tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCobra Crew: Preemptive Strike Ch. 03

Cobra Crew: Preemptive Strike Ch. 03


Lots of hot-and-heavy action in the third part of this five-part story. I love to hear your feedback!

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


State Police Cadet Annette Lin willed her trembling fingers to undo the buttons on her uniform shirt. She had taken off her police cap and protective vest moments earlier and placed them on the hood of her cruiser, as instructed.

The Cobra Crew's objective to capture the two State Troopers was unfolding just as planned. As expected, Corporal Melissa Holms took the bait to chase Ryan into the woods, leaving Val the easy job of surprising the young cadet.

Divide and conquer, Val thought as she kept her silver-chromed .40 semi-automatic trained on her target. Any minute now, the Corporal would be ambushed by her boyfriend...

"Hurry UP, cunt! This ain't a fuckin' striptease!!" Val hollered, even as she was enjoying every second of the striptease. The masked young woman could feel her own wetness building as she watched the pretty State Trooper undress. Her delicate hands were at her second button now-

- and the grey uniform shirt parted further, revealing a yellow tank top underneath. When she fumbled open another button, Val leered at the swell of her breasts. The uniform was hiding her small but shapely frame, Val noted.

The only thing that would make Val happier was if she was stripping the little police bitch herself. But she was heeding Cammy's warning, and kept her distance.

"Fuck! Let's go!!" As enjoyable as this was, they didn't have all night. "Listen, honey, I'm a-count to thirty, and you better have your shirt, pants and shoes on that fucking car. You can do it the easy way fast, or I can do it the FUN way - but it'll be a hell lot more PAIN for you. ONE-"

The police cadet sobbed aloud, but picked up the pace. Soon she was shrugging the shirt off her shoulders, relinquishing her uniform. She shivered in the cool of the night and instinctively tried to cover herself, but realized that she couldn't reach her pants that way.

"-THIRTEEN" Val shouted, taking a step closer to Annette.

"Please," She cried, struggling with her pants. The petite cop almost tripped when she tried to step out of them without taking off her shoes. Val licked her chops at the thin, smooth legs on her. Annette bent over to quickly undo her shoelaces, giving Val a healthy view down her tank top.


"There," The officer panted, dropping her uniform pants on the hood of the car just in time. She looked extra vulnerable, standing there with an arm folded over her breasts, and the other one just over her crotch.

"Too bad, honey, I was all ready to help." Val chirped, then gestured with her gun. "Now put your fucking hands behind your head. DO IT!"

Reluctantly, the policewoman obeyed.

Val wished she had her camera on her, so she could record the gorgeous sight of the pretty officer, standing half-naked next to her own police cruiser.

With her hands raised, the tank top barely covered her flat tummy, exposing her belly button. The straps of her vanilla-coloured bra were showing, and Val couldn't wait to get her hands on those perky titties that seemed to fill those B-cups so well. Her off-white, bikini-cut Calvin Klein panties appeared to be well-worn, but the simplicity of her underwear had its unique appeal.

"Mmm-mmm. Now turn around and bend over."


"Assume the fucking position, cunt!" Val grabbed her arm and spun her around to get her going. "Yeah, turn around, and-" She placed her gloved hand on the back of the trembling officer, as well as a couple of solid taps to her feet to get her legs apart. "Stay down, right here on the hood, honey. That's a good cunt. Now don't you dare move..."

Annette's jutting ass was so inviting to the criminal that she almost ripped off those panties on the spot. Instead, she scooped up the policewoman's own handcuffs from her discarded equipment belt.

"You have the right to remain silent. Fuck, I've always wanted to say that- to a cop cunt like you." Beaming with excitement, Val performed the arrest procedure on the helpless officer. She snapped one cuff over her left wrist, then roughly plucked her arm down behind her back. She loved the sound of the clicking metal as she tightened the cuffs. She seized Annette's right wrist and snapped the other cuff on her.

"Ow!" The rookie cop whimpered. This gave the excuse Val was looking for, and she swatted Annette's inviting bottom - hard. She also took the opportunity to give her firm ass a good, hard squeeze.

"You and me, honey, we're going to have lots of fun together." The masked young woman slithered against Annette's backside, wrapping her arm around her slender neck and pushing the gun muzzle against the back of her head, just below her hair bun.

"Wh- wh- what are you doing??"

