tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCockboy Ch. 04

Cockboy Ch. 04


To best understand this story please read the previous chapters. If you are in a hurry, here is a brief recap.

Jeff, a security guard at a large mall, is caught peeping at two topless employees at 'Teens and More,' a young woman's clothing store. The girls threaten to expose him to his boss, and to the police. To keep them quiet, Jeff must perform five humiliating and exposing tasks for them. This story is about task number four.


Monday morning found Jeff back at work in the mall. He was busy all morning, but found himself drawn to the food court near lunchtime. He almost couldn't stand the thought of seeing the 'Teens and More' girls again, but in a way he couldn't wait to compare his memory with the sight of their buttoned-up breasts, He had spent Sunday masturbating while thinking of the group of them shaking their bare tits at him on Saturday night. He had jacked off four times on Sunday and again this morning. He also really wanted to see the smiling mouths that had been licking his cock.

As he was leaving the back corridor of the mall he saw Andi. She ran to him and pushed him back into the corridor. Reaching for his hands, she pulled them onto her breasts while she grabbed his cock. He stared startled as she leaned in and kissed him with passion.

"I came on your big cock twice yesterday, Jeff," she purred. "Join me for lunch?" Before he could respond she pulled him into the mall and toward the food court.

This became the norm throughout the week. The girls were constantly cornering him, rubbing their tits and crotches on him, and squeezing his cock. From their comments he calculated that the Cockboy dildos had coaxed a total of twenty-one orgasms from the 'Teens and More' gang on Sunday alone. Every day a few of the girls told him that they had fucked his cock last night.

On Friday afternoon, Kristen found Jeff.

"Jeff, I have a favor to ask," she said. "Can you come to the store tonight after you lock up the mall? This isn't one of your tasks, it's just a favor for Claire. Will you come and see us? It won't take long."

Jeff was always intimidated by Kristen. "Ah, I guess so. Who will be there?"

"It will just be Mara and Claire and myself, and it won't be a performance. Please? See you at 9:30." As was her usual way, she didn't wait for an answer but turned and walked away.


Jeff locked the last of the doors and went to 'Teens and More.' The three girls were waiting near the entrance for him.

Claire greeted him. She was dressed in baggy cargo pants, army boots and a black tank top. Her nipples were poking through the front as she kissed his cheek. "Hello, Jeff! We were just discussing the twins' party. You were terrific! And such a good sport. I've come to ask you a favor. I hope you'll say yes."

Claire was nice, and since he was actually wearing clothes this time he had more confidence when he replied. "First off, Claire, I've got to say that you sure know how to sculpt a hard-on. Those cocks were exact replicas. It was like looking in the mirror. Every day some of the girls here tell me that they fucked me last night! I don't know whether to be proud or jealous! Anyway...what can I do for you?"

All three girls were impressed that the shy boy could speak so openly. Maybe there was more to him than just a big cock.

"Well, I'm working on a new kind of paint. I dabble in chemistry and I think I've stumbled upon a new way to mix a special reactive paint. There is just one ingredient that I'm missing." She paused and stared Jeff in the eyes. "What I'm missing is....semen."

Jeff's mouth moved but he couldn't speak.

"Can I have some of yours? Please? I promise not to tell anyone, or do something stupid like using it to get someone pregnant. I need a big batch of the stuff to experiment with, and I know that one orgasm from you will give me all that I need."

"Well, what do you want me to do? Jack off into a cup or something?"

Kristen spoke up. "What we were thinking is that we could help you. Since you're being so cooperative and all. How would you like a hand job, right here and right now, from the three of us?"

Mara walked in front of Jeff and held him by the hips. "Come on, Jeff, let's help Claire. You won't have to touch yourself. We'll do all of the work." She pulled him by the hand and he followed. She led him to the lingerie section of the store as the other girls followed.

"Remember, this isn't one of your five tasks. Will you let us pump a big load out of you?" Jeff nodded. "Lie on the floor." Jeff looked around nervously. He could see out into the mall but, of course, no one was there. He laid down on the floor.

Claire and Kristen soon had his pants and boxers pulled to his knees as his semi-hard cock flopped onto his thigh. The girls didn't touch it, but kneeled around closely and watched it stiffen on it's own until it shifted itself up onto his belly.

