tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCockboy Ch. 01

Cockboy Ch. 01


Another boring day staring at the video monitors. At least he could make his rounds soon. He'd have a chance to walk around the large mall. He had been working here for about four months as a security guard. It was dull but at least it paid the bills. He hoped to save enough to go to Tech School in the fall.

As Jeff walked the mall, he looked at all the hot girls and women. This was the best part of the job, especially when one of them saw his uniform and approached him for directions or to ask a question.

"If I could only get my foot out of my mouth," he thought. Jeff was really shy. His parents had moved him across the country several times when he was young so he'd never had many friends. He'd been a loner in high school and even though he was now twenty-one, he'd still never had a girl friend. He just didn't have the guts to talk to girls. He'd blush and stammer.

When the mall closed for the night, Jeff went around checking for stragglers, locked all of the exterior doors and returned to the security office. He had something on his mind. While looking at the security monitors today, he had seen a folder on the computer's desktop that was locked and password protected. He wondered what it was. He knew that the file must be one that only his boss the Security Director could access. He thought about what the password could be. He knew that all his boss really cared about was sports, and never stopped talking about UCLA, so Jeff started trying passwords. After several attempts, he tried "UCLABruins" and to his surprise the file opened. Bingo! He was in.

The file was huge and separated into smaller folders named after each store in the mall. These files were full of video clips. He clicked the folder for 'Teens and More', a store with hot clothing for girls in their teens and twenties, then clicked on the first video. "Oh my God, these are video files for the dressing rooms! No wonder that only my boss has access to them."

First he sees a shot with a young teen entering the dressing room. He quickly shuts the file. "No, I'm not THAT kind of pervert." He goes to another file and clicks on it. It's a clip showing two of the store's pretty young female employees walking in together, each with an armful of tops and short skirts. They set down the clothes, and giggling, they both quickly strip to their panties. His eyes took in their young tits The taller one was dark-haired, with large, firm breasts. The blond was shorter, with a small, sexy chest and long pointed nipples.

They helped each other into short skirts while remaining topless. They teasingly rubbed and pinched each other's breasts and nipples as they giggled and tried to spin away from each other.

"Holy shit!," Jeff's cock had become as hard as a rock, and he squeezed it through his uniform pants. He knows that it was late, the mall employees had all left, and he had locked the doors behind them. He opened his belt and the clasp of his pants and slid them to his knees. His boxers went next, and he began stroking his cock as he stared at the scene in front of him.


Kristine and Mara had stayed late at 'Teens and More'. They had been short-handed, as two girls had called in sick. Since they had to clean and re-stock by themselves, they were running quite late. Finally, they locked the store and headed for the exit. When they got there, all the doors were locked. "Oh shit, we'll be locked in all night!" panicked Mara. But Kristen remembered that she had once seen the security room way in the back. She had helped two movers to bring in a new display for the store through a seldomly-used back entrance, and had seen the room marked 'Security'.

"Come on, Mara, I know where the Security office is. Maybe we can find someone there and have them let us out."

The entire mall was dark, and Mara followed as they twisted through the back corridors and found the room. As Kristen was about to open the door, she heard someone inside. "Oh God, squeeze those pointy little nipples." She looked at her roommate Mara and put her finger to her lips signaling quiet. She silently turned the knob, and lightly pushed the door open.

They couldn't believe what they saw. There sat a boy about their age with his cock in his hand, stroking it hard and fast. He was staring at a computer screen at what she assumed must be porn. Signaling quiet again to Mara they both crept slowly into the room, staying just behind the boy's field of vision. As they got closer, Kristen noticed two things. First, his cock was a whopper, long and fat, and the tip was wet with moisture. The second was the video. It showed her and Mara in the 'Teens and More' dressing room! They were both topless, and pulling on each other's nipples. The video was from today just before opening time.

Kristen was furious. How could this pervert peek at her like that? She was about to speak when she had another idea. She slipped out her phone, and started the video recorder. She first focused on the computer screen, then pulled out to show the boy in the security guard uniform. Then she quietly stepped back toward the door, which showed him from the side. It was clear that he was pounding his cock, and was nearly ready to shoot his load. "Oh no you don't'", she thought. She spoke in a level voice.

"What have we here?"

