tagMatureCoach King Ch. 05

Coach King Ch. 05


Author's Note:

This is the fifth installment of the 'Coach King' series. If you have not already read the previous chapters, I recommend you do so before you read this one. Thank you all for your support on the previous chapter, all your feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope you all enjoy.



Kayla was a spectator, an outsider looking in on something intense, poignant, and utterly sexual. She watched as Helen took Roy's cock inside of her, the magnificent shaft penetrating her friend's tight pussy. Kayla could hear their moans and gasps of pleasure, smell their combined musk, see their faces contort in pleasure as they joined; but they couldn't see her, couldn't sense her presence though she was mere feet away, the lone and invisible witness to their decadence.

"Helen?" Kayla called out, though her friend couldn't hear her, she never could. It was as if her mouth moved but no sound was created.

Helen smiled down at Roy, illuminated by light from an undeterminable source, riding him up and down on a bed of an unknown origin, in a room that only existed because Kayla's mind had chosen to surround them with one. They looked beautiful: youth and experience, masculinity and femininity, the one completing the other so wholly, so fully.

"Roy?" Kayla tried calling, not truly expecting a response. Roy's eyes were locked on Helen's, a perfect smile on his painfully handsome face.

Kayla watched captivated by the sight of their lovemaking, the sounds of their movements and pleasurable orations the only things filling the otherwise suffocating silence. The pace of Helen's thrusts increased, Roy's smile transformed into a look of utter lust, Helen's back arched, her chest thrust outward and her head tilted back, eyes closed as his powerful manhood stretched her nubile cunt. Kayla suddenly realised she was naked as well, feeling suddenly inadequate as she saw her friend in such splendor; she attempted to approach the bed, but for every step she took she could get no closer, as if the bed shifted away from her on its own volition. She gave up, and instead accepted her role as a mere watcher.

Her hands drifted to her pussy as Roy gracefully wrapped his arm around Helen's back, and rolled her over so that he was now on top. Kayla let her fingers tease the glistening lips of her pussy as she watched Roy's and Helen's mouth's join in an electrifying kiss, and penetrated herself with two digits when she heard Helen moan wantonly into Roy's mouth as he began to thrust his hips. Kayla watched his masculine form as it swayed above her friend's feminine one, his ass and thighs clenching as he drove with virile energy down into Helen. Helen's moans grew louder when Roy broke away from her mouth, their lips wet with each other's saliva. Helen tensed up tightly against Roy, her toes curled up against the white sheets of the bed and her back arched as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. Kayla's palm had become soaked with the juices flowing freely from her pussy as she watched them. She watched with rapt attention as Roy's face took on a pained and joyous expression, mirrored on Helen's striking face as she came.

"Cum on me." Kayla heard Helen plead, her face flushed from her fresh orgasm.

"Oh God yes, come on her." Kayla gasped, her fingers working themselves in and out of her soaked channel in a frenzy.

Kayla gazed at the two, her vision clouded by her own lust. Roy withdrew his cock, it was glistening with his precum and the juices of Helen's arousal, the head an angry red color, the veins that ran through it bulging. His fist ran up and down the shaft, masturbating himself over Helen's body until finally he reached his climax. Kayla gasped as the first shot of cum fired out with such velocity that it impacted her friend's chin, the next landed between Helen's heavy breasts. Roy groaned raucously as he came, his pulsating cock hosing Helen's body with his semen. Kayla fell to her knees as her orgasm overcame her; a flood of her juices ran down her fingers and palm, trailing all the way down until her forearm was glistening with her arousal.

When Kayla recovered and she looked up, Helen's eyes were locked on hers, abruptly aware of her friend's presence; the blue-green orbs were smiling, beckoning her. Helen's beauty had become otherworldly, her high color and expression of rapture made Kayla envious. The tendril of Roy's semen on her chin made her look like a sordid angel.

"Your turn, Kayla." Helen said, and the spell was broken.

