tagMatureCoach King Ch. 10

Coach King Ch. 10


Author's Note:

Here's is the tenth installment of the Coach King series. It seems amazing to me that I've been writing this series for over a year know, and greatly appreciate all of the support I've been given. As always, thank you.



Helen peered down at the map in her lap, Chloe at the wheel of her Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser as they tried to navigate their way through the campus to their residence. They'd driven across country, the poor old station wagon ticking away brilliantly all the way after being tuned up by George before they left. It had taken a week to do it, crammed in the sweltering vehicle with all the stuff they needed for school. It had clearly taken a toll on Chloe, whom was growing more irritable by every passing minute. They were both nervous, far from home and knowing only each other. It was strange, knowing that Roy would be starting a new year at Wood Creek; she hadn't fully accepted yet that they were so far apart. They had a week of orientation ahead of them, Helen was in Bioinformatics (a combination of biology and statistics), and after much deliberation Chloe had entered Economics.

"There should be... Yeah, take that road," Helen said pointing to their left.

"I just turned off that road three turns ago," Chloe said impatiently.

"Yes, well you have to go back on it," she replied

Chloe made an irritated sound but did as Helen said.

"Alright, now take that right," Helen said.

Chloe did as she said and they saw a group of a dozen students dressed in Stanford colors waving signs that said 'Welcome Frosh!', and 'You're New Home!'. Chloe pulled up and a blonde girl wearing a pair of jean shorts and a red shirt with the college's name across the chest in yellow came up to them.

"Hi!" she said happily.

She confirmed that they'd found the right place and directed them to the parking lot.

"Thanks," Chloe said with a smile.

Helen recognized that smile, she'd seen it a few times the past week.

"Jesus, you work fast," Helen said as they drove away.

Chloe looked surprised, "What?"

Helen laughed, "You were totally flirting with her!"

Chloe shrugged, "Just being friendly," but she had a slight grin on her face.

Up until a week earlier Helen hadn't seen Chloe outside of Riverside and Deer River, it seemed as though the moment they'd crossed the state line into New York she was a different person, more relaxed, and much flirtier. Helen found it very amusing, especially because Chloe seemed to be so good at it. They'd spent their first night in Indiana, and had gone out to dinner. The waitress had been, at least to Chloe's eye, clearly a lesbian, and a cute one at that. So she'd begun to flirt. Throughout the meal Chloe dropped hints that they were 'just passing through' and that they were 'out having some fun before they got to school', and she had this smile, Helen had never seen anything like it. It was simultaneously friendly and sultry, suggestive and innocent, the duality of it reminded Helen of the tattoo on Chloe's back. Angel and Devil, polar opposites in one entity, Helen had only ever seen the 'good' side of Chloe.

As they were leaving the restaurant in Indiana Chloe arranged to meet with the waitress after she was done her shift, disappearing from the motel where they were staying and not coming back until three o'clock in the morning. When Helen had asked where she'd been, Chloe had said 'with Evelyn', and wouldn't offer any more information. Helen wondered if it should bother her that Chloe was going around meeting with people she'd just met, and leaving her alone in a strange place to do it, but it didn't. At least, she didn't think it did.

It wasn't like Chloe had left her on the side of the road somewhere, she could be alone. She wasn't a little girl who needed to be babysat. Still, it had seemed like ever since the summer their relationship had changed subtly. It was like now that Chloe felt she never had a chance with Helen she'd gone back to treating her like she had when Kayla had been around, friends but nothing more. There'd been a period between March and June where Chloe had hoped, even if it was small, that they'd be together some day, but that hope had been crushed by the revelation of Helen's relationship with Roy. She still liked Helen, but she wasn't going to waste her time pining after someone who would never reciprocate those feelings.

It was almost like when a guy realises he's been put in the 'friend-zone' and decides to get himself out of it by getting over the girl he'd been chasing and finding someone new. Though that analogy made Helen the girl who kept the boy (in this case Chloe) around to stroke her ego, which wasn't what Helen had intended. Still, she noticed the change, and though she was happy Chloe was able to be herself now, Helen felt strangely jealous when she looked at other girls. It's not like we're dating, she told herself. And really, she wasn't looking to start a new relationship. She'd tried not to cry about Roy, but it had been impossible. Maybe that was why Chloe had been so inconspicuous during the evenings of their week long road trip.

