tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 10

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 10


This is the tenth in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.

* * * * *

I looked over at the clock and it was almost 1:00 - time for the next phase of my plan. I climbed out of the pool and walked over to the bench and adjusted the padded bar. Then I slid the weight bench forward into position. Pam looked up at me and asked, "What now?"

"Something new and special." I quipped as I tightened the padded bar in place. Glancing up at the camera, I nodded.

John leaned over to Beth, "There's your cue," he said, "and you'd better be good." he added with a menacing tone in his voice.

Pam climbed out of the pool, her naked, young body glistened as the water dripped off of her smooth skin. I motioned her forward as I sat down on the end of the bench facing the house. Pam came around the bench and straddled it as she stood on the other side of the bar. I reached out and fondled her breasts and a shudder ran through her young body. Pam took hold of the bar and leaned her body forward as her huge breasts dangled before me. I sucked her warm breast into my mouth as my teeth gently bit at her hardening nipple. Pam's body began to writhe as my teeth teased her sensitive nipples and her fingers wrapped through my hair and held me tightly to her heaving chest.

Placing my hands on her hips, I pulled away slightly and out of the corner of my eye saw Beth standing next to the sliding doors. She was bare-assed naked and looked spectacular.

I sucked Pam's huge tit back into my mouth as my fingers reached between her open thighs and began to caress her moist pussy. Pam's legs began to shake as my fingers found her clit and began to tease it. Her body went rigid as her sweet juices bathed my fingers. I slipped my fingers further between her open thighs and prodded her tight asshole with my cum covered fingers. Pam's body began to buck as she squeezed the bar even tighter. Beth's eyes were riveted to my hand as I probed deeper and deeper between her friend's open thighs. She remembered how it had felt when my fingers were caressing her body that way. Pam's young body continued to buck and writhe as successive orgasms ripped though her loins.

Easing my fingers out of Pam's tight pussy, I nodded to her and she sat down astride the bench. Her knees were slightly raised and her arms still grasped the bar making her lean slightly forward as her pendulous breasts hung fully before my eyes. I reached out and caressed her full tits teasing her hard nipples with my fingers. Taking Pam's hands, I held them on the padded bar and then looking down at her said, "Now lie back."

Pam leaned back until her arms were fully extended. Then lifting her ass, she moved her body until she lay flat on the bench with her shoulders flat on the pad and her arms raised over her waist. She remembered the position from the morning. Sliding back a bit, I placed my hands under her open thighs and helped her to lift her legs. Once they were raised, I carefully guided them back around the ends of the bar so that her legs were raised and held open as they had been in the morning. Once again Pam felt very exposed and vulnerable as her legs were held wide apart. She liked the feeling. She raised her head and saw my ramrod poised above her seething pussy. With my hands still holding hers to the bar, I sat down between her thighs, letting the tip of my cock barely touch the moistness of her engorged pussy lips. A shudder ran through her young body.

"If you want my cock inside you, you're going to have to come and get it." I teased her. Beth watched as her friend pulled herself up slightly on the bar and then eased her pussy closer and closer to my ramrod until she felt the tip slip between her moist pussy lips. Then pulling on the bar, her ass lifted and her hips slid down toward me as the young beauty impaled herself on my cock. She felt good. I felt her hips begin to churn as she ground her pussy against my cock.

Beth stood silently behind her friend as I fucked Pam on the bench. She had never really watched another person fucking. It was a new and exciting experience and I could see her nipples begin to harden as I fucked hard into Pam's tight pussy. Pam was panting as her huge chest heaved with sexual excitement. Then she screamed softly and her body went rigid as a powerful orgasm ripped through her beautiful, young body.

Beth felt excited yet embarrassed. Though she really liked sex and had some experience, she had always thought of sex as a strictly private affair. Until last night, except for her first couple of double dates when she and her boyfriend had been in the back seat petting while the other couple had been in the front seat, she had never had anyone see what she was doing or what was being done to her. She had also never seen anyone else fucking except in movies and that was usually only of the soft-porn variety. Now she stood in front of me, her hands hanging limply at her sides while she watched me fucking the daylights out of her roommate. She was embarrassed yet excited. I looked down at Pam as my cock filled her tight pussy and her friend stood only a few feet away. "You broke our agreement." I started as Pam's face changed from lust to fear. "You decided to share me, my body and my cum with someone else." I continued. Pam was really nervous.