Kayla woke with a start, the dream still fresh in her mind, her heart was pounding and her breathing was laboured. She'd had an orgasm as she'd slept, soaking her blue thong and inner thighs; she hoped she hadn't called out in her sleep. Kayla sighed; this sort of thing was starting to become a habit. The dreams were always variations of the one she'd just had, though she could never fully remember them, she could only remember the way she felt, and that Helen always said 'Your turn, Kayla' just before she woke up. Sometimes she got a little further, the furthest being the time she tried to jump into the bed, and ended falling through into a dark abyss, she'd woken up completely terrified instead of painfully aroused from that dream, and had never tried to break the rules of the recurring dream world again.

Though Kayla found them distressing, she didn't want the dreams to end, they were her only connection to Roy. It had grown worse since earlier that summer, when it was vague images scattered with intense scenes of Roy fucking her in various positions. Now Kayla couldn't get involved in any way, only watch, a perpetual observer; an unconscious manifestation of her waking fears that Roy would reject her, despite Helen's patient reassurances that he'd be insane to do so. This one had been particularly vivid, probably because Helen had told Kayla about her encounter with Roy in his car the night before. The erotic images had still been fresh in her mind as Kayla had fallen asleep. Kayla took a deep breath and rolled over onto her back, glancing over at her clock. It was fifteen minutes before her alarm, so instead of trying to fall back asleep she got up and began to get ready for the first day of the school year.


Roy sighed with relief: One down, two to go. He thought as he watched the queue of grade ten students leave the classroom. It was the first day, so Roy had just introduced himself, given the students an outline of the health component of their PE class, and then an outline of what they'd be doing in the gymnasium. The boys hadn't given him any trouble, which was promising, new teachers were often tested by students. His next class was the twelfth grade anatomy class that he'd spent much of his summer preparing. Roy gave a cursory glance over the class list, his eyes settling on two names in particular: Helen Moore and Kayla Ward. He realised suddenly that he'd never actually asked Helen what her last name was, which seemed ridiculous considering how much they'd communicated over the course of the summer.

The students for his next class began to file in; Roy watched the stream of adolescents as they came in through the door, trying to match the faces from the school photographs on the student list that Pam had given him. He let the students come in and sit where they wanted to, encouraged that they didn't all just retreat to the back of the room. Roy attracted some curious looks, which was to be expected, he was new, they weren't, they'd been here for three years already. His heart lifted when Helen entered, followed closely by Kayla. The room was mostly full so they sat beside each other, front and centre. Helen and Kayla waved and smiled at their friends in the class as they sat down. Once everyone was settled Roy began.

"Hello everyone, my name is Mr. King, and this is Grade 12 Anatomy."

A slight commotion broke out near the back, and a rather stunning redhead hurried out of the room, saying "Sorry, I'm not supposed to be here until the end of the day," as she left, earning a few giggles from the class.

Once the laughter died down, Roy said "Anyone else not supposed to be here?" This earned him a few indulgent smiles.

"Alright then..." Roy gave them a run through of the course curriculum, it was going well. He had a natural presence in a classroom, a quiet authority that students respected. Roy had a tendency to walk around when he taught, going between the rows of desks, around to the back, and pacing back and forth when at a chalkboard. His constant motion helped Roy keep the students attention, and made it easier for him to interact with them. He was quickly learning the names, which impressed the students, and made them feel respected. To wrap up the class he led the kids through an advanced game of 'Simon Says', which at first the students thought was silly, but eventually got into.

"Simon says touch your patella." The laughing group of students did so. Roy kept an eye out for anyone who failed to follow the instructions, but his attention was being drawn to Helen and Kayla near the front of the room. He circled behind them, using the excuse of checking for any students who had failed to follow his orders, and eyed Kayla's tightly formed buttocks wrapped tightly in denim as she bent forward to follow his directions. He went back to the front before anyone noticed what he was doing, coming dangerously close to ogling her as he had the first time he'd set eyes on her. Helen was wearing a white skirt that ended just above her knee, and a blue scoop neck t-shirt, and as she leaned forward to do as he'd commanded he was afforded a view down her alluring cleavage, the cups of her lacy white bra clearly visible. Roy paused for a moment too long studying her breasts, breaking the flow of the game, Helen looked up at him and then down, realising what he was staring at.

"Mr. King?" She asked, a devilish grin on her face.

