Coach King Ch. 10


Kate slid a hand under Chloe's damp shirt, her touch was gentle and exploratory, running along Chloe's stomach. Instead of going up as Chloe had, Kate's hand went down, the tips of her fingers going under the waistband of Chloe's shirt before pausing. When Chloe didn't shy away Kate went lower, her searching hand running along the soft flesh of her lower abdomen and brushing against the small patch of pubic hair above the lips of Chloe's pussy. Chloe's legs parted slightly, granting Kate's hand easier access to her glistening cunt as her fingertips circled her clit gently. She whimpered into Kate's mouth sexily as they continued to kiss and explore one another's bodies. Kate's fingers slid lower, running along the glistening folds of Chloe's sex.

Chloe pulled her mouth away from Kate's, gasping aloud. She was surprised by how hot she felt already, months of bottled up tension was bubbling to the surface. Kate brought her mouth to Chloe's neck, kissing the flushed skin as she probed experimentally at her entrance. Chloe cried out when two of Kate's fingers slid up inside her, her pussy gripping the slender digits tight as Kate began to work them in and out slowly. The hand cupping the back of Chloe's head went down to her breast, and she closed her eyes and let Kate bring her the pleasure she so desired. Kate pulled at the Chloe's t-shirt, taking the hint Chloe reached down and pulled it over her head.

Kate's hand resumed its fondling of Chloe's breast over her black bra as she kept a steady rhythm with her fingers. She pressed her palm against Chloe's clit, sending ripples of pleasure coursing through her body. Chloe reached in behind herself and undid her bra, her large breasts bouncing into view. Kate's mouth left her neck and went to her breast, kissing the large swell hungrily before taking its pink nipple into her mouth. The sounds of their heavy breathing and their gasps filled the otherwise silent room, all of their dorm mates were outside getting doused by Jean and her garden hose. Kate's fingers curled forward in Chloe's channel, pressing against the roof and finding her G-spot.

"Oh fuck!" Chloe gasped.

"That's it baby, let it out," Kate urged, increasing the pressure on the sensitive spot.

She pressed her palm tight to Chloe's clit, the hard bud digging into the soft flesh as Kate tried to push Chloe over the edge. Her teeth grazed Chloe's nipple gently, and she tensed up between Kate's body and the door. Kate felt Chloe's channel tighten around her fingers, and Chloe groaned as her orgasm overcame her. Her pussy flooded Kate's hand with her nectar, and Chloe's hand balled up into a fist in her hair as she held Kate's mouth to her breast tightly. Kate plunged her fingers as deep into Chloe as she could get them and let her ride the wave of her climax, sucking on her nipple hungrily as the redheaded girl's breast molded around her chin.

Kate felt Chloe relax and withdrew her hand from her pussy. She kissed her neck and Chloe fought to catch her breath, embarrassed that she'd done so little to reciprocate the pleasure Kate had just given her. Normally Chloe was the dominant partner, the one with the experience, but Kate clearly knew as much as Chloe did, and didn't need the release as badly as Chloe had. Being in a car with Helen for a week and sharing a room with her hadn't helped matters. Kate smiled at Chloe and their lips once more for a more leisurely kiss.

"I should probably take out my other contact, everything's all wonky," Kate said.

They parted and Kate went over to her desk, finding the tray for her lenses and pulling it out of her eye carefully. Chloe took the opportunity to look around the room, it was basically the same as hers and Helen's, just with different pictures on the cork board and posters on the wall. Kate slid her shoes off her feet and pulled off her socks, revealing pretty little feet with the toenails painted pink. Next she pulled down her shorts and panties, facing away from Chloe as she did. Chloe felt a touch of embarrassment, feeling strangely shy even though she was standing topless in front of this girl.

Her eyes were drawn to Kate's tight little ass, and the shaved lips of her pink pussy which peeked out between her thighs. It took Chloe a moment to realise she was staring, and that Kate had caught her.

"Like what you see?" she asked, giving her bum a little shake.

Chloe laughed, "Very much."

Kate approached Chloe, now entirely naked, "You're not so bad either," she said.

She drew herself close up against Chloe and reached behind her. Chloe expected Kate to kiss her again but instead she grabbed a towel hanging on the door on a hook behind her. Kate grinned at the disappointed look on Chloe's face and gave her a quick peck before drying off her hair. When she was done she sat on the bed on the right side of the room and patted the mattress, inviting Chloe to sit next to her. Chloe did and Kate looked at her searchingly.

