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Coach King


Author's Note:

This is the first installment of the Coach King series. I'd like to thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy.


Roy King was lost. He'd been driving for over an hour, unable to make sense of where he was supposed to be. The GPS was malfunctioning, he realized after an hour of driving by small town after small town.

"Go north 40 miles. Destination will be on the right," the robotic female voice kept repeating.

I've gone way too far, it shouldn't have taken me this long, he thought to himself, I need to stop somewhere and get some directions. The heat of late July was stifling in his unconditioned car. He was on his way for an interview at a high school in Greenville for a position as the coach of the senior female volleyball team. It was a sure thing, after his success at Black River the season before. The position was perfect, good pay, promising talent, and the town itself was beautiful. Besides his wife wanted to live there, and at this point he was desperate to do something to make her happy.

Roy kept on driving until he came upon an old logging town called Deer River, which now looked to survive on tourism than the old industry. It was largely deserted, empty store fronts and 'We're Closed' signs peered out to him as he drove down the town's main street. He continued on until he came upon the local feeding trough, 'Dead End Diner'. The parking lot was as deserted as the rest of the town by this time, but the restaurant looked to be open.

Roy entered the diner, feeling the instant relief of the A/C, and took a booth near the back to ensure he had some privacy. He pulled out his cell phone, and called his wife, Lorie. Roy hesitated though. They'd been fighting a lot lately, Lorie had started drinking habitually in the past couple of years, and she blamed him for her problem. Their marriage had been on the rocks for a long time and a lot was riding on this trip to Greenville. Bracing himself, he pushed the call button.

"Hello?" Lorie answered the phone after several rings. Her words slightly slurred.

She's been drinking.

"Hey, it's Roy. I think I'm lost, the GPS fucked up," he said. "Could you look up a Dead End Diner, in Deer River on Google?" he asked.

"You got lost? God damn it Roy, aren't you taking this interview seriously. If you miss this you're bound to lose the position. You know how much I want to move to Greenville!" Lorie said.

"Yes dear, I know. That's why I'm calling..." Roy began patiently.

"Can't you do anything yourself? For Christ sake Roy, you're a 46 year old man!" she shouted.

"Lorie that isn't fair..."

"No Roy, what isn't fair is you spending so much time away from home, ignoring me, only talking to me when you want something. I'm sick of this!"

"Listen." Roy whispered, trying to keep his temper under control, "I'm doing my best. The only reason why I've been gone so much is because the girls did so well last year. We've been through this."

"And I made it clear that I wanted you home more!" she was getting hysterical.

She's gone nuts. Roy thought. When he was home she almost seemed to make sure she wasn't. He didn't avoid her, she avoided him because she was embarrassed by her drinking. Lorie regularly snuck away with a friend or two for a girl's night out and would come back stumbling into the house. Though in her defense he had been gone more than usual recently, and it had made her worse than usual. She knew this, he'd explained it over and over to her.

"That's why I'm leaving Black River in the first place!" he said incredulously.

Lorie wasn't listening.

"What you don't realize is how lucky you are to have me," she said sobbing.

Despite himself, Roy started to feel sorry that he'd gotten cross with her.


"I don't want to hear it Roy. You need me, I'm the one with all the money, your just a pathetic little gym teacher. A jock that never left high school. If you didn't have that giant schlong of yours I'd have left your years ago."

Lorie continued her barrage of verbal abuse. Ranting and raving until Rob couldn't stand it anymore.

"Oh and don't even get me started on..."

Roy interrupted her tirade.

"Listen you insufferable bitch! We're done! I'm not putting up with this shit anymore! If you don't need me, then go ahead, go at it yourself, I'm done with you!"

Roy shut his cell phone, ending the call, and only then noticed that he had an audience. His phone rang again.

Lorie. The screen said. He opened the phone and shut it off, putting the phone into his pocket, turning his attention to the waitress.

"I'm sorry about that," he said sheepishly.

"Not a problem, trouble with the missus?" she asked with a sympathetic smile.

