tagMatureCoach King Ch. 06

Coach King Ch. 06


Author's Note:

Thank you to those that provided feedback on the previous chapter, as always it is greatly appreciated. This is chapter five of the Coach King series, if you have not already read the previous installments I recommend that you do before continuing as they tell a continuous narrative. I hope you all enjoy.



Roy awoke to a sight that was simultaneously the most beautiful and adorable sights he'd ever seen. Helen was on his right hand side, her head resting on his shoulder as she slept fitfully. On his left was Kayla, her head resting on his left pectoral, right above his heart, snoozing away. Both girls were completely spent from the past two days of nearly constant lovemaking. Saturday had gone by in a blur, a constant stream of stimulus brought to Roy by the two voracious teenagers who were now the picture of angelic innocence. Roy sighed, enjoying the brief respite. It was Sunday morning, nearing noon. The girls had kept him up until the wee hours of the morning, desperate to squeeze as much fun into the weekend that they could.

He wrapped his arm around Helen, letting his hand rest on the bare slope of her ass. He did the same to Kayla, allowing his hand to rest on the curve of her waist. Helen shifted in her sleep, snuggling closer to Roy. He felt a deep sense of happiness with the two young women, and relished in the feeling of closeness this cuddle session brought. He lay there quietly, letting the girls rest. For the first time since Jillian had left for Ireland Roy felt completely at ease. His unease about his relationship with Helen was gone; everything seemed to make sense now. It seemed strange that the addition of yet another woman in his growing collection of sexual partners would simplify matters, but somehow it did.

Roy figured their relationship worked because of something like this: Roy made Helen feel safe and secure, while also satisfying her sexual needs, but with just the two of them Helen felt overwhelmed. With the addition of Kayla the dynamic of the relationship was changed from that of a more traditional one-on-one relationship to something of a community, a group effort that brought every member something they needed and wanted. If one member was too tired and needed to rest, then the others could satisfy each other, as Roy had for Kayla the first night in the kitchen. Or they could have an all-out three-way, with all experiencing multiple orgasms, as they had for the majority of the previous day. With Kayla it seemed to be a combination of her love for Helen and her complete infatuation with Roy that drove her. Roy had never met a woman who desired him so much, and it was almost intimidating. Between the two of them, the girls brought Roy immense physical pleasure, but also made him laugh, think, and he greatly enjoyed being near them.

If it were possible to reach a state where someone loved more than one person at a time, Roy thought he may have attained it. The same was true for Helen and Kayla, who had never experienced so much so quickly. Roy just wondered where this left him and Pam. Surely he couldn't require a third woman in his life, he already had one more than most men ever had. Laying there in bed, bookended by two of the most beautiful women he'd ever met, Roy reached a decision that was a long time coming: it was time to stop seeing Pam. It was damaging for both of them. Pam was clearly conflicted about their relationship, and it seemed to be causing her pain and confusion. He decided that he'd speak to her tomorrow and explain that he no longer wanted to see her; he'd have to lie and say like he didn't want any sort of relationship for a while, to let himself get over his divorce from Lorie. That wasn't the reason, but it was the only one Roy could think of that was remotely plausible. Roy was amazed by how little he missed Lorie, but he'd grown to accept a reality that had been in the back of his mind for a long time: their relationship had ended long before they'd gotten a divorce. It had been years since the two had given each other any kind of pleasure.

Roy felt Helen stir beside him, of the two girls she was the lighter sleeper. He watched as her eyes fluttered open and turned up to meet his. She smiled up and him and drew herself upward. Helen kissed him deeply; their lips locked tightly, and their tongues began to explore each other's mouths gently. Roy groaned softly when he felt Helen's slender fingers wrap around his cock, stroking his shaft until it became completely erect. Helen rolled away, onto her back beside Roy. Roy followed, leaving Kayla to sleep soundly beside the two of them.

"We'll have to keep quiet," Helen murmured as Roy got between her legs.

