tagMatureCoach King Ch. 04

Coach King Ch. 04


Author's Note:

Here's the fourth installment of the 'Coach King' series. If you haven't already, I recommend that you read the previous chapters before you proceed to read this one. As always, thanks to those of you who provided me with feedback on the previous submission, it really is a great help. I hope you all enjoy.


Jillian awoke with a start; a familiar electronic sound was coming from somewhere behind her. Oh no, my alarm. She carefully got out of bed so as to not wake Roy, hastily looking for her purse which contained her phone so she could turn off the offending noise. Jillian found her purse sitting next to her discarded shoes near the door; she rummaged through it until she the source of the offending noise and quickly turned it off. She looked over at Roy's still slumbering form, happy that she hadn't awakened him. Tuckered him out yesterday I guess. She thought affectionately. She worked at nine this morning, but it was only 6:30am; usually she'd begin to get ready so she could catch her bus which arrived at 7:30am, this morning however, she had a better idea of what to do with her time. She left the main room of the pool house and entered the small bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Jillian wanted to shower, but didn't have any of her soap or shampoo with her. She decided that her hair could go without shampoo for one day, and after removing the bra and stockings that she still wore, got into the shower. Fortunately the soap Roy used was reasonably gender neutral; Jillian ran it along her body, allowing a lather to build up on her creamy white skin. She was careful to avoid getting her hair wet, knowing it would frizz up uncontrollably later if it did. As Jillian cleaned herself she hummed an old ditty she'd learned as a child, her voice softly echoing off the walls of the shower. She stepped carefully out of the shower and grabbed the towel that was on the bar; drying herself vigorously she glanced at herself in the mirror. Pleased with what she saw, she left the bathroom.

The temperature of the room had dropped overnight, and Jillian found herself chilled as she approached the bed. She searched the ground for her blouse, but instead found Roy's discarded shirt; it was one of his favorites and the fabric was wonderfully soft. She draped it over her shoulders, and curled back into bed beside him, relishing the warmth of his body against hers. Just as she was about to doze off she felt Roy stir behind her, and his semi-erect cock press against the cleft of her ass. Roy wrapped his arm around Jillian, splaying his hand over her flat stomach, feeling the softness of her skin.

"I like the outfit." Roy said softly.

Jillian giggled softly, "I think it looks better on me, don't you?"

"Hmm, I think so." Roy murmured, leaning into kiss her partially exposed shoulder. His hands trailed up her body, cupping one of her bare breasts in his large hand.

"I like this too." Roy said, giving the burgeoning breast a light squeeze.

"Hmm..." Jillian moaned softly, allowing Roy to explore her upper body, feeling his erection growing against her ass.

Roy began to thrust his cock against Jillian softly as he fondled the firm flesh of her tit, the erect nipple pressing firmly against his palm. Jillian gave a soft whine of annoyance when he pulled his hand away, but gasped excitedly when his hands went to her hips and pushed her so she was lying on her stomach with him partially on top of her. His cock slid between her ass cheeks as he continued to thrust against her, his mouth against the back of her neck. Roy's right knee slid in behind Jillian's, gently pushing against it to open her to him; he repeated the process with the left. Roy was now lying fully on top of Jillian, her breasts squashed roughly against the mattress as he searched for her opening with his cock.

"Oh yes, fuck me Roy. Take me." She growled, the Irish lilt to her accent being drawn out once more.

Finally finding her tight opening, Roy penetrated Jillian with one powerful thrust, completely burying the length of his thick shaft into her with a single stroke. Jillian cried out excitedly, the sudden intrusion sent shockwaves of pleasure through her entire body. Her chest heaved with arousal beneath Roy, forcing her breasts roughly against the soft mattress beneath her; it was difficult to breathe in this position and Jillian was grateful when he rose. Roy hiked his shirt further up Jillian's hips so that it was bunched up around the middle of her back, and began to saw into her powerfully. He gripped her hips as he took her from behind, his pace steadily increasing.

Jillian gripped the bed sheets tightly her with one hand as Roy thrust into her, and toyed with her clit with the other. Roy's pace and intensity increased, driving into her hard as he fucked her cunt with immense strength; the slapping sound of Roy's pelvis colliding with Jillian's firm ass echoed throughout the room. Jillian loved being taken in this position, she loved the power Roy exhibited as he bored into her, the feel of his hands gripping the delicate curve of her hips in his strong hands, the way the ridges of his cock scoured against the sensitive walls of her pussy.

