tagNon-EroticCoal Miner Pt. 02

Coal Miner Pt. 02

byDG Hear©

You may want to read Part one before reading this part. Again, thanks to my editors, LadyCibelle and Techsan for making my stories a much better read.

Chapter 2 Brenda Speaks

I need to let everyone know how stupid I was. I had a wonderful man that I truly loved, in fact, I still love him but I know I'll never have him again. We've been divorced nine years now. It all happened because I thought I could go back in time and live a couple of college days over again. I'm such a stupid woman.

To began I should tell you I was a normal teenager. My parents were somewhat strict and kept a close eye on me. When I finally graduated from high school, I decided that I was going to live the wild college life I always saw in the movies.

To be honest with you it was a fun life. The problem is sometime in our life we have to pay for our mistakes or experiences. I've been paying for mine for the last nine years. I lost the only man I have ever loved. Life does go on and I'm doing the best I can. I have two wonderful married daughters and three grandchildren that I love.

I'll go back to my college life, that's where I became promiscuous. I started doing the party scene. I had brains so I didn't need to study a lot. My grades were always good so I'd had no problem academically. I started to party heavily in my sophomore year. I didn't drink a lot and didn't need to. I decided to hell with my moral side, I was going to party. I lost my virginity at the first party I went to. I was told it would hurt like hell but it didn't. Maybe because I wanted it to happen so badly.

I lost it to a junior at the time named Brian Cooter. He played football and was kind of sexy. He started kissing me and we were dancing when he put his hands on my ass. I just let him do it. There was sex going on all around us but I wasn't ready to get nude in front of everyone so Brian took me up to one of the rooms.

He didn't take long to take off my jeans and panties. When I told him it was my first time, he acted shocked and told me he would be gentle. He laid me in the middle of the bed and mounted me. I felt his cock enter me. There was a slight sting and then I felt a flood of emotions. I was now a woman.

I should mention that I was on the pill but I also made my partners wear condoms. I didn't want any STD's, but I did want to have sex. It was okay for the first time but I actually thought it would be better. I did come and, of course, it made Brian feel like some kind of hero. I never could understand that about men. We went back downstairs and socialized with the other people. I thought that was enough sex for my first time. I went to parties almost every week. I was with Brian for about three weeks. After that, I went with other guys. Sex with Brian wasn't that big of a deal. I don't want to even guess how many men I have been with. To be honest, I have done a couple of three ways and even have been with a couple of women.

I just wanted to say I tried it all. One time I drank a little more than usual and a guy took my ass. I have to say, I hated it. It just hurt too much and I wasn't into pain. The only person to ever have my ass after that was my husband, Rob. He was so gentle and he used KY Jelly and took his time. He made it at least bearable, even though it still wasn't my thing. Every once in awhile, we did the anal thing; maybe love had something to do with it. I have to say I never loved any man but Rob.

The first time I met him, a friend of his told me it was his twenty-first birthday. I danced with him and he just felt so good. I don't know why I did it but I took him up the stairs and had sex with him. He was so different from most other guys. It was more like he was doing it for me than for himself. I guess more like lovers than just two people having sex. I never had anyone like that in my life before. It was always someone just wanting sex. We'd do it and then go our separate ways. With Rob, it just seemed so different.

I was somewhat disappointed when I didn't see him at the parties. I saw his friend Jerry; he told me Rob was a coal miner and had to work a lot of weekends. I was happy when he finally showed up at a party a month or so later. I forgot who I was with, but I know I jumped off his lap so I could be with Rob. After that, we started dating when I moved back to my hometown.

Once I got my own apartment, he would come over at least twice a week and we would make love. I mean it; we made love, not just screwed. I knew I was falling for him in a big way. Once we started dating, I quit going out with anyone else. I had many chances but I didn't want anyone but Rob.

I know he was worried about my past but I was just a woman exploring her life. I knew I could settle down with the right man and Rob was that man. We got married and within a few years our daughters were born. They made us a total family. We did everything together. It seemed that we had the perfect life. I do have to admit that I wondered about other men. I flirted a little, like most women do. I wasn't a nun, but I wasn't a slut either.