Roy shuffled forward, pressing the head of his cock against her waiting opening. Helen gasped softly as he penetrated her, gently entering her so as to not make her cry out. He eased in carefully, and once completely inside he lay on top of Helen. The pair kissed lovingly as Roy gently thrust his hips into Helen, softly fucking her as the two made out tenderly, Kayla lay sleeping less than a foot away. Compared to Jillian and Kayla, Helen was a quiet lover; however that didn't mean she didn't make her fair share of groans and gasps. Roy muffled most of these with his mouth, kissing her as he ground his hips into her, letting his thick shaft rub pleasurably against her clit and fill her tight channel simultaneously. He ran his hands through her sleep tangled hair, cupping the back of her head as they kissed with her pussy wrapped tightly around his shaft. It was one of the most intense moments the pair had ever shared.

Helen gripped Roy's back, her nails digging gently into his broad shoulder blades as his manhood brought her closer and closer to her imminent release. She began to thrust upward, meeting Roy's gentle thrusts with ones of her own, signalling her desire for him to fuck her harder. Roy drove his hips downwards more forcefully, increasing the range of motion of his hips so that more of his cock left her cunt and re-entered it with each stroke. Helen's feet lied flat against the bed; she used the toned muscles of her legs and the muscles of her stomach to propel herself upwards against Roy. Helen felt herself approaching the edge at a dangerous pace. Roy's mouth left hers, going instead to her neck as he thrust powerfully into her.

Kayla awoke just in time to see her friend's body stiffen beneath Roy's, and her hips thrust upwards. Roy sank his cock deep inside of her as she came, letting her pussy spasm tightly around his cock as a shuddering orgasm wracked through her body. Helen's mouth opened wide in a husky cry of pleasure, her head tilted back and brow furrowed above closed eyes as she came violently. Her body shuddered and twitched beneath Roy's until finally her orgasm ended, leaving her flushed and panting against the mattress. Roy withdrew, sitting back on the heels of his feet with his cock still fully erect.

Kayla shuffled over, and lay on her stomach beside Helen, kissing her friends flushed neck as she recovered. She felt Roy move on the bed, and spread her legs for him, knowing exactly what he desired. Kayla's mouth left Helen's neck, she braced herself on her forearms and lifted her ass up in the air so that Roy had easy access to her pussy. She felt his glistening cock brush up against the engorged lips of her cunt and whimpered excitedly as his hands explored her tight ass. Kayla loved it when he felt up her ass, squeezing the tight orbs, warping the firm flesh with his fingers. She gasped loudly as Roy pushed his cock up into her gently, gradually burying himself inside of her with a single smooth motion. Kayla turned her head, watching Roy position himself behind her as he prepared to fuck her hard, just the way she loved best.

Roy gripped Kayla's waist and began to saw his cock in and out of her tight cunt, lubricated by Helen's juices as well as her own. The right side of her head pressed into the mattress, facing the still panting Helen as Roy began to thrust forcefully into her. Kayla felt one of Roy's hands leave her waist and grip her left ass cheek tightly, she braced herself for what was to come next. Roy brought his hand down onto her ass, a loud smack emanating throughout the room. Kayla cried out, nearly cumming from the first impact. Helen had demonstrated yesterday just how much Kayla loved having her ass toyed with, and spanked, so Roy had begun to incorporate it into his repertoire when he made love to Kayla. The second impact came, harder than the first, causing a faint bloom of pink on Kayla's left ass cheek. He didn't do it hard enough to hurt, and usually not hard enough for Kayla's liking. She encouraged him to spank her harder.

"Oh fuck yes Roy!" Kayla growled back to him, relishing in the assault against her ass.

Roy increased the pace of his fucking, Kayla's cries and dirty talk bringing him closer to climax. He brought his hand down on her right ass cheek and then left in quick succession, two loud smacks reverberating through the room, followed by a cry of ecstasy from Kayla as she began to cum violently. For some reason that Kayla could not explain, being spanked turned her on immensely, Roy never did it enough to hurt, but it was enough to make her feel delightfully dirty and it had sent her over the edge. Helen watched her friends face contort in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her body, Kayla's fingers gripped the bed sheets tightly, her straight teeth locked together as she growled deeply through her orgasm. Kayla's eyes closed as she came, concentrating only on the pleasure radiating from her pussy to her extremities.