"Fuck me hard Roy! Please, give me your cock!"

Hearing such filth coming from Jillian was dreamlike for Roy, he continued to drive into her, her pussy clinging to his cock tightly. His cock glistened with her juices, and his balls swayed wildly as he fucked her as hard as he dared. She took all he gave willingly; not sure what had happened to incite such intense lust in Roy, but pleased that she was the one at the receiving end. Jillian planted her hands firmly on the mattress and lifted herself up onto all fours, pushing back against Roy's cock as he fucked her; Roy's shirt hung over her like a red-plaid veil. This new position allowed Roy to reach around and grabbed her pendulous breasts; he teased her sensitive nipples expertly, sending additional ripples of pleasure through Jillian's body.

"Oh yeah, take me hard Roy. Your cock feels so gooood!" Jillian cried out shamelessly, drawing out the last word.

"You like it when I fuck you hard?" Roy growled gruffly, his pace increasing further. "You like my cock stretching you?"

"Oh god, yes!" Jillian said, pushing herself back against his cock, feeling her orgasm about to overcome her.

Roy's hands returned to her hips, giving him more leverage and supporting her as he increased the tempo of his thrusts. Jillian felt her body being taken over by her climax, the pleasure was becoming overwhelming.

"Oh God Roy, I'm cumming!" She cried out, her entire body stiffening. An explosion of pleasure wracked through her body, her pussy the epicentre. A silent scream escaped her as Roy continued to thrust into her forcefully while she came. Her shoulders slumped and the upper half of her body collapsed back down to the bed when her climax ended.

Roy continued to thrust into her madly; he was so close. He brought his hands to Jillian's supple ass, gripping it tightly as his cock worked in and out of her at an intense pace, and finally it hit him. He felt his balls spasm excitedly, and his cock swell as a thick cord of cum erupted from his cock. Roy groaned savagely as his cum filled Jillian's spent cunt, filling the soaked orifice with his jism.

"Mmmm... Give me all your cum Roy, fill me up." Jillian urged, her voice ragged.

After a few more erratic spams, Roy rolled away and fell to the bed, his orgasm having finished, panting as his erection retreated. Jillian turned over, and drew herself along Roy's side, resting her head on his chest. She could hear the thudding of his heart; it was strong, pumping his blood through his body in a continuous stream, bringing oxygen to his extremities. Roy wrapped his arm absently around her; it was taking him longer than usual to recover from his orgasm. Jillian brought her mouth to Roy's jawline, leaving wet kisses along the stubble-covered flesh of his neck, while Roy ran his hand luxuriously through her hair.

"What time do you have to get to work?" He asked, his breathing having returned to normal.

"Nine." She replied.

"Well..." Roy said, craning his neck to see the clock over on the bedside table. "It's about a quarter after seven. Why don't I drive you in; I still have work to do." Roy suggested.

"Sounds perfect." Jillian said.

They lay there, enjoying the post orgasmic fog and the feel of each other's bodies pressing together. It was Roy who broke the contact, kissing Jillian softly on the lips before he rolled of the bed, needing to empty his bladder. When he returned he found Jillian pulling on the black panties that she'd worn yesterday.

"Do you want something for breakfast?" Roy asked.

"I could do with a cup of tea." Jillian said, stretching her arms above her head, causing her large breasts to thrust outwards.

She was still wearing Roy's shirt, and she did up some of the buttons for modesty's sake. Mike would be up now, and Roy found himself getting a little nervous about the two of them meeting. Roy dressed in a pair of boxers and a grey t-shirt, and led Jillian through the backyard and into the kitchen via the patio door. Mike was sitting at the dinner table in the dining room attached to the kitchen; reading a newspaper and sipping on a coffee.

"Mornin'" He said, not looking up from his paper.

"Morning" Roy replied.

"Good morning." Jillian said.

Mike looked up startled by the second voice, and his eyes widened when he saw that it had come from Jillian, and widened further still when he what Jillian was wearing registered.

"Ah... Hello. Have we met?" Mike said, uncharacteristically caught off guard.

"I'm Jillian, Jillian Hayes. I stayed the night with Roy, I hope you don't mind." Jillian said, going to the cupboard.

"Of course not; a friend of Roy's is a friend of mine." Mike replied, giving Roy a look that seemed to say 'Atta boy'.