Roy took a good look at her. She looked to be no older than 20, and about 5'4. She was wearing a tight fitting blue T-shirt, with an equally appealing pair of black pants that accentuated her already voluptuous figure. Her hair was a mane of light brown, with a bit of blond mixed in for good measure that framed her striking face. Her eyes were a shade of blue-green, which matched her hair color beautifully. Her bold features and pouty lips made her incredibly beautiful, and Roy quickly found himself very embarrassed.

"Uhh..." he blurted out.

"Listen, we're supposed to be closing right now and Jeff, the cook, has to go, but he's agreed to let me close so you can get something to eat. All we've got left is the special, would you like that with a coffee?" she asked, with the same smile.

Her nametag said that her name was Helen.

Roy realized he was staring at her. He tore is eye's from her body and uttered a few mono-syllables that Helen took as a yes.

"I'll be right back with your order," she said, her smile now had a slightly mischievous quality to it.

She turned to leave, and Roy watched her. His eyes locked to her perfectly formed ass in the tight black pants she was wearing as she walked away, watching it sway back and forth.

God damn, Roy thought, as she disappeared into the kitchen. What I wouldn't give...

His thoughts trailed away, as he remembered the fight he'd just had with his wife.

Did I mean it? He thought to himself. There were no kids to worry about, Lorie hadn't wanted to risk losing her figure, and couldn't be taken away from her job for that. Yes, I did. We're through. And he felt immeasurably better, a sense of excitement filling him. He felt empowered, liberated. Roy had been under the oppressive regime of his wife for twenty years, and he'd finally scrounged together enough self respect to leave her.

Helen returned with his coffee.

"You're food will be ready in a jiffy," she said, and once again strode away from the table, leaving only the scent of her sweet smelling perfume.

Roy was becoming quickly aroused by the nubile beauty. Everything about her screamed sex appeal, and it was taking its toll on him. A painful bulge had formed in his jeans, making him very uncomfortable. But he felt more alive now than he had in 15 years, being freed from his soul-sucking she-wolf of a wife made him feel bold.

I'm still good looking, he thought to himself. It was true, he lead through example as a coach, and was in remarkably good shape. He stood over six feet tall, and there was still plenty of definition to muscles on his body. Roy had been a major jock in high school, and had taken human kinetics in College, and followed that up with a teaching degree. He'd maintained his fitness level, though it was becoming increasingly difficult as he got older. His jet black hair now had streaks of silver running through it, and his cloudy grey eyes had more wrinkles around them as he'd aged, but he still looked damn good, he thought. A smile broke out on his face, for the first time since his girls had won the city title in June.

Helen returned with his food.

"Well, you're looking more chipper," she said, placing the food on the table. She then surprised him by sitting across from him in the booth.

"I hope you don't mind," she said, "I can't leave until you're done, and I figured you might like someone to talk to," she said, giving him a bashful smile.

She's full of smile, Roy thought. It certainly wasn't a negative thing, her smile, like everything else about her, was intoxicating.

"No it's fine," he said.

He was eager for her company, she was beautiful and he was still riding the high of his newly found freedom. He realized then that he was desperately hungry. Grabbing his fork, he dug into his meal.

They talked as he ate. Roy told Helen about his life, his coaching career, his interview in Greenville, and the crash of his marriage. She nodded and said the appropriate things at his pauses, but mostly let him talk. She was a very sweet girl, Roy decided. His arousal grew in intensity when Helen reached across the table to hold his hand as she told her all about his relationship with his wife.

"I'm so sorry," she said sympathetically "you deserve to be treated better."

Her kindness made Roy feel somewhat guilty about ogling her. Roy asked her about her life.

"I go to Wood Creek Secondary over in Riverside, but I live in town here with my mom. She works cash Joe's hardware store. She got me this when I turned eighteen in June," she said, pulling out a gold necklace with an ornate pendant of gold studded gems that looked to be emeralds.

She leaned forward to give him a better view, giving Roy an excuse to more thoroughly examine her beautiful breasts in the process. He could just make out the lacy lining of her plain white bra, struggling to keep her tits restrained.