"I am not angry with you, since Beth has provided me with so much pleasure." I said as I looked up at Beth who was smiling though a little embarrassed. "However, since you decided to share me, I've decided that the appropriate 'punishment' is to share you." I said as I looked down at the bewildered girl and thrust deep into her open pussy.

"Come here Beth." I said and Pam's eyes bolted open. She wanted to run but with her legs wrapped around the ends of the bar and her thighs split wide apart, she couldn't move her body. "Relax, she's been watching the entire proceedings." As she looked up and saw Beth standing beside her, buck naked, her first instincts were to cover her body and her hands quickly shot out to cover her panting tits. Then one hand went down to cover her open pussy, even though my cock was still buried balls deep inside of her. I looked down at her and shook my head. "I thought since you had decided to share me with Beth that we all ought to share in this together. Now put your hands over your head and hold onto the bench." Pam hesitated as she looked up at Beth whose eyes were ogling her naked body. "Your choice, a punishment that is painful or one that is pleasurable?" I said as I looked down at the naked and spread beauty. Beth's arms lifted up and she reached over her head and grasped the bench. I continued to stroke into her beautiful body as her huge tits bounced beautifully with each deep penetration of her tight quim. Pam was mortified as her friend watched her writhe in passion on the bench as my cock hammered in and out of her tight pussy.

"Come closer." I said to Beth and the beautiful, young blonde stepped up and stood next to the bar. I looked at her body and smiled. As I buried my cock deep in Pam's tight pussy, my fingers reached out to caress Beth's taut, young nipples. Pam looked up and watched as Beth stood motionless as my fingers closed tightly around her hard nipples and pinched her tender nubs. As my fingers twisted and pulled at her tender, young nubbins, Beth's face contorted in passion mixed with a little pain. Her breathing became heavier and her body began to squirm. Pam looked up in fascination and jealousy as my cock remained embedded in her pussy but my hands and my attention were obviously focused on someone else's body.

I continued to caress Beth's firm tits as I pinched and punished her tender nubs. Her body began to tremble as she succumbed to my caresses. Sliding my hand down her side, I reached between her soft thighs and slipped my finger between Beth's moist pussy lips as I probed her most intimate flesh. She gasped as my finger slipped into her body and her thighs began to tremble. I felt Pam's muscles tighten around my cock as she pressed her hips forward against my impaling cock. Beth's body bent forward as my fingers probed inside her sweet pussy and a shudder ran through her naked body. Her loins were drenched and the powerful aroma of her womanhood filled the air.

Easing my fingers out of Beth's tight pussy, I motioned her to come around the pole and stand beside me. Pam watched as I pulled Beth close to me and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth. I felt Beth's arms wrap around my neck and I sucked her breast into my mouth. I chewed gently on her nipple as my fingers slid back up between her soft thighs.

"Sit up on the bar." I instructed and Beth eased her body onto the padded bar in front of me. She reached up to the overhead bar for balance and then spread her thighs on either side of me. I leaned forward and kissed her body just above her blonde mons. A shudder ran through her body. Reaching under her ass, I held her cheeks firmly and then lowered my lips to her warm, wet pussy. Beth began to moan and writhe as my lips caressed her most sensitive flesh. I thrust my hips forward and Pam got the message. As Pam watched me licking her friend's pussy, she began to grind her hips hard against my cock as it filled her own wet pussy. She was jealous that I would want to pleasure anyone else while she was available and willing to pleasure me.

I continued to eat Beth as I fucked Pam and the sounds of lust filled the air. Finally when my tongue was too tired to continue licking out the sweet nectar that oozed from Beth's loins I lifted my face from her blonde bush. My face and her thighs were covered with her wetness.

I eased back a bit on the bench and my cock slipped out of Pam's tight pussy. She lifted her head in surprise as she watched me help Beth slide off the padded bar. Beth turned around and she straddled the bench looking down at her friend. Pam looked up at Beth's beautiful body, not without a certain amount of envy. Beth's tits were smaller but her body was firm and her blonde hair and light complexion made her just beautiful.

