Cockatoo Pt. 11


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It was at this precise moment that Areeya looked up, stared straight into my eyes and winked. I staggered back in shock. Areeya must have seen me when she glanced at the door. Either that or she was some kind of a witch. I managed to bang my knee as I stumbled backwards and it was a miracle I didn't scream.

I made it back to bed and managed to fall asleep but slept fitfully for the rest of the night. I can remember having one dream where I was running down the strip in Lamai with Areeya chasing me wearing a gargantuan strap on. You didn't need to be Sigmund Freud to understand what that was about.

I woke late to find Areeya's door firmly closed and no sign of Sam. I hoped she had gone back to the hotel because otherwise it might be one of those slightly difficult conversations over breakfast. I just had enough time to grab some coffee and breakfast before I headed out to meet Sam at her hotel. I arrived just after 10 o'clock to find her in the lobby looking pretty good considering what I knew had gone on last night. We said hi and I asked how the trip to Cockatoo went and she said they had a great time. Sam had met Pao there who she said seemed very fond of me for some reason. Sam arched her eyebrows and looked innocently at me but didn't say anything.

We ordered some coffee and sat down in the meeting room but before we started Sam said, 'Look James, it's none of my business what you do with your private life. God knows I'm not in any position to lecture people on how they should live their lives, but here's a heads up for you. Your friend Alex has been rumbled. When the press get hold of a story they don't let go of it. I told you that a journalist from a local paper where you went to Uni spoke to me about you, and they mentioned Alex.

I didn't want to say in front of Areeya last night, but this guy also said that they knew that the Alex over here was the Alex from your old university. They also know that you shared a house together at Uni. He was convinced there was a funny story - his words not mine - in this. I obviously didn't know until last night you were in a relationship with him, I mean her, whatever.'

She paused and as I didn't say anything, she pressed on, 'He said the story got spiked because a bigger story came up, a local councillor got caught banging a scoutmaster or something. He did say though that they would come back to it once they had more facts.'

She stopped and I still didn't say anything.

'I am sorry, but I thought you should know. You are a decent guy and after what you went through it's not fair that some shit stirring journalist should be able to rake up dirt and turn a wonderful story into some sleazy little farce. I wasn't going to say anything until I found out you and he, she I mean, are together. Wouldn't have been fair not to'

'Thanks for the heads up, Sam. I appreciate it, and at least forewarned is forearmed. Did you say anything to Areeya?'

'No, nothing, that's not my place, and I definitely don't understand the dynamic you guys have going on over here.'

Me neither, I thought.

I said, 'Sam, can I ask you to keep this to yourself?'

'Sure,' she said, 'but I don't know if anyone else at the firm knows. The journalist only spoke to me because I was the one coming out here, and I'm going to keep schtum.'

'Thanks, I owe you one.'

'No you don't, in a way you've already done me a big favour.'

I decided to let that one float away.

We worked on until lunch and then decided that was as much as we could achieve for now. Sam would have to go back to Bangkok and make the changes we had agreed and then we would see what else needed to be done. I managed to get her on an earlier flight and we went up the airport together. I had really enjoyed working with her and she said she felt the same.

I asked if she had enjoyed the island and she paused for a moment, looked as if she was going to say something, but then changed her mind. But her cheeks had gone a lovely shade of pink. She said she had loved it and had enjoyed the dinner and meeting Areeya too. She said she was already planning to come back for a longer stay as a vacation.

I managed to keep a straight face.

We cheek kissed goodbye and then she was off to her plane. I took a taxi back to the flat realising that I hadn't heard from Alex since she left and I sent her a text asking how things were going in Bangkok. I was a loose end and as Areeya was out at Cockatoo I thought I would wander down there have a drink or two, get some food at one better places Areeya had told me about and come back for some time on the laptop.

Cockatoo was heaving when I got there, the bar girls were all busy and there was no sign of Pao. I saw Areeya for a few minutes but she seemed up to her ears in stuff, so I sat on a bar stool with a cold Leo beer and watched the world go by.

