tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCoaxed: Poolside

Coaxed: Poolside


Daddy's little girl Katie Brown wanted to get out of her parents house now that she just turned eighteen. Her only problem was she didn't have any cash.

Katie's most notable characteristic, besides her angelic face, plump pink lips, big innocent eyes, long dark hair, and busty cleavage, was her extreme gullibility. If you told her that going on a jog naked would save little children in Africa she'd hand you her clothes and run out the door, not waiting around to find out that there was actually a marathon you could join that would raise the money once you signed up. This actually happened.

Her father, being an over protective lustful voyeur, didn't want his gorgeous daughter leaving home since he knew how gullible she was. He knew what men would do to get their paws on his daughter's enormous breasts. Katie was so naïve that she could never defend herself from the world of lustful men. He couldn't just allow her to run out into the amoral world of sexual ambiguity before he had enjoyed her plump curves himself.

So he kept her poolside.

One sunny summer afternoon, while Katie's father, Harry Brown was outside by the pool gardening; Katie came out to get a tan. She wasn't wearing much, just a very thin g-string bikini. As Harry looked up at his daughter's large breasts, he watched them jiggle and bounce every step she took. He couldn't help but notice how perfect her body was - from her round curvaceous ass, to her teardrop breasts, and then there were her long creamy legs, tan thighs, and tight stomach. She was young, in shape, with smooth creamy skin that teenagers still had, and her breasts filled out in ways that made all men salivate, including her ugly father. His fat beer belly was hairy and his white skin looked sickly. Balding, with glasses, he was not sight of delight, but a lazy pathetic man, who was addicted to porn and beer.

"Where's mom?" Harry asked, rubbing the sweat off his hairy belly.

"She went grocery shopping daddy." Katie smiled as she passed and plopped down on her towel. "Dad, do you mind if I take my top off daddy? I don't want any tan lines."

"Ah, yes, I mean, not at all honey. I know how you girls are about those, ah, tan lines." He grinned a sickly smile that was filled with lust and desire as he looked at her bubble butt revealed by her g-string bikini. He was glad he bought that for her at the beginning of summer. It wasn't cheap, but it paid off. This was the first time she wore the thing.

"Thanks dad. Mom would kill me if she found out I was wearing this thing. I don't know why you ever bought it for me." Katie winked and untied her top, letting it fall as she lay down onto her stomach. Harry caught a glimpse of the side of one of her exposed breasts. His dick became hard immediately. He adjusted himself.

"Yeah, mom would kill me if she found out I bought that for you." She grinned standing their, ogling the naked bare skin of her back, and the thin string that disappeared between the crack in her perfect ass. He wanted to see her large perky breasts. Was now the chance he'd been waiting for? She just untied her bikini top. All he had to do was get her to stand up.

"Katie honey..." he said.

"Yes daddy?" she turned her head, brushing her long black hair from her face.

"... I don't want you getting sunburn baby. Did you put on sun screen like a good little girl?"

"No, daddy." She pushed out her lower lip and wiggled her round ass.

"Well, you better honey muffin. Otherwise you're going to look like a tasty red lobster tonight and I might mistake you for dinner and cook you up."

"Can you get it for me? I'm so comfortable already and..." She whined.

"No baby girl." He said sternly, getting more involved with wedding the garden.

"Pretty please, with strawberries on top." Katie begged, still laying on her stomach.

"I'm busy baby, why don't you just run and grab it." Harry said, sounding annoyed, hoping that she just might stand up without putting her top on.

No luck.

Katie sighed, tied her bikini top around her back and ran into the house, bouncing all the way. Harry's eyes bounced with her as he watched his daughter run past.

When she came out, she had her lotion in hand, and a blank look in her eye. What was she thinking about?

"Daddy, help." she said as she approached. She flashed her white teeth, stuck her chest out and batted her big brown eyes.

"Sure hon." Harry stood up, took her by the arm and sat her down on the outside patio chair. She let him put her where he wanted, which was on his lap. Now his face was much closer to her cleavage. He could see the little invisible hairs on her skin. Her chest rose and fell with every breath.

He took the lotion from her hand and squeezed some out into his. Plop. It was white and pasty. "What are you thinking about baby?" He noticed the blank look in her eye. He began to rub the lotion into her back. Her soft plump ass was bouncing up and down on the skin of his knee. She straddled his leg. Oh, how he wanted to squeeze that perfect ass.

