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Coastal - Slow Descent



The sun hung deep over the steep cliffside as we took the last bend in the winding road that led down to the tiny village, stuck on the edge of the barren, rocky coastline we wanted to travel during the next four weeks. We had been driving the whole day and were quite exhausted from the long journey, but we couldn't ignore the spectacular view of the picturesque houses under a fierce sky which was a fiery red mixed with whites and violets, contrasting harshly with the dark grey of the massive stone walls and the rock formations surrounding the village.

This was what we had been looking forward to over the last stressful months of overtime work and exhausted weekends. We had promised ourselves lots of time far away from computer screens, cell phones, meeting rooms and endless presentations. And so here we were, not a city in sight, a hundred miles away from the nearest local capital and, yes, even my cell phone wasn't working anymore. Just us, the rocks, the sea, and the little village in which the small hotel was hidden, about which a colleague of Susan had told us. 'If you really want to get out of the treadmill and do something wild, go there' were her words, together with the warning not to tell just anybody, as not to spoil it. 'It's really, really extraordinary.'

The village seemed to consist of only a few houses, but since the proprietor of the hotel had warned us that there was no sign on the outside, I was looking quite intently for the house he had described to me in great detail. When I stopped in the driveway, I was still not quite sure about it, since it didn't look very much like a place where guests were welcomed, but Susan was eager to get out of the car.

"Even if it's not the one, they will be able to tell us where the right one is, won't they?"

Grinning, Susan swung her long legs out of the car and climbed the few steps to the door of the looming building. How I loved her round, tight ass above those lovely legs. I hadn't been getting it for far too long, with all our long and unsynchronized work hours, and I knew that Susan was feeling the same. I was really looking forward to the upcoming night, even if the house didn't seem too welcoming or cozy.

Although I understood that with the rough weather conditions in this area you couldn't build something too exposed or open, the dark walls made out of uneven slabs of granite, the small shuttered windows and the massive door all radiated something a bit too sinister for my tastes. In front of this door on which she just had knocked, my wife looked even frailer than she did anyway. Her tall, slender frame seemed to bend in the wind that tousled her long dark hair, which fell way over her straight, lean shoulders. Oh my, was I horny. I couldn't wait to step behind her, reach around and massage her firm pointy tits and play with her large nipples. Her breasts weren't really big, just about B-cups but they were so firm and upstanding, that many younger women would envy her for them.

I was halfway out of the car, planning to do just this, in spite of the probability of scandalizing the entire rural community we had just arrived in, when the door of the house swung open. The man in the doorway was the biggest living being I have ever seen outside a zoo or a National Geographic magazine. He was huge, easily 6 Ft 10, and his massive stocky form filled the door frame like a wall. He had wavy, unkempt, and very red hair and, even from this distance, I could see that his forearms were covered in a thick coat of the same color. Susan took an instinctive step backward and looked up at his rough but friendly face, obviously even more startled than me.

He said something to her that I couldn't hear because of the strong gusts of salty wind that were whipping through the street. A few moments later Susan turned around, smiling and shouted to me.

"We are at the right place. He said we should come in right now. Someone will take care of the luggage. Hurry up, I'm freezing."

I locked the car and ran up the steps, my ears and nose already turning cold. It really got cold fast up here, once the summer sun had vanished behind the dark cliffs, as it had minutes before. Susan had wrapped her arms around herself while she waited for me on the doorstep, but I could see her large, hardened nipples very well through her soft, tight sweater when I reached her. Not even Frankenstein's monster would be able to stop me tonight. I took her arm and pulled her inside with me, into the welcoming warmth that emanated from the gloomy corridor in front of us. Susan was still smiling, but I caught a spark of irritation in her dark eyes when I touched her.

I had no time to wonder about it, since my arm seemed to be pumped up and down by some kind of heavy machinery, revealing itself to be the man who had opened the door for us. My God, my hand seemed to vanish inside his, and I'm not small or anything. I'm well over 6 Ft 1 and I'm keeping fit and muscular, but next to this guy, I felt like a child again, when some uncle came visiting, shaking my hand and hugging me. The uneasy feeling of being unable to resist came back far too easily for my taste. I freed my hand as fast as I could, trying not to appear unfriendly.