"God, that was beautiful! Watching it get hard and move itself....what a wonderful cock," mused Claire. She reached and wrapped her hand around it and began slowly pumping. "OK, girls, no licking. We can't dilute the samples that I'll collect. First I need some pre-cum, we'll collect it in these test tubes. Then, when we pump him off, I'll collect that separatly in this large vial."

Kristen began on his balls, lifting, rolling, tugging and caressing. Mara's hand joined Claire's on the long shaft as the three girls worked him over. Jeff stared at them.

Mara was horny. "You two pump him and I'll give him something to think about. I think I need a new pair of panties. Jeff, will you help me choose a pair? This is what I'm wearing now." She moved to straddle Jeff's head with her back towards the girls, then bent her spread knees and crouched, lowering her crotch to about a foot from his face as she held up the front of her skirt. Jeff stared at the bulging crotch of her tight panties and moaned.

"Kind of plain, don't you think?" Mara smiled as she took in his expression.

She rose and pulled a pair of panties from a display rack. "I like these, Jeff. Do you think that this color works on me?" She swiftly reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off, tossing them to Jeff. "Hold those for me. You can sniff them if you want." Just as quickly she pulled on the new panties and crouched over Jeff again. This pair was cut very narrowly and Jeff could see the outer edges of her hairless, puffy labia.

"Good, Mara. The pre-cum is starting to flow." Claire used the edge of a test tube to start gathering the fluid.

"Well, Jeff? Do you like my pussy in light blue?" Jeff just stared as he felt his cock began to throb. As Mara crouched over him she picked up her old panties and sniffed them. "I think my pussy smells divine! What about you, Jeff?" She held them to his nose then rubbed them on his lips. Jeff tenatively licked them as Mara smiled. "Let me show you the other pair that I really like."

Mara rose again and stripped off the panties. She grabbed another skimpy pair from the rack. "These are my favorites, but I think that they're a little too little, if you know what I mean. Could I wear these in public, Jeff?"

By now Claire had three small test tubes completely filled. She put stoppers into the tops and picked up the large vial. "I think Jeff likes helping you shop for panties, Mara. He's almost ready to cum. Kristen, you pump off that big cock and I'll catch his load."

Kristen's voice was a rasp as she stared into Jeff's eyes. "I'm gonna pump you till you cum, Jeff. I'm going to be the first girl that makes you cum."

"These are pretty skimpy, Jeff. Don't tell anyone that you saw me in these." Mara stood over Jeff's head again, then crouched while holding her skirt down over her crotch.

Mara crouched lower and smiled down at Jeff. Kristen used both hands and pumped faster as Claire held the large vial tilted toward the cock hole.

"Surprise." Mara quickly pulled up the front of her skirt and thrust her naked cunt close to Jeff's face. He smelled the hot cunt and groaned loudly, then began thrusting his hips. "My cunt will be the first one that you taste." Mara slowly pushed closer until her cunt touched Jeff's lips. As they connected Jeff howled and started sending blast after blast of cum into the vial. Mara gently but firmly rubbed her pussy across his bucking mouth, then stood over his face while rubbing her clit. Jeff's eyes stayed on her cunt as his hips stilled and the last of his cum dribbled into the vial. He was spent and quivering.

Kristen, Claire and Mara took turns licking his cock head clean as Jeff continued twitching. They struggled to pull his pants up and pulled him to his feet. Mara discreetly retrieved the video camera that she had hidden earlier.

"Thank you so much, Jeff. You're the best. I'm sure that we'll all be fucking your big cock as soon as we get home." Claire rose onto her tip toes and gave Jeff a passionate kiss. "You taste like's Mara's pussy," she smiled.

"Does he?" Kristen held his face in her hands and gave him a deep tongue kiss. Mara followed with a starving kiss of her own, then handed him the first pair of panties as a souvenior. They walked out arm in arm, then Jeff unlocked the door and let them out of the building. He was speechless.


The next morning Jeff received another email from Kristen and Mara.

"Hello, Cockboy!"

"Was last night a blast or what? Claire sends thanks again and says that she started work on her new paint last night. That is, after she fucked herself senseless on your cock! Mara and I also fucked you last night, right in front of each other. It was so hot! Did you jack off again with Mara's taste in your mouth? We hope so."

"Now to business. Your fourth task will be coming up soon. We don't want you to know exactly when. It will be on one of the next three Saturday nights. We will give you a three hour warning on the night that it happens."