"I love pretty, helpless cops..." Val sighed, her thoughts wandering back to all the fun she had with the two female deputies a few weeks ago. Her gloved hand drifted along her captive's chest, and it didn't take long before she squeezed both breasts through the tank top and bra. Annette jumped in surprise and squirmed to get away from Val.

"Noo- mmmpphh"

"Uhh-uh, honey. Shut the fuck up!!" She hand-gagged the struggling policewoman and clinched her tightly. "God, you're so soft. I could just eat- ah look, here comes your partner now."

Val pivoted with the wide-eyed cadet as a handcuffed Corporal Melissa Holms emerged from the woods, with Ryan tailing closely behind, gun in hand. As they got closer, Val could see the attractive redhead was given an extra accessory around her neck - a red nylon collar, leashed to a metal chain. Ryan had the rest of the chain wrapped around his closed fist.

The leash was wonderfully effective in restricting the Trooper's movements. Melissa looked up anxiously - and her jaw instantly dropped open at the sight of her stripped down partner. Her eyes darted over to Val, who still had Annette wrapped tight, gun to her head.

Val could tell much of Corporal's attention was on the police cadet's hot body. Of the two wide-eyed policewomen, it was the black-haired beauty who looked away in shame when their eyes met.

"Wha-" It was then Melissa spotted the discarded uniform on the police cruiser. "Annette, ar-are you okay?"

"She WON'T be okay if you fuck around, cunt!" Val hollered, jamming the gun barrel into Annette's face. To Ryan, her voice was honey-sweet. "Did the bitch give you any trouble?"

"No, babe. Your plan was perfect." He smiled, prodding the veteran cop along.

"All righty! Now that everyone's here," The excited masked woman cupped Annette's inviting breasts again, instantly drawing the stunned Corporal's attention. "Let's get you two police bitches all comfy, then we can hit the road."

"You're... kidnapping us?? Are you serious?" Melissa swallowed, tugging at her handcuffs.

"Yeah. Duh. Unless you rather be shot." Val said, a wicked smile forming on her face. She let go of her trembling captive, and activated her earpiece.

"Come in, boss, Vixen here. Objective Silver and Bronze completed... Yes, that's an affirmative. Moving to secure for transport. Roger that. No, these bitches ain't goin' nowhere, COBRA." Val was careful to watch the reaction on their captives' face as she uttered those words. Their terrified expressions told her both State Troopers got the message.

They were being abducted by the Cobra Crew.


"Well, Lieutenant, we're gonna have company soon." Cammy said casually, shutting off her earpiece. She sauntered over to the digital camera, mounted on a tripod and operating as a video camera for the last twenty minutes, to swap out for a new memory card. Once up and running again, the criminal turned her attention back to "Objective Gold" - Lieutenant Samantha Dawson - and delivered a sharp, stinging slap to Samantha's bare ass.

"Did you hear me, slut?" She repeated her spanking, until the medium-blonde squawked behind her gag and nodded keenly.

Samantha's gag was a makeshift one, a pair of her roommate's plum-coloured lacy panties. The moaning Lieutenant held the worn underwear between her teeth, as ordered. She was slumped over on her slate grey, suede-padded ottoman in her bedroom, recovering from a massive, long-awaited orgasm.

Her climax was facilitated by Cammy, whose tongue attack over her little clit, coupled with the deep ramming of her soaked pussy with her own dildo, sent the Lieutenant into an uncontrollable frenzy. The woman's pleasured wails were so loud that Cammy had no choice but to cram the panties into her mouth. That worked to lower the volume somewhat - until Cammy finished the assault by squeezing her lubricated thumb into Samantha's puckered anus.

On the second twirl of her thumb, her hostage shuddered breathlessly and soaked Cammy's chin. With a smirk, the leader of the Cobra Crew stepped back and watched the orgasm consume the lovely Lieutenant.

I'm way too nice to our blackmailed cops, Cammy mused, as she wiped off Samantha's juices from her face. The priceless expression of bliss on the face of ATF Special Agent Jessica Koch, with her hand down her own pussy, was still fresh on Cammy's mind.

The extraction of info from the two turned police bitches turned out to be a lot of fun, Cammy thought.

Earlier, to set the scene for Samantha's questioning, Cammy made her captive get down on her hands and knees, positioned over the ottoman. Samantha's wrists and knees were tied to the stylish U-shaped, stainless-steel legs of the heavy furniture. The Lieutenant whimpered when the brunette produced a knife, and held still when the leader of the Cobra Crew cut away her sports bra.