"Welcome, welcome. My name is Carl Harris, the proud owner of this little guest house. Please, just call me Carl."

His voice sounded as one would have expected and filled the corridor with deep vibrations. 'Little guest house' didn't seem to be a completely accurate description, because the corridor seemed to be quite long, with several doors on each side and it opened into what seemed to be a large room at the end. Heavy and obviously expensive furniture advertised the wealth and good taste of the owner, quite to my surprise. Before I had time to reflect on that, we were ushered along to a room at the end of the corridor.

"Come along and make yourselves comfortable. You must be quite exhausted from the long journey. My wife will have some drinks and a meal ready in a minute."

We entered a room I would expect to find in some villa or a sophisticated club, but not here. It was large, the walls paneled in dark woods, with deep oriental carpets covering the floors. An enormous dining table with a dozen chairs around it occupied one part of the room. The other part was dominated by a huge fireplace in which several thick logs were burning fiercely. The deep leather couches in front of it did look inviting in spite of my growing unease, which did not come in a small part from the huge paw Carl had placed on Susan's shoulder while he led us in front of the fire. It was so big, his fingers nearly touched the top of her breasts and I expected Susan to shake it off any second, since she was very sensitive about the private space around her, especially with strangers. But she allowed him to steer her around the couch and be pushed into it gently. I exchanged glances with my wife, but saw nothing of the irritation or fury I had expected. Perhaps she was even more intimidated by him than I was. But she didn't seem to be too uncomfortable, so I let the moment pass and tried to relax on the soft couch and enjoy the roar and the heat from the fire.

Perhaps I was too tense from months of high-pressure work or the long journey and simply overreacted. At least we were where we wanted to be, a long holiday in front of us and the hotel wasn't the simple country inn I had feared it would be. It felt like an exclusive resort that you got at an unexpected cut-rate price.

While our host went to get his wife and tell his daughter to haul in our luggage, we didn't speak a word but took in our surroundings, both still wondering how such a place could exist in this lonely part of the world. I looked around for hunting trophies on the walls, but was luckily disappointed. Only some very tasteful drawings and quite modern paintings which fit in perfectly with their otherwise old fashioned surroundings decorated the walls. This was something someone put a lot of thought, effort and money into creating. I wondered who.

Just when Susan let out a long groan while stretching her slender body into the cushions, a flashlight went off and startled us. Our host stood at the other end of the room, grinning, camera in hand.

"Sorry, didn't want to alarm you, but I just like to take before and after photos of our guests." His grin grew even wider, showing lots of white teeth. "Otherwise, you wouldn't believe how tense you were when you arrived and how much more relaxed and changed you look after you spent some time in our little village."

Everything seemed to be small to this man. He winked at us and put the camera onto a sideboard.

"Just a little spleen I think, but please allow me the pleasure. You will see what I mean when it's time to leave. Please join me. Dinner will be ready in a minute."

And it was. And it was plenty. I hadn't eaten as much and as good in a long time. When we were sitting in front of the fire again, a glass of whiskey in hand, smoking and talking to our hosts, I felt stuffed and relaxed already. After I met Carl's wife and daughter, I didn't feel intimidated or uneasy anymore. Well, in fact I was, but in a very different way. Here were two women who fit their surroundings. And their husband and father. Both were big, too. My height and my weight, at least, I would guess. Their hourglass figures were astounding. It was hard to believe, but they carried themselves with the grace of much lighter women and as far as I could see, there was not an ounce of fat on their bodies, except for their bottoms and breasts.

I never considered myself a breast man, but here I had to work very hard to stop staring. I didn't even try to guess their cup sizes, since those were definitely something way out of the range of my experience. The daughter's hair was a little bit lighter than the mother's dark brown. The older woman was wearing a long dark dress that hugged her curves, while the daughter wore faded jeans and a t-shirt under which her large breasts swayed softly. It was a sight to behold. I thought that she looked very capable of handling our luggage, perhaps she put everything under one arm. My slight fear, that our host wanted to touch more than Susan's shoulders faded after I had met these amazing women. I was busy myself trying not to get wrong thoughts.