"Have you been with a girl before?" Kate asked.

Chloe laughed softly, "Yeah. For most of high school I was the only openly gay girl."

Kate smiled, "Me too. Did girls, like, test themselves on you?"

She nodded.

"Same here. Eventually it stopped being fun though, then I got here and realised for the first time I wasn't really alone. There are a lot of girls like us here, and plenty who want to experiment. I could introduce you to some if you like," Kate said.

"I... That'd be great," Chloe said, though she felt a bit disappointed.

Kate saw that in her face, "Oh no, I didn't mean like that. I just meant as friends, like as support or whatever... I mean unless you want to..."

"No! I mean, well... I'm sorry, I've never really..."

"Dated a girl?" Kate asked.

Chloe smiled, "Not openly anyway."

"Then you haven't at all. I guess I'll be your first," Kate said.

And with that she kissed Chloe again, and Chloe kissed her back. Happiness washed through her, she was dating someone, and they could actually tell people. She kissed Kate hungrily and pushed her down to the bed, climbing on top of her. They made out for a while, Kate entirely naked and Chloe bare from the waist up. Kate was a good kisser, applying the right amount of pressure with her lips while still being soft, her tongue cleverly chasing Chloe's around her mouth. Chloe brought her mouth to Kate's slender neck and further down on her perky breasts. Kate hummed happily as Chloe made the pilgrimage down the little blonde's body, leaving a trail of teasing kisses as she went.

Chloe kissed the cleanly shaven flesh of Kate's pubic mound, the girl's scent filling her nostrils. She kissed Kate's inner thigh, starting at the knee and getting closer and closer to her center. She applied the tip of her tongue to Kate's slit, starting from the bottom and running it up to her clit in one smooth motion gently. Kate cooed excitedly above her, her hips rocking on the bed in anticipation. Chloe spread her pussy open to her, the pink flesh was radiating heat and was damp with Kate's excitement. She ran her tongue along the inner labia, going outward and then repeating the process on the other side. It was textbook stuff, but it had Kate squirming happily on the bed above her.

She kissed her pussy, massaging the lips with her tongue before pressing it against her entrance. Kate's hands went to the back of Chloe's head, running her fingers through her silky red main as her tongue penetrated her.

"Oh!" Kate moaned, her head tilting back as a groan escaped her.

Chloe thrust her tongue deep inside her tight cunt, tasting the sweetness of her sex before pulling out and bringing her attention to the pleasure center. She ran her tongue gently around Kate's clitoris without actually touching it, gradually tightening the swirls of her tongue until it pressed against the hard little nub. Kate's hips jolted upwards, and her grip on Chloe's head tightened. Chloe kept up her ministrations, molding her mouth around her clit and applying gentle suction before flicking her tongue against the pink bud. Kate responded well and Chloe got more aggressive with her tongue as she went. Chloe brought ran a finger along the spread lips of Kate's pussy, circling around the entrance before pressing two fingers to it and penetrating.

"Fuck!" Kate cried.

Chloe continued to tongue her clit as she worked her fingers in and out of her soaked channel. She increased her pace of her fingers and the pressure of her tongue, and Kate expelled a stream of profanity and prayers to Chloe to not stop what she was doing. Chloe's persistence paid off, a sharp inhalation of breathe followed by a long high whine as her pussy clamped down around her fingers and Kate's body was assaulted by a barrage of pleasurable pulses that had the small girl shaking and writhing her way through her orgasm. Chloe's mouth was flooded with Kate's sweet taste, and she gently kissed around her pussy as her climax took its course.

When she was done Chloe kissed her way back up Kate's body, and their lips met once more. The two shared a kiss before Chloe withdrew.

"We should probably get back to the war," Chloe said.

Kate nodded, "The General will be wondering where we are."

The two redressed, and left the room feeling a sense of jubilation. When Chloe returned the battle had moved to the parking lot. Helen was cowered behind the station wagon with Eric who had a super-soaker. The carnage was on-going, burst water balloons littered the pavement, and there was water everywhere. Chloe did a quick scan before sprinting to them, narrowly avoiding a blast of water from Jean and her hose, Kate wasn't so lucky and was once more drenched, much to Jean's delight.

"Frah-osh, come out come out wherever you are," Jean said in her best impersonation of a super villain.

"We have to get her," Helen said.

"We don't have the range," Chloe said.

