tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 05

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 05


This is the fifth in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.


The house we were in belonged to my brother John. We both enjoyed fucking beautiful, young women and filming the process whenever possible. The house was set up perfectly for that. There was a high fence and shrubs making the yard totally private. The pool was surrounded by a deck with a hot tub and on the wooden patio there was some exercise equipment set up under a trellis roof that we had just finished building. Inside, most of the rooms were well lit thanks to several skylights.

John worked for a security firm and had access to all kinds of cameras and video taping equipment that he stored at home between jobs. I had helped him rig concealed mountings for four cameras in his back yard and in various parts of the house. All the wires were run to the finished garage where a portable console could be wheeled in. The console allowed him to watch from his studio, turn the cameras to different angles, zoom in and out, while a copy was made from each camera. At the console he could do live editing as the action was going on, recording the finished product onto another tape. Since all the wiring was in place already, we only had to snap the cameras into position and plug in the wires.

We had used the yard and the den before for secret filming and it wasn't hard to set up the equipment. The indoor cameras were carefully concealed in cabinets with the coffee table and sofa as the center of the field.

As Beth regained her strength, she lifted her exhausted body off of the chair and plopped down on the sofa next to me. As she lay her head in my lap and began to stroke my cock, I put my foot up on the table and kicked the chair off to the side. Beth could feel the stickiness of our cum as it stuck to my shaft. Turning her head, she wrapped her soft lips around my shaft and began to suck on my tool. The sensation was exquisite as she cupped my balls in her hand and teased me with her long fingernails. I slid my fingers through her soft, blonde hair and pulled it back off of her face as she filled her mouth with my shaft. I lay my head back and let her pleasure me. Eventually we both drifted off to sleep.

Seeing a stop in the action, John rewound the tapes and began to edit them. He was an experienced film editor from his college days and he dubbed some music into the mix as he went back to cut out some of the repetitive stuff.

When Beth awoke, some time later, she was surprised that I was not there. She called for me and I called back from the kitchen.

"Hungry?" I asked. Beth nodded. She saw that I wore only my briefs. She was naked.

"Good. I have some steaks on the grill." I replied. I poured her a glass of wine and handed her a short, satin robe. She slipped it over her shoulders and tied it in front. The soft material stretched over her beautiful body and her nipples were clearly visible as they pressed against the soft fabric. I slid my arm around her slender waist and pulled her tightly to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply. She felt the hardness of my shaft as it pressed firmly against her warm pussy. She ground her pelvis forward against my cock and we both laughed, too exhausted to start over again.

The steaks were almost ready and we sat down at the table on the patio. Beth could see that the yard was completely private and relaxed about the possibility of fucking outside if that should be in my plans. It was but not just yet.

"Eat up. You're going to need your strength." I taunted her and she smiled as she scarfed down the thick sirloin steak.

As we enjoyed dinner, I felt Beth's foot under the table as she slid it up onto the seat between my thighs and began to massage my cock with her foot. I smiled at her as I lifted my glass and we both drank as we laughed. Beth drank several glasses of wine and I was glad. I figured it might loosen her up for what I had in mind next.

"You know that you broke our agreement." I said softly.

"What do you mean?" Beth demanded. "I've done everything you've asked of me. I even let you fuck me in the ass." she reminded me.

"Yes, but you also discussed it all with Pam." I said. Beth paled a bit.

"So what?" she asked. "You were fucking her also and besides, she's my best friend."

"Well, I'm going to have to punish you for your disobedience." I said.

"What are you going to do? Flunk me? Or do you want to put me over you knee and spank me?" she spat sarcastically.

"That would be a most enjoyable punishment, but I had something more creative in mind." I taunted her.

"Ever been to an X-rated movie?" I asked her as she put her glass down.

"Sure." she said with a note of bravado in her voice.

"I'm talking about the real hard-core stuff." I explained.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Not the soft-porn stuff, I mean real honest to goodness fucking." I said.

"Then no." she replied.

"Well, that's about to change." I said holding out my hand to her. Beth reached across the table and placed her hand in mine. Picking up her wineglass, she followed me into the den once again. She sat down on the sofa and turned her body so that she was able to raise her leg up onto the cushion and the front of her robe opened to reveal her smooth, satiny thigh. She may have been young but she knew exactly what she was doing.

I turned on the set and popped in a videotape. Beth watched in fascination as the tape began. It was about a beautiful, young high school girl who decides to give herself to one of her teachers. Beth looked at the screen and saw the beautiful, young girl being stripped of her clothes by the teacher who then seduces her and fucked the daylights out of her.