"Well, I'm kind of short on money and I wanted to go on this camping trip with the girls out to Lake Elizabeth. Do you think you could help me?" She said looking down at the ground.

"Well, I told you to get a summer job honey bear."

"I know, but I couldn't find anything."

"Well, you barely looked."

"It's summer. I want to have fun. I don't want to work!!!"

"Then don't expect to have money to play with."

"But, I need money. Lots and lots of money."

"I'll see what I can dig up. Maybe there's some buried treasure in the back yard."

Harry finished putting lotion on his daughters back; then he moved to her tan front. He rubbed it in circles on her flat stomach and up under her arms.

"Daddy! Don't be stupid." She frowned.

"No really, when I bought the house the realitor told me a pirate used to live here."

"Really. Where do you think it is?" She looked out into the yard.

She wasn't paying attention but he brushed his fingers up against the side of her breast leaving some white cream under the crease where the breast curves around and touches her stomach.

RING, RING. Harry cursed silently as he lifted Katie off his lap and walked inside to answer the phone. As he walked inside he noticed his neighbor, Bob, looking over the fence at Katie. He shot Bob a wicked glance before he entered the double doors.


"Harry, it's me, listen, I just found Katie a job." His wife Marry said.

"Really, doing what?" Harry was still thinking about his daughter's large plump breasts.

"Helping out the McDonalds. They're real old and could use a hand around their farm. I told them Katie was in need of a job and they offered one. They don't have a lot to pay her with but it will get her away from that god-dam pool. They want her to clean up the house. Katie is capable of that I think. She'll be cleaning their kitchen, living room, bedroom; well, you get the idea. She'll be like a maid I guess. And the good news is she can start today, just drive her down by one-o'clock."

"Crap. What about you? Can't you drive her?"

"I'll be gone until this evening. See you later honey." Click. She hung up the phone.

Harry went into the bathroom to take a piss. He had a ragging hard on and stroked it until he came all over the wall. He cleaned it up and grabbed a beer from the garage.

When Harry walked outside, he dropped the beer. He couldn't believe his eyes. His young neighbor Bob was rubbing his daughters huge naked tits. She just sat there with her eyes closed, and chest pushed out. She let Bob fondle her exposed breasts. Bob was enjoying himself, squeezing them, bouncing them and pushing them together, then lifting them up and letting them drop.

Bounce, bounce. CRASH! The bottle smashed into the concrete. Bob jumped up.

Harry yelled. "Get out!"

Bob walked quickly toward the gate. "She asked me to man." Was all he said.

"What do you think you are doing?" Harry said to Katie. Katie put her top back on as her father approached, red in the face and hands clenched.

"I asked Bob to help me finish putting on the sun block. You were the one who made me put on."

"But I was pretty much finished already baby."

"Well, you forgot the most important part." She said pointing to her massive breasts.

"He was touching your tits!"

"Of course he was. It's no big deal; Bob has touched my tits before." She grabbed her tits in both hands and giggled them up and down.

"When!" Harry was enraged.

"Whenever I sunbath and your not home. I need someone to help with these suckers." She let them drop and they jiggled.

"You let him touch your tits before?" Harry couldn't believe his ears.

"Well, yeah." Katie frowned, "What's wrong with you? Bob's a good friend. There's nothing sexual between us. Get a grip dad. You're such a dweeb."

"But..." Harry could barely breath.

"You're acting like a jealous boyfriend or something. Who was on the phone anyway?" Katie acted as if she could careless what her father thought.

"It was your mom. She said she found you a job at Mr. McDonalds."

"That's great. Doing what?" Katie smiled.

"I don't know. Sucking old man McDonalds dick. Jesus Katie, I never knew you were such a little whore." Katie's dad fumed and huffed back into the house.

"Sucking off old man McDonald," Katie thought. "Now why would mom get me a job like that? It must pay pretty well."

Later that day...

Katie jumps out of her dad's car, and slams the door. Harry speeds off, kicking dust up as he shots down the driveway. Katie walks up to and knocks on the McDonalds door.