Chloe parked the pale purple station wagon in the lot they'd been directed to. They got out of the car and stretched, eight long hours in a vehicle with only two stops making them stiff. Chloe opened the hatchback and they began to pull things out. A few moments later they were approached by two rather strapping young men, wearing shorts and matching Stanford t-shirts. One was huge, over a foot taller than Helen and well-muscled. The other was more normally proportioned, about six feet tall but definitely athletic.

"Hey, you girls need a hand," the normally sized one asked.

He seemed nice, his hair was a shaggy mop of blonde and he had a dusting of darker facial hair. His green eyes surveyed them curiously, first over Chloe and then over Helen whom he seemed to take more interest in. The big guy had a classic crew cut, and the beginnings of a full beard that was well trimmed, his eyes were all over Chloe. He was cute too, just incredibly big.

"Well, if you think you can handle it," Chloe said, "it's awfully heavy," she said in a mock ditzy voice.

She pointed at a box full of God knows what, and the goliath picked it up easily.

"He's Chris, and I'm Eric," said the blonde boy.

"She's Helen, I'm Chloe," Chloe replied.

"Hi," Helen said, feeling a touch shy as she usually did with new people.

He smiled at her, showing some nice white teeth and grabbed another crate from the station wagon. Chloe and Helen grabbed a bag each and let the boys lead them to their new home.

"So where're y'all from," Chris asked Chloe in a slight southern drawl.

"Connecticut, you?" she asked.

"South Carolina, Eric here's from Illinois," he replied, his voice was a deep bass to match his size.

"Chicago to be more accurate," Eric interjected.

They continued walking through the doors into the actual building.

"What room are you in?" Eric asked Helen.

"307," she replied.

She and Chloe were sharing a room, each had a bed, a desk, a closet, and an end table at the foot of their bed. It was your standard college dormitory, brick walls whitewashed, well-worn blue carpet, and blue mattresses on the bed designed for ease of cleaning rather than ease of sleeping. Chris put down the heavy box in the middle of the room, followed by Eric. Chloe claimed the bed to the left of the door, leaving Helen with the right. It didn't really matter, the room was a mirror image of itself along both sides.

"So what program are you in?" Chloe asked.

"I'm in biomechanical engineering, he's in..." Eric paused.

"Classical studies, but I'm mainly here for rowing," Chris finished.

Helen lit up, "Oh, I was on the rowing team in high school."

She'd been a part of it from grades nine to eleven but hadn't taken part last year, too much had happened and she hadn't felt able to take on another extracurricular.

"Oh yeah, were you on the team too?" Chris asked Chloe

"No, but we both played volleyball," she said.

They kept on talking, it turned out the two boys had met last year, they'd been assigned each other as roommates. They seemed unlikely friends, Eric was more of an academic and Chris was more of a party goer, but the two seemed to balance each other. Eric got Chris to study, and Chris got Eric out of the dorm room. They helped Chloe and Helen bring the rest of their stuff to their room and then gave them some space to get settled.

"You two could come up to floor five at some point this week, there's going to be parties going pretty much every night. We'll introduce you to some people," Chris suggested.

"That sounds cool, thanks," Chloe replied.

The boys left and Chloe sat back on her bed, Helen started putting her stuff away.

"I think Eric likes you," Chloe said.

"Maybe," Helen replied, "Chris definitely likes you."

"Poor guy, I wasn't trying to lead him on, but how do you just say 'I'm a lesbian' without coming across as presumptive?" Chloe asked.

"He'll figure it out," Helen said.

"What about you?" Chloe asked.

Helen shook her head, "I don't think I'm ready yet."

Chloe nodded, knowing not to push. Helen had been doing remarkably well holding it together, at least in front of her, but she'd made sure to give her some space during the trip to deal with being separated from Mr. King. She still found it unbelievable that the two of them had managed to get through an entire year without anyone figuring it out, and still didn't understand how Kayla could have been involved. How do you love two people at once? It seemed ludicrous. But the hurt Helen was feeling was real.

