tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 08

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 08


This is the eighth in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.


When we finished washing up, Beth asked if she could get dressed. I handed her the large outer shirt she'd worn when she arrived.

"What about underwear?" she asked. I laughed. She slipped the shirt over her head and as her arms came through the huge side holes she felt as if she were still practically naked. She was used to running around in a T-shirt and panties but this was even barer than she was used to.

"Why don't you make us some breakfast?" I suggested and Beth smiled as she padded into the kitchen. As Beth made breakfast John and I set about the next phase of our plan.

We had used the yard before for secret filming and it wasn't hard to set up the equipment. One camera went in the shrubs in a sort of blind we'd built. The second was in the den aimed out through the sliding glass doors. The third was hidden in the cabana and a fourth was situated on the upper balcony overlooking the deck. None could be seen unless you knew where to look for them.

I moved the weight bench to the middle of the deck between two uprights that supported the trellis. I placed a steel bar across the two poles at about shoulder height. There were also notches in the uprights for a bar at a lower height and I lay the padded bar under the weight bench. I checked the camera positions and John checked the focus and zoom. We were ready.

Beth watched as we prepared the equipment and then when all was ready John turned to her and said, "You come with me." Beth nodded and followed John into the studio. She was quite impressed by the equipment and watched over his shoulder as he checked the various monitors.

"So this is how you taped me yesterday." she said. John nodded as he placed his hand on her knee and then slid it up her thigh to her sweet pussy. Beth eased her legs apart and he teased her pussy as she sat beside him.

Pam arrived promptly at 10:00 as instructed. She knew that the time of reckoning was at hand and she didn't want to upset me. When she knocked on the door I let her in. She wore shorts and a tank top and was carrying a tote bag. I smiled at her as I wrapped my arms around her beautiful, young body. I kissed her as my hands descended over her firm ass. Her lips parted and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. A major change had come over Pam since she had lost her virginity. She was much less scared of her body and seemed grateful to me for introducing her to the pleasures that she had been denying herself for so long.

I pinched her ass and then led her into the house. "This is very nice." she said as she admired John's house. "Whose is it?" she asked.

"My brother's. He lets me use it when I have someone worth bringing over. It's a lot more private than my apartment." I said as I led her through the house and out to the deck in the backyard. Entering the yard Pam surveyed the deck. She was relieved that we were alone and that the yard was so private.

"Did you bring the bikini?" I asked and Pam nodded. She had tried the bathing suit on earlier and was amazed at how little of her magnificent body it actually covered. She did have to admit that she looked quite good in it, especially the way her dark skin contrasted with the white material.

"You can change in there." I said pointing to the cabana. Pam disappeared only to reemerge wearing the skimpy bikini. She looked breathtaking. The small knit triangles of the top barely covered her nipples. Her massive mams pressed out on all sides of the tiny bra and bounced so seductively with each step. The bottoms were equally small; just two small triangles of material held in place by a narrow string tied in a bow over each hip. Pam was magnificent as she stood before me. I twirled my finger and Pam did a pirouette in front of me.

"You are just beautiful." I complimented her. She smiled. Her dark skin looked wonderful against the white material of the bikini. "You know, just looking at you is a real turn-on. You look good enough to eat." I teased as I approached her and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her on the cheek as my hands caressed her lush body.

"You know, you broke our agreement." I said. Pam paled. "I haven't as yet decided how to deal with your breach of our agreement but how well you please me today may determine how I punish you." The young beauty was frightened and decided that she'd better do anything I asked of her today.

I led Pam over to the weight bench and motioned her to sit down. The bench was narrow and had a padded top. I looked up at the balcony camera and nodded to John. He and Beth had been watching on the screens and now turned the tape machines on.

"You are going to do some modeling for me today." I said as I picked up my 35mm camera. Pam paled as I lifted the camera.

"Do you have to take pictures of me?" she asked, her voice betraying her fear.

"Don't worry. These are just to remember how beautiful you are." I said reassuringly. "Nothing too sexy." I added.

