She isn't sure what to think of the new coach. After all, she adored the one who left, but higher pay for a school teacher is hard to resist. Still, she thought they were friends and here it is, her senior year, and he just had to go. This one, he's noticeably older than them and doesn't seem like he has coached a girls' team in his career. She had expected someone either young and inexperienced or older with experience. Getting someone in between is strange. He knows how to coach, but he just doesn't seem to understand the tenuous dynamics of a group of tightly knit women. The only thing he has going for is his looks.

She is frustrated with his cocky manner thinly veiling that ignorance. Even after the three hard hours of practice, she still has the energy of an axe to grind. She stays late, lapping the field a few more times as the others head home. A few call to her, asking if she wants a lift. Even though she is 18, her parents still haven't let her get a job or, at the very least, ponied up for a car on their own. Ah well, she will run another lap for them. By the time she is done, her muscles are aching and all she can think of is getting to the large hot tub in the very well appointed locker room as she crosses the field after the last lap.

She slips out of the drenched clothes, her body protesting the stretch of her arms over her head, and groans as she sinks down slowly into the steaming water. She nearly falls asleep in the comforting heat, letting her muscles relax and float slightly off the seat.

The sound of the door startles her out of her dozing, "Coach? Is that you?"

She tries to turn quickly but her sleepy muscles resist the impulse, hearing his voice before she seems him.

"You know, the other girls seem to follow your lead," he says, answering her question by walking towards her. "But you don't seem to talk much, at least not around me." He sits on the tub-side bench, removing his shoes and socks.

Her defenses raise finally, she reaches for the towel on the bench, her brow wrinkled with concern. He drops the second sock from him hand instantly, grabbing her outstretched arm. "Maybe you just need to get to know me better," he says over her yelp. He turns her arm, exposing the inside of her wrist, quickly placing a firm, tender kiss there. She is surprised by how her mind wanders instantly, thinking about how those lips might feel other places.

But wait, this bastard just took her towel from her. She knew she could outrun him if she needed to, but she had used as much of her energy as possible without collapsing to clear her head. Now, those lips were moving up her arm, cool compared to the heat of the water, towards her neck. She tries to shy away from him, her other hand over her chest, trying to figure a way out of this.

Those kisses though, dancing over the taut, sensitive skin of her neck, make her head fog with more ideas. She had wanted him after all, let her eyes linger on him maybe a bit too long, 'Maybe he had noticed. Or maybe he hadn't. Would that be better or worse?' He guides her arm back into the water and she watches as he kneels behind her, almost hugging her as he lets his hands break the gentle tension of the water's surface.

His touch is cool on her belly for only a second before the water warms his skin. His hands slide effortlessly up her body, cupping her breasts in his hands. She is startled by his straightforward touch as she feels his palms cover the rounded flesh. The kisses continue on the back of her neck as he, in rhythm, massages with his palms and fingers, easing back and forth into the muscle underneath. She waits, breathing deeply, but then he starts being rough with the her and she lets out a soft moan.

More hungry then tender now, his kisses work on her neck, occasionally taking little sucks as he moves, making the skin rise up into the heat and moisture of his mouth. She catches herself wondering, again, just how his mouth would feel other places.

He sinks behind her now, wrapping his arms completely around her to lift her out of the water. He leaves her standing there, naked, half in the warm heat of water, half cooling uncomfortably in the air. He takes her towel, winks ever so coyly at her, then lays it across the bench. He comes back to the bath, lifting her into his arms, and carries her to the towel, laying her out naked to dry. The benches are thin and she decides to keep only one foot up, the other down on the floor.

She watches as he moves, pulling off his now damp shirt, removing the strained fabric of the gym shorts. Her eyes are locked between his legs, his cock entirely aroused and now as exposed as she is. She starts to contemplate their now fairly even footing, she feels a bit better now after her bath, maybe she could outrun-

But then that mouth. That mouth with its full lips, easing apart her own, then widening to suck, as if her whole vulva were at stake to this suction. He eases back, sucking just the upper part of her lips now, her clitoris buried in the other sensitive flesh. His hunger builds, evident in the increase of his suction, slowly teasing out the rest of her lips, only her clit remaining in his mouth. His tongue makes flickering dashes at her, pushing it back and forth, covering it with a wetness the makes every touch more noticeable, every nerve more alert. She hears herself moaning, feels her nails grazing up his back, hoping to send chills through him as he is doing to her.

Her noises seem to encourage him, his manipulations there growing more heated, now pushing the delicate skin back and forth, then circling it, always keeping it massaged, giving in to the primal pleas for attention as it grows more solid, protruding from the hood. Her erect nipples catch his eye and he reaches up to them, using his upper arms to hold her legs spread for his mouth. He runs his palms lightly over them before kneading them, hoping to thrill her further. Her breath becomes harder at the attention, her fingers start to press into the skin of his neck.

He eases his play from her whole breast to just her nipples, at turns rubbing them softly, then pinching, lacing the pleasure of his tongue with the sharp pain. With every pinch, her back arches further, her breath changing more into moans than simple breath, slowly beginning to grind up at him, her hips turning outwards, presenting her pleasure to him.