Katie stood there in her pleated mini-skirt. Her thin white tank top revealed her lacey bra straps over her shoulder. Her large breasts stretched out the thin fabric and her cleavage protruded out the middle. Her long tan legs crossed each other as she waited at the door. She wore ugg boots, and had her long black hair tied back in a ponytail. She chewed on a piece of gum vigorously and looked out into the empty fields of the farm. She knew she never wanted to be a farmer. "How was she ever going to make enough money to move out of her parents place?" she thought.

Mr. McDonald opened the door. He was an older man of seventy, white hair, blind as a bat, and moving as slow as a turtle. "Hi Katie, your mom said you needed work bad." The old man's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw how Katie had filled out into a young woman. Her breasts were exploding out of her tank top. They were massive. So large and round and fuckable. "Wow," he thought, "She's a real woman now. I wonder how old she is? I wonder if she's still a virgin. Does she like to fuck?"

"Oh, yes Mr. McDonald. I do. I'll do whatever it takes to move out of my parents house." Katie smiled and entered the old man's living room. She looked around. The place smelled and was a mess.

"Great, I've been needing a girl like you for a long time." He grinned.

"Is your wife home?" Katie looked around the empty house.

"Ah, no, she's out playing bridge with the girls. It's just you and me. Is that okay?"

"Well, sure, I guess it's better that way." Katie shrugged.

"Right, now we can have a little one on one time, if you know what I mean. The only other time I get to see your cute little ass, I mean face, is at church."

"Right, well where do you want to do it?" Katie asked.

"Well, I thought we could get started in the bedroom."

"That sounds like a good place to start." Katie gulped. She didn't believe it at first but her dad wasn't kidding. Old man McDonald was going to jump her bones!

She'd slept with some of her older men in high school before, so she had some experience. She remembered the time she wandered into the girl's locker room when the old black janitor was still mopping up. It was after hours and she needed to take a shower since one of the football players cummed all over her face. He let her in and said he didn't mind her showering while he mopped up just as long as she didn't tell anyone. He said he'd lose his job if they found out he let a girl in after hours. So she kept the secret -- even though he kept mopping up the shower floor while she was in there taking the shower. Now that didn't make sense a whole lot of sense to Katie, but things got steamy after that and she got a big black dick up her ass. Later that year, the janitor ended up getting fired for getting another high school cheerleader pregnant. He said it wasn't his, but the baby was black. And he was the only black man at the school. During that girl's nine month pregnancy, four other cheerleaders got pregnant. Later they all had black babies as well. I guess Katie was the lucky one; she only got fucked up the ass.

Another time Katie was failing her biology class and she asked for some extra credit. Her old perverted teacher was willing to pass her if she'd give him some sex-ed tutoring. "But I'm not a teacher," she said. He replied, "But I'm still virgin and don't know what sex is. You've had sex with the entire football team, right? So you know more than me. It's the only fair trade I can think of. I don't want to see you fail my class Katie." "Well, I do know about sex, that's for sure. But sir, Isn't that illegal?" she said. "Don't be silly," he said, "All the other cheerleaders are fucking for grades, just ask them." She asked them and he was right. I think every teacher at that school had his cock up one of their tight little pussies. So she agreed to get fucked by her proffessor. I mean everyone else was doing it right? Every time she fucked her biology teacher after school, he'd raise her grade by one percentage point. Well it took awhile to go from 50% to 100%, but she got the 'A' she deserved and a whole lot of sperm up her cunt.

Then there was the time she went in to see the rigid old principal. He bent Katie over his lap, lifted up her skirt to find her panty-less. His paddling turned into a fingering session and that ended up becoming a pussy-fuck session on his desk. Lesson learned, don't suck off five basketball players under the bleachers before a game; there are just too many witnesses. Now she needed to go in and see the principal at least once a week and suck him off or else he was going to tell her parents what a slut she was. What a bummer that was. His dick stank and his sperm tasted like tuna but she did her duty faithfully every week. Bobbing up and down underneath the principal's desk.

If that wasn't enough. I think every old pervert in that school had to have a piece of that ass. There was also the fat balding football coach. Well, he practically fucked her before every game. He insisted that she needed to get a new cheerleading uniform at least once a week. Since her uniform was too small for her massive tits; he needed to take her measurements -- in his office. But he kept losing the damn measurements since he was so disorganized and so he needed to retake them again and again. Oh well, no wonder the entire football team was distracted every time she did the splits. Her panties were so tight they rode up her pussy lips into her cunt. "That damn coach never even ordered me that uniform. I wonder why," she thought.