"I would like you to pose for me now. I like to just look at your body and imagine how I am going to enjoy you today and in the future. Your body has inspired some powerful fantasies that we are going to enjoy together." I told her. Pam sat still on the bench with her knees closed and her body bent slightly forward. Her huge tits hung deliciously below her chest as she waited for me to tell her what to do. She smiled a bit embarrassed.

"Lean to your left." I instructed the young beauty and Pam stretched her arm out to the side and shifted her weight. Her shoulder rose up and her huge breasts moved forward making them spill even further out of the skimpy bikini bra. Her firm asscheeks rose slightly from the padded bench. I smiled at her as she relaxed a bit. I began to take pictures as I moved around.

"Now put your foot up on the bench." I instructed her and she complied. I looked over at her. "You look incredibly sexy." I said with a smile as I snapped her picture.

Putting the camera down I walked over to her and coming around behind her, sat down next to her hand and slid my own hand across her shoulder. I felt her young body tremble slightly as I slid my hand over her meaty breast and cupped her huge mam in the palm of my hand. Tucking my finger under the neck string of her bra, I slid the material to the side revealing her pert nipple. It was dark and getting very hard. I teased it with my fingers as her breathing became deeper.

Withdrawing my hand from her firm tit, I stood up and stepped back. "Lean over and stretch out on that cushion." I instructed and Pam noticed the block of foam resting on the edge of the bench. She pulled it close and leaned her body over, stretching out across the bench with the cushion below her upper arm. Her huge breasts hung full in the air below her chest with only the skimpy bra to hold them back. One tit remained in her bra but the other hung free. As she stretched out Pam brought her other foot up onto the bench.

I came back to sit next to her and she bent her knees to make room for me to sit down just next to her beautiful ass. "Now raise your leg straight up." I instructed and Pam lifted her top leg and straightened it until it pointed to the top of the trellis. Her thighs were split wide and I rested my palm on her open leg as I felt a tremor run through her beautiful young body.

"Very nice." I complimented her as my fingers caressed her bare thigh. "Shall I continue to take pictures of you?" I asked. I could see that the idea ran chills through her and that was the reaction I was hoping for. I slid back away from the young beauty and sat at the edge of the weight bench. Pam was a little surprised but did not move.

"Now sit up and face me." I instructed her with a smile. Pam lowered her leg and turning her body straddled the bench just below the bar. Her thighs were parted and slightly raised as she sat facing me. I stood up and moved to stand in front of her, my crotch only inches from her sweet lips. Without prompting, Pam ran her hands along the back of my thighs and then pulled down the front of my bathing suit as her mouth enveloped my raging cock. I wrapped my fingers through her dark hair as I guided her mouth along the length of my cock. She sucked hard as I felt her hands reach into my bathing suit and massage my balls.

John was busy changing camera angles and zooming in on the action as my cock slid in and out of Pam's sweet mouth and her fingers massaged my loaded balls. Beth watched in fascination as I was enjoying her beautiful friend. Her fingers had been down between her own thighs for some time and she'd been cumming all along as she watched the action on the screen. I was pleased that all of this was going on film and the thought excited me even more.

I continued to pump my rod into Pam's hungry mouth as she worked my balls with her hands. It didn't take long for me to feel my load rising and I grasped a handful of Pam's hair and as I felt my cock ready to explode. I brought my hand to my cock and then pulling her head back a bit, my cockhead slid from between her lips as a strong stream of cum shot out of my rod and through the air into her still open mouth. Pam was a bit surprised but kept her mouth open as she tasted the salty cum spray across her tongue. The initial burst spent, I slid my cock back between her eager lips and she continued to suck on me. I continued to stroke Pam's hair as her lips pleasured my cock. She seemed to have no intentions of releasing me from her hungry mouth and I had nowhere else to go for the moment.

Beth was fascinated at the power of my load as it shot through the air into Pam's mouth. She realized then just why she came every time one of us shot into her tightness. As her fingers grazed over her clit she screamed softly as her loins flooded once again.

