tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 06

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 06


This is the sixth in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.


John and I picked up the coffee table and moved it to the side of the room. I then picked up the director's chair and moved it away also, clearing a large open place on the soft plush carpet.

"Take off your robe." I said and Beth reluctantly stood up and untied the sash holding her robe closed.

"No need to be bashful." I teased. "He's seen every part of your body and knows exactly what you are capable of doing with it." Beth flashed angry eyes at me as she pulled the robe off of her shoulders and threw it in my direction. I smiled at her. John had removed his shirt and shorts and moved to sit on the floor and patted the carpet next to him. Beth looked down at the huge bulge in the front of his briefs and reluctantly sat down beside him.

"Do everything I ask of you and you will be the only one, other than us, to ever see that videotape." he said. "That's a promise." he smiled at her.

"Now lie back on the carpet." John instructed. Reluctantly Beth lay back on the floor, her shoulders lying flat on the plush carpet. "Stretch your hands up over your head and spread your legs wide apart." he instructed. Beth complied feeling very vulnerable as she lay naked and spread before a total stranger who she knew was about to probe her young body in the most intimate ways and then fuck the shit out of her.

I looked down at the beautiful blonde as she lay spread-eagle on the floor before me. John sat beside her waist and placed his hand on her cheek. He gently stroked her face and then his hand wandered down to her slender neck. He felt her tremble as he touched her. His hand moved down over her shoulder and then cupped her firm, young breast. He teased her nipple with his palm and she gasped as she felt her nipple harden under his touch. He closed his fingers around her hard, red nipple and twisted it gently between his fingers. Beth closed her eyes as she felt her body begin to surrender. Her loins started to moisten and she felt the excitement as John caressed her body. His hand moved over to her other breast and he continued to caress her creamy, white tits. She felt his hand slide down across her smooth, flat stomach and then she felt his fingers stroke through the soft, blonde curls of her pubic thatch. Her legs began to quiver as his fingers slid down between her thighs. She felt his fingertips graze over her swollen labia and then he parted her lips with his fingers and slid one finger deep into her soaking pussy. Beth gasped as she felt his finger enter her oozing twat. He slid his finger in and out of her body several times and Beth lifted her thighs slightly as he finger fucked her. Her eyes closed and her head rolled to the side as she felt her body responding to his touch.

Sliding his finger out of her tight pussy, he slid it down between her firm asscheeks and teased her tight asshole as his thumb slid up into her pussy. She grunted with passion at the double assault on her sexuality. As John teased her loins with his fingers, we both watched as Beth raised her hips and rolled her pelvis in an effort to keep his hand firmly pressed inside her beautiful, young body. John eased his fingers from her loins and lay back flat on the carpet beside her.

It took her a moment to recover from the moment and then Beth opened her eyes and looked over at John. She turned her body and realized that it was her turn now. Rolling onto her side, she looked up at me and then down at John's crotch. She placed her hand on his chest and felt the firmness of his chest muscles. She slid her hand down over his stomach and rubbed the large mass hidden in his briefs.

Beth sat up and crossed her legs as she moved next to John's body. With both hands, she reached for the waistband of his briefs and then pulled them down his legs and removed them. She stared down at his ramrod and a twinkle came into her eye. Grasping his cock with her hand, she lifted it and then turning her body, lowered her face to his crotch. Parting her lips slightly, she kissed the tip of his cock before wrapping her hungry lips around the head and then sliding her mouth down as far as it would go. She felt her mouth filled with his cock and then she began to pump her face up and down his cock as her fingers teased and tickled his shaft. John moaned loudly as his fingers wrapped into her silky, blonde hair and he guided her mouth up and down his shaft.

John reached out for her thigh and Beth lifted her body slightly and slid her hips around towards his face. He guided her leg over his head and then wrapping his arms up over her hips, guided her sweet pussy down to his lips. As his tongue entered her quim, Beth's sucking became more pronounced. She sucked on his cock for all she was worth as she felt his tongue tease the inside of her pussy. Her hips began to gyrate rapidly as her body shook with a powerful orgasm. She felt his fingers teasing at her asshole once again as she cupped his balls and sucked harder on his root.

I watched as her hips rotated powerfully and she tried to smother the poor boy with her pussy. He didn't seem to mind as he clung tightly to her hips. She ground her pussy against his face as he licked and probed her womanflesh with his tongue. Her body bucked wildly as his tongue probed deeply between her satiny thighs and her mouth devoured his stiff ramrod.

Suddenly Beth lifted her face off of John's cock and then turning her body, grasped his cock in her hand and straddled his thighs. She guided the tip to the entrance of her drenched pussy and then lifting her knees, slid her body down hard onto his impaling cock. John looked up at her beautiful tits as they glistened before his eyes and he watched as she placed her hands on either side of his head and then bracing her knees on the carpet, began to impale herself over and over onto his ramrod. Her face was filled with lust as she thrust her pussy down hard onto his cock again and again.

Reaching up to her panting tits, John began to tease her nipples as she continued to fuck him. Then he braced his arms beside him and sat up. Beth still straddled his hips and he helped her to wrap her long legs around him. As he sat cross-legged on the floor, Beth lowered her pussy all the way down onto his cock. She didn't have the leverage to move her body up and down so she squeezed his cock tightly with her powerful love muscles as she rolled her hips on his cock. John smiled at her as he let out a soft moan.