I never cheated on Rob. That was until our daughters started high school and I went back to work in the office. Rob was working these long hours and we weren't doing much of anything together. After a while, I was getting bored with being home all the time and started going out with my two best friends on Saturdays when Rob had to work.

We would take in a movie or go to a lounge and have a couple of drinks. Once in a while, we were asked to dance and we did. It was all done in fun until Brian Cooter came into the picture.

As I mentioned earlier, Brian was my first sexual encounter. He was a salesman for our firm and would come into town at least twice a month. We began to kid each other and talked about what we used to do. I would be lying if I said I wasn't affected by our conversations. He asked me out a couple of times and I declined, telling him that I was a very happily married woman. Besides, he was a married man himself.

He always laughed it off and said maybe some day we could reminisce. Well, that someday happened; he heard us girls talking about our girls' night out and showed up at our table. He danced with all of us and when Joyce said she had to get home, we got up to leave since she was our driver. Brian asked me to stay and have one more drink with him and he promised to take me straight home.

Why I said yes, I don't know. Sally kind of gave me a look but didn't say anything. After all, we've been friends for years and she knew I never cheated on Rob.

After she left, Brian ordered more drinks and I know I had too many. We were on the dance floor and he said it was just like old times and slid his hands down to my ass. God, why didn't I stop it then and there, and put an end to it? One thing led to another and we kissed. When we went to his car, he kissed me some more. He drove over to his motel room and we went in.

It was so wrong but it was just like in the old days and we had sex. It was good and I wanted it. He told me it felt so much better without a condom as he let loose in me. It was after he came that I felt remorse set in. I had cheated on Rob. After Brian dropped me off at home, I cried. I thought I was a better woman than that.

Joyce asked me about staying at the lounge the next day and I just told her that Brian was an old friend from college and that he took me right home. I even lied to my best friend about the affair. Something told me she knew better but didn't push the issue. Now I wish she would have. Maybe, just maybe it would have made a difference.

Brian started calling me at home every once in a while, asking me to meet him again. I kept telling him no, that the last time was a mistake. I avoided him at work whenever he came in. I wasn't dealing with the situation very well. I should have ended it but I guess I liked the idea of being wanted by an old boyfriend.

Our company had a retirement party for one of our vice-presidents. I wanted Rob to go with me but he said he wasn't going to take a day off for someone he didn't even know. It really aggravated me because we didn't argue very often. Well, I guess you can figure out what happened. I went alone. I hung around with Joyce and Ellen but Brian was there. I can't blame it on the drinking this time. As the party broke up, Brian came up to me and started his flirting with me.

I was mad at Rob but didn't think I would be foolish enough to cheat on him again. Brian asked me to just sit in his van and talk with him a while. We talked and he put his hand on my leg. Why didn't I just remove it and get out of the van, and go home? I didn't, and when he slid his hand up my leg, I just let it happen.

I haven't fucked in a car in over eighteen years. I just went with it. I removed my panties and let him finger me to an orgasm. We then moved back to the seat in back and I mounted him. Staring him in the face while he fucked me. Yes, there was no love, just a raw fuck.

I drove home afterwards wondering what was the matter with me. Why was I doing this? I had a good marriage, a decent husband and two wonderful daughters. Why was I taking a gamble to possibly lose it all? I was just so confused. I knew I had to stop before I ruined my life.

Brian kept calling me. He even called me from his home. I saw his name on the caller ID. I got worried that Rob might see his name on it, so every night I would go through all the phones and erase all the ID's. I told Brian it was over. The idea that I got away with being bad was no longer fun. It scared me and it wasn't worth it.

Brian told me that if we got together one more time that he would leave me alone. Why I went along with him, I really don't know. We had a girls' night out coming up and I told Joyce that I would drive myself. She knew what was going on and told me she wasn't going to cover for me. Rob was too nice of a guy to cheat on. I told her that I was breaking it off with Brian that night. I was through cheating on Rob. Even though it was a bit exciting, it also made me a slut wife, which is a title I never wanted.