With Samantha's weighty tits freed, Cammy toyed with them, applying varying levels of pressure on her dangling nipples. Meanwhile, she poked a hole with the tip of the knife in the Lieutenant's black and red, spandex shorts, just between her tight ass buns.

"My rules are dead simple, Lieutenant." She gripped the chin of the timid cop. "I have questions that you're going to answer, truthfully and thoroughly. If I think you're telling the truth and providing enough details, I'll give you pleasure-" She gently caressed Samantha's spandex-covered crotch, taking note of the emitting heat and slickness. The bound cop sighed as Cammy's expert fingers wormed their way through the rip in the fabric, marking a trail until she spread her pussy lips apart.

"- you like pleasure, don't you, slut?"

"Uh- uh- nn- I m-mean, oohhh- AHHH" Cammy's fingers easily burrowed their way deep into Samantha. "Y-Yes. I-I like pleasure."

"I see you're catching on, Lieutenant. You're to address me as Mistress Cobra, understand?"

"Y-Yes, oohh. Yes, Mistress. Oh, I mean, Mistress Cobra." After a few thrusts, Cammy pulled her fingers back and held them in front of the bound Lieutenant.

"What? Waiting for a fucking invitation?"

"No, Mistress Cobra"

With a cringe, the medium-blond gingerly stuck out her tongue and tasted herself. Cammy saw the same expression of reluctance earlier, when Field Commander Everette did the same to the Lieutenant. It didn't appear as if she was a fan of her own wetness, so Cammy twirled her fingers inside the woman's mouth until they were wet with Samantha's saliva.

"Back to the rules." Cammy said, after taking the woman's ruined bra top to wipe herself. "So we got the pleasure part. But if I think you're fuckin' lying to me, playing games, stalling, or any shit like that-" She found the leather riding crop from her bag, and in one swift motion, lashed out at the woman's defenseless pussy. Even with the spandex absorbing most of the impact, the Lieutenant screamed in surprise and pain.

"-I'll give you pain. Plenty of it."

And Cammy wasn't finished with her demo. The tip of the crop came around to smack down on Samantha's swinging tits, barely missing her sensitive nipples. The strikes were just several hard taps, but the Lieutenant was already shaking in fear.

"Simple, right? Pleasure-" Her hand moved to soothe Samantha's bare tits - then pinched and twisted her nipples. "-or pain. I have a huge, shiny new strap-on in the bag, and I've been DYING to try it on someone." Samantha shook her head vigorously, pleading in silence.

"Your choice, Lieutenant."

So for the last twenty minutes, the Lieutenant elected mostly for pleasure, satisfying Cammy's queries into the inner workings of the State Police. Cammy didn't mind her occasional hesitation, since it meant she could deploy the crop on Samantha. In short order, the criminal ascertained details on the day-to-day operations, the station culture, and the unwritten rules, information not found in official documents, floor plans, or policies & procedures.

As the wet spot on Samantha's spandex shorts grew completely saturated, the blonde was no longer coherent, her answers broken up by her heated gasps. Cammy responded by punishing her with the crop, leaving red marks on her delicate flesh, but that only seemed to drive the Lieutenant even closer to the edge. With a sigh, Cammy relented, took out the woman's own dildo, tore off Samantha's shorts and finished her off.

With her Crew set to rejoin her soon, Cammy had a decision to make. She stared hard at the gorgeous, bound policewoman at her feet, and for the second time tonight, desires trumped logic.

"My turn, Lieutenant."

By the time Samantha looked up with her inquisitive blue eyes, Cammy was already in her sexy emerald bra, and wiggling out of the leather mini-skirt. She took out the saliva-laden panties from the Lieutenant's mouth, and kissed her deeply. Samantha dared not resist, allowing her mouth and tongue to be ravished by Cammy.

When they broke the kiss, Cammy rose until her hostage was given a close-up to her full, round tits.

"You remember these, don't you? Give 'em some love." She ordered. Samantha gulped audibly at the beautiful breasts before her - somehow they were even more inviting now than several weeks ago, when 'Mistress Cobra' forced her to perform the same task back in Samantha's office room.

"Yes, Mistress"

The Lieutenant leaned forward and planted kisses on Cammy's tits, alternating between the smooth flesh and the lacy bra. It didn't take long for the leader of the Cobra Crew to unclasp her bra. She seductively slid the lacy material off, then shook her titties until Samantha's face was pillowed in her bosom. The Lieutenant continued kiss them, targeting the erect nipples with her tongue.