Holding Pam's head firmly, I sat down on the bench and as she bent forward, her face was still filled with my shaft. She continued to suck as she placed her hands on my thighs and guided her head up and down the length of my spent shaft. Finally, Pam eased her suction and slid back a bit on the bench.

"That was excellent." I complimented her and she smiled at me as she placed her hands between her open thighs.

"Stand up." I said and Pam rose before me. She stood before me, one tit bared and the other still covered by the skimpy bra. Her legs straddled the bench, her firm thighs parted before me and her face filled with sexual anticipation. Motioning her forward, she straddled my legs, spreading her own thighs that much wider apart. I reached up to her chest and tucking my fingers under the neck string of her bra, pulled the sides out until both of her magnificent mams were fully visible. Her nipples were rock hard as I began to play with them. Pam moaned loudly as my fingers touched her body.

Pinching her nipples firmly with my fingers, I shook her massive tits gently and then guided her nipple to my mouth. Pam edged closer as my mouth sucked on her tender nub. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she pressed my mouth to her huge tit. My hands wandered down between her thighs and began to tease her pussy. The scent of her love juices was already intoxicating. I continued to suck on Pam's heaving tits as my fingers teased her pussy and her ass. I reached up and untied the string in the middle of her back and then Pam reached up and undid the bow behind her neck and the bra fell onto the deck. I continued to suck and tease her tender nipples as she moaned loudly, her legs beginning to tremble.

Easing away from her rock hard nipples, I pressed her body back a bit. She stood under the cross bar and I lay back on the bench. I pulled the foam block up under my head and gazed up at Pam's open thighs. "Take hold of the bar." I said and Pam looked up and seeing the bar reached up and took a firm grip on the metal bar. Her raised arms made her look even sexier as her huge tits hung beautifully and her muscles stretched slightly.

I reached under the bench on either side of my head and pulled out the footrests we'd attached. Now on either side of my head there were two places for Pam to place her feet. Pressing behind her knees, Pam got the idea and lifted first one leg and then the other onto the footrests. She held onto the bar for balance as her knees pressed out to the sides and her sweet pussy descended to my face. Pam could feel my breath on the soft skin of her inner thighs as she straddled my face. She could not have been more spread open for me or for the camera.

I slid myself up a few inches as Pam looked down, her face filled with lust and anticipation at what I would do next. My hands came up to her open thighs and I began to stroke her legs. I could feel her tremble as my hands teased the backs of her thighs and then reaching up to her hips, I pulled the bows holding her bottoms in place. She felt the tickle of the string as the bows untied and then the material fell away. Her pussy was slick with love juices and the cool air against her open pubes made her shudder. I looked up into her wonder hole as I slid the pillow further under my head.

As my mouth was raised, I brought my tongue to Pam's labia and pointing it, slid it into her seething pussy. The touch of my tongue to her twat sent a tremor through Pam's entire body. Using the overhead bar for leverage, she pressed her seething pussy closer to my lips. I ran my arms under her spread thighs and wrapping my arms over her hips, drew her even closer to my mouth. Pam was moaning and shaking as my tongue probed every inch of her exposed pussy. Her face was filled with lust as she ground her creaming twat against my mouth. My tongue found her clit and then the fun began. Pulling my lips over my teeth, I clamped down on her sensitive love button. By changing the pressure and teasing the tip with my tongue, I could make Pam cum almost at will.

Pam could not believe what was happening to her body. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through her loins as I drank her sweet cum. Her pussy was absolutely drenched as she convulsed in yet another powerful orgasm. Pam hung from the bar barely able to hold herself up as her body continued to writhe in passion.

I was ready to fuck my beautiful student. Easing my grip on her hips, I lowered my face from her seething pussy. My lips and cheeks were covered with her sweet cum. Pam looked down at me with amazing lust in her eyes. As I started to pull my body along the bench, Pam raised herself until my cock was positioned directly below her love hole. Without any prompting, she reached down and taking hold of my shaft aimed it straight at the entrance to her love channel. As she felt the tip slip between her swollen labia, she let out a soft moan and then eased her dripping pussy onto my invading ramrod until it was buried to the hilt in her warm, wet box. I flexed my cock deep in her pussy and felt another orgasm ripple through her loins as she flooded my cock with her wet flow. Her pussy was so tight and so wet that I don't ever remember a feeling to match the pleasure I felt at this moment. I lay back and let Pam's lust take over.