Opening his legs, he eased her body backwards until she lay flat on the floor. Carefully he slid his cock out of her body and then shifting his position, lay back down into her soft, warm saddle. Beth felt the hardness of his cock between her legs and she raised her knees slightly as he slid his cock back into her tight pussy.

Stretching herself out on the carpet, she surrendered to his cock as he thrust deep into her body again and again. Her arms came up around his neck and her hips rose with each penetration as she ground her pussy hard against his every thrust. Her mouth found his and she thrust her tongue between his lips, practically sucking his out by the roots.

John reached down under Beth's thighs and raised her legs high in the air. Her body was doubled over as he pounded hard into her tight pussy. As her head rolled to the side, she looked up and saw me staring down at her as John fucked her in front of me. She'd never been on display before and it embarrassed her. She hated what was happening to her but her body loved the sensations it was experiencing. Her eyes closed as she screamed softly with each penetration. Her body went rigid and she flooded her pussy with hot cum as he plunged deep into her loins.

Releasing her legs, she brought them down to the floor and once again braced them as she thrust her hips upward to meet each thrust of his cock. John sat back on his knees as he looked down at her passion wracked body. Her chest was heaving with sexual excitement as her hips continued to gyrate. He wasn't moving in her body right now and so Beth planted her feet firmly on the floor, on either side of his knees and then raising her ass off the floor, began to rotate her hips as she pleasured his cock. John smiled down at her as she thrust her pelvis against his cock. Her tits jiggled as her body moved and we just watched her in fascination as she pleasured his cock.

As she tired, John took hold of her leg and raising it, helped her to turn over onto her side and then onto her chest. Beth spread her legs out on the carpet as she felt John stretch out on top of her. Her tits were mashed firmly to the carpet as she felt him begin to slide in and out of her tight pussy. John's hands slid up along the sides of her body and then reaching under her chest, he squeezed her tits as she thrust her hips back to meet his impaling cock.

Sliding his hands back down to her hips, John sat back on his knees pulling her body with him. She braced her palms on the floor and pushed back with him as she knelt on all fours in front of him. Beth's head hung down and she could see his powerful thighs between her own as her tits hung down heavily below her chest. John began to pump into her tight pussy as she felt his hands begin to knead the firm flesh of her ass. Then she felt his finger begin to prod her tight asshole and she felt her insides let go with a powerful orgasm.

Beth's hands stretched out on the carpet as she lowered her chest to the floor but kept her ass up as John kept it filled with his ramrod. Her entire body lurched forward with each thrust as his cock penetrated her tight pussy and his fingers prodded her asshole. She relished the feeling of having both of her holes filled and she waited in anticipation for him to open up her tight, young ass.

John pulled back on Beth's hips and she raised her chest off the floor and braced her hands on the carpet. Sliding his hands up her body, John cupped her heaving tits and pulled her to an upright position. As he knelt behind her, his cock buried in her tight pussy, his fingers closed around her taut nipples and he nibbled on her neck. A powerful shudder ran through her young body as he caressed her. Beth looked ahead of her and saw me sitting on the sofa.

Holding her body tightly, John began to move toward the sofa. Beth felt herself being forced to crawl forward as she remained impaled on John's cock. As she got closer, I spread my knees apart and John guided her between my legs. Beth looked down and could see that I'd removed my shorts and that my cock was fully erect.

She also realized what was expected of her. Reaching out, she wrapped her trembling hand around my shaft and then as John eased his grip on her tits, she lowered her mouth to my cock. She'd never been with two men at once and was overwhelmed as she felt John's cock sliding in and out of her twat while my cock slid in and out of her mouth. She felt herself bounced back and forth between our two impaling cocks. Her body was on fire as she thrust herself back and forth. Her sucking was beyond belief as she caressed my balls and sucked hard on my rod. John continued to pound into her tight pussy and her muscles clenched tightly around his ramrod every time he thrust into her.

We both looked down at her beautiful body as she bounced back and forth between our cocks. We both felt our loads about to explode and nodding at each other John placed his hands tightly on Beth's hips as I wrapped my hands through her soft, blonde hair. Beth had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen and prepared herself to be filled at both ends. It only took a moment as I pressed her face down around my shaft and her tongue snaked around the base of my shaft. As she lifted her face, the tip of her tongue flicked over the hole in the tip of my cock and it erupted in her mouth.

As Beth gulped down my load, her body tensed and just then her inner muscles clenched around John's impaling cock with immediate results as she felt his cock explode in her pussy and her own powerful orgasm overwhelmed her. She collapsed exhausted between us. I eased my grip on her head and John slid his cock out of her pussy and sat back on his knees. Beth didn't move. She felt sexually overwhelmed as cum began to ooze out of her tight pussy and a drop dribbled down her chin.

It took awhile before any of us were able to move. Slowly John got up and I reached down and cupped Beth's heaving tits in my hand and helped to lift her body up. She was spent and didn't look at all angry. It's amazing what a good fucking will do for an attitude problem.

"Why don't we all take a tub?" I suggested and the three of us walked out onto the deck and descended into the warm water of the Jacuzzi. Beth sank in and felt the water caress her exhausted body. She could still taste my cum in her mouth and felt the warm water as it massaged her sore muscles. The two of us slid in beside her and we soaked ourselves for almost a half hour.

To be continued......

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