Roy shook his head. "Sorry. Simon says, touch your talocrural joint." Too advanced, most of the remaining students ended up looking up at him confused, and were eliminated. Only Helen and a boy near the window named Craig leaned down to touch their ankles. Roy saw Kayla scowl and sit down haughtily, frustrated that she'd lost. The students laughed as Roy made a big show of trying to think of the next instruction, forcing Helen and Craig to hold the stretch as he walked to the back of the class, letting him to discretely admire Helen's tight ass and toned legs as she stretched downward, her hair cascading down in front of her.

"The two remaining go up to the front." Roy said, setting a trap by not saying the key phrase 'Simon Says'.

Craig sighed with relief and straightened up, catching himself too late.

"And Craig's out. That leaves Helen the winner." Roy announced, and the students applauded. The bell rang, signalling the end of the class and the beginning of lunch.

"Have a good day everyone." Roy said.

"See you later, Mr. King." Helen said, smiling naughtily. She'd behaved all through class, doing her best not to drive Roy insane but it was difficult for him not to lust after her, especially with thoughts of last night still fresh in his mind. A few students stayed behind to ask Roy questions about the course, and to introduce themselves.

Helen and Kayla left the classroom. "See, he didn't even notice me." Kayla said, feeling let down. She'd worn an outfit that tiptoed along the line of what was permissible under the schools dress code: a tight fitting pair of jean shorts, a black tank top that came just shy of her waist line, and a brown leather belt with a golden buckle. Her long black hair flowed in a sleek dark mane, reaching just below her shoulder blades.

"I'm sure he did, you just didn't realize. He has to be discreet, he's our teacher." Helen replied.

"You think?" Kayla asked.

"Well every other guy in class was probably gawking at your ass when we were playing Simon Says, when did you find time to buy new clothes anyway? We spent basically every free moment together this summer." Helen said, hoping to divert her friend's attention.

Her mother had gone to pick up some new clothes for her, Helen wasn't sure where her she'd found the money for everything, but always seemed to come through year after year. Helen never went without the best clothes, or birthday presents, despite the fact that her mother's only source of income was working as a cashier at the hardware store. She didn't think Joe, her mother's boyfriend, would give her mother money for that sort of stuff.

"I ordered them online. Do you really think he noticed?" Kayla asked, steering the question back in the direction she wanted.

"Oh, for crying out loud Kayla, would you stop acting like this. You know you're hot, you know he's a guy, and you're dressed in a sexy outfit. Yes, he noticed. You probably made him hard. He's probably thinking of all the filthy things he'd do to you." Helen replied, earning her a playful punch in the arm from Kayla.

"Sorry. I can't help it, he's just..." Kayla's voice faded off dreamily.

"I know." Helen replied, an unusual quiet creeping over them as they both thought about Roy.

"I don't think I can wait until Saturday." Kayla said.

"We have to, we talked about this. It's a good plan." Helen said.

"But what if..." Kayla began, but stopped herself when she saw the look on Helen's face. "Alright, alright. I'll meet you at your locker and we'll go get lunch, where is it?" She asked, changing the subject.

"Up by the art room." Helen replied.

"Alright, mine's near Guidance. I'll just grab my purse and meet you upstairs alright?"

"Sounds good."

The two parted ways, Helen up the staircase and Kayla down the hall. Helen reached her locker and pulled out the slip of paper she'd been given at the office with her combination on it. She opened the locker and began to swap her notebooks for the morning with the ones she'd prepped for the afternoon. Helen suddenly became aware of a presence behind her.

"Hey, babe."

It was Dave, Helen's ex-boyfriend stood leaning against the locker beside hers. He was wearing a pair of white dock shorts, and a blue button up t-shirt with the collar popped up. His aviator sunglasses were folded over the V-neck of his shirt produced by the two buttons he'd left undone. Dave had short hair, held in a perfect 'just rolled out of bed' look by a gratuitous amount of hair gel.

"Go away." Helen said, not wanting to talk to him.

"Oh come on babe, don't be like that." He said, giving her what he thought was a charming smile, but made Helen want to punch him in the face.

"Just leave me alone. If I wanted to talk to you I would have called during the summer." Helen said, trying to ignore him, grabbing more of her stuff from the locker hurriedly.

"Hey, I thought, you know, since you've had the whole summer to cool off, that we could, you know, hang out this weekend, just you and me?" Dave asked with infuriating confidence, looking as if he thought she should be honored that he'd asked her, as if he were doing her a favor.