I pressed Beth's body forward until her hips touched the padded bar. Pressing on her shoulders, she leaned forward until she was poised directly above Pam's body. She placed her hands on the bench on either side of Pam's face to support her upper body. The two friends faced each other, their naked breasts only inches apart, their open pussies only inches apart as their thighs were spread and both of their pussies were available for my pleasure.

I moved back behind Beth and sat down. My cock grazed Pam's open thighs as my tongue teased Beth's ass. Both girls shuddered and watched each other intently as I teased their loins. I stood up and Pam watched intensely as my cock slid between her friend's swollen labia and Beth let out a deep moan. Taking hold of the bar on either side of Beth's hips I began to thrust in and out of the young beauty as Pam watched her face fill with lust. Now she had some idea of how she must have looked to Beth moments earlier when my cock filled her own pussy. Beth's tits bounced back and forth as my cock rammed into her sweet, young body. Again and again I thrust deep into her tightness as she began to scream softly with passion.

The two girls could not stop watching each other as Beth felt her body going out of control. She threw back her head and let out a soft scream as I felt her insides shower my impaling ramrod with her sweet flow. I thrust a few more times into her tightness and then slipped my cock out of her panting body.

Sitting down on the bench, I thrust forward directly into Pam's open pussy. Beth's cum, which covered my cock, let me slide right into Pam's tightness. As I thrust forward into her body, Pam's huge tits began to bounce and heave with passion. Beth watched her with fascination and envy as her huge tits moved with the rhythm of my thrusts. Once again the girls watched each other intently as sexual passion overcame them. As my own breathing became heavy, Beth felt my hot breath on her spread thighs as my lips kissed her firm asscheeks from time to time.

I thrust into Pam for several minutes and then switched back up to Beth's tight pussy. Over and over again I thrust into the young beauties as I felt the tightness of their pussies work wonders on my raging cock. It was as if they were in competition to see which would be able to make me cum.

Finally after several switches, I felt my balls begin to boil as I thrust deep into Pam's twitching pussy. Just as my cock was about to explode, I decided to withdraw from her sweet loins. As my cock left her body it shot up and my cum sprayed onto Beth's stomach and chest just inches above Pam's panting body.

I lifted myself off the bench and my cock continued to spray hot cum onto Pam's heaving chest and her firm stomach. Then sitting down again between her spread thighs, I let the rest of my cum ooze out onto the soft, dark fur of Pam's mons. Needless to say both girls were surprised by my actions.

I moved around the pole and then stepped over the bench straddling Pam's face, my cock only inches from Beth's sweet lips. Though her head hung down, she could sense my closeness and when I stroked her soft, blonde hair with my fingers, she lifted her face and parted her lips to accept my spent tool. She was hungry for the taste of my cum, even if my cock was coated with cum from Pam's seething love hole. She sucked greedily as I slid all the way into her hungry mouth and tasted the sweet cum that covered my ramrod. Pam looked up in fascination as she watched my cock disappear all the way into her friend's mouth.

Looking down, I was pleased by the position of Pam's body. Holding Beth's head firmly to my cock, I lowered my body until my balls hung heavy above Pam's soft lips. The dark haired beauty opened her mouth as I lowered my balls between her hungry lips. I felt her close her lips around my sack and her tongue began to prod my balls as her friend sucked on my shaft. There is no more exquisite sensation in the world. I moaned loudly and both girls took the cue and began to really suck on me. I realized that if their positions had been reversed, Pam's huge tits would have been resting on Beth's creamy white tits.

As my cock shrank in Beth's mouth, I released my grip on her head and she lifted herself up. As she moved away from the bar, she reached down to her body to touch the droplets of my cum that had sprayed out onto her soft skin. I shook my head and Beth dropped her hands to her sides.

As I eased my balls out of Pam's mouth, I stood up and looked down at her beautiful, young body. She too reached down to touch the puddles of cum that dotted her beautiful body but stopped when I shook my head. Pam still had her legs raised and wrapped over the bar. I sat with Pam's head between my thighs and motioned Beth to come to where I was sitting. She stood beside me. I reached down for Pam's arms and as I slid back on the bench, I pulled her arms over her head. Her huge tits were drawn tightly against her chest as Beth looked down at the pools of cum that dotted her friend's body.