Cammy moaned and slowly rose, allowing her captive to taste her taut tummy. With one hand fondling her own tits, the brunette inched closer until Samantha saw nothing but the lacy triangle of her captor's panties. But it was the sight - and smell - of the obvious dark patch at the woman's crotch that had the Lieutenant's full attention.

"Mmmm." Cammy sighed as she fingered herself, making plenty of obscene squishing noises. "You don't mind if I take a pair of your undies later, do you?"

"No, M-Mis-tress Cob- Ahhmmpphhh" Without warning, Cammy drove forward, slamming her hot, musky crotch into Samantha's face. Still tied tightly to the ottoman, the Lieutenant had nowhere to go. Ignoring her plight, Cammy took full control when she dug into Samantha's soft, silky hair and clenched her head with both hands.

"Ohhh... yaaaa" Cammy exhaled, as her heated snatch slathered over her hostage's delicate facial features. The brunette was lost in the sensations of her wet slit rubbing against the fine panty lace and Samantha's hot, tender skin.

Minutes later, the brunette was humping her bare, shaven pussy against the helpless cop, with her right leg raised and her feet treading on the woman's back. Her fingers were drenched as they held the crotch piece aside.

The Lieutenant was doing her best under the circumstances, as her entire face was being coated with Cammy's ample and gooey secretions. She yelped when the riding crop thundered down on her vulnerable, jutting ass.

"Tongue me, slut!! Harder!! Fuck, fuck... fuckkkkk-"


State Police Corporal Melissa Holms strained her neck again to see what the pair of Cobra Crew were up to, but they had stepped away from view. Frustrated, she turned until she was face-to-face with her young, pretty cadet partner. On eye contact, Annette's doe, deep-brown eyes immediately darted away, but she couldn't avoid Melissa's inquisitive glance. Instead, the distressed rookie cop squeezed her eyes shut.

The five-year-veteran knew they were in some serious trouble. First off, both on-duty State Troopers were no longer in their uniforms. Shortly after her capture, for a brief minute, Melissa had her handcuffs removed - for the sole purpose of stripping down to her underwear.

"Your fucking uniform on the hood - in sixty seconds, tops." The petite masked woman told her. "Any fuck-ups and you can watch your pretty partner die."

"Oh Corporal, you can keep those gloves on."

With the agitated masked woman holding a gun to Annette's head and her towering accomplice holding the leash to her collared neck, the Corporal never really had a choice. In fifty seconds flat, Melissa stood there with her hands on her head, looking incredibly hot in her tight-fitting Nike workout bra and panties set - and her biker gloves. Her generous rack stole the spotlight, but her flawless bronzed skin and toned body were simply irresistible, and even her shy cadet partner couldn't help but check out Melissa's gorgeous form.

Shivering from the cool of the summer morning, the under-dressed Troopers were dumped into the spacious trunk of their own police cruiser. The two policewomen were made to lie on their side and hogtied with copious amount of rope, in addition to "wearing" their own handcuffs. The hulking male was most efficient with the rope, rapidly binding their arms above their elbows, knees and ankles, unpleasantly bending their legs back until their toes were touching their hands.

Then there was the fact that the two female cops were bound to each other. Melissa could see the sneer in his eyes when he tightened the rope that pressed their scantily-covered breasts together, followed by the rope around their waist, and a third coil around their thighs.

There were also the incredibly restricting, matching collars around their necks, both clipped to a short chain that left barely an inch of space between their noses. Another source of humiliation was the identical bright red rubber ball stuffed into her mouth, with the strap tightened behind her head. Unsurprisingly, Annette received the same gag treatment.

Aside from effectively keeping them from crying out for help, the ladies found they had to turn their heads regularly to prevent their drool from escaping from the corner of their mouth. There was already a shiny trail running down Annette's cheek, Melissa noticed.

In their state of bondage, any movement was a struggle, and instantly resulted in the not-unwelcoming caress of their soft, warm flesh. But the overwhelming sensation arose from the rope that was pulled tight between their legs, across their panty-covered crotches. "Gotta keep you police cunts entertained, don't we?" Their cruel female assailant said, happily adding the evil contraption after her accomplice had completed his work. It didn't help that "Vixen" took the opportunity to grab and grope their meaty butt cheeks through (and under) their panties while doing so.

In any other situation where she was overpowered by a pair of most-wanted criminals, Melissa would be angry, perhaps afraid, and motivated to escape. Yet, at the moment, Melissa was more occupied with fighting her lust for the twenty-two-year-old Police Cadet.

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