Jeff spun in his chair to see the dark-haired girl from the dressing room video holding up her phone. Her face carried an evil look between a smile and a taunt. He madly tried to pull up his pants. Then the other girl from the video stepped into the light.

The dark-haired girl was angry. "How dare you stare at Mara and me and jack off! I'm sure that when your boss sees the video I've recorded, you'll not only lose your job, but I'll make sure that my boss presses criminal charges as well!"

Jeff could only stammer as he turned even redder while trying to hold his pants up. As he was about to speak, the girl cut him off. She reached to the desk, picked up a pen and wrote something on a piece of paper. She handed it to him. It showed an address and a time, the time being midnight.

She went on. "Unless you want to be disgraced, fired, and end up in jail, be at that address at midnight. Don't you say a word. Just let us out of the mall. And, don't finish jacking off, either."

Jeff stammered, "look, I'm sorry, please don't..." She cut him off. "Quiet! Just let us out of here." She grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the door.

He quickly led them through the corridors to the the main entrance and turned the key. As the girls slipped through the door, the dark-haired girl stopped with her face only inches from his and said, "be there at midnight, and no jacking off." He pulled the door closed and locked it.

Jeff's mind was racing. "Oh shit, I am truly fucked now. What will my parents think? Will I get fired? Or go to jail?" As he made his way back to his office, he knew what had to be done. "I've got to convince those girls to keep that video to themselves. That means that I've got to keep the midnight appointment."


Kristen had always been a strong-willed and pretty girl. In fact, most boys found her beautifully irresistible. She had long, thick, dark hair, green eyes, and a classically shaped Mediterranean face. Her breasts were a 36C, with a slim waist that flared to shapely hips, and long smooth legs. She currently didn't have a boyfriend, although she had had many boys. She loved all kinds of sex.

Lately, she had become more interested in admiring all of the pretty girls that came into 'Teens and More'. She had masturbated to the thought of her cute roommate Mara. She had even instigated the event in the dressing room today when she squeezes Mara's cute nipple.

Mara had moved in with Kristen after answering a housing ad on the internet. She had just relocated from the midwest, and came to California to look for a job and, hopefully, a future. She and Kristen had hit it off immediately, and Kristen had gotten her a job at the clothing store where she worked. Six months later, they were the best of friends.

Mara had the girl-next-door look. She wasn't a knockout like Kristen or as tall, but she had a firm, lean, athletic body. Blond hair hung around her thin face, blue eyes and small thin mouth. Her breasts were a firm 34B leading down to a thin waist and smallish hips. She walked loosely and confidently like the athlete that she had been in school. She loved looking at Kristen, and had even let Kristen touch her breasts in the dressing room, only so that she could touch Kristen's. Mara had had boyfriends back home and a few one-nighters since moving here. She was no stranger to sex.

As the girls entered the apartment, she asked Kristen why she had invited the security guard over. Kristen grinned wickedly and said, "you'll see," as she headed for the shower. "I'll shower first then it's your turn. Put on some music, and open a bottle of wine. We'll have to hurry. Oh, and make sure to dress slutty." She was in the bathroom and closing the door before Mara had a chance to reply.


Jeff found the address and parked his car. He hadn't had time to go home, and was still in his security guard uniform. He was very nervous as he rehearsed his apologies and excuses. He had decided that he would offer them nearly anything to destroy the video. Gathering his courage, he went up the steps, found the right apartment, and knocked on the door.

Mara was just returning to the living room when there was a knock on the door. Kristen moved towards the door. "Wait", Mara said, "what's your plan? Even though his cock is huge, I don't fuck just anybody!" Kristen came to her and put her hands on Mara's hips. "Don't worry," she said softly. "I don't either. We're just going to have some fun, not fuck him." With that she turned for the door, and quickly pulled it open.

"Come in."

Jeff entered sheepishly and Kristen closed the door.

"Please, I'm sorry, I'll do anything..."

Kristen held up her hand to stop him. She firmly said, "please, be quiet and just listen." She ushered him into the middle of the living area and stepped close at his side. Mara moved closely to his other side.

Kristen spoke. "What's your name?"

"Jeff", he said.

"I'm Kristen and this is Mara," she replied.

