vacuum in her mouth and combined this, with clever use of her tongue and long fingernails, which teased my balls the whole time. I was really going to enjoy this. As she worked my cock so skillfully, I reached for the collar of her dress and slid the top of it down her arms. Beth did not lose her rhythm as she bathed my cock.

I gazed down at her as her soft, blonde hair cascaded over my crotch and her face slid up and down the length of my ramrod. I was tempted to grasp her head but she seemed to know exactly what to do without any guidance. I was curious if she'd willingly accept my cum when it shot into her mouth. As she created a strong suction, I felt her tongue tease the very tip of my cock and I exploded in her mouth, sending gobs of cum down her throat. She plunged her beautiful face down onto my spurting cock and she swallowed hard as she tried valiantly to drink all of my seed.

Having drained my cock, she slipped my shaft out of her mouth and sitting back on her knees, smiled up at me. I gazed down at her exposed breasts and smiled at her. Reaching down to her tits, I caressed her breasts and then pinched her nipples gently. I pulled Beth to her feet and she stood before me bare-breasted and proud of herself.

"Give me your panties." I said and though she looked at me a bit surprised, I watched her hands reach under her dress and pull the silky garment down over her hips. I held out my hand and she dropped them into my palm. I smelled them and they smelled sweet.

"Sit down on the desk." I instructed and then guided Beth to sit directly in front of me on the edge of the desk. Her long legs dangled off the front edge, straddling my own. I reached behind her knees and lifted her legs slightly, placing her feet on either side of me on the chair. Her legs were slightly raised and I slid forward until I was able to suck her pert nipple between my lips. Beth moaned deeply as I sucked her hard nubbin into my mouth and bit it gently.

"Now lie back." I said and Beth leaned back until her shoulders lay flat on the desktop.

"Pull your dress back." I said. Beth's fingers reached down for the loose material of the dress and she started to pull on it. I sat and watched the white linen slide up her creamy thighs, revealing her soft, blonde pussy. I kissed her leg just above the knee and Beth moaned loudly. I began to work my way up her thighs. Her legs were in a constant state of motion as I teased the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. When I finally worked my way to her pussy, I slid my arms under her legs and buried my face into her seething pussyflesh.

Beth's breathing was heavy and her hands grabbed at my head, in an effort to guide me to her most sensitive flesh. I licked and bit at her sweet quim until her clit stood at full attention. Trapping the little nubbin between my teeth, I held it as my tongue flicked across it. Beth gasped as her body flushed with a powerful orgasm. I continued to tease her sensitive love button as her body writhed on the desk and orgasms cascaded through her beautiful, young body. She was crazy with passion and cum just oozed out of her sweet pussy.

"Fuck me. Please, fuck me." she kept moaning. I was tempted to stand up and just ram my cock into her seething twat but she tasted so divine I decided to tease her a bit more. Pressing my teeth gently around her erect love bud, I pressed it firmly and flicked the tip of my tongue across its tip. She screamed as her body bucked wildly and another powerful orgasm enveloped her. "Fuck me. Please, fuck me." she begged but I continued to tease her sensitive clit as her body bucked wildly on the desktop. Her thighs were in a constant state of motion as my tongue licked and probed deeper and deeper into her seething pussy. My tongue licked at the sweet nectar that oozed from her young body as her chest heaved with passion.

Finally, I felt her hands slide through my hair and grabbing clumps of my hair she pulled my face from her oozing pussy. "Fuck me. And I mean now!" she hissed at me. I decided to oblige her.

Grasping her ankles, I lifted them off the chair seat and dropped them over the arms of the chair. Rolling the chair back a little, I stood up and let my shorts drop to the floor. I laid my balls and cock on her soft mons and her hands immediately grasped them and started to stroke them. Without hesitation, Beth slipped her fingers between her swollen pussy lips and then guided my cock into her tight snatch. I leaned forward, filling her tight love hole to the hilt as she gasped.

Reaching over her head, she grabbed the corners of the desk and lay spread-eagle on the desktop. Placing my hands on either side of her body, I began to fuck this beautiful teenager. Beth held on tightly as I pounded into her soft flesh and her cunt muscles worked magic on my shaft. Her body lurched each time my cock slammed into her and she began to slide on the desk. She reached down with her hands and grasped the edge of the desk next to her open thighs in order to keep her pussy at the edge of the desk.

She lifted her legs up and spread them as wide as she could as I fucked her. She may not have had Pam's tits but she sure had one amazing body. Her head flailed from side to side and she moaned louder and louder as I got closer to filling her tight love hole. Thrusting deep into her loins, I felt her inner muscles lock down tightly around my shaft. I groaned loudly as her powerful love muscles began to massage my cock as it filled her quim. I rammed deep and hard into her soft, young body until her body stiffened and her back arched with a gasp her insides flooded once again. She moaned softly and then her body relaxed a bit as she brought her soft shoulders back down to the desktop and then continued to work my invading cock with her talented love muscles.