"So I've had a little experience with older men," she guessed. "I can handle this." She wondered what position he liked the best.

"How do you like it?" She asked.

"Me, well, I just want to get it over and done with. I only have enough money to hire you for the week. So the sooner you get at it the better."

Katie couldn't believe that Mr. McDonald wanted to fuck her for an entire week. But she needed the money and didn't really care how she got it.

Mr. McDonald turned his back to Katie and pulled out a broom from his closet. "Besides, I want to finish before the wife gets home you know. So let's hurry it up."

Upon hearing Mr. McDonalds words, Katie stripped her clothes off since she realized he didn't want to waste any time. She sat down naked at the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. Old Man McDonald turned to face her holding the broom. Katie's skirt, bra and tank top where now scattered on the floor.

"A broom is a little kinky don't you think Mr. McDonald?" Katie teased.

"It can be my dear, but it gets the job done." Mr. McDonald looked at Katie sitting on the edge of his bed. He didn't notice that Katie was naked since his glasses weren't a current prescription. He handed her the broom.

"What do you want me to do with this?" She asked holding the brooms knob.

"Don't you know how to use it my dear?" He smiled.

"Um, Why don't you show me?" She suggested.

Now when the old man moved closer to this naked jewel of a peach sitting as bare as could be at the edge of his bed, her naked breasts came clearly into view and he stopped cold in his tracks. She sat there demurely with her legs crossed, her arms leaning back on the bed and her chest pushed out. "Ah, my dear, aren't you cold?" he asked, not sure of what else to say. His heart started pounding and he couldn't think.

"Not at all Mr. McDonald. Well I won't be once you warm me up." She giggled. "But now that you mention it, it is a tad bit nippy in here." She looked down at her breasts and noticed her nipples were standing at attention hard and pointy.

Old man McDonald instantly got a stiffy. His pants tented out. Her body was absolutely astonishing. He didn't think he'd ever seen a woman with such long creamy legs and such huge breasts. They were perfect in every way. His mouth dropped open but no words came out. When he looked down between her legs. She was completely shaved and smooth like a little girl.

"Are you okay Mr. McDonald? I thought you wanted to get busy right away? Did you want to do it in another room or something? I mean, the bedroom is fine, but it's so ordinary."

"So ordinary?" he asked, still in shock.

"Yeah, who wants to fuck on a bed all the time. I am sure this is where you and you're wife get it on. That is if you can still get it on?"

"Oh yeah, I can still get it on." The old man grinned, letting the situation sink in. He'd been thinking she would clean up his bedroom this whole time, but he soon realized that she had been thinking they'd been talking about something else entirely. How she got so confused wasn't something he really wanted to straighten out in his mind. He was more concerned with how to straighten out what was in his pants.

"Where do you like to do it?" he asked.

"Oh anywhere. It's really up to you Mr. McDonald. I just appreciate the opportunity." Katie smiled as she opened her legs and flashed her pussy.

Old Man McDonald grabbed her arm and led her into the kitchen. He got some milk and poured it all over her naked tits. The white liquid dripped down between her cleavage, over her nipples and down the sides of her huge breasts. She leaned her chest out so that the old man could lick the milk up and suck her nipples. He took her huge tits in both his palms, squeezing them tight and sucked so hard that Katie screamed.

"Does that feel good?" He groaned.

"Ungh, huh." Katie sighed, pretending to like it. She was actually pretty damn cold now and wanted to put her clothes back on.

The old man dropped his blue jeans, letting his big dick swing out into the open and sat the girl's bare ass up on the kitchen table. Katie put one foot up on a wooden chair and the other went over the old mans shoulder as Old Man McDonald slide his six inch cock into her tight shaved pussy. It slid right in like a hand into a glove. Katie cried out since he didn't use any lubrication and she wasn't turned on at all.

"Mr. McDonald, I think I've changed my mind. I've never had sex for money before and I don't think I should start now. Don't you think this is wrong?" Katie said nervously.

Old Man McDonald pushed Katie onto her back so she was laying down on the dinning room table. Her bare skin lay on the wood where he had his coffee every morning, her tits bouncing back and forth as he thrust his pelvis in and out of her tight pussy. He was leaning over her. His lips were still sucking on her nipple.

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