The attention Roy was giving Helen was making her just as aroused as she was making him. Beautiful though she was, Helen worried about what boys thought of her like any other teenage girl. She knew she was pretty, but most guys seemed to just see her for her body. She'd only ever been with two boys, her childhood friend, Rick, who'd taken her virginity when she was 16, and then her ex-boyfriend Dave, who'd she broken up with after he'd embarrassed her at junior prom. He had shown up drunk and made a real ass of himself.

As Roy was admiring Helen, she appraised him herself. She guessed his age at about 40, his hair still had a lot of color, the silver only serving to make him look experienced.

He has nice eyes, she thought. He didn't fit any of the usual stereotypes of a gym coach, he was very much in shape, and looked like he could actually keep up with those he taught the virtues of fitness to.

She sat back down.

"So, do you play any sports at school?" Roy asked.

"Well I played volleyball, and I do rowing too," She replied.

That accounts for her killer body. Roy thought.

"What do you mean played?" Roy asked.

"Well, last year our coach retired, and the school wasn't able to find a replacement for her. So next year the team's been cancelled," she told him, "It's really too bad, we've got some decent talent on the team. Me and a lot of the girls were counting on scholarships to go to college. But without a team, that's not likely. Although, didn't you say you're a coach, could you coach us?"

Oh dear, Roy thought.

"Well, I actually have a job lined up in Greenville. That's actually where I'm headed."

Helen looked crestfallen, which made Roy feel bad. He didn't want to do anything to make her feel bad. He was already growing fond of her.

Helen considered pressing the matter, but instead said.

"Greenville? You passed the turn for Greenville about 15 miles back. Actually the road to Greenville is just past my house. If you could give me a ride home, I'll guide you to the road."

"Alright, thanks."

Roy's heart was racing with excitement. He was going to get to spend even more time with this goddess. His cock stirred in his jeans, he shifted uncomfortably.

Hmm... He likes that idea. Helen thought. Maybe I can convince him to coach at Wood Creek. Helen had no delusions about how attractive she was, usually it made her self-conscious, but now she saw that it could be useful. Maybe she'd flutter her eyes a bit and he'd at least call the school.

Helen laughed softly, "Trust me you're doing me a favour, it's a long walk."

When Roy had finished eating, he went out to his car while Helen locked up the shop.

She only wants a ride home Roy, get a hold of yourself. Roy thought to himself as he waited in his car. She's not even half your age, there's no way she's interested in you. But his heart kept pounding, and his cock throbbed painfully in his pants.

Helen emerged from around the back of the restaurant, and came over to the car and hopped in. She'd changed into a white tank top that revealed an ample amount of cleavage, and a light pink summer sarong that showed off her long shapely legs. Helen noticed him eying her, and decided now was the time to play her trump card.

"Listen," Helen said, suddenly she felt emotional.

She was trying to be sexy, not a helplessly sobbing teenager. She bit her lower lip, bracing herself to say what she wanted.

"Wood Creek really needs a coach. I know the job might not pay as much as the one in Greenville, but I'm sure everyone there will treat you well, and you already know me, and you seem cool. I'm sure all the girls would like you. We'd work really hard for you. If you don't help us there's no way I'll be able to afford college without an athletic scholarship, and not good enough at rowing for one, volleyball's my only hope. My mom doesn't have much money, and dad left when I was just a kid," she said this all in a flush, tears welling up in her eyes, and she began to sob.

"I'm sorry," she said.

She needs me. Roy realized. Seeing the grief in her beautiful face made his heart melt. I hope I don't regret this.

This is a mistake. He told himself. The job in Greenville is perfect for me. Good pay, good location, and a good team. None of that mattered though, it had been perfect for Lorie, maybe Wood Creek would be perfect for him. No turning back.

"Alright..." He said.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you!" Helen said genuinely, the tears gone almost immediately. She leaned over hugging him, and kissing him on the cheek.

Her large breasts pressed into his arm. She was relieved that she hadn't had to cry, she'd never been convincing as a false crier.

Now I really need to seal the deal, Helen told herself, do something to make sure he was still interested in the morning. She had a brief internal conflict, I don't even know him, he's a stranger. But he is really handsome, and he's been so nice. Plus the poor guy just broke off with his wife.