It was true, how were they supposed to get to Jean? She'd positioned herself above up on the stairs, the only way to get to her would be from the back, but they'd need a distraction.

"Here's the plan," Eric said, and he laid out a battle strategy.

Everyone was really getting into the spirit of the event, the students who'd been soaked acting as if they'd been shot and lying still on the ground, the survivors peeking out nervously from behind cover. When Eric finished his plan Chloe pointed out a flaw.

"I don't have anything to shoot at her with," she said.

"Alright, take this," Eric said, handing her his super soaker.

"No, Eric you don't have to..." Helen began.

"Hush, the tyrannical rein of the General must end, remember me fondly my dear Helen," he said gallantly, "STANFORD!'" he shouted as he rushed Jean brandishing a water balloon.

Everything happened very quickly. Eric rushed, making it about fifteen feet before Jean doused him. At the same time Helen bolted towards the edge of the parking lot, disappearing between two buildings. Chloe stayed behind the car, counting down from thirty.


"Now!" she shouted and rushed Jean like Eric had.

As she did, Jean got her easily, but failed to notice Helen sneaking up behind her with a bucket full of water.

Jean laughed giddily, "I win! I wi—ahh!"

Helen poured the bucket over her head and doused the now cranky RA like Chloe had Kate earlier. Jean shrieked, her eyes widening in outrage.

"Jesus Christ!" she shouted.

A cheer went up among the participants, and Jean laughed good naturedly, offering Helen her hand.

"Good job frosh," she said, before blasting Helen with the hose.

Helen shrieked in laughter and toppled back against the grass as Jean mercilessly soaked her with the hose. Jean's laughter was interrupted by a barrage of water balloons.

"Shit!" she exclaimed, and dropped the hose.

She went running, laughing hysterically as she went.


The rest of the week was much the same, more tours, more presentations, more cheering, and more activities. Helen and Chloe had to devise a system by which to advise the other when they were 'entertaining' a guest after Helen returned from party Eric and Chris were holding to find Chloe splayed out on her bed with Kate's head buried between her legs. They chose to put hair elastics around the door knob to indicate when they had someone over and wanted privacy. Helen never used the hair elastic code herself, and began to get a reputation of being a bit frigid. She'd turned down every guy that had made a pass at her, including Eric who had drunkenly tried to woo her, and a girl named Carrie who thought that Helen's lack of interest in boys and association with Chloe meant she was interested in girls.

The thing was Helen wasn't interested in anyone. She was heartbroken, mechanically going to class and doing homework, and by all outward appearances being a normal (albeit sexless) college student. Her professors loved her, she dedicated to herself to her classes, burying herself in homework and using the campus fitness facilities obsessively. Helen frequented three locations: the library, the gym, and her dorm room. Chloe and Kate broke up after a month into their relationship, and Chloe took it hard, she'd taken the whole thing a lot more seriously than Kate had. Helen had found her staring at the ceiling in an almost catatonic state when she'd come back from class. She'd never seen Chloe actually cry properly, to really feel what it was she was feeling. She always fought it back, quickly controlling herself.

Chloe's response to the breakup was to get out and start seeing other girls. One thing Kate had done was introduce Chloe to the lesbian/bi community, and she inevitably came home with a new girlfriend, this time Ally. This lasted about three weeks before she was suddenly dating Carrie, the girl who had asked Helen out at one point.

"Well, we have at least one thing in common. You've turned us both down," Chloe had joked when Helen asked about her, and said nothing more about the breakup with Ally. Helen supposed Chloe's new technique to dealing with a relationship ending was to start a new one as soon as possible, something that wasn't too hard for Chloe. Everyone wanted to be with her, except the girl she really wanted.

Two months passed and so did they, their midterms that is. Exceedingly well in Helen's case, and well enough in Chloe's. Helen fell into a rhythm, wake up, go to class, go to the gym, got to the library and study, return to dorm room to sleep, and repeat. This was punctuated with occasional attendance of parties where she watched Chloe interact with her current girlfriend or try and get a new one; she was like a kid in a candy shop. Eric hitting on her hopelessly was another feature of these parties. She didn't know why she was so determined to not respond to his advances, it had been two months. Helen didn't try to lead him on, she just wanted to be his friend, and he understood that... so long as he was sober.