I leaned over and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth as my cock continued to ram deep into her tight snatch. I switched to her other nipple and then biting her gently on the inside surface of her white breast I stood up and rammed deep into her quivering twat. It only took a few more thrusts before her powerful love muscles overcame my cock and I exploded in her loins, shooting my wad deep into her tight pussy.

Taking hold of Beth's hips, I pulled her with me as I sat down in the big desk chair. Beth's long legs were draped over the arms of the chair as she sank onto my still rigid cock. I stroked my hands up her sides and played with her excited titflesh. I pinched at her nipples and felt her muscles tighten once again around my shaft. I sat her up and placed her hands on the high back of the desk chair. Her breasts hung loosely in my face and I began to suck and bite at her nipples.

Beth ground her pussy against my hips as my shaft stayed rigid in her hot, wet quim. Finally my rod softened and slid out of her body. Beth slid back on my legs and then turning the chair, she lifted herself off of me and sinking to her knees swallowed my spent cock. What an amazing mouth.

Beth was very talented but also very cocky. I wanted to be sure that I controlled this arrangement and not her. After bathing my cock for a few moments, she rose and asked if I had a bathroom.

"Why don't you go wash up." I suggested, pointing in the direction of the bathroom. Beth picked up her purse and disappeared into the bathroom.

When Beth returned, her dress was still open to the waist her breasts fully exposed. I motioned her to the couch and she sat down.

"Put your feet up on the table." I said and Beth lifted both feet onto the coffee table. "Wider." I said and Beth slid her feet out to the ends of the table. "Stroke yourself." I said firmly and Beth looked up at me and blushed. Slowly she lowered her hand between her thighs and drawing her skirt back, began to rub her swollen labia. Her eyes closed and she sank into a personal ecstasy as her fingers teased her clit. I watched intently as this beauty caressed herself.

"You know that this is the only the first installment on your payment to pass my class." I said. Beth nodded without even opening her eyes. "You know that you will be available to me anytime I want you from now on." Beth nodded as she continued to play with herself. Her other hand came up to her naked breast and she began to pinch her nipples.

"After this session, believe me I don't mind at all." she said as her fingers squeezed her clit and she gasped as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Beth collapsed back onto the sofa as her hand dangled between her legs. "It's nice to make love with a real man." she sighed.

I felt my cock getting hard again and looking down at the beautiful blonde said, "I'm glad you like it because you're about to do it again." Beth smiled up at me.

I walked around and taking Beth's hand, showed her where I wanted her to sit. I directed her to sit on the padded arm of the couch and she stretched her legs out on either side of me.

"Pull back your dress." I said and again Beth drew the hem of her skirt up around her waist. I pressed her shoulder back and she leaned back until her shoulders rested on the sofa cushions and her ass lay on the padded arm, her long legs dangling in the air on either side of me as her body lay arched over the sofa arm. Her seething quim lay open before me and drops of her sweet cum glistened in her blonde pubic thatch.

Pulling over a stool, I sat down between her open thighs and started to eat her out once again. The aroma emanating from her sweet love hole was intoxicating and I lowered my lips to her seething quim. Beth's legs were in a constant state of motion as she purred with delight as I pleasured her sweet pussy. Finally she wrapped her legs over my shoulders and crossed them over my back. She held me prisoner between her thighs as I sucked on her clit. She screamed softly as her nubile, young body flooded with cum and my tongue dove into her sweet hole to drink all of her sweetness.

Standing up, I leaned over her arched body and I thrust my cock in to her tight, wet pussy to the hilt. I pumped her several times and then raising one of her legs rolled her over. I helped the young beauty readjust to her new position as her face rested on the sofa cushion and her beautiful ass was raised and spread open before me. I continued to pump into her tightness as I raised my foot onto the sofa, placing beside her hip. As I thrust deep into her loins her body lurched forward until her thighs pressed the sofa arm and her body stopped. My cock, on the other hand, did not and it filled her tight quim to the hilt. As I fucked her tight pussy my hands stroked her firm ass. Beth had some idea of what I had in mind and wasn't too pleased about it. She started to struggle as she felt my fingers begin to prod her tight asshole.

"I don't do that." she exclaimed as my finger pressed against her tight sphincter. She started to thrash about violently and I felt her tight love muscles clamp around my cock in her already tight pussy. She tried to turn herself over to face me but the angle of her body would not let her.

"You mean you haven't done that yet." I said as I thrust my finger into her tight asshole. Beth was really thrashing now as she tried to escape my invading finger. She could not get away from my cock in her tight pussy or my finger in her tight ass. She was right where I wanted her.