When Kayla's body finally relaxed, Roy withdrew his cock from her spent pussy. Helen beckoned him over to her, Roy straddled her torso, his cock directly in her face. She gripped the shaft, it glistened with the combined juices of her pussy and Kayla's, and began to stroke it up and down. Her tongue swirled around the head before her lips wrapped around the shaft. Roy thrust his hips forward carefully, gently fucking Helen's mouth as she masturbated his cock. Kayla recovered and joined in, cupping Roy's balls with her hand bringing her mouth to the side of his shaft. Helen pulled her hand away, and brought her mouth to the opposite side, as if the two were eating the same Popsicle. The double blowjob wasn't particularly effective at creating friction, but the image alone was enough to bring Roy to the edge. Two sets of full lips were pressed against either side of his cock, two beautiful women waiting for him to blow his load.

Roy felt his cock spasm, the first shot fired off with such force that it landed over Helen's head. The mouths left his shaft as Roy gripped it and began to stroke himself. The second string of cum landed squarely on Helen's left cheek, the next on Kayla's right. Roy had never came on either of their faces, and now he was doing both simultaneously. Jism came flowing from his cock in a near constant stream, splattering along Helen and Kayla's beautiful features, each shot adding to the ever increasing mess of their faces. The girls seemed to relish their faces being painted with his cum, Helen continued to milk cum out of his shaft as Kayla massaged his balls after Roy had lost the ability to do so himself. The duo giggling gleefully as he loosed his load all over them.

"My God Roy," Helen exclaimed laughing, squinting her eyes against the torrent he unleashed upon them.

By the time he was done the girls' faces were an absolute mess. Roy's cum crisscrossed both of their faces, thick tendrils of the sticky substance covered their faces. Kayla's left eye was stuck shut by a thick cord of his cum, and Helen had a strand going from her forehead down the bridge of her elegant nose that ended just above her upper lip.

Kayla turned and looked at Helen with one eye, "Jesus Helen, you look so fucking hot right now."

Helen laughed, and pulled Kayla's head towards her so they could kiss. Roy watched as the two brought their mouths together, his cum still fresh and hot on their faces as they kissed each other, grinning like the cat that ate the canary. His flaccid cock hung between his legs, a tendril of the sticky substance connecting the head to the hollow of Helen's throat. Roy pulled away, lying back in the bed, giving Kayla room to mount her friend.

The girls kissed excitedly, tasting Roy's cum in each other's mouths, smearing his cum all over one another until their features were nearly unrecognizable beneath a layer of his semen. Kayla scooped up some of the substance with her finger and fed it to Helen. Helen returned the favor, and the two began to clean the cum from each other's faces, swallowing the entirety of Roy's impressive load. When the two were finished the left the bed for the bathroom, leaving Roy to recover on the bed; they needed to get ready to go home, their parents would be wondering where they were. Helen had told her mom that she was going to Kayla's house, and Kayla had told her parents that they were going to Helen's house. This was a tried and true method of evasion when the two wanted to sneak off somewhere together, and was a tactic they'd often used when going to parties that they weren't necessarily supposed to.

The girls got dressed and Roy followed them downstairs. He got a kiss from both of them before they left. He then went upstairs to crash, suddenly feeling the full effects of his satisfying weekend.

"I think that was the best weekend of my entire life," Kayla told Helen giddily once they were in her truck.

She was elated that it had finally happened, over a month and a half of lusting after Roy had finally ended. Like Helen, she had nearly unrestricted access to him, so long as they were discrete. Kayla was protected from scrutiny in the same way as Helen; everyone thought she was gay and wouldn't think too much of Roy spending time with her in private.

"I don't think I'll be horny for a week, I'm completely wiped." Helen replied, and it was true. She'd never felt this type of soreness after sex, her legs, ass, and abs all felt as if she'd worked out way too hard.

"You're tired? Imagine how Roy's feeling, between the two of us he probably had sex about twenty times." Kayla replied, laughing.

Helen laughed too, and the two drove off.


Pam sat at her mother's bedside; tears flowing down her face, falling to the t-shirt Jacob had brought to the hospital for her. She held on to her mother's hand gently, she'd been drifting in and out of consciousness since they'd arrived at the hospital. Pam had been told that her mother had an advanced directive that said she was to be moved from the hospital to the care of a private doctor at her house once it was reasonably safe to do so. Mrs. Hall had chosen not to receive any form of artificial life support, and had requested a do not resuscitate order, meaning that if her heart or breathing stopped she was not to be revived.