"We want the anticipation to drive you crazy with excitement! Each Saturday you'll spend the day thinking, "Will it be tonight? What will they have me do?" You must follow our 'date' rule and not jack off for 48 hours before our date. Since you don't know when our date will be, that means no jacking off from Thursday night through Saturday night for the next three weeks!"

"You've impressed us in many ways, Jeff, since we caught you staring at our tits and playing with yourself. We are close to ending your punishment. Keep cooperating and you'll soon be free from our evil minds! If you do, we will have a special reward for you on the night that you complete your final task."

"Please respond with your agreement. I've got to go, Mara is already on the couch naked fucking herself with your cock again."

"Love, Kristen (and a moaning Mara)"


Jeff shook his head and hit the reply button. He would respond in kind.

"Hello Kristen and Mara,"

"Yes, last night was a blast. I was made to cum by a beautiful girl that any man would love to even talk to. I tasted the pussy of a super sexy blond while I shot my load. I jacked off again at home while I could still taste her!"

"I'll be available on the nights you requested. I'll follow the 'date' rule reluctantly."

"I've got to go. The thought of you two on the couch naked has given me another hard-on, and I have to jack off."

"Love, Cockboy"


The next week was normal for Jeff, that is if you consider it normal to be getting rubbed on and groped by eight hot girls. On Friday, Mara teased Jeff. "I'd really love to jack you off tonight after work, Jeff. Too bad you can't. I'm so horny that I might have even given you a blow job. I guess I'll just have to go home and fuck your cock."

Jeff was tense on Saturday. He paced in his apartment until midnight waiting for the phone to ring. It never did.


On the next Wednesday Kristen and Mara found Jeff at lunch time.

"Hi, Jeff!" said Kristen. "We'd like to ask you another favor. Nothing sexual this time. You see, both of our moms are coming to visit us this weekend, and my mom wants to buy me a new bedroom set."

"And when my mom heard that, she wants to buy me some new furniture, too," continued Mara. "We know where we want to shop, but we don't want to wait for delivery. Could we borrow your truck on Saturday, and maybe you with it, to take our new stuff home?"

"Well, since I've been keeping my Saturdays free lately, I think that I can fit you into my schedule," he smiled. "Sure, I'd be glad to help. What time and where?"

Kristen answered. "We'll probably get an early start shopping and be ready for you by noon. I'll email you the address of the store, it's not far from here. See you then?"

"Well, since the last favor you asked of me turned out so well, how can I say no?"


Jeff pulled into the parking lot of the fancy furniture store just before noon on Saturday. He went in to find the girls. Spotting them near the counter, he stopped behind a display to look at them and their moms.

Kristen's mom looked exactly like a more mature version of Kristen. She was tall with dark brown shoulder-length hair, a nice figure and prominent breasts. Mara's mom was shorter than Mara with short reddish-brown hair. She was thin but had bigger breasts than her daughter. Jeff guessed that they were both in their mid-forties. Both were attractive women.

He walked toward the counter. Mara saw him and ran over, grabbed his arm, and pulled him along.

"Jeff!" smiled Kristen. "We told you he'd be here, mom."

Mara pulled him into the group. "Jeff, may I present Kristen's mom Katy, and my mom Beth. Mothers, this is our very good friend, Jeff." They shook hands and said hello.

"We're done here," Kristen explained. "They need a little time to get all of the stuff to the loading dock so we were thinking about getting some lunch. Hungry, Jeff?"

They walked to a restaurant next door and got a big booth. The food was good and the conversation pleasant. Both moms commented on what a nice looking boy Jeff was, causing him to blush. The moms thought that was cute.

Jeff found Mara's mom Beth to be quite funny and irreverent. She and Mara got along together great. Kristen and her mom had a little more tense relationship. Katy was nice, but seemed to be a bit of a worrier, and this grated on Kristen. None the less, they all had a good time.

Jeff pulled his truck around to the loading dock. There was a lot of stuff but they managed to squeeze it all into his pickup, then Jeff followed them to the girl's apartment. Even the moms helped as they carted everything upstairs. Jeff had brought his tools and helped assemble Kristen's new bedroom set. Mara had an armoir and a chest of drawers for her bedroom, and some new tables and lamps for the living room. Jeff talked a little more with both Beth and Katy. He felt comfortable with them, and he couldn't help looking as they bent and twisted as they worked.