Roy had told her to see other people, but she just couldn't. It was silly, but she hoped that he'd change his mind. That he'd contact her and tell her he'd made a mistake. But he didn't, and she was too scared to contact him herself. So she secluded herself, with people but not really with them. The only person with whom she had any real conversation with was Chloe, and for that Helen was grateful. Despite the initial awkwardness of Chloe seeing other girls, they'd settled into a comfortable friendship. Built on mutual understanding and trust, and in the monotony Helen found her life in, she found peace.

That was until Christmas holidays. Helen found herself standing in front of her Aunt's house, having just been dropped off by Chloe's dad, and back in Riverside. Inside Pam and Wayne were upstairs, unaware of their guest. They'd made it into town early, having been forced to take an earlier flight than they'd originally intended and the bus up to Riverside leaving almost immediately after they'd landed. Helen thought she'd surprise her aunt by arriving on the morning of the twenty-fourth rather than the evening.

Pam found herself on her hands and knees, with Wayne behind her. He'd come over the previous night and they'd had their gift exchange. Now they were celebrating in her absolute favorite way. He grabbed her hips, pulling her back to him, his cock sliding home into her pussy.

"That's it Wayne, fuck me!" Pam growled at him.

Wayne drove into her wildly, her breasts shaking and shuddering violently beneath her from the force of his thrusts. Pam pushed herself back against him, savoring the sensations his cock was bringing her. They'd already done it once this morning, and he was well prepared to go for a long time. Pam felt the first of what promised to be many orgasms wash over her body. She rammed herself back against his cock and moaned loudly. Her fists clenched around the sheets on her bed and her teeth gritted against the cry of pleasure that wanted to be released. The sensation ended, leaving her heart hammering in her chest.

Then there was a hammering at her door.

Helen was outside, her hooded sweater doing a poor job of keeping her warm. She rang the doorbell impatiently, rocking back and forth on her feet to keep herself warm. It felt like several minutes before her aunt finally answered the door, looking quite disheveled and confused.

"Helen!" she said, hugging her tight, "I thought you weren't going to be here until this evening."

"We got an earlier flight, I'd thought I'd surprise..." Wayne came down the stairs leading to the bedrooms.

Helen smiled, "Oh, I'm interrupting."

Pam blushed, "No, no, nothing... I mean not nothing..." she said to Wayne, "I... well..." she gave up trying to speak.

"Hi Helen," Wayne said offering her his hand.

"Hi Wayne," Helen replied as she shook it, trying not to laugh at their obvious discomfort.

"So I guess my sister's back in town then?" he asked.

Helen nodded.

"Right then, better go see her. Merry Christmas," he said.

Wayne left, leaving Helen alone with her aunt. Helen rose her eyebrows at her aunt.

"What? Like you haven't been having fun at college, a whole semester and what? Three phone calls?" Pam scolded.

"I was busy," Helen said, suddenly feeling guilty for neglecting her aunt.

She'd taken her in, sheltered her from her mother, and even paid for her education. The least she could do was call once in a while.

"I'll call more from now on," Helen assured her.

Pam nodded, "You'd better. I'm dying to hear about all the cool stuff you've been up to."

"Nothing too crazy," Helen assured her.

The two continued to talk. It was strange how easy it was to fall into old rhythms, within half an hour it was like Helen had only been gone for a day at school. She found her mind wandering, and developed a strange fluttering in her chest. He's so close, Helen thought to herself. But still Roy was as untouchable as he'd been when she'd been across the country. They spent the day baking. Of all activities Helen thought least likely for her aunt to have taken up it was the culinary arts, but sure enough she found herself making short bread with her all day.

That evening they gorged themselves on the cookies and watched Christmas movies from Pam's movie collection. They finished watching White Christmas and Helen struggled not to cry at the declaration of love of the two couples at the end. She and Roy would be having no such reunion, and before tears could escape her Helen fled to her bedroom, claiming exhaustion from her trip. The following morning they exchanged their gifts and had Turkey dinner that evening. It was strange spending Christmas without her mother, and without Kayla.

Everything about the trip wound up being painful. Every location, every activity, it either reminded Helen of Kayla, Roy, or her mother. The week dragged by with agonising slowness, but still Helen didn't want it to end. There was still the hope. Still the possibility that Roy may try and make contact, but with each passing hour that hope grew fainter and fainter. And then the week was up, Pam dropped Helen off at the bus terminal where Chloe was already waiting, and she left. Back to Hartford, back on the plane to San Jose, and back on bus after bus until they found themselves once more at Stanford and Helen felt a strange emotion.

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