"Alright, Jeff. You know that we caught you in a criminal and immoral act. You know that we could basically ruin your life. Correct?" He nodded his head, staring at the floor. "Look at us", Kristen said sharply, and he looked her into her eyes, and then into Mara's.

"We're not mean girls'", she continued. "We don't particularly want want to ruin you. But, we're both deeply offended that you were spying on us, and on our customers at the store. You have abused your position as a security guard, abused the trust of every store, and everyone in the mall. We WILL expose you if you don't do exactly as we say." She paused, and looked at Mara, who had an excited look in her eyes. "Jeff, if you want us to keep quiet, you have to agree to do as we say. Do you agree that this is fair?"

His face was deeply red as he looked at her and nodded, then turned and looked at Mara and nodded again. "Mara, do you think that it is fair for us to punish Jeff?" Mara slowly looked Jeff over from head to toe. She smiled widely at Kristen. "Absolutely," she replied with a wink, which Jeff noticed.

They both looked at Jeff, and Kristen spoke. "So, now, Jeff, for your punishment......strip!"

Jeff's mouth dropped open as the girls just smiled. He started to speak, but Kristen said, "Oh, and don't say a word."

Jeff's frightened stare passed quickly back and forth between the girls. Kristen bent down and slid the coffee table from in front of the couch into the corner. She got behind Jeff, put her hands on his shoulders, and guided him to just in front of the couch. Then, she took Mara's hand and led her to the couch, where they both sat down, looking up at Jeff.

"Begin, and do it slowly," purred Kristen.

Jeff felt shear panic. He had never been naked in front of a girl, much less two beauties like these. Their predatory leers only made him blush more.

"Would you prefer to get naked in a prison shower?" Kristen said sharply. She softened. "Now relax and take it off. Slowly. We want to see your big cock."

Although terrified, Jeff' felt his cock throb at her words. "Maybe this won't be so bad," he thought. "I guess I've got no choice." He slowly loosened his tie, and unbuttoned his top button. His hands shook as he removed his tie and dropped it on the floor. Then he very slowly started to work his way down the row of buttons. He pulled the shirt tails from his pants and loosened the cuffs. He slid the shirt from his shoulders and let it drop to the floor leaving him in his t-shirt. Sighing, he bent and removed his shoes and socks. Then he reached down and peeled off his t-shirt while looking at the girls.

Mara looked him in the eyes and slowly licked her lips. "Hmm, not a bad chest for a pervert."

He blushed, but felt his cock throb again. He was now nearly hard, and his cock pushed against the front of his pants.

Kristen leaned forward and stared at the outline of his cock. "I knew that the pervert would like this. Look, Mara, he's already hard."

"Yes", she replied. "The pervert likes spying on girls, and he apparently likes flashing his cock at them, too. Alright pervert Jeff, time to finish the show."

Jeff had never been so embarrassed in his life. He was about to show himself to two fully clothed and smirking girls. He shakily undid his belt, then the clasp of his pants, then his zipper. Closing his eyes, he let the pants fall to the floor, leaving him in only his boxers. He opened his eyes and looked down. He could not look at the girls. He kicked his pants aside.

Both girls leaned forward on the couch. Their eyes were only a foot away from his cock, which he was trying to cover with his hands.

He could feel Kristen's breath upon him as she spoke. " OK, drop them. then cross your wrists behind your back, feet apart."

Jeff let out an anguished, soft moan as he closed his eyes, slipped his thumbs into the sides of his boxers, and lifted them around his cock, He dropped them to the floor and kicked them away. He pulled his hands behind his back, and widened his stance.

Both girls were purring wide-eyed as they stared at his cock. Kristen spoke softly. "Holy shit, look at that cock! It's fucking huge, and as fat as my arm!"

"And look at those huge balls hanging down! They look like fucking tennis balls!" whispered Mara.

"Jeff, you deliciously shy boy, keep your eyes closed and stay still while we perform our inspection. Me first, Mara." cooed Kristen. She slid forward to the edge of the couch, reached, and slowly wrapped her hand around the fat cock. Jeff's body shivered at her touch. She slowly slid her hand to the base, then up to just under the head. Then using just her fingertips, she slid them all around the smooth head, finally using them to pull open the center slit.