I kissed my kids and Rob goodbye, and headed out to meet Joyce. Of course, Brian was there but Joyce refused to sit with him. After she went home, I went with Brian to his room for the last time. We did it all. I even let him have my ass; he was no Rob and it hurt like hell. When we were finished, he said he didn't think he would give me up. I screamed and yelled at him that he promised he would leave me alone after this time.

He laughed and said he wasn't ready to quit, and just maybe he'd tell my husband if I didn't continue having sex with him. That was when I saw for the first time what kind of a man he was. I slapped him and told him that if he hurt my marriage that I would tell his wife. I had his home phone number.

He took a few steps toward me and I kicked him hard where it counts and he went down screaming. He called me a bitch and said he wasn't through with me. He said he knew I would be back. He was wrong. I now realized that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I prayed to God that I could get home, clean up and get to bed before Rob got home. I actually wondered if I should tell him about the affair, just in case Brian ever told him.

I was crying when I got home. There was a message on the fridge. "Mom! Dad is trapped in the mine. Please come as soon as you can."

I was devastated. I hit the answering machine and I had five messages from Joyce telling me about Rob being trapped. I quickly took off my dress and put on a pair of jeans and as I got to the door, the girls arrived home, asking me where I had been. They told me Rob was all right and in the hospital.

I told them I was going over to the hospital to see him. They told me visiting hours were over but I had to go and try. When I got to the hospital, the nurse told me that I couldn't visit with him right then. He wasn't in intensive care so I would have to wait till regular visiting hours. She did say that he was bruised and had a sprained ankle but otherwise was fine. That in itself was a relief to me. I walked into the hospital chapel and said a prayer for him and then sat down and cried.

Instead of being there for him, I was out fucking another man that I now hated. It wasn't only his fault; I was just as much to blame. Here I was telling my daughters to just say no to drugs and I couldn't do it for the sake of my marriage. I made a promise to God that I would never cheat on Rob again.

When I arrived back home, my daughters were sleeping. I took a hot shower and changed into my nightgown, and threw my bra and panties into the hamper. I saw cum stains in my panties and took them back out of the hamper, and washed them out by hand.

I couldn't sleep. I tried but my mind was a mess. After a couple of hours of lying there, I got up and got dressed to go back to the hospital. After seeing and talking to Rob I was scared. I didn't know if I was strong enough to hide the affair from him. I had no reasonable answer as to why I wasn't there at the mine.

I arrived home and called Joyce, and told her everything that went on with Brian except for the amount of sex we had. I explained that it was over and that I slapped and kicked Brian. I begged her to tell Rob that I was with her. I really felt bad asking my best friend to lie for me. She told me she would think about it but I had better be through with Brian. I thanked her and promised that my cheating days were over.

I put my panties back in the drawer and erased any messages on the answering machine and caller ID's. I wanted to skip work on Monday and be there to pick up Rob but he told me that his sister Betty would be there and there was no reason for me to miss work.

Monday was hard on me. I was told that Brian wasn't feeling good and had gone home that morning. It meant he wouldn't be around for maybe a month. I thanked God for that. I didn't want to face him so soon after Saturday's incident.

You all know what happened next. Rob questioned me about my panties and asked me if I knew Nancy and Brian Cooter. I had no idea where he got their name. I tried to cover it up and told him to call Joyce; he told me he did and talked to Mitch, Joyce's son.

I admitted that it had happened but told him it was a one-time thing. I was so confused and he sat there levelheaded and caught me in one lie after another. I finally admitted everything to him. I asked for his forgiveness but he told me he was moving out at the end of the week.

It was up to me to tell our daughters that I cheated. I know I lost a lot of their respect that day and even though we get along now, I know they hold the breaking up of our family against me. They are right; I have no one else to blame for my stupidity.

After Rob moved out, I tried a number of times to talk with him. He wasn't about to change his mind about a divorce. How could I blame him? I love him so much but I know there is nothing I could do to let him know how sorry I am.