Roy ignored the look and joined Jillian in her search for breakfast, eventually settling on some toast. Mike had lost all interest in his paper and was staring at Roy's new friend. Being in just Roy's shirt and a pair of panties Jillian's long toned legs were fully exposed to his gaze, and he took the opportunity to admire. Jillian seemed unbothered by the attention, but Roy was beginning to feel territorial. He grabbed his toast, and filled a mug with some coffee, and sat across the table from Mike, intentionally blocking his view.

"Would you happen to have any tea Mike?" Jillian called, she hadn't had any luck finding any.

"I think Joyce keeps some in the cupboard above the fridge." He replied.

"Oh yes, there it is. And how about a kettle?"

"Should be in the drawer just left of the sink." He called back to her, then directing his attention to Roy. "Where'd you meet her?" He whispered.

"The library." Roy replied in a hushed voice.

"How old is she?"

"22, she goes to Yale."

"22?!" Mike said exasperated. "Jesus Christ Roy, how'd you manage to land that, she's fucking gorgeous!" he said, in hushed excitement.

Roy felt embarrassed, "Listen, she's really nice. You be polite, alright?"

"Of course, I'm the perfect gentleman" Mike replied, trying to see over the taller man's shoulder to get a better view of Jillian's ass as she bent over to search for the tea kettle. He shook his head in amazement. "Roy King, fucking the sexy coed. And she's British to boot. You really know how to pick them Roy."

"Actually I'm Irish." Jillian called from the kitchen.

Busted. Mike had gotten too loud apparently.

"Oh... my mistake." Mike stammered.

Jillian came bustling into the dining room, a cup of tea in one hand and a plate of toast in the other. The three ate breakfast, Jillian turning her charm on Mike, alleviating his embarrassment for his comments earlier, and soon all three were chatting pleasantly. Jillian gulped up the last of her tea and got up to leave.

"Nice meeting you Mike." She leaned over and gave Roy a kiss full on the mouth. "I'm going to get ready for work." She told him, and sashayed out of the room.

"My God Roy, she's perfect!" Mike said excitedly.

Roy just smiled.

"How'd it go with Lorie?" Mike asked.

"Not well, I caught her with James MacIntyre." Roy replied, recalling the memory wasn't pleasant.

Mike made a pained face. "That really sucks man; at least you got back at her. Jillian's twice as hot as Lorie ever was."

Roy's eyebrows rose, "Mike, that wasn't what my getting together with Jillian was about. We just hit it off." He said challengingly.

Mike rose his hands defensively, "Okay, if you say so. But you can't deny that it'd really be a good way to get back at Lorie, you know, fucking a girl half your age. Jillian's a solid ten in my book. That ass, and God those legs; how big are her tits? 'Cause they seem huge." Mike's expression had become practically wolf-like.

Roy got up to leave. "You're impossible." He said, walking towards the patio door.

"Alright, good talk. See you later."

Roy slid the patio door shut behind him without replying.


Kayla breathed deeply, trying to compose herself. Just ignore the stares; they can't know what you're feeling. Or so she hoped. Kayla had been called in to teach the pre-ballet class, which consisted of students who were only five or six years old at 6 o'clock, and the ballroom dance class for adults that followed it from 7 till 9 o'clock. Kayla hadn't been able to see Helen for nearly two weeks, between working at the auto shop and teaching her usual classes at the dance studio, along with Helen working at the diner, the two hadn't had an opportunity to see each other. They'd talked on the phone nearly every day, but Kayla wanted to discuss the issue in person. This had resulted in Kayla have a huge amount of pent up sexual frustration. She refused to allow herself to masturbate about Roy, and without fail he was the one who ended up entering her fantasies, so even that outlet was barred to her. For a girl who was used to having Helen, a boyfriend, or herself if necessary, to satisfy her sexual hunger two weeks was an excruciatingly long time to go without any release.

