tagLoving WivesCoaxing Out Another Load

Coaxing Out Another Load


Note: Everyone is 18+ in this story.

Principal Hardley strode into Nurse Johnson's office tits first. But that is how she always entered a room. Proud bosom thrust forward. Back in college, her friends would joke that her breasts got to class a minute before she did.

Spotting the school's nurse daydreaming behind her desk, the principal tsk-tsk'd and walked forward. "Nurse Johnson!" she said sternly to her startled employee, "today is your observation day."

"Oh, yes, Principal Hardley," stammered Nurse Johnson as she stood up, "of course."

Shaking her head, the stern Principal looked the nurse up and down with a critical eye. As usual, Mrs. Johnson's tight, busty body was practically bursting out of the school district's standard nurse's uniform. Despite her attempts to convince the apparently lecherous superintendent otherwise, the uniform consisted of a tight, tapered blouse and a much too short skirt. Principal Hardley was further offended as she observed the nurse's perpetually erect nipples. 'Disgraceful,' she thought.

It wasn't that Mrs. Hardley didn't understand the nurse's nipple problem. Truth be told, the principal's own nipples stiffened all too easily and had been a constant source of unwanted male attention throughout the years. By the time she had gotten married, she had learned that a pair of well placed band-aid kept her big buds from drawing even more attention to her oversized chest.

Nurse Johnson had apparently not learned this technique. And the the nurse's skimpy outfit, combined with the two sharp points constantly present on her chest, certainly could only serve to stir-up immoral, impure and disgustingly perverted thoughts among the male students and faculty.

Not wanting to rehash old arguments, the Principal turned to the matter at hand, which was Nurse Johnson's yearly review. "Now I do not have all day to observe you, Nurse Johnson," the principal said. "I plan on leaving school grounds precisely at 4:00 pm. today to celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary with Harold. "So hopefully we will have a few students come in in the next couple of hours, I can observe your technique and training and we can be done with this."

Half-listening to the babbling explanations by Nurse Johnson, the Principal proceeded to walk around the small office, inspecting various items and making notes on a pad. As she was making a careful inspection of the cleanliness and stability of medical table, a student came bursting into the office.

Not noticing the Principal, the student, whose cock had started the nurse's spiral blurted out "Nurse Johnson" I really need your help today. "Um, Tony," nurse said nervously, "maybe you should come back later. Now is really a bad time," she said, motioning toward the principal with her head. What's this nurse," the principal said as she turned around. "Refusing to help a student!"

"Um, it's really not-"

"If I'm not mistaken," the principal interrupted, this young man is on one of the sports teams. He is apparently in distress AND sport's physicals are coming up, so we may as well kill two birds with one stone."

Taking total control of the situation, Principal Hardley ordered Tony to go behind the screen, strip down and change into a paper gown. After changing, Tony sheepishly came from behind the curtain and hopped up on the medical table.

A blushing Nurse Johnson nervously began to give him a thorough physical. After checking his eyes, ears, nose and throat, taking his temperature and blood pressure and height and weight, she asked him to stand before her for the dreaded ball check. Well, dreaded unless your school nurse happened to be a beautiful, cock-hungry slut.

Normally Nurse Johnson would have looked forward to this portion of the exam. But intimidated by the presence of the righteous principal, she reluctantly reached up under the students gown and grasped his bulging testicles with her hand, as best she could.

"Now Tony," she said, "please turn to the left and cough for me." As he turned to cough her eyes widened as his cock bumped up against her wrist as it began to plump up and harden!

Despite the intimidating Principal's standing nearby, Tony couldn't help but think of the numerous times the stunning nurse had held his bucking balls in her hand just like this, while he was depositing a load into her twat.

Oblivious as to the students rising cock, the principal asked the nurse about the procedure. "What test is this, nurse?"

"Oh, umm, it's just a hernia test we have to give the young men."

"Well, modesty aside I certainly need to observe all the procedures so I will have to lift his gown," the principal replied as she reached toward the bottom of the garment and started lifting it up.

