tagGroup SexCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 11

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 11


This is the last in the series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.

After our swim I sent Pam into the cabana to find a large umbrella to set up on the lawn. I didn't really need it but I wanted her away for a few moments. As she entered the cabana, I knew it would take her several minutes to find the sun umbrella and bring it out. I went into the house and John came out onto the deck. He lay down on the padded bench and then Beth stepped over his body and taking hold of the overhead bar, lifted her feet onto the footrests and lowered her seething pussy onto his eager mouth.

As Pam emerged from the cabana, she could see Beth straddling his face as her own was flush with sexual excitement. Pam watched as every few moments Beth's body shook as she gasped and yet another orgasm overwhelmed her body. Pam of course assumed that Beth was sitting on my face and that's just what I had planned.

I had the camera pan the action as Pam dropped the umbrella on the grass and moved closer to the action. Pam looked down at John's cock as it stood up between his legs and she quickly moved to the bench and sat down between his legs. Her hands reached down to his shaft and her fingers wrapped around his cock. He moaned loudly as he felt her grip his rigid shaft and the vibrations sent Beth into one more powerful orgasm.

Cupping John's balls with her slender fingers, Pam teased his balls as her other hand began to pump his cock. She loved the way it seemed to grow even bigger in her hands as Beth ground her pussy hard onto his invading tongue. Gripping his cock with both hands, Pam lowered her mouth to John's cock and enveloped his shaft with her hungry lips. Her tongue snaked around his shaft as she sucked hard on his cock. John moaned loudly as she began to pump her head up and down the length of his shaft. He could feel the head of his cock as it pressed hard against the back of her mouth. He was tempted to cum right then and there but we had other plans for her.

"Climb on." Beth said as she looked down at Pam's head as it moved up and down on John's cock. Pam slid his shaft out of her mouth and then holding it in both hands, kissed the tip. Lifting her body, she straddled his hips and guided his cock to the entrance of her tight pussy. She lowered her pussy and let the tip of his cock slip gently between her moist pussy lips. The sensation was exquisite for both of them and then she rolled her hips slightly, trapping his cockhead in the entrance to her drenched pussyflesh. Slowly she lowered her body all the way down onto his, until her pussy was filled with his ramrod.

The two friends looked at each other as they were filled with lust. Pam rolled her hips on John's cock and Beth ground her tight pussy onto his mouth. Pam reached up to the bar and the two beauties began to pump their pussies onto his body. John was in heaven as he reached up and cupped Pam's huge tits in his hands. He pinched her nipples and pulled on her panting titflesh.

Tits were bouncing everywhere as they ravaged John's body. As he bucked his hips, the two women bounced into each other as their tits mashed together. As John slowed his thrusts, the two looked at each other and smiled. Beth lowered her hands to Pam's shoulders and pulled her forward. She kissed her friend passionately, letting her tongue press between Pam's soft lips. Pam responded by sucking Beth's tongue into her mouth and then thrust her own tongue into Beth's. The two friends sat astride my brother as they tongued each other's mouths, their pussies impaled on his cock and tongue. Then Beth pressed Pam's body backwards. Pam released her grip on the bar and then braced her hands behind her on the bench. Beth leaned forward and kissed Pam's huge tit. She began to suck on her nipples as Pam squeezed John's cock with her powerful love muscles. As Beth continued to suck on her tits, Pam felt the strain on her shoulders and arms. Finally she just let herself lie back on the padded bench. As her shoulders touched the pad, she lifted her arms up over her head and grasped the sides of the bench. She looked magnificent as Beth lowered her lips to Pam's pussy. John's cock still filled her pussy as she felt Beth's lips nibble on her erect clit. The sensation was overwhelming and Pam's huge chest began to heave and her tits bounced wildly as the power of lust consumed her.

Beth lifted herself off of John's mouth and then moved up over Pam's chest. She lowered her pussy to Pam's lips as John sat up and thrust deep into Pam's tight pussy. As she looked up, Pam could see nothing other than Beth's open pussy as it descended onto her face. Pam was overwhelmed as she felt John grab her ankles and hold her legs up and then pull them wide apart as he rammed his cock deep into her loins. Her mouth closed around Beth's clit and then she felt herself immersed in hot, sticky cum.

Beth felt John lean forward and begin to nibble on the back of her neck. Her own hands came up to her nipples and she pinched them as she rocked her body on Pam's mouth. Pam loved the feeling of having her pussy filled and she squeezed his cock as hard as she could as John thrust deep into her body.

Quickly Beth lifted her body slightly and turned around to face John. Pam was not able to see John's face as Beth lowered her pussy back onto Pam's tongue and trapped her arms under her open thighs. John reached out to Pam's tits and began to pinch and pull and her tender nubs. Beth moved her body slightly so that her clit came to Pam's lips and her own lips began to nibble on Pam's open mons. Pam wrapped her arms over the backs of Beth's thighs as she sucked on her clit. Pam looked up from between Beth's spread thighs as she licked her friend's pussy.

Suddenly she was startled as she saw my cock poised to enter her friend's open pussy. Pam struggled as she realized what was happening. She was frightened as she realized that someone else was there and was about to fuck her friend. Her mind was racing as she realized that she would probably also be fucked by whoever it was. She started to fight to get up but with a cock in her pussy and Beth's quim pressed to her own lips, she could barely move.

"Relax." I said and Pam recognized my voice. She relaxed for a moment as she watched my cock slide deep into Beth's oozing pussyflesh barely inches above her eyes. Then she realized that if I was sliding into Beth's pussy, then who was filling her own tight pussy?

Pam was panicked as John began to thrust deep into her seething pussy. She looked up and could see little else than my shaft as it sliced in and out of Beth's pussy, only and inch or so above her face. Panic was soon replaced by lust as she felt the intensity of John's thrusts and could tell he was about ready to cum. At this moment she didn't care who he was as long as his cock kept ramming into her tight pussy. Her tongue went after Beth's clit and as she flooded her pussy, Beth squeezed my cock tightly and in an instant all four of us came together.

Beth collapsed in exhaustion as I slid my cock out of her pussy and let it fall into Pam's mouth. I felt her lips close around my cock as her tongue flicked across the tip of my cock. It was an exquisite feeling. John eased his cock from Pam's tight pussy and then slid it between Beth's soft lips as she sucked all the cum from his cock.

As the girls continued to pleasure us cum began to ooze out of their sweet holes. As we withdrew from their mouths Beth's drenched quim descended onto Pam's face as cum leaked out of her loins and into Pam's mouth. Beth's head dropped down between Pam's open thighs as she licked the cum that oozed from her open loins.

* * *

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