I sat beside Beth and she leaned up against me, pulling my hand over her shoulder and slipping it into the front of her robe. My fingers caressed her taut nipple as she watched the film and stroked her own pussy. She was fascinated and quite aroused by what she was watching.

"Is this supposed to be about us?" she teased as she took another drink from her glass.

"Actually no." I replied. "I have lots of tapes. Do you have any preferences? Two on one, bondage, kinky stuff?" I teased her as I looked for hints in her face to her reaction. She shrugged her shoulders.

"I know." I said. "I just picked up a new tape. Let's watch it together." Beth nodded and I left the room to go into the studio. John handed me the edited tape with a smile and I returned to the den. I changed the tape and sat back down next to her. Beth watched the screen as the camera focused in on a woman's hand stroking her own pussy. The soft hair of the girl's crotch was blonde and the girl pressed her fingers between her swollen lips and then caressed her swollen clit. She watched as the young woman's legs began to shake and she could hear her whimper and moan as she caressed herself to a powerful orgasm.

Beth's own hands were not idle as she stroked her pussy again. Then the woman in the movie stepped forward and straddled a man's thighs and lowered her body onto the man's cock. Beth began to feel a little weird as what she was watching seemed very familiar. She looked at the screen and then at the sofa and realized that the upholstery was the same. She got a very uncomfortable feeling as she watched the camera pull back a little and she could see that the woman in the movie was blonde and had hair about the length of her own. Then the camera angle changed and she could see her own face on the screen as it was filled with lust as she plunged her tight pussy down onto my cock again and again.

"Jesus Christ!" she exclaimed in a soft scream as she was fascinated by what she watched. It was just occurring to her what this all might mean. She started to get up but I pinched her nipple firmly and held her tightly to me.

"Just watch yourself." I said softly. "You really are quite good. You'd make a great porno queen." I said. "Would you like to see it from the beginning?" I asked. Beth sat speechless. I let the movie run. The young beauty sat transfixed as she watched herself fuck and be fucked on the screen before her. Her body however was responding and she continued to stroke her pussy as I played with her nipple.

"You asked me if I liked to watch." I said. "I told you I did and now I want you to watch." I added.

After several minutes she found her voice. "How?" was all that came out however.

"Easy." I replied. "You're a beautiful woman and you fuck divinely. I decided to make a record for posterity." I quipped. "I'll make you a copy if you like." I said. Beth did not react.

"How?" she asked again.

"Look next to the TV." I said. "See the lens behind the speaker?" I asked. Beth looked carefully and saw the lens. "There's another one behind you, tucked into the cabinet on the wall." I said. Beth looked over her shoulder but did not see exactly what I was talking about.

"The cameras can be turned and the lenses can zoom in and out." I explained as Beth continued to watch herself being fucked on the screen in front of her.

"Has someone been watching us?" she asked with a note of horror in her voice.

"Yes," I said, "and you're about to fuck him." I added. Beth turned white. Just then John stepped into the room as he came up from the studio.

"Meet my brother John." I said as my hand held her tit firmly. Beth sat speechless. "He's part of your punishment."

"Hello." he said. "You really are quite beautiful and though I was told that you were a great fuck and I've watched you in action, I really am looking forward to enjoying you personally." he said. Beth was dumbstruck. She'd never been caught so off-guard. She didn't know what to do. She was angry. She felt that she'd been taken advantage of, that she was going to be forced to do something she didn't want to do. Then she looked up at John and saw that he looked very much like me as he smiled warmly at her. Slowly her eyes gazed down to his crotch and saw the huge bulge in his pants.

"No." she said pulling my hand away from her breast. "I won't do it. You had no right to do this!" She lunged at John and tried to slap him. He caught her by the wrist and sent her sailing back onto the sofa.

"Think your friends at school would enjoy watching this? Or perhaps your family?" I taunted her. Beth turned white as she looked at her body on the screen. She was draped over the canvas chair with her face a mask of passion as it hung upside down. Her nipples were prominent on her raised chest and her legs were spread wide and raised as they were draped over the arms of the chair. The top of my head could be seen as I licked and kissed her most intimate flesh and her face contorted with different expressions as her young body shook with orgasm after orgasm. She marveled at the look on her face as I ate her pussy.

"You can't show that, it would show you fucking one of your students. You'd lose your job." she declared.

"True." I said, "except that my face isn't visible and no one at school would recognize this place or associate it with me." I said. Beth knew she was trapped and she didn't like it.

"Now you are going to entertain me by fucking my brother while I watch." I declared. Beth glared at me. I knew she was angry now but that would change soon enough as pleasure and passion would soon overwhelm her.

I sent Beth into the cabana bathroom to clean herself out and prepare for her encounter with my brother John.

To be continued......

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