"Now, young man I can assure you I am married so this is nothing I haven't seen -- Oh Lord!!!" Principal Hardly interrupted herself with a loud exclamation as she pulled the gown up over her student's crotch. She was shocked to see that not only was his penis rock hard, it was tremendous. The head, which was as large as her first, was now pointed straight at her. As she ran her eyes down the thick shaft, methodically counting inch after inch, her mouth began to water, despite herself. When her view finally reached the root she was amazed at the obscene size of the testicles spilling abundantly out of the nurse's hand. She shuddered, imaging the volume of fertile ejaculate they were capable of producing.

Despite her shock, she was instinctively as thorough as ever. Reaching down with one hand she said "I think I better help the nurse with her test so I have a clear understand of just what her job is and just how well she performs." Eagerly nudging the nurse's hand over she grasped one of his balls and rolled it gently in her hand.

Her ever-hard nipples stiffened even further against the protecting band-aids as she hefted half the sack.

"N-now Tony," she said, "I understand the troubles of youth but it is hardly appropriate to have your penis in such a state in front of two female educators. Even if both of us are experienced with the male sex organ through the blessings of marriage, this -- state - is unacceptable!"

"I'm sorry Principal Hardley," the intimidated yet awed student replied, "but the nurse's hand felt so nice and it's been since this morning since, well, you know."

"Just this morning since what?" the principal asked.

"Just this morning since my mo- I mean I took care it."

"Took care of it? You mean to tell me your - penis - was sinfully relieved just this morning and it is already swollen with lust again?

"Y-Yes," he replied.

"That is just sinful!" the principal gasped. "Just how often do you ejaculate this, this THING."

"Um, several times a day actually," Tony replied.

"Oh my!" gasped the principal, who had often been disappointed in her own husband's inadequacy in the stamina department. She had almost forgotten that a young penis which had just been taken care of a few hours earlier could go again. And based on the state of the one ball she was caressing, um, testing, there was plenty of seed regenerated after this morning's activities.

'God,' she thought, if only her husband had a matching set like this she would let him take her every single week. 'Heck,' she fantasized, 'maybe even several times a week.' Staring in awe at the big beautiful cock-head she moaned. 'Geez, let's be honest here, I'd be spending every night with my big, firm bottom up in the air, face down, keeping the neighbors up with my screams-"

"Principal Hardley?!" the nurse interrupted her thoughts.

With a bit of a start, the blushing educator came to her senses. Chastising herself for such sinful thoughts she realized that something drastic needed to be done. Why, if the sight of an engorged member could drive an upstanding, mature, married woman like herself to distraction, there was no telling the sinful thoughts it might arouse in the impressionable female students under her care. The principal shamefully recalled how the sight of any big, stiff cock made her feel at the age of 18. And although she had somehow managed to save herself until marriage, she was ashamed at the steps she took to protect her vagina from itself. As atonement for her past sins she was determined to look out for all her students' best interests and felt guilty for fantasizing about the oversized and overstimulated genitalia of the young man before her.

'First and foremost,' she reasoned, 'I need to protect the impressionable young women out in the hallway from this, this horrid thing.' Forcibly lifting her eyes up off the throbbing beast in front of her she looked at Tony and said, "well I certainly cannot have you going out into public in this state, but if you are anything like all my dates, I mean my one boyfriend, in college, it is not going away on its own, is it?"

"Um, no ma'am," Tony replied. "Not really."

Absentmindedly running her tongue around her full lips she couldn't help stealing another glance down at the object of her fascination. She needed to think of something, and quick!

"Well let's see, perhaps the nurse can ease this erection. Nurse, is there some sort of medical procedure to deflate this student's stiff penis?

The nurse, who had no idea what to say, replied "I suppose he just need to take care of it himself?"

The moralistic principal scoffed, "I hope you are not implying he should masturbate in school? That would be highly inappropriate!"

Stammering, the big breasted nurse gasped, "oh, um, no ma'am, of course not."

Casually rubbing her hand around the big ball, Mrs. Hardley pondered the problem. On the one hand, it was hardly appropriate for any of the parties involved to touch the stiff dick, much less masturbate it. On the other hand, she could hardly send her student out into the school hallways in his current condition.