The mother, Claudia, introduced herself, looking at me with the smile of a woman who knew what a visitor might be thinking for sure. There was even more mischief in the eyes and the smile of Stephanie, their daughter, who began looking dangerous to me, too, especially since she had placed herself right beside me on the couch, leaving no more room for Susan. I felt her heat more than the fire, but surprisingly Susan didn't shoot me dirty looks but looked quite comfortable herself. I had expected for Carl to seat himself beside my wife. Instead he sat in a heavy armchair, like the patriarch he obviously was and Claudia sat beside Susan.

In spite of some very unsavory fantasies that ran through my head for some time, nothing more happened other than drinking, smoking and chatting until we were nearly too tired to go up to our room. We told them a lot about our background and our hosts gave us tips about scenic routes we might take and things we might do if we felt that we wanted to do something other than live and let go. They were a little bit vague about how they got here with a house like this, though I didn't mind anymore. Everything was so cool and relaxed as the evening progressed that Susan and I felt right at home.

We found our spacious bedroom as luxurious as the rest of the house with a bed large and deep and with heavy thick duvets. I was so tired by that time that I only made a very unconvincing try at getting between Susan's legs and she didn't seem to be in the mood anyway. The horniness of the early evening hadn't really faded away, but I was dead tired and a little bit drunk, so sleep came quite easy in spite of my rock hard cock. For a moment I even worried about stained sheets in the morning. That would be a laugh, wouldn't it?


I woke up feeling a little bit drowsy from the amount of whiskey we had consumed the night before, but already I felt much more relaxed than I had during the last few months. I stretched and rolled over to rub up against Susan's warm, silky ass. It felt absolutely wonderful, but I wasn't able to arouse her from sleep completely, so I got out of bed, not to spoil the sheets now, after I managed the night quite well. My cock was standing straight out, so I decided to slip into one of the provided thick robes before opening the curtains. The view nearly let me forget my erection, so spectacular were the reflections of the sun on the rough sea, the waves crashing against the rocks, sending sparks of silver high in the air. I hadn't realized that the building was positioned that close to the sea, only a stretch of rocky surface and some meters of cliff separating it from the powers of the sea. You could probably risk building in such a way inside a relatively sheltered bay, but anyway...

Anyway, Susan was groaning under the attack of the already strong rays of the morning sun and turned away, seeking shelter under her pillow.

"Rise and shine, it's spectacular out there and I would bet my left leg that there's a fabulous breakfast waiting for us. Come on."

Susan mumbled something about my dubious heritage, so I announced that I would use the shower first and if she wasn't up once I came out, I would immediately rise to the occasion and rape her gorgeous ass that stuck out from under the covers very invitingly.

"Promise?" At least, one eye looked at me now from under the pillow, her ass putting on a little show, her legs spreading slightly, showing me her full, puffy cunt.

"Absolutely." Grinning, I pointed my erection in the direction of the bathroom and went off.

Knowing that despite the invitation, sex with Susan before she was really awake was only half the fun, I took my sweet time showering. I brushed my teeth, shaved carefully, blow-dried my hair, and did the whole thing, unable to get my cock down most of the time. If we didn't solve this problem soon, I would have problems going downstairs. I didn't care much about clothing when I left the bathroom and entered our room again. What a sight I beheld!,

Susan sat on the very edge of a low stool in front of our bed, providing me with a profile of her body that took my breath away. Her feet were standing on tiptoes and her legs spread as far as they would go, creating one line and pushing out the lips of her full hairy cunt, which seemed very swollen to me. Obviously she had played with herself from the state she was in. Now her hands were on the back of her head and she pushed her elbows back, sticking out her tight, pointy tits, nipples dark and hard jutting out like rockets. Wow! She nearly never did that for me, since she wasn't too convinced about her breasts, no matter how hot I got for them. Her face was flushed and despite her proudly raised head, she cast her eyes downwards in a fascinatingly submissive way. Wow, again. I nearly came right then and there. Day one, and already aiming for kinky games in the morning. What a holiday to look forward to!