It gave me some time to think about what Sam had said about Alex. I was angry that some little scumbag was out there trying to dig up some scandal on Alex. She had deliberately set out to keep her new life private and to have that violated made me angry. But had Alex known that it would all catch up with her one day. What was that tattoo she had on her ankle? 'There is no secret that will not be revealed'.

I decided it wouldn't do any good to tell her now but leave it until she returned from Bangkok. If it did come out, how would it affect me? Alex was at least out here where there was a more tolerant attitude to gender and, I was sure, wouldn't be a problem. It forced me think again about what I wanted to do, the project would only last at best another 4 or 5 months, and then what? Did I want to go back to England? Right now that was the last place I wanted to go. I certainly had no ties there, and then there was Alex.

Being 'in love' feels like a form of madness; it scrambles your brain and forces you do wild things whilst letting you believe you are doing them of your free will. When you are 'in love' you make crazy decisions that you would never make normally. It allows you to see things in a completely different way from regular people who aren't 'in love.'

I knew I would have to make some big decisions shortly and I had no idea how I was going to decide.

I strolled along the strip, politely resisting the bar girls, restaurant hustlers and the massage parlour girls. Although I was tempted to have a massage I decided to have some food first. I had a quick meal, headed back to Cockatoo, which was still jumping, for another beer and then walked slowly home. I was about to walk up the flat when my phone beeped with a text from Alex.

'hope u wont be lonely tonite. left u gift on bed. tmb if u lyk it XOXO'

'Thx. will do' I replied.

I was intrigued but, remembering her last present for me was a pair of Thai boxing shorts, I was expecting a joke of some kind. I went up the stairs to the flat ready to text something sarcastic back, walked through the door and stopped dead.

Lying on the bed and wearing only a huge smile and a large pink bow on her cock was Pao.

'Sawasdee Khun James. Miss Alex say I your present. I have to look after you tonight. Give you massage with happy ending.'

I was so surprised that I burst out laughing and I saw Pao's face drop. 'You no like me, Mister James?'

'No, no, Pao, I like you a lot. You are very nice and lovely. I am not laughing at you. It's Miss Alex I am laughing at.'

I sat down on the bed and Pao immediately put her arms around me. 'I give you extra special massage tonight.'

I laughed again and said, 'Pao, OK, I just need to text Miss Alex and we can start.' Pao immediately started trying to take off my t-shirt and I had to break free for a minute to text Alex.

'lmao. Luv yr gift. bow sxci. thx. ilu.'

She must have been waiting, 'ur v welcome. enjoy'

I put the phone on the bedside table and Pao got back to undressing me. She was behind me on the bed and finally managed to pull my t-shirt over my head. I could feel her breasts pressing against my back as she ran her hands over my chest and tweaked my nipples which made my cock begin to stiffen immediately. She nibbled my ear and said, 'I make you feel good tonight, Mister James.'

She jumped off the bed and started to undo my jeans.

I got a good look at her for the first time. She really was very pretty with a girlish face, slim body, beautiful breasts and a small but nice cock bobbling around in front of me. With my help she eventually got my jeans down and the boxers went with them. Pao looked down at my cock which was now pointing straight up and giggled, 'Miss Alex say you have nice cock, I like too.'

God, was Alex even capable of being discrete? Probably not on the evidence so far.

Pao pulled me up and led me across to a massage mat which she had already rolled out on the floor. Pao spread a sheet over the mat and indicated I should lie down and I did so face first. I had enjoyed several Thai massages when in Bangkok and they were wonderful. I never had the courage to go for an oil massage and the legendary 'happy ending' but I thought that was about to change tonight.

Pao knelt beside me and I could hear her open a bottle and begin to spread oil on her hands. She straddled me over my bum and began to work on my back in long slow movements with her hands. A good Thai massage is a gift from God and Pao was a skilful masseuse. Slowly and rhythmically she continued to massage me with her surprisingly strong hands. I was beginning to feel very chilled as she continued to work on me with her magic fingers. I felt Pao move slightly and I realised that there was something different about her massage when I suddenly understood she was using her feet on my back; if anything that felt even better than her hands.

It was relaxing, sensuous and stimulating; she leaned forwards to lie flat out on my back and I could feel her breasts pushing against my back and her cock rubbing up and down my crack. She moved rhythmically up and down my back and the oil made her slide increasing the eroticism of the scene. Her nipples were hard and I could feel them slipping over my back and her cock was growing and sliding closer to my hole.