Pondering the matter, she decided that the best thing to do was to have the nurse expand her inspection to include making sure this penis was in proper working condition. That was important to know after all. For his future?

Turning to the nurse she said, "well this clearly needs a professional's touch. Now nurse, I know this is unusual, but perhaps if your physical were to include an, um, inspection of the shaft and, perhaps, the tip of this student's, well, penis, things will resolve themselves."

"Y-you want me to touch his cock?" the shocked nurse asked?

"Penis, nurse Johnson. The term is penis! Regardless of the indignities we are suffering here, we must maintain a sense of propriety! And yes, I believe a full inspection here is warranted. And if you manage to coax a load out of, IT, as a byproduct of the inspection, well, then we can be on our way."

Shocked, but eager to get to handle cock, and in no mood to argue with her boss, the nurse wasted no time. Taking the thick base of his dick into her hand she sighed and slid her fist slowly up the length of the stiff cock.

After what seemed like an eternity, the nurses hand reached the tip and she rolled her thumb over the bulging cock-head. A healthy dollop of pre-cum spurted out against her thumb and down into her hand. Pleased with the textbook result, she proceeded to slide her fist slowly back down the stiff rod moistening its thick length along the way. Stroking the beast made her pussy so horny that she could feel the throbbing sensations all the way over to her asshole.

Picking up speed she shamelessly compared the thick, pulsating prick in her hand to her husband's little penis and thought about the new changes to her life.

As you may recall, the nurse had first welcomed Tony's student-cock into her needy pussy a mere month after a very un-fulfilling (not to mention, un-filling) honeymoon. Since then she had been keeping her kitty fed with a strict diet of big cock.

At first she had felt guilty for turning down her small dicked husband in favor of more appetizing sex and had been ashamed of her increasingly wanton actions. After one particularly nasty lunch period where she let two students double penetrate her while she was on the phone with her oblivious sister-in-law, she booked a private session with the school counselor, Dr. Salah. Surprisingly, the seemingly demure counselor encouraged Mrs. Johnson's activities "in the interest of student development." The devout counselor admitted to the school nurse that she used her big brown tits numerous times each week to relieve the aching cocks of some of her favorite students. The counselor went on to assure the nurse that taking care of student needs was quite natural and necessary, although she admitted that she herself was saving her virginity for her upcoming wedding night. "But once I am a married woman I will expect continual satisfaction, much like you have," she had told the school nurse. "Based on the size of my fiance's little slim jim I anticipate the need to welcome many big dicks into my married body. My only dilemma will be whether the big white rod I am riding will bless my marriage and empty its fertile load into my womb or whether I shall have the young man withdraw and provide my bosom with the cream it has grown used to!" "Mmmm," the nurse moaned. "I love it when they finish in my pussy." Dr. Salah smiled in response, "I expect I will decide on a case by case basis depending on each young man's desires. But, as you say a 'pussy' full of young seed is something I hope to experience soon." Encouraged that her actions were those of a normal professional woman, the nurse wasted no time in getting back to her office hoping to encounter at least one more stiff dick before the day was through.

Meanwhile, the principal stared in jealous attention at her employee's evidently experienced hand stroking up and down the stiff shaft now before them. Needing to take charge of the situation, she pushed the nurse's left hand off Tony's ball-sack saying "I want to be holding both his testicles while you proceed. We don't want them swinging about and getting damaged and I certainly don't want you scratching this tender skin with that ridiculously big diamond on your engagement ring."

Pouting slightly the lusty nurse defiantly wrapped her left hand around the base of the prick and continued to use her right hand to stroke the remaining eight inches of meat. As the nurse's jacking hand picked up speed the principal broached the subject of size.

"Nurse, you must have seen a fair number of penises in your days? Medically speaking of course."

"Um, yes. More and more every day it seems"

"Hmmph. Well! I came face to face with one or two in college and correct me if I'm wrong, but this one is particularly large isn't it."

"Oh yes. Although I've recently seen a few this size in me, I mean in my, work." Eagerly stroking the cock in her hands, she continued, "it's so wonderfully long and so thick!"

Taken aback and jealous that Mrs. Johnson had the pleasure of seeing such a site on a regular basis, and hoping to be assured that the nurse was at least as sexually frustrated in marriage as she was, the principal asked "Well what about at home?"