The girls each stole some private words with Jeff. Kristen squeezed Jeff's cock and said, "did you notice my new bed? I picked one that I could tie a guy down to." Mara pushed Jeff into the bathroom and shoved her hand down the front of his pants. "With all these new lamps we'll get even better pictures next time we strip you here." Mercifully, she pulled her hand away before he got too hard.

Jeff got his things together to leave. Mara's mom Beth hugged him close as she thanked him, pushing her big breasts into his chest. Katy gave him a quick hug, too, but not as tightly. Kristen gave him a kiss on the cheek, then Mara walked him down to his truck.

"We're going out for dinner, drinks, and a show tonight," Mara said. "But who knows what will happen later, Jeff? You're still on call until midnight. Then, only one more week until something happens. Thanks, Jeff." Mara gave him a forceful kiss with tongue then went back inside.


At 5PM Jeff's phone rang. The caller ID showed Kristen's number. Jeff took a deep breath then answered.

"Hello, Cockboy. Don't speak, just listen. At 8PM Andi will be by to pick you up for task number four. She and Claire will be in charge of your performance tonight. You must do whatever they say. Mara and i will see you later. Don't let us down, Jeff, or we'll be VERY mad at you, Is that clear? You may answer."


"See you, and I mean all of you, later." She hung up.


Andi knocked on his door just before eight. Her top was unbuttoned to where he could see the tops of her breasts and her skirt was tight. With her blond hair slightly curled, the light makeup made her blue eyes sparkle. Jeff's cock twitched. "You look good, Jeff." She kissed him hard. "Ready for your task? Let's go, I'll drive."

She drove him downtown and into an alley, then took him to the back door of some business. Claire pushed the door open, led them inside, and ushered them into a back room.

"Hello, Jeff. I'm so glad that you're here." She gave him a light but loving kiss on the lips as she stared into his eyes. Claire looked great in a trendy artist outfit of tight black. "Tonight you are going to be a part of an exhibit of my art. We don't have much time, Jeff, so please get undressed." Andi started unbuttoning Jeff's shirt.

Jeff was a little shocked, but not too shocked. He knew that something like this was coming, so he kicked off his shoes and helped Andi until he was naked. Andi purred and slowly rubbed his cock.

"Over here, Jeff." Claire led them to a large wooden X. It was attached to what looked like a door. Claire pushed his back to the X, pushed his feet apart and attached a leather cuff to each ankle. The cuffs were attached to the X and held his feet apart.

"Can you at least tell me what's going on? Who is going to see me? Will any of them know me?" Jeff asked.

"No questions, Cockboy." Claire pulled Jeff's arm up and attached it to a cuff near the top of the X, then did the same with the other arm. "Andi, do you know what a fluffer is? That's the girl that gets a porn star hard before his performance. Tonight, you are Jeff's fluffer. Your job is to keep him hard all night. Starting now. Get Jeff's cock as hard as you can without letting him cum."

"With pleasure!" she replied as she dropped to her knees. She looked into Jeff's eyes as she slowly licked his cock. His semi-hard cock began to thicken and grow. Andi then started pumping while sucking on the tip. In a couple of minutes Jeff was very hard and starting to breath faster.

"Alright, Andi, now we need to put this on him." Claire held up the cock ring and ball harness that they had used at the twins' party. She crouched and helped Andi as they first fitted his big balls into the harness, then pulled the cock ring tight around the base of his cock and secured it. Jeff knew that he couldn't cum until they released him. His balls were pulled far down from his body and the ring was extremely tight.

Claire then went to a table on the side, picked up an item and held it up for them to see. "I made this especially for you, Jeff." It was a mask to cover the top half of his face. It looked like something for a masquerade ball. There were feathers sticking out on each side and around the top of the face. Claire handed the mask to Andi and pulled out a dark skull cap. This she fitted over Jeff's head to cover his hair completely. She took the mask and fitted it on his face, then tied it behind his head and stepped back to admire her work.

"Oh, Claire, it's beautiful! And nobody will be able to tell who he is. It's perfect." Andi stepped closer and stroked Jeff's cock. Claire lifted a large mirror in front of Jeff and let him see himself. He was impressed, it looked slightly feminine but no one could tell who he was.

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