Her hands slipped up my thighs and into the crack of my bum. I felt her fingers rubbing on the area between my hole and my ball sack and my cock began to respond. She moved further down my crack and her oily finger slipped ever so gently past my rosebud and into my hole. Her f inger slipped in and out and my temperature and blood pressure were beginning to climb. At that moment she removed her finger and told me to move over on to my back. I rolled over only to find my cock now waving in the air; Pao giggled and gave it a quick kiss. Her lips felt heavenly on the tip but she changed position once more and began to massage my legs. Oh my God, this was so sensuous; I wondered why I had waited so long to get one of these massages.

She would move up to my groin and circle around my cock occasionally bumping into it and keeping me in a permanent state of arousal. She moved up to massage my chest and once again she would stroke down to my groin and brush it with her arm. This was torture and as relaxed as I felt I now wanted her to finish the job.

She sensed I was at boiling point and said. 'You want happy finish now?' 'Oh God, yes, Pao.'

She moved onto my cock and began rhythmically sliding her hands up and down its length. The touch of her hands and the oil combined to make me hard quickly. She would bring me to the edge and then ease off to let me cool down again. She seemed to sense exactly the moment when I would be about to explode and to then take me back again. I said to her, 'I can't last much longer Pao.'

'You want fuck me?' she asked.

'Yes, I want to fuck you now. Pao,'

She produced some lube and smeared it on us both, lay down on her back, shoved a pillow under her bum and pulled her legs into the air with her arms, exposing her hole to me. The sight of her little pink rosebud opening up to me like this was so arousing I nearly came on the spot. I stroked her with a finger around her opening and she moaned a little so I slid one finger inside and started to move it in and out. She was jerking her hips back and moaning loudly as I pushed my finger into her.

I stroked her cock with my other hand and felt it grow and lengthen in my hand, a beautiful feeling. I pulled out the finger, moved up closer to her on my knees and she lifted her legs up onto my shoulders. I brought the tip of my cock to her rosebud and pushed gently into her and pulled back before pushing in once more. She pushed back and her muscle opened enough to let me slide straight in. She moaned again and I began to shove harder and faster until I was in all the way, my balls slapping against her cheeks.

She was moving hard back on to me, I felt her tighten around my cock which was getting harder with every thrust. I reached out and nipped one of her nipples with my fingers and she moaned loudly this time. I looked down to see my cock sliding rhythmically in and out of her, both of us grunting as her hips thumped into mine. She was using her hand on her cock which was now fully and beautifully erect. I could see by her face she was close to coming and I picked up my pace, driving fiercely into her, making her buck and thrash as we fucked each other. She grunted once, her back arched up from the mat and she came in two or three spurts all over her belly, her cum mixing with the oil from the massage.

I was now desperate to come and could soon feel that wonderful warmth growing in my groin and I jerked twice, pushed myself all the way into her and came deep inside. I felt spasm after spasm flood through me and I kept driving into her for a few more thrusts until, fully drained I collapsed on top of her. She grinned and kissed me gently on the lips, sweat mixed with oil making our lips slick and slippery.

I pulled out, rolled over and lay back panting after the exertion.

'You enjoy, Mister James?' asked Pao, in a worried voice.

'Oh yes, Pao, I enjoy very much thank you,'

'You tell Miss Alex, I treat you well?'

I sat up and kissed her, 'Yes, Pao. I will tell Miss Alex you are the very best.'

She beamed and stood up, 'Come, we shower now.'

This was the gift that kept on giving, for sure.

Pao and I showered and we soaped each other clean; it was wonderful to have her wash my cock so gently and she giggled as I started to get hard once more, 'Oh you ready again, Mister James?'

She moved close in front of me, her cock and mine now nestling alongside each other. She wrapped her hand around both cocks sliding up and down them. The sight and feeling of her cock up against mine was so erotic I was hard again in a heartbeat. Pao giggled again and said, 'We go on bed this time?'

We dried each other and Pao led me by the hand back to the bed. I sat there watching her clear up the massage mat and I realised again just how pretty she was.