A week before our divorce I pleaded with him one more time. He told me he loved me and always will have a place for me in his heart but he could never trust me again and he wasn't going through life wondering if his wife was faithful to him.

I left his apartment crying, knowing I had lost the one person I loved most in this world.

Since our divorce, I have worked my job and stayed home most of the time. I see Rob at family events and we are always nice to each other. We were both there when our daughters got married. It felt strange but good when I danced with him. He always asks me if I'm all right and if I need anything. He's even come over and did a few house repairs for me. He won't ever come when I'm home alone.

When our grandchildren were born, we were both there. He was one happy grandfather. I cry every time I think of the foolishness that caused an end to my marriage. I had it all and gave it up for a fuck! How stupid can a woman be?

I went to counseling. I was getting feelings of depression that I had trouble handling. The doctors helped me. I'm also much closer to my daughters and grandkids too. I think my daughters know how much I regret my actions and have forgiven me a little. Maybe it will keep them from making the same stupid mistake.

I have dated once in awhile, and I have to say many of the men are very nice but they can't hold a candle to Rob. I don't know if I'll ever get serious about another man. If I ever do get married again, I can guarantee that my husband will have the most faithful women ever.

Chapter 3 Rob continues his story

Rob here: Let me get back and tell you what happened the day of the divorce.

I found out that this prick, Brian, was still bothering Brenda. I still loved Brenda; I just couldn't be married to her. I was pissed when Joyce called me and said this asshole still bothered Brenda and she didn't want anything to do with him. I told her I'd take are of it.

You need to know that I don't talk to Brenda very often since I moved out. I loved her too much and was afraid I'd go back to her and I didn't want to be a cuckold husband who couldn't trust his wife.

I signed the divorce papers and left before she showed up with her lawyer. We had a decent agreement. She kept the house and, of course, the girls stayed with her. I had access to my daughters anytime I wanted. I saw them all the time and after the divorce, I kept in touch with them nearly daily. I paid child support but didn't pay any alimony. Brenda got paid well in her job. My kids did not go without. In fact, I probably bought them too much.

Anyway, after signing the divorce papers I was really pissed and felt down. I decided to go see this asshole who was responsible for my divorce. I had previously found out where he lived, and found some information on what he drove and where he hung out.

I called his home and his wife told me he was at the main office and wouldn't be home until the next day. I thanked her and hung up. That meant he was in my town. I found out what motel he usually stayed at when in town and, of course, I knew the bars and lounges in the area.

He had never met me unless it was at one of the parties while he was at State. I went into the lounge of the motel he was staying at. I had seen his car parked on the side of the building where the trash dumpsters were kept. There was a back exit to the lounge there. I figured that if he picked up a woman, he could make a quick exit without being seen by too many people.

I ordered a beer and sat at a corner table. The place had a lot of people in it. I was wondering if this Brian fellow was one of them. I lucked out when I saw a couple come in. I heard the bartender say, "Hello, Mr. Cooter, welcome back. What can I get for you and the little lady?"

So here he was with another woman. They sat at a table not far from me. I watched as he was making small talk with this woman. I noticed she had a wedding ring on her finger. I also knew it wasn't his wife since she told me not more than an hour ago that he was out of town.

By the conversation, it sounded like he was talking business, but at the same time trying to hit on this young married woman. I decided it wasn't going to go his way tonight. I finished my second beer and walked out the back exit. On my way past his car, I kicked it enough to make the car alarm go off. I then went and hid next to the dumpster where I found a nice two by four about four feet long.

The alarm must have gone off for five minutes before Brian came out to check it. He hit the button on his key chain and the alarm shut off. He turned to go back in but it was an exit only. He was getting ready to go around the building when I hit him across the back with the two by four. He went down and I kicked him again and again. I had put on some leather gloves earlier and I reached down and worked him over. When I got done with him, his face was a mess. I ended the assault by giving him a foot in the groin. I was fairly sure he never got a good look at me.

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