Their first night there was relatively quiet, there were a few parties going on but Helen and Chloe were too tired from their trip to bother attending any. Instead they ate dinner in the cafeteria on the main level, where they ran into the blonde from earlier. She was quite tiny, shorter than Helen, with a short haircut that framed her pretty face. Chloe chatted with her while they went through line for their food, and the girl (whose name turned out to be Kate) ate with them. Helen watched Kate and Chloe share meaningful glances as they ate, and excused herself when she finished eating to take a shower, giving them an opportunity to speak privately.

Helen stepped under the stream of water, letting it soak through her hair. Her shoulders shook and a sob escaped her. She fought to keep them back and tried to think of better things. But it hurt, knowing that she wouldn't see him again for four years, and that he'd forced this separation upon them. Why had he done that? Didn't he love her? She breathed shakily as she struggled to maintain her composure. Thinking of him brought forth confusing and conflicting emotions; love, anger, yearning, and despair. She tried to let go of the anger and despair, focusing on how much she loved him and the knowledge that he felt the same way.

His image drifted into her mind, but it was the remembrance of his touch that brought heat between her legs. Helen hadn't even masturbated since she'd last been with Roy, and her body was craving release. Dreams of Roy and Kayla had haunted her, the latter had her in tears when she woke up. Her fingers trailed down her body as she resolved to give herself release. Helen ran her middle finger along her slit and closed her eyes, trying to imagine it was Roy's hand and not hers. Her fingers were smaller than his, having neither the girth nor the length, but her mind accepted them as an analogue. She imagined his strong body pressing against hers, forcing her against the wall as he slowly teased her clit.

Helen grabbed her breast, squeezing the nipple like Roy would have, trying to match the way he manipulated her body. Her own touch was a poor substitute for his but the memory of him was potent enough to have her breathing heavily. Helen's back pressed against the cold tile, her ass sliding down as she lowered herself into a seated position. Her fingers worked rapidly, working her clit vigorously in an effort to cum. She wanted this to be over, to get off and be done with it. She slid a finger into her channel and brought her other hand down to take over teasing her clit. A second finger joined the first, wet sounds of her fingers working in and out of her pussy joining her soft exhalations of lust. A gentle moan escaped her and her head tilted back, pressing against the wall behind her. Her orgasm washed over her, pitifully weak and not very satisfying, but better than nothing at all. She stood and resumed washing herself, feeling hardly any better.

When Helen got back to her room Chloe was back as well, she didn't offer any information about her chat with Kate, but she seemed to be in a good mood so Helen assumed it had gone well. They watched a few movies on Chloe's laptop, which she had hooked up via HDMI to the small LCD TV she used as a monitor, for the remainder of the evening. They went to bed early, which proved to be a good idea, as they were awakened by their RA, a fourth year student named Jean, at six-thirty in the morning.

"Rise and shine frosh!" she shouted through the door.

Seeing Chloe wake up always amused Helen, she jolted, springing straight up and blinking her big blue eyes as if she'd never seen color before. She got out of bed, and Helen watched her stretch, her pink spaghetti strap tank top failing to hide her tattoo. Chloe wore panties when she slept, and they'd ridden up, giving Helen a perfect opportunity to scan her friend's tight bum before she turned around and faced her. Helen felt herself blushing from ogling her, but Chloe either ignored her or hadn't noticed her looking because she proceeded to get dressed.

"God, I'd like a shower," she grumbled.

There was another knock at the door.

"Now frosh, move!" their RA yelled.

"Coming!" Chloe shouted back. "Get dressed," she said to Helen.

The two dressed and walked tiredly out of their dorm, and were told to go to the common kitchen. As they walked they could smell something good, and were greeted to a pleasant surprise pancake breakfast.

"Alright, now that the ladies of 307 have finally joined us, we can eat!" Jean declared with unnatural cheeriness given the time of morning.

They ate, and as they did Jean handed out itineraries for the week. The rest of the day was tour after tour, a lot of yelling cheers, some speeches, and various activities meant to force the freshman to mingle and make friends. Helen stayed close to Chloe, though had a good time overall. Chloe had reconnected with the pretty blonde from the previous day. Her name was Kate and was a year ahead of them. She led their group to the various sites on campus, giving them a tour and some tips for living on campus as she did. Helen didn't fail to notice the glances Chloe shared with the pretty little blonde, and figured it was just a matter of time before one of them made a move. The following day Kate was one of the leaders for the massive water fight that was staged, and had joined in. Chloe successfully poured a bucket over her head, dousing the girl in tepid water.