Despite her best efforts to not betray her friend, Kayla still felt guilty. Although she forced her conscious mind to behave itself, her unconscious mind was not so cooperative. Kayla had always been a frequent dreamer, but the dreams that she'd had after four days of not masturbating had been relentless. Either she'd wake up from them on the verge of tears because she'd dreamt of telling Helen how she felt, and Helen being so angry that she no longer wanted to be friends; or she'd wake up having soaked her panties through, often with a pillow clutched tightly between her legs, leaving her feeling ashamed. These nightmares and sex dreams were equally vivid, and were ruining her sleep. They always featured Roy, he'd take her in various positions; she'd ride him, he'd take her from behind, she'd be pinned against the wall. In one particularly harrowing/erotic and bizarre dream Kayla was in the auto shop with Roy, he'd taken her while she was prostrated over the counter. This dream had developed into a series of daydreams, made worse when she was actually in the shop and was supposed to be working. Kayla didn't think she'd ever had this much built up sexual need.

Being dressed in the tight fitting dancing outfit was bad enough; having the fabric hug her pubic mound and press against her permanently erect nipples and swollen breasts caused Kayla distress in her current state. Even worse were the stares that she received from the fathers of the children she taught; she was constantly aware of them watching, aware that the outfit did a woefully inadequate job of hiding her erect nipples. Normally this wouldn't have bothered her too much, they always paid extra attention to her when she demonstrated a step for the kids, or when she led them through the stretches, but she'd always been able to ignore them, she was used to being stared at by boys at school. Now however, she was painfully aware of them staring at her, and it made her state of arousal all the more embarrassing. The worst however was being touched while demonstrating the steps for the ballroom class; just having a pair of hands, no matter the sex of the individual, on her body excited Kayla. It was incredibly embarrassing and Kayla didn't know what to do about it.

She'd considered just going out and finding a boy to take out her frustrations, but everyone would hear about it, and the gossip would inevitably reach either her mother or George. One of the disadvantages of living in a small town was that one night stands never remained private; everyone knew each other and loved to share the local news. Karen, the girl who Dave had cheated on Helen with, had faced weeks of disapproving stares and sometimes open hostility from the people of the town. Tonight though, Helen was staying over at Kayla's; George and Kayla's mom had gone out of town for the week for their annual vacation to Las Vegas, and soon Kayla's torment would be over, or so she hoped. One way or another, the issue would be resolved.

Kayla pulled her long black hair back into a bun and left the change room and went out to the matted floor where the pre-ballet class was instructed. The kids all greeted her with enthusiasm, which always made Kayla feel better. She began to lead them through a warm up, and then focused on teaching them basic movements; the kids were too young to do anything advanced, the point of the class was mainly to teach them the basic mechanics and rhythm. As usual, a line of fathers and mothers watched from the benches on the far end of the studio. Kayla moved with grace effortlessly, and it would have taken another highly skilled dancer to notice how tense she was. Despite her best efforts, Kayla was becoming desperately aroused, and increasingly humiliated. The mirrors at the front of the class ensured that none of her movements went unseen by the men at the far end of the room, and Kayla was completely aware of them staring at her. She attempted to focus on her form as she led the kids through a basic series of steps, but it was so easy for her that she could have done it in her sleep and her mind drifted; leaving her to her embarrassment.

Kayla had tried telling herself that she was only imagining them looking at her, which could have been true, but it didn't make her sense of shame any less potent. Despite her embarrassment the thought of being gazed at excited some deep sexual part of Kayla, which frightened her. She didn't believe herself to be an exhibitionist, but there was a certain part of her enjoyed the attention. This only deepened her embarrassment. The class went on and on, and to Kayla's dismay she became increasingly aroused. When the class was finally over, Kayla was flushed and far too sweaty for an experienced dancer after a beginner course. By the time the class had ended, some members of her next class had already arrived; the increase in numbers increased Kayla's distress even further.

"Ballroom class will begin in ten minutes." Kayla announced, practically sprinting back upstairs to the staff change room.

Kayla tugged frantically at her black tights, relieved that for the ballroom class she'd be wearing a simple black dress. Looking into the mirror Kayla saw that her nipples were boring through the stretched fabric of her black top; she became disgusted with herself for getting so horny. Finally, I can get out of this fucking thing.Kayla thought as she pulled the tight fitting top over her head, revealing the black bra she wore beneath. She reached down to her crotch and was ashamed to find that her panties were completely soaked with arousal, however she'd anticipated this and she opened her gym bag and rummaged through until she found the change of underwear that she'd packed. Kayla pulled the black dress over her head, her black tights back on, and replaced her ballet slippers with dance shoes; completing the outfit. She appraised herself in the mirror, the black tights looked a bit silly but she kept them on, hoping that they'd help prevent any unfortunate damp spots on her dress. She took a steadying breath before she went once more unto the breach.

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