Immediately Susan spread her legs even wider, and sat even straighter.

But it hadn't been me giving the order.

I was rooted to the spot as I realized that Carl was crouching in front of her, taking one shot of after the other with his digital camera. I couldn't even begin to grasp what was happening here.

"OK, that's a good girl. Very nice. You may let go now, sweetie."

Carl got up, looming over her, looking down with a peculiar look in his eyes. I was dumbfounded completely. I must have made some sound, because suddenly both of them looked over at me. Susan gasped and tried to cover herself, but Carl never lost his friendly, calm composure.

"Hey, good morning, are you good to go? Claudia has prepared breakfast and sent me up to get you."

He lifted his camera again and took two or three shots of me, standing there dumbfounded, cock still hard, dripping pre cum. He gave me his best smile, which right now looked to me like he wanted to bite me.

"Oh, you didn't mind me taking photos, did you? You told me it was all right yesterday. You will be really surprised when you see the whole series at the end, believe me." With this said, he turned and headed for the door. "And hurry up, or Claudia will be disappointed. Trust me, you don't want to disappoint my wife. Gets her in a mood for the whole day."

I stood rooted to the spot, long after his heavy footsteps had faded away.

"You did... you... posed for him! Like this!" I had to force myself from shouting.

"Well, yes." Susan looked as if she couldn't believe it herself. She was still cowering on the stool, her legs closed, arms crossed over her breasts, looking up at me through her unruly hair. She looked unbelievably sexy. What did I think?

"But how...why?"

"I don't know. He just came in when I got up, greeted me and told me to show him my body. And how. And I did!" Now Susan nearly screamed. "He told me to pose in different positions, and he had me touch myself, and I got so wet and horny, but he didn't want me to come, and ordered me around and around until you came, and..." Her voice faded away. I didn't know what to say.

She looked up at me pleadingly.

"I really don't know what happened. And he never touched me, really, he didn't. And I was horny because of what you said and your hard-on and... Do you think we should leave?"

"I don't know."

And I really didn't. Was she attracted to him? She certainly didn't flinch when he had touched her the other day, like she normally did with strangers. And she had behaved a bit strange for the rest of the evening. But she was still my wife, and I was here with her and nothing really bad had happened, did it? Despite my now very soft cock, the tingling feeling between my thighs still lingered.

"Let's calm down first, and have something to eat. Let's hear what Claudia has to say about it. It can't be the whole family, can it? If he didn't touch you, well, the deed is done and I don't know what we can do about it now. If he really gives them to us, I will at least have a very hot set of pictures of my wife in her prime of beauty. I just hope he doesn't put them on the Internet."

The last sentence produced a gasp from Susan as she went pale as a ghost at first and then blushed a deep red. It seemed as if she wanted to vanish into the floor.

It took me a while to calm her down, while I wasn't too sure about the whole thing myself. Shouldn't we leave immediately? Would there be more? Could I stop it? Would I stop it? The things he could make Susan do after only a few minutes took me years to accomplish and never without extensive discussions. It had made me incredibly hot. And I definitely needed to stop thinking like this.

When we finally climbed down the stairs I still reasoned with myself about the situation. I could go and beat Carl to a pulp. OK forget that one. We could leave immediately and hope that the pictures would never appear anywhere, as any sensible person would have advised us to do. Or we could stay, and see what happened if anything. It held a certain dangerous appeal, and some little part of me felt strangely attracted to it. Susan didn't seem too upset anymore. Obviously she craved for some adventure, too. But did I want that? What if Carl wanted to take more than photographs? What if the women of the house came into play? They certainly knew what Carl was up to.

All these thoughts were forgotten once we entered the large kitchen, where a huge table was covered completely by an equally huge breakfast, and Claudia was all over us.

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