Jacob had revealed that Mrs. Hall had been diagnosed with lung cancer four months earlier, and had refused any sort of treatment, this made sense to Pam. Her mother hated everything medical: hospitals, doctors, nurses, the machines. She wasn't sure where this irrational fear had come from, but it was a reality. Pam was perturbed that her mother had chosen to not tell her about what she was going through, though that too made sense. Her mother was too proud to admit any form of weakness, especially to her daughter, the one she was supposed to shelter from harm.

Pam hadn't left the hospital since she'd arrived the previous morning, and now it was nearly midnight on Sunday. There wasn't much for her to do, her mother had given control over her care to Jacob to ease Pam's burden, though this made Pam feel utterly useless. She insisted that she wouldn't leave her mother's side until she had passed; it was all she could do. Her mother awoke occasionally, confused about her surroundings, talking nonsense. A lot of her ramblings were about Pam as a child, her first love, her one and only husband, Pam's older half-sister Alison, but the one strange feature was Helen. Pam thought it peculiar that as her mother approached death her thoughts turned to the granddaughter she'd never met. All Erika knew of her granddaughter came from Pam herself.

Pam thought of this and of the disease ravaging her mother's body. The cancer had spread from her lungs, metastasizing all over her body and was quickly leeching the life from her. Her mother looked to be wasting away, her skin becoming waxy and sickly; her formerly full and rosy cheeks now gaunt, her sharp gaze permanently gone, replaced by a distant gaze of confusion in her infrequent bouts of wakefulness.

Pam had nothing to do but remember. Fond memories of her mother filled Pam as she stared down at her dying form. One in particular struck her. It was of when she'd graduated high school seven years earlier, Pam was dressed in the traditional gown and hat, holding the rolled up diploma in her hand. Her mother had hugged her tightly and given her a kiss on the forehead in an unusual public display of affection.

"I'm so proud of you Pamela," her mother had said.

Pam felt tears starting again as she remembered that day, it had been before she'd begun 'using her gift' as her mother called it. Back when she still felt as if her mother could be proud of her.

"Why did you ever tell me to do that?" Pam asked her mother's sleeping form, feeling angry.

Angry that her mother had refused treatment, angry that she could do nothing to help, and angry that their relationship had been so damaged by her mother's refusal to accept that her daughter wasn't capable of being the woman she wanted. Rather than admit this, she'd insisted her daughter damage herself by using her body to get what she wanted, teaching her that men were treacherous and loathsome beasts whose only purpose was to satisfy the basest of urges.

"You can't just die! You can't just disappear and leave me!" Pam shouted, the reality of the situation washing over her.

Her mother was gone, she was still technically alive, but the woman who had guided and protected her throughout her entire life was gone, and was never going to return. The speed of her degradation shocked Pam, though she began to think that she'd seen that her mother wasn't well for much longer than she had admitted to herself, as if she'd been reluctant to allow herself to see weakness in her mother. Pam realised how much she depended on her mother, how much she loved her despite the strain their relationship had been under in recent years.

"Miss Hall, err Pamela?" Jacob said nervously from the doorway to her mother's private room.

"Yes, Jacob?" Pam replied quietly, embarrassed by her outburst.

"They're ready to move her. The room's been prepared at the estate and Dr. Halkias has arrived from New York," Jacob told her, pretending he hadn't heard anything out of the ordinary.

"Alright," Pam said, getting up to leave the hospital workers to do their job.

Her mother's great wealth meant that she could pay for the required equipment and care to be allowed to stay in her own home. Dr. Halkias was the doctor her mother had hired to help her deal with the pain she'd been experiencing over the past few months, he'd been in New York at a convention when her mother had been brought to the hospital. Pam hated going to her mother's home, to her home was the house where she currently lived, the home of her childhood that her mother had given her when she'd moved to the outskirts of Riverside and become something of a hermit, managing her corporate empire in solitude.

Pam allowed herself to be guided by Jacob out of the hospital to a waiting car just outside the entrance. The drive was done in silence, Pam was lost in her memories of her mother, and Jacob was too intimidated by her to press her into conversation. Pam had grown to like Jacob over the past two days, he was extremely competent, and had a gentle nature that was immensely appreciated in this time of trouble. She was aware of how attractive he found her, though the feeling wasn't mutual so she tried her best not to encourage him. Jacob was in his early forties, and had worked for her mother for over fifteen years. She had hardly paid him any thought until recently; he'd always just been her mother's lackey but now she was thankful he was around.

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