"Why did you come here in the first place?" I asked quite innocently. Beth stopped struggling when she realized that she did not control the situation. She knew that if she did not comply, that she would fail the class and that she would probably miss out on a lot of good fucking. She didn't like anal sex but decided she would survive it.

"First time?" I asked gently. Beth nodded. "I'll be gentle with you but you have to work with me. I don't want to hurt you, in fact I really would like you to enjoy it." I said. Beth nodded and tried to relax. I probed her ass gently and continued to thrust into her tight pussy. Beth's ass was loosening up a little but not enough. I slid out of her tightness and let my cock drag over the white material of her dress.

Sitting back down, I kissed her smooth asscheek. A shudder ran through her beautiful, young body. Leaning forward, I licked between her thighs and then pointing my tongue probed between her firm asscheeks. Beth moaned loudly as she felt my tongue caress her tight sphincter. I began to probe her ass with my tongue as my fingers played with her drenched pussy. Her body began to thrash about in passion as my fingers and tongue probed her virgin asshole.

Reaching down behind the sofa I picked up the tube of KY jelly I'd placed there. Squeezing a bit onto my finger I rubbed it gently into the crack of her magnificent ass. Beth gasped as she felt the cream on her soft skin and jumped as she felt me smear it over her puckered asshole. I leaned forward and kissed the satiny smooth cheek of her upturned ass as my finger teased her tight sphincter. She moaned softly as my finger slid easily into her virgin asshole. It took some time but her tight sphincter began to stretch and finally I was able to slide my finger in and out with relative ease. Withdrawing my finger from her virgin ass, I pressed my thumb deep into her bowels. She gasped as she felt her ass filled and her fingers grasped the material of the sofa cushion.

Standing up behind her, I kept my thumb in her ass as I slid my cock back into her drenched pussy. Beth grunted loudly as she felt both of her holes filled for the first time in her young life. I stroked several times into her oozing quim as her sweet flow coated my ramrod. Easing out of her tight pussy, I pressed down on her firm asscheeks, spreading them wide apart and aimed my ramrod at her virgin asshole. I pressed my cock forward ever so gently until the head wedged into her open asshole. I stood still, poised above her ass as I looked down at the beautiful ass I was about to ravage.

Beth's fingers clenched around the soft material of the sofa cushion as I slowly pressed forward, stretching her tight sphincter and sliding my ramrod into her virgin ass. She gasped as she felt the tightness of her ass stretch around the head of my cock and then felt me slide all the way in, filling her bowels for the very first time. She was tight as hell.

I eased back and she gasped as she felt the largeness of my cock in her virgin ass. Slowly, I began to rock in and out of her virgin ass and her entire body rocked back and forth with the motions. Her ass was a bit looser now and I was able to pump freely into her tightness. Beth lifted her face off of the couch and sliding her arms under her chest, she lifted her body up and began to pump her ass back against my invading cock as her creamy white tits dangled below her chest. My hands came around her body and began to caress her hanging titflesh. She clenched her tight muscles around my shaft as I rammed it in and out of her tightness.

Beth's body convulsed in a powerful orgasm as cum continued to ooze out of her quim and soak into the soft white material of her skirt. It didn't take long for my balls to start churning and I could feel my load about to cut loose. Reaching under Beth's body, I held her panting tits firmly. Just as my cock was about to explode, I lifted her body and as she stood up, her entire weight slid down the length of my impaling cock and her inner muscles tightened around my shaft with immediate results. With a loud groan, my cock exploded in her magnificent, young ass, filling it with hot cum for the first time ever.

I eased her body back down onto the sofa and slid my spent cock out of her ass. Cum continued to ooze out of her loins and drip onto the front of her dress. I came around and sat on the sofa in front of Beth and lifting her head, guided her lips to my cock. I don't think she wanted to suck on me but she swallowed hard and wrapped her soft lips around my shaft. She swallowed my cock and started to suck. I let out a deep moan as my hand stroked through her soft, blonde hair.

"We will do this again soon." I said as she continued to suck on my cock. Lifting her head from my cock she rolled over on her side and looked at me.

"Okay, but do you have to fuck me in the ass?" she said. "I really don't like it."

"I'll take that under advisement." I teased. "By the way, what prompted you to take this approach?" I asked, "After all, I didn't think you cared whether you passed or failed."

"Well," she began having a little trouble concentrating as my fingers played with her erect nipple. "I got a sense that something was going on with you and Pam and so I decided to give it a whirl. After all, if I can pass this program so much the better. Besides I'm glad I did." she smiled.

"I'm glad you did too. Just what did Pam tell you?" I asked.

"Nothing really." Beth answered. I decided to let it go at that.

I would deal with Pam later but for now I was enjoying Beth. I helped her pull the top of her dress up and button it. When Beth looked down, she could see a dark stain of cum on the front of her white dress and a matching stain though not as large on the back. The dress really looked like a rag and her hair was a mess. She was mortified.

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