tagGroup SexCockometer Ch. 02

Cockometer Ch. 02


My side ached from laughing and Lori slipper her arm around me, slowly turning me, leading me back toward the music when Ben got back to business.

"OK" he began, laughter still in his voice, "now that we've got that out of the way, we have important things to attend to. Cockometer business.

I felt myself blushing at the memory of Arnie's dick swelling in my hands. The more Lori questioned our husbands about cock sucking, the more it became obvious it turned him on. Ben couldn't see it, but Lori and I sure did. The guys knew full well Lori had opened the door for them and held it open until one of them got on his knees and sucked a dick; now it was our turn to explore our 'bi' side.

"We've decided that for the testing we'll use the dinning room chairs again", Ben continued as he walked my wife backwards up against one of the chairs and Arnie couldn't help watching Sheri's swaying rear end before turning her back side against the chair back.

My breasts seemed larger, pushing at the filmy cloth of my loosely tied top, my fingers tips moist on the back of the chair; Lori seemed more at ease, her large breasts spilling out of her lacy top.

"I can see you're both excited, but it would be hard –no pun intended- for us to tell what turns you on just from your breasts, so we'll be using the hands on method." Lori and I exchanged glances.

As in your cockometer test, we'll be using a two part turn-on test. First is the visual, and second is tactile and if we can't make a decision, we may ask the test subjects to judge the results them selves."

"Any questions?"

Ben didn't wait for an answer. "No?"

I started to say something, anything to derail, to delay the questions that would bare for all the secret thoughts I was afraid to recognize. Arnie cut me off by reminding us that it was our bodies that would be doing the talking for us, and no other answers were necessary.

It had been so much fun to watch Arnie squirm as we questioned him, and now it was my turn.

Lori had the hint of a smile on her face; probably she too was remembering Ben and Arnie's befuddled expressions we felt their cocks twitch at the questions Lori asked. Arnie had a bemused expression as he listened to my murmured "but, but...."

Ben walked over to Lori and put his fingertips on her stomach. "Now, given the lack of visual cues, we'll need to establish a, um, base line....." Arnie was watching me as Ben put his hand on Lori's stomach and was slowly reaching down, his fingers sliding down her silky panties, over her mound and between the cleft of her lips.

My mind was racing and I felt hot with excitement. Arnie was going to touch me and my husband was going to ask me questions about sex and I knew my body was going to betray me, and Arnie was going to know it.

My world narrowed. Arnie brushed his finger tips across my stomach, the touch of his dry fingertips radiated whispers of desire, and unbidden murmurs of lust swelled between my legs. Was this what Arnie felt when I held his cock my hands while Lori interrogated him, or was it that I was standing at the edge of the platform about to step aboard a train whose destination I could only guess at.

The train surged out of that station when Arnie's hand stole down and cupped my pussy.

Ben slowly shook his head. "I just can't tell, Arnie, I think I need more information." Arnie had this shit eating grin on his face and echoed, "More information, yes, good idea." Ben moved his hand under the thin material and raked his fingernails down, parting Lori's silky hair, spreading her lips, smiling at her as his finger slipping into her moist sex.

I knew from Loir's sharp intake of breath what Arnie was going to do to me. I took a shallow breath, looked him in the eyes, and couldn't keep from trembled a little as he hooked his finger tips on my clingy stretchy panties, and pulled them away from my stomach. He hesitated, mouthed a silent "OK?" I let out the breath I'd been holding, and breathed a quivering "yes" and ever so slowly, savoring the moment, he moved down, his fingers spreading out across my trimmed bush, savoring every curve, moving slowly down until he reached the furrow of my lips, then, pausing to remember the moment, he looked into my eyes, then spread me with two fingers, and slowly curled a finger, moving down the cleft of my lips, pressing deeper until the hot surge between my legs told the rest of my body that the sex train had indeed left the station and was quickly gaining speed.

This must have been how the guys felt when Lori and I took hold of their erections. No wonder they were willing to let us toy with them, to let us ask them embarrassing questions about their hidden desires, and to finally to let go of their inhibitions and act on their deepest secrets.

I resisted the urge to kiss Arnie as he pulled his hand back out of my panties, stepping back as Ben, took the how-to magazine in hand, theatrically cleared his throat and pretended to read.