In an excited whisper Kristen said, "Shit, Mara, you are not going to believe this thing. I've handled more than a few cocks, but never one close to this one." She slid her hand down again, then slowly slid even further underneath until she was cupping his big, heavy balls. "Oh, man, since we didn't let the pervert get off when he was looking at our tits these things are full and swollen. This is going to be great. Mmnn. OK, your turn, Mara."

"What was going to be great?" thought Jeff? "Are they going to fuck him or suck me?" The idea made his cock pulse even more.

Now it was Mara's turn to slide closer. She moved her face to just inches from his upright cock. Kristen slid closer, too.

Mara was panting softly as she moved her head and eyes around to see his cock from all sides. He could feel her hot breath.

She spoke quietly. "Look, Kristen, you can see it pulse with his heartbeat." She raised her left hand and cupped it under his big balls, hefting them like she was weighing them. She wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft. She held it tightly, and started a slow jacking off motion. A pulse of pre-cum oozed from the tip. Both girls sucked in their breath as they watched.

"Easy, Mara, we don't want it to blow." breathed Kristen. Mara slowly and reluctantly let go of his manhood. Kristen gently ran her fingertip over the head of his cock and brought up her hand. She had a drop of pre-cum clinging to her fingertip and she showed it to Mara. Looking Mara in the eyes, Kristen slowly brought her finger to her mouth, sucked the tip, and moaned. She swiped the finger over his cock head again and held her fingertip to Mara's lips. Mara looked at her with glassy eyes full of lust and slowly tongued the offered fingertip. She moaned and licked her lips.

Kristen stood up and said, "I have an idea, Mara. I want to measure this big cock completely. I'll get a tape measure and you get your good camera. Shoot close-ups from every angle. Give him a stroke every now and then to keep it rock hard, but whatever you do don't let him come. Then we'll shoot shots of each of us holding his cock, and finally we'll use the timer to get some shots of us both squeezing his cock at the same time." Mara squealed and jumped up with a huge smile.

"Pictures?" Jeff said, "but.."

"Silence, cockboy," scolded Kristen. "Did you forget that we control your fate now?" She softened her tone. "Open your eyes." He did, and saw the two girls standing close and staring into his eyes. She continued, "The pictures are for us personally. As long as you're a good cockboy, no one else will see them. This is part of your punishment. Don't move a muscle and keep your hands behind your back." Both girls left the room.

They returned, Mara with her camera with the zoom lens, and Kristen with a cloth tape measurer, pen and paper. They each briefly stroked his cock and he let out tortured moan. Kristen set the tape measure against the top side of his cock at the base and ran it to the tip. "Eight and seven eighths inches. Jesus" Mara snapped a picture of the tape measure laying along his cock, with Kristen's fingers pinching the tape at the 8-7/8" mark.

Kristen moved around and started measuring his cock in every way. Circumference at the base, at mid shaft, and just under the swollen head. More pre-cum was oozing as Mara took shot after shot. Kristen carefully measured the ridge at the base of his cock head, then over the top of the head from front to back. She was tempted to stroke him but she knew that he was close and that his cock was fully engorged. Click went the camera.

She release his cock and it sprung back up, slapping Jeff's belly. He groaned as he looked on.

Kristen grabbed the loose skin at the bottom of his scrotum with both hands. She pulled down as far as she could, and to the sides. "We don't want you to come yet, now, do we?" she giggled. She gently grabbed a ball in each hand and pulled them down, away from his body. "We don't want them to pull tight so that you can shoot off!" Jeff let out a loud "oh", but it was not from pain. Mara continued to click away.

Kristen was ready to begin measuring his balls when she noticed the the cloth tape measure was wet on the bottom from his pre-cum. "Jeff," she said in a light, mocking voice, "I can't use this with your cum on it." She lifted the wet area to his lips and said, "be a good cockboy and clean this off for me. Lick, cockboy." Jeff was beyond resisting, and licked the area clean. He looked up at Mara's smiling face as she caught the photo. "Good cockboy." Kristen went to her knees, and started measuring his balls and sack in every way that she could imagine. Mara's digital camera clicked away.

Finally, Kristen pulled Jeff's balls down once again, then stood up. Jeff still had his legs spread, and his hands crossed behind his back.

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