My phone beeped and it was Alex. 'did u enjoy gift?'

'no not nice at all'

She came back instantly, 'liar.' then 'look in corner of room and wave. I can c u.'

I spun round and there up on the wall near the ceiling was a small blinking red light. It was obviously a camera and I guessed she had been watching the whole thing.

'pervert.' I texted.

'me? wat about u?'

'LOL' I texted back.

'now take pao to bed, I want 2 watch sum more.'

I found my boxers and went across to the camera and draped them over the lens.

I heard my phone beep again, 'spoilsport.'

I set the phone to silent and turned round to see Pao waiting for me on the bed.

As soon as I got to the bed Pao grabbed my hand and pulled me down next to her. She was giggling and we rolled around a little before she got on top of me and started to kiss and suck my nipples. This gets me going every time and it wasn't long before I started to respond and my cock began to harden up again. Pao rolled over on her side and moved down so that she could take me in her mouth. If there was ever to be a Nobel Prize for cocksucking then I would nominate Pao, the way she used her mouth on me was mind blowing. She used her tongue, lips, mouth, hands and even teeth to unbelievable effect. The sheer speed and energy with which she did this was getting me harder and harder.

She knew I was getting close so she stopped sucking and said, 'you want suck me?'

I nodded and she scooted up the bed placed a couple of pillows under my head and kneeled with her legs across my chest. In this position her cock was pointed straight at me and although I thought it was quite small earlier now it was fully erect it looked plenty big close up. She grabbed her cock and cheek slapped me a couple of times, rolled it over my face then put it to my lips. I kissed the tip, which made Pao giggle, and then let it slide into my mouth. It felt different from Alex's cock, smaller and with a different taste.

I used the flat of my tongue to lick the underside of the head and Pao responded with 'I like.'

I did this a few times and then sucked the whole head into my mouth and kept my tongue working on the underside. I was doing something right because I could feel her getting harder in my mouth. I put my hand on the bottom of her shaft and moved it up and down. She started to squirm and the she pushed her whole cock into my mouth. Her hands came down and held me in place as she moved her hips, forcing her cock in and out. I gagged a couple of times and Pao withdrew and reversed her position on the bed and I found myself looking at her cock straight above me and she gently lowered herself so that I took her into my mouth again.

I felt my cock enveloped by her mouth and her head moved up and down drawing me deep into her mouth and then out again. I tried my best but I was a novice at this and I was being sucked by a ninja cocksucker. I knew it wouldn't be long and that lovely feeling was building insides my balls and then I shouted, 'I'm coming, I'm coming.' Pao instantly rolled off me and lay on her back and I quickly got to my knees and she used her hands to finish me off and I spurted all over her breasts.

Using her tongue to clean up whatever cum was still oozing out of me, she grinned, looked up and said, 'Miss Alex right, she say you taste good.'

Was there nothing Alex wouldn't share?

Pao's cock was still fully aroused and I reached down and started to stroke it. She moaned once or twice so I kept going and within a few strokes she twitched her hips and said, 'I coming,'

Her cum arced from her cock and landed mostly on her belly and some stuck to my fingers. Pao grabbed my fingers and licked and sucked the cum from them. She sank back on the bed, her smile as wide as her face. 'Thank you, Mister James''

I said, 'Pao, please just call me James, I think we've been properly introduced now.'

She looked puzzled at what I said, but got the gist of it and happily said, 'OK, James,'

We both collapsed on the bed but Pao wasn't finished yet and dragged me off to the shower to clean up for the second time that night. We could both fit under the overhead shower and it was bliss to stand under there with her, washing each other and giggling as we cleaned each other's cock and balls. I pulled her close and kissed her with the water pouring down over us and she surprised me by slipping a little soapy finger into my hole. I squirmed and she pulled out, 'you no like?' she asked.

'I like it Pao, but I'm sore there so not tonight.'

'Ah, OK, next time then, maybe?'

The prospect of a next time with Pao was something to dream about.

We dried each other off, which involved more mutual giggling, and went back to the bed.

'You want me to go now?' Pao asked. 'Miss Alex say OK to stay if you want.'

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