"Sit down." I instructed and Beth stepped over the bench and then sat down where I had been. Pam's arms were pinned under Beth's thighs as she felt the closeness of Pam's face against her open thighs.

"You seem to love the taste of cum." I taunted the young blonde. She smiled in embarrassment. "I want you to lick up all of the cum on Pam's body." I said. Both girls looked up at me with surprise. Pam tried to resist but her arms were pinned and her legs were stuck. Beth started to protest but then saw the look on my face. Besides, curiosity and lust got the best of her. She had never made love to another woman but had thought about it from time to time. She had even had fantasies about one of her camp counselors who had been a real knock-out. Now that she had the opportunity and Pam, having such an amazing body, she only hesitated for a moment.

Leaning forward, she placed her hands on either side of Pam's body and lowered her lips to Pam's waist. There was a large pool of cum that had gathered near Pam's navel and Beth licked at it, trying to suck it into her mouth. The cum had started to dry and so she had to lick and nibble on Pam's flesh to get it. As her lips began to caress her friend, she remembered that I had not let her smooth away the cum on her own body. Her mind began to fantasize about how it would feel to have Pam licking her own body.

As Beth nibbled on Pam's body, Pam began to writhe on the bench as I watched the action and John got it down on videotape. Pam did not like the idea of another woman caressing her body but she had to admit that it did feel good. Beth's mouth moved around Pam's firm, young body until finally she sucked Pam's hard nipple into her mouth. Pam shook as she felt her friend suck her taut nipple between her soft lips. Beth was overcome by the excitement and passion of her first experience with another woman. She could feel Pam's body trembling under her own as her own tits pressed against Pam's face.

Once she had licked all the cum off of Pam's upper body, she sat up and brought her hands down onto Pam's full chest. Her own pussy pressed against the top of Pam's head as her fingers closed around the young girl's nipples. Beth knew what felt good to her and assumed it would feel good to Pam, so she proceeded to caress Pam's huge tits. I watched her as John continued to get it all down on film.

"You missed a few spots." I said with a smile as Beth looked down at the drops of cum that were matted in Pam's pubic thatch. Lifting her body slightly, she leaned forward, lowering her face between Pam's open thighs. She kissed Pam's tender thigh and then began to lick and caress her open pussy. Beth's own pussy was poised bare inches above Pam's mouth but the brunette made no attempt to return the pleasure.

Beth lowered her face between Pam's thighs and licked at her swollen labia. Then finding Pam's clit, the beautiful, young blonde sucked the nub into her mouth and in moments had Pam squealing with pleasure as her hips bucked violently and orgasms rippled through her beautiful young body. Finally Beth lifted herself off of Pam's body and sat back. I smiled at her.

"Time to return the favor." I quipped to Pam as I eased her ankles from around the bar and helped her to lower her feet to the deck.

"No, I won't do that." she protested as she sat up on the bench.

"What?" I said in a slightly threatening voice.

"I won't do that." she repeated.

"That's not too friendly." I taunted her.

"I can't do that to another woman." she said.

"You didn't seem to mind her doing it to you." I teased. Pam blushed deeply. "Besides that's your punishment." I added. I motioned Beth to sit down and she straddled the bench. Nodding to her, she lay her body back and her thighs were parted and slightly raised.

"Do it." I said in a rather harsh tone and Pam moved to sit between Beth's open thighs. She stared down at Beth's drenched pussy and then slipping her knees under Beth's open thighs, looked for drops of cum on her friend's body. There wasn't all that much there but there were several drops on Beth's creamy tits.

Pam leaned forward and licked at the drops that had spattered Beth's pale tits. The beautiful blonde moaned deeply as she felt her friend's tongue caress her breast. Beth brought her hand up to Pam's head and guided her lips to her own nipple. Pam felt the powerful lust in Beth's body as she responded to her own sucking and she was quickly overwhelmed by the situation. She felt Beth thrust her nipple into her mouth and then her own lips closed around the taut nub. She could feel Beth begin to writhe as she ground her pelvis against Pam's pussy. It didn't take long and the two young beauties began to writhe in passion as they ground their pussies together. I watched in fascination as John got it all down on film.

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