"I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last guy on Earth." Helen replied sharply, getting angry.

"Come on, babe. You can't still be mad at me." Dave said entreatingly with that same punch-inducing smile.

"Are you serious?! You fucked someone else! That pretty much gives me the right to stay angry." Helen said, glaring at him.

"That thing with Karen?! You're seriously still on about that? Listen babe, I said I was sorry, it didn't mean anything, can't you just drop it?"

"Would you quit calling me that?!" Helen's voice was starting to rise, drawing attention from other people in the hallway.


"'Babe', I'm not your 'babe', or your 'sweetheart', or whatever other labels you want to give me. We're done. Through. Finished. We're never going to get back together, got it?"

"You're so hot when you get mad." Dave said, running his hand down the curve of Helen's ass. Helen pulled away as if she'd been electrocuted.

"Don't touch me!" She yelled at him, suddenly everyone was staring at her and Dave. Helen slammed the door of her locker and grabbed for her book bag.

"Come on, quit being a bitch." Dave said, his smile disappearing, he grabbed her arm in an iron grip and pulled her against his body.

"See, isn't that better." He said, taking her into a bear hug from behind. His muscular arms crushing her against his chest.

"Leave me alone!" Helen cried out, trying in vain to pull out of his grasp.

"Is there a problem here, Helen?" Kayla asked dangerously, suddenly appearing at their side.

"Helen's just being..." Mike began, but was interrupted when Helen finally broke free from his grip, and elbowed him in the stomach.

"Why'd you do that, you stupid cunt!" Dave spat, more surprised than hurt.

"Leave her alone." Kayla said, stepping between the two of them. Helen rubbed her arm, it was sore were Dave had grabbed her.

"Fuck off Kayla, this between me and Helen." The gathering crowd fell silent, waiting to see how Kayla would react, she was known for her ability to rip people a new one if she wanted to.

"Dave, I suggest you fuck off before this gets ugly. Helen doesn't want anything more to do with you. You're a piece of shit, and she deserves better." Kayla's voice took on a very dangerous tone, and a wiser soul would have backed off then.

"This is none of your business, Helen's a big girl. Let her defend herself."

"Actually it is my business, because..." Kayla said, breaking away from Dave.

She'd been struck by an inspiration, ideas that had circulated through her mind with since that night she'd talked to Mr. Ricci influencing her actions. A combination of Kayla's attraction to Helen, her protective instinct, and her devilish streak got the better of her.

"Go with it." She breathed into Helen's ear.

Kayla turned to Helen, and leaned up, cupping the back of her head gently and pulled her stunned friend into a passionate kiss. Helen tensed up at first, but then instinctively fell into the familiar rhythms of their make out sessions. Kayla pressed her body against Helen, pinning the taller girl against her locker. By their standards the kiss was fairly tame, with Kayla taking most of the initiative and Helen simply allowing her tongue inside of her mouth. Helen moaned softly, forgetting her surroundings for a bizarre moment, going back to the beach and the fun of the summer months. The hallway fell completely silent as they watched the two hottest girls in school lock lips for nearly half a minute, Kayla pulled away breaking the spell.

"Kayla?" Helen whispered softly, her lips puffy and glistening with saliva, feeling completely stupefied.

Kayla turned her steely gaze back to Dave, whose eyes were practically bugging out of their sockets. "She's mine." She announced, turning her glare to the others in the hallway, daring someone to challenge her. When nobody did she turned back to Dave.

"And if you ever touch Helen against her will again, your balls and my tire iron will be getting better acquainted, got it?" Kayla said dangerously; Dave nodded silently, eyes growing even wider.

Her threat delivered, Kayla grabbed Helen's book bag and handed it to her, then linked her arm with Helen's affectionately and led the still baffled girl to the staircase, head held proud. Her heart was racing, had she done the right thing? It was a great idea really, it would obliterate any suspicions people might come up with about Roy's relationship with (ideally) the two of them. If they were lesbians no one would ever guess that Roy was fucking (hopefully) both of them. The girls made it out to the parking lot and finally to Kayla's truck, Helen fell into the passenger seat heavily.

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