She kissed him again, this time closer to his mouth. Her hand went to his thigh, supporting her weight as she leaned over to bring his mouth to hers. Roy was frozen by surprise. Both from the kiss and by the proximity of her hand to his throbbing cock. Helen was persistent though, she kissed him again, and eventually her tongue invaded his mouth, and started to dance with his.

Her mouth tasted remarkably good. She shuffled closer to get a better angle, never allowing their lips to part. She broke the kiss, and swung one leg over his thighs, mounting him. Her heavy breasts pressed firmly against his chest as her body pinned Roy to his chair, and they resumed their soul eating kiss.

Roy acted on pure instinct. His hands went to her hips trying not to do anything that would make her stop. She ran her hands searchingly along his torso. Her hands trailed down his shirt, undoing all of the buttons, baring his chest and stomach to her. Her hands explored his toned chest, and flat stomach until they eventually made their way to the zipper on his pants. With deft movements, she undid the button and unzipped his fly. She reached through the fold of his boxer shorts and found his raging hard cock. She pulled it out, and began stroking it with her soft hands.

She broke the kiss, "It's really big," she said breathlessly, she continued stroking it up the entire length.

She'd only intended to kiss his cheek. But then she started to make out with him and then she'd let him feel her up a bit, but now Helen felt herself losing her control completely. Roy could only gasp, the pleasure she was bringing him was overwhelming. The hands of this beautiful young teen were the first to touch his cock (besides his own) in months. He hadn't enjoyed the touch of a woman since he'd tried to stage an intervention for his wife nearly a year earlier. She'd refused to admit that she had a problem, and had refused to have sex with him as if he'd betrayed her. He resolved not to cum until he determined how far Helen was willing to go.

He developed some courage, and allowed his hands to leave her waist, one went upward to explore her torso under her tight fitting top. Her stomach was remarkably well toned. Rowing's paid off, Roy thought. His other hand went snaking beneath her sarong to her pubic mound. He rubbed at her through her panties; he could feel the warm wetness of her pussy through the silky fabric. He tried to push aside her underwear to get to her bare pussy, but Helen's hands left his cock, and for a moment Roy thought that he'd spooked her.

He hadn't, her hands went to the hem of her shirt, which she pulled over her head and tossed on the passenger seat. She then arched her back, her chest jutting out towards him. She reached behind her back to undo her bra. Her breasts sprang free from their restraint, just as large and beautiful as Roy had imagined. She tossed her bra onto the passenger seat, as she'd done with her shirt moments earlier. What am I doing? Helen asked herself.

His hands trailed up her now bare stomach as she watched silently, making their way up until he had a handful of each breast. His experienced hands kneaded the firm flesh, and teased the pink nipples that stood proudly from each mound. He's so gentle, she thought loving the feel of his hands on her body. Roy's skillful hands had Helen moaning pleasurably. Their lips met again, the kissed urgently.

Helen's hands returned to Roy's cock, which still stood proudly between their two torsos. She stroked his cock as he kneaded her breasts. Their moans where muffled by each other's mouths, and it was her who broke the kiss once again. Helen had lost all control by this point. His hands felt so good on her body, it was like they'd been doing this for years even though they'd only met earlier that night.

"I want you inside me," she said urgently, her eyes were glazed with lust.

She struggled to undo the knot on the sarong, when she finally got it undone she tossed it over to the pile of clothing she'd started. She dismounted and slid out of her panties, lifting her hips from the car seat in a truly erotic fashion to do so. Roy doubted he'd last very long once he was inside her, but was determined to hold on as long as he could. In the dark of the car he couldn't make out much detail of her pussy, but it looked to be clean shaven.

She mounted him once again, and ran the head of his cock along her wet opening. No going back, she told herself. She parted the lips of her cunt with the thick head of his manhood, and then lowered herself with her beautifully toned legs, gradually impaling herself with his shaft. Every movement she made was graceful and effortlessly sexy, the way her back arched sexily as she lowered himself down on him caused her chest to jut out into his face.

Roy struggled to maintain his composure as she finally bottomed out. She was very tight, and he doubted she'd been with very many guys. She began to thrust her hips up and down slowly and gradually picked up the tempo as she grew more comfortable with the size of his cock. He's really big. Helen thought to herself.

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