With amazing skill and strength, Pam began to pump her body up and down on my rigid shaft. Her love muscles clasped at my shaft as she plunged over and over again on my impaling tool. Now each time her body descended onto my cock, I felt her roll her hips adding to my pleasure and her own. Orgasms continued to ripple through her body every few moments.

I could see that Pam was tiring and that her legs were starting to feel the strain. I reached for her ankles and she got the idea. Setting her full weight down on my impaling cock, she lowered her feet to the deck. She continued to hold onto the bar as she fucked me, rolling her hips with each thrust. Then letting go of the bar, she bent over my body placing her hands on the footrests on either side of my head.

As Pam continued to skewer her tight pussy on my raging cock, I watched in fascination as her huge breasts bounced wildly with each plunge. I reached up to play with them as she threw back her head as yet another powerful orgasm ripped through her loins. I wrapped my arms around her upper body and drew her huge tits to my mouth. As I trapped her hard nub in my mouth, Pam stopped plunging onto my shaft and started to roll her powerful hips across mine. I continued to play and suck on Pam's dangling titflesh as she ground her hips against mine.

Releasing my bite on her tender mams, I pressed Pam's body upright. Pulling gently on her left leg, she realized that I wanted her to turn her body around. Lifting her leg, she carefully turned herself so that my cock would not slip out of her hungry pussy. Having turned around completely, she brought her legs back a bit and then reaching forward to grasp the bench went back to pumping her tight pussy up and down my cock. She plunged her body over and over for several minutes and then realized that it wasn't the most enjoyable position.

Lifting herself off of my cock completely, she turned around and climbing back onto the footrests lowered her pussy back to my cock. Taking hold of my glistening shaft, she slid it between the wet folds of her engorged labia and then really went to work. Her inner muscles clamped hard around my cock with each thrust and I quickly began to feel my load rising. Pam looked down at me as her pussy continued to juice and she knew it would be soon. She leaned back using the bar and then lowering her feet onto the deck, humped me for all she was worth. In moments she could feel my body tensing and as soon as my load exploded into her hot love hole, her own body let go with another powerful orgasm as she plunged her tight pussy down hard on my spurting shaft.

Satisfied and happy, Pam hung from the bar as her inner muscles continued to dance around my cock. Finally she let go of the bar and stretched her nubile body across mine. I wrapped my arms around her as I felt my spent cock slip out from between her pussy lips. She was tired and deserved a rest. I kissed her and smiled as we drifted off to sleep.

John had been editing the film as the action was going on but now he had the opportunity to change cassettes. He was pleased with the film we had and decided that he would only have to go back to do a little touch up work to get the film up to our quality standards. There were a few places where he wanted to delete slow interludes and then add the other camera angles to the action sequences. It would not take him a lot of time but first he felt the hardness of his cock as it pressed against his shorts.

Easing the chair back a bit, he turned it to face Beth and she saw the bulge in his shorts. He took her hands and pressed them to his crotch and then Beth slid off of her chair knelt before him and helped him slide his shorts down. Once that was done, Beth reached between his thighs and then lowering her face to his cock, sucked his shaft between her talented lips. He was so aroused from having watched me with Pam that combined with Beth's talented mouth it only took moments for her to feel his load begin to rise.

As John closed his hands around her head, Beth pulled back and shook her head. He remembered how she'd been fascinated by how my load had shot through the air into Pam's mouth. He released her head and allowed her to control the situation. She sucked hard on his shaft and then when he felt his cock begin to shoot, she pulled her mouth away and then held his cock in front of her mouth and watched as his cum shot out of his cock and into her eager mouth. She felt the force of his seed as it sprayed into her mouth and then aiming his cock at her lips, swallowed him completely.

To be continued......

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