She catches one of his hands in hers and, lifting her head, takes his middle finger into his mouth. His other hand falls away, she loses track of it for a moment before feeling pressure at her opening. She sucks hard on his finger as he presses not one, but two fingers in through the flesh of her opening. He begins exploring, his fingers seemingly only entering together, exploring the tender muscle, pushing away the ache of arousal for a brief moment, only for it to return twofold.

He moans, feeling her mouth on his finger, the vibration adding to the sensation of his lips holding her clit captive, now wantonly sucking it and licking as his fingers find and massage her g-spot. His moan is enough to push her over the edge, giving in to the want of her body, her hips grinding the silky wetness onto his face. His tongue laps at her opening now, tasting her pleasure as it rocks through her.

She lays back as the waves pass and with a kiss to her wetness, his mouth travels upwards, his finger in place, still dancing inside her, tasting the just perceptible sheen of sweat on her belly. As he reaches her breasts, his mouth pleases the one while he fingers tease the other, enveloping her nipple with the heat and pressure of his mouth as he sucks longingly. She moans, touching every inch of his back. Then, as they are swollen with desire, he bites at them, sending an irresistible twinge of pain across her chest, adding to her pleasure. Her fingers dig into the muscle of his back as the tension begins to rise again.

Suddenly, he pulls away completely, taking a few steps back, watching the flushed, wanting face turn to surprise. "Oh, why did you do this to me? Waiting after practice, just to take advantage of me. For what, some favor?"

She is shocked, the word 'what' caught in her throat. 'Me? He started this!'

"On all fours, naughty girl!" he demands suddenly, pointing to the floor by the bench. She is not sure what else to do, so she obeys with a quick, "Yes, Coach."

He stands for a moment, looking at her so exposed, her ass pleasantly up in the air. The cold locker room floor, so different from his warm, wonderful mouth, adds to her arousal and dismay. But her arousal wins, she finds herself wiggling her hips slightly, hoping to entice him.

He moves behind her, holding her hip with one hand, pushing his head into her quickly, then slowly pushing aside the tightness of her, filling her. She moans loudly, giving in completely to her want now, not caring if anyone catches them. His second hand comes firmly down on the swell of her ass and she squeals, thrilled with a pain that only makes her ravenous for him to plunge in and out of her.

Though the plunging doesn't come, instead, he continues to slap her until she starts to rock onto him with her hips. He calls her 'naughty' again, but it is through a moan of the pleasure of her body moving on him. She leans forward then back, slamming into him with the leverage of her arms and legs. He switches hands, holding her now red side with one hand and smacking the other pale cheek to match it.

When that work is done, more quickly on this one then the first, he reaches around and slaps one of her breasts, making her groan and jump with the pain and after he slaps the other one she seems on the verge of sobs. Her genuine response seems to be enough and he grabs her hips, his thumbs pressing into the angry red skin. He holds her still as he thrusts into her again and again, his rhythm near to perfect, as his speed and force grow as he continues to fill her.

He sees the sweat of her arousal beading on her back as he thrusts into her, hears her moan a split-second before she tightens around him, her body resisting his exits. He continues through her orgasm, the challenge of pushing into the moist grip thrills him, his moans telling her that he, too, is close.

"More," she gasps.

He begins to thrust into her harder, she feels bruises forming from his impact. He seems frustrated by the amount of force he can bring to her, and so he lifts her arms and lowers her to the hard floor. Her breasts ease against it, filling them with a soothing cold that makes their connection only that much more heated to her. He grasps her wrists together in one of his, making her prisoner to the very hardest of his fucks.

She complies fully, breathing hard and fast, mindlessly awaiting the next orgasm. The friction warms her whole body, his now bucking frame sending his balls to sometimes come in contact with her clit. She thrusts back at him, trying to get the feeling with each of his movements. Holding her wrists with one hand, he smacks her ass every time he exits her.

She cries out, in passionate agony. He groans, nearly howling, as the first pulses of his orgasm hit him. She tightens consciously around him, adding more pressure to his finish. Then, as she feels his heat spreading into her deeply, her body tightens on its own and she moans, shuddering, with another climax. His force decreases but his speed somehow increases during his orgasm, driving with the slick heat.

He pulls her hips tightly to him as the pleasure fades, murmuring. He releases her and then playfully smacks her ass again.

She stands, wobbly from his force and their pleasure and studies his face. He looks her over, "I think you need another bath, young lady."

"Coach?" she says, still dazed. He takes her hand and guides her back to the tub, helping her ease into it. She yelps as her beaten skin touches the water, but it is soon soothed.

"Now we know each other, hm?" he says, smiling rather sleepily himself.

"Yes, but-"

"Look, you think about it. If you want to get to know me even better, stay after practice again. If not, no hard feelings-"

"And you won't tell? Either way."

"Of course not."

She nods and smiles broadly, sinking into the tub, as he gathers his clothes and heads to the office.

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