The nurse smiled thinking about the evening she had recently spent giving her 19 year old sister dating tips. While her husband was asleep upstairs, Mrs. Johnson, at her sister's request, had given a hands-on demonstration of how to conduct oneself on a first date. To this end, she had simulated a post-date parking situation out in her driveway. With the help of two eager neighbors she had proceeded to illustrate advanced backseat techniques to the naive college sophomore. While she assured her sister that it was unusual to have to satisfy two men at a time, "you never know when your sorority sister might back out of a double date." When her sister questioned her about her insistence that a date's cock she be 8 inches at a minimum, she explained that a grown girl has big needs. "Don't be afraid to be greedy. Don't settle for a small one. Insist on something big, long and hard." "And while you should normally save your pussy for the second date to avoid getting a reputation, you certainly have a responsibility to make sure your date and his friend want to see you again, so exceptions should be made as often as necessary. At first her surprised sister believed that only a slut would make out with someone in front of another guy. But by the time the "date" was over, her sister was convinced that it was her duty to send her date and any of his friends home happy. In fact, she had learned a number of ways handle two cocks at the same time and had even received a short lesson on how to properly suckle another woman's breasts.

So while she was somewhat confident the principal didn't have this in mind, the nurse asked, "you, you mean my husband?" "Of course!" the principal replied. "Oh! No, he doesn't quite measure up. This cock, um pardon me, this penis is an exceptional one."

"That's what I thought. Of course, keep in mind I'm a chaste woman and only had a few glances in college, " Mrs. Hardley lied. "And only after many dates, I assure you. " "But since we need be concerned about our student's future, do you think he would have trouble fitting such a large member into my, um, a woman's vagina?"

"No, but the head would easily be right against your womb. With the amount of sperm testicles like those are capable of producing you might consider making sure any well-hung young man uses a condom."

The principal look at her employee in shock! "Now you know I do not condone condom use! It would be sinful to wrap this up!"

"Well, if a woman wanted to try one of these bareback she would need to make sure her suitor pulls out before he ejaculated a big fertile load directly into the womb. "Oh my!" the principal exclaimed. "So if any woman, even me, were to have a big, long penis slid up to the hilt inside her, and if that big long penis were ready to, um, blow, your medical opinion is that the woman should order the young man to withdraw at the moment of ejaculation?" "Certainly. Unless she wanted a baby?"

"Well what if she was ready to get pregnant but, god forbid, the penis inside her belonged to someone other than her husband?"

"Principal Hardley, whatever do you mean?"

"Well," the principal blushed as she goggled at the nurse's hand whipping up and down the student's thick shaft, "I've heard of some women having a moment of weakness with someone other than their husband."

"Mmmm," moaned the nurse, "well I suppose even a good girl might be tempted try something new every once in a while, but don't you think a married woman would have to be, mmmm god, such a slut to let a stranger cum inside her pus- um vagina."

"I do," the principal agreed, reluctantly agreed, "I certainly do."

As the two women stood staring lustfully at the naked cock before them, the nurse couldn't control her urge to get as close as possible to it. "Principal Hardley," she suggested, "I think I had better get down on my knees to get a better motion going."

"I'll join you," the principal smiled, " I really need to observe - your technique - up close."

The two ladies sunk to their knees putting them at eye level with the bulging monster. As nurse speed up her jacking motion, both women pressed together. Tony was agog staring at four huge jiggling tits. 15 minutes of frantic stroking and the sight of two salivating women kneeling before him, had him ready to explode.

"Oh God," the principal whispered. "What a huge prick!" She saw the cum-congested tube seaming the underside of his prick. Wet, sticky pre-cum shone on the bulbous cock tip. 'it's leaking all over our chests,' she thought. ' And I think it's about to blow!'

Silently urging her student on, the principal lovingly fondled her student's balls, warming them, stimulating the jism in hopes of seeing it spray out of his prick. The action of the nurse's frantically jerking fist contrasted sharply with her boss's gentle balls-fondling. Principal Hardley gave a slight moan as she felt the two balls began to quake and she unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation.

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