"Ahh!" she shrieked.

Chloe laughed gleefully and Kate threw a water balloon at her blindly, which Chloe nimbly dodged and hit Helen square in the face.

"I can't see!" Kate cried, "I lost one of my contacts!"

Chloe's laughter faded, "Oh God, I'm so sorry! Here, let me help you inside."

Kate grabbed the arm Chloe offered her and the turned off in the direction of the residence.

"We'll be right back," Chloe told Helen.

Helen nodded as she wiped the water from her face with the front of her t-shirt and rejoined the carnage ensuing in the parking lot, her red t-shirt wet and clinging to her body. Chloe led a dripping Kate through the doors, passing Jean on the way in.

"Casualty of the war, huh?" she said.

Chloe nodded, "Lost contact ma'am, needs immediate attention," adopting her best impersonation of a medic in a war film.

"Is that you Chloe? Everything's getting so... blurry," Kate said, pretending as if she were dying. She acted as if she couldn't stand, holding onto Chloe tight.

Chloe grabbed her tight, her hand 'accidentally' sliding to the petite blonde's tight ass. The soaked girl didn't wiggle away, and Chloe was encouraged. She squeezed the firm buns tight before bringing Kate back up into a standing position.

"Better get her to the infirmary: towels, spare contacts, and then back to war you go," Jean ordered.

It was then Chloe noticed the garden hose and nozzle in her hands.

"What's that for ma'am?" she asked.

"Heavy artillery, frosh are 'bout to get wet," she replied with an evil grin.

Without another word she went off, leaving Chloe with the soaked Kate. Her white t-shirt had been soaked through and clung to her toned little body like a semi-transparent glove. Her bright pink bra was clearly visible through the fabric, as well as the shape of her flat stomach.

"Better do as the general says," Kate told her.

They went upstairs and Chloe was suddenly growing excited. She'd known that college was notorious for its experimentation, and had hoped she'd fit right in as a lesbian on campus, but she hadn't expected to find someone who would respond to her advances so quickly. As they walked, Kate kept up her act of feebleness, her hands roaming Chloe's body. Holding onto her waist, going higher and brushing against her breasts, and then down to grab her ass in the same way Chloe had hers only moments earlier. They reached Kate's room on the second floor and before Chloe fully knew what was happening she found herself pinned against the door with a very turned on and very soaked girl's lips pressed to hers.

It took Chloe half a second to respond, a complicated series of thoughts running through her mind. She hadn't been with a girl since Evelyn that first night of the road trip, contrary to what she'd suggested to Helen on the road trip. It had only happened because she'd been desperate for physical intimacy; she hadn't had any since she'd broken up with Ashley. Instead she'd been driving around the different places they'd stopped in, giving Helen time alone. Sometimes a good friend knows when to leave the other person be, even if all you want to do is take them in your arms and hug the pain out of them. Kissing Kate felt good, she was attractive, she knew what she was doing, and Chloe liked her. But she felt strangely guilty, as if she was hurting Helen somehow. Helen had made it clear over three months earlier that she wasn't interested in her in that way, so why did Chloe still feel guilty about what she was doing?

Ultimately her longing for intimacy won out over the twang of guilt she felt and she kissed Kate with as much intensity as the little blonde was her. Her hand went through her wet hair, and lower down the nape of her neck. Kate's tongue pushed past Chloe's lips, and the two girls tasted each other's mouths. Her mouth tasted like cherry lip gloss and maple syrup, a strangely appealing mixture. Their lips parted and Chloe looked into Kate's bright green eyes.

"We should get you out of those wet clothes," she said.

Kate smiled, "I think I got yours wet too."

She was right, with their bodies pressed together the front of Chloe's shirt had been soaked. Kate kissed her again, pulling her mouth tight to Chloe's as she reached to the hemline of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her small breasts were wrapped tight in a pink bra, which was also drenched. Chloe reached around and found the clasp, their lips never leaving each other as her nimble fingers unsnapped Kate's bra and it slid down her shoulders. Chloe ran one hand along Kate's naked torso, feeling the taut definition of her stomach and the swell of her right breast. Kate gasped excitedly into her mouth when Chloe teased her erect nipple deftly, tugging at it gently as she fondled the firm little mound.

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