"You are on a bed having sex with your man, when another cock brushes against your lips. You take it in your mouth, but notice a woman walking around the bed. She is naked, her nipples hard and a large strap-on dick sticks out between her muscular legs. You are on top, cowgirl style, the other man is standing in front of you, and you hold his cock in one hand, your other hand around his balls as you suck his hardness between your lips. You'd wondered what it would be like to have two men, but the woman has your attention. She kneels behind you, lube dripping from her cock head. She takes you by your gyrating hips and slows down your thrusting hips, the cool lube slippery against your butt cheeks as she teases your ass with her hard cock.

So the question is, would you rather have that third hard dick poking at you until you spread your cheeks for her, or do you want to be the one who has that cock strapped to your hips, with the clit-nubber banging your clit as you grip her hips and fuck her swaying ass?"

Lori is looking at me, hunger in her eyes, but I'm still playing the bedroom scene in my head and am completely unaware that I'm brushing my fingertips over the cheeks of my ass.

"So Sheri, Ben continued, "You are one of two frustrated women sitting in their night clothes; she's wearing white cotton panties and a scissor cut tee shirt, and you have on a short cotton nightgown with matching panties. They're light blue and have tiny white bows stitched across the low cut top."

The women, the one in white, presses her back into the deep couch and lets out a sigh, "I knew he'd had too much to drink; this happens every damn time!

"He gets drunk, talks about banging me all night long, then shoots his wad and falls asleep."

"Yeah, me too, you reply softly, all talk, and no pop!"

"Only one thing to do, the woman replies, and I'm heading for the shower to take care of it right now. Come on if you want."

You tag along, close the door and lean against the sink, watching as your friend slips out of the revealing tee shirt, and turns on the shower. When the water is hot she pulls down her panties, adjusts the temperature and puts a foot in the water.

"Coming?" she asks, as she steps into the steamy spray.

You hesitate, then pull the nighty with the prim white bows over your head and strip off your panties, watching your image fog over in the steamy mirror.

You're horney, more than a little drunk, and after a moment's hesitation, you step into the shower and close the door. It's a small shower, fine for one person, real cozy for two.

You turn to your friend, and she has her eyes half closed, her delicate hand massaging the soapy mixture between her legs, moving her hips, moaning softly.

You close your eyes as her hand reaches out, the sudsy bubbles dripping from hotel sized bar of soap she has cupped in her palm, and you sigh as her warm slippery fingers rub the sudsy mixture between your legs and your nipples jump to attention when the creamy mixture covers your breasts.

"The question is, does Sheri take the soap from her hand and caress the naked woman's breasts, does she let the woman take her hand and press it between her legs, or maybe you turn her around and soap up her bum while she pressed her breasts against the tile wall and brings herself to an orgasm?"

"Now, since Lori has a knack with warm water, we'll put her in the shower this time."

"A stranger enters the bathroom and closes the door. Lori calls out, 'I'll be through in a few minutes' but there is no reply. She can hear the water in the sink, someone brushing their teeth, and again she calls out, and again there is no response. Mixed with the hiss of the shower, Lori hears the click of the lock on the bathroom followed by the snap of the light switch and the room is plunged into darkness. It's not possible that whoever's in the room can't hear you, but the shower door opens and the faint scent of perfume wafts in with the cooler air. Lori protest that she's in there and will be done soon and can't she please wait a minute, but then realizes that no sound is coming from her mouth.

She doesn't shrink back to the corner; only moving to one side to allow the stranger access to the warm water. Lori, your back is pressed against the cool tile, the oversized bar of soap still in your hands, and you realize that your heart is pounding and you're holding your breath. The stranger comes closer.

The water splashes against you as she turns around in the spray and takes the large bar of soap from your hand. Your eyes adjust to the dim light from the small window, and you see her lathering her body, her hands soaping her full breasts and between her legs, her breasts jutting toward you as she reaches behind her back with the bar of soap.

The stranger seems to be looking directly at you,Lori as she puts the soap in the dish next to the shampoo bottles and you don't protest as she puts her muscular arm around your shoulder and kisses you on the lips. Too late you realize that the woman's soapy knee has slipped between your thighs; her hand has found your breast and is lightly caressing your hard nipple."

"So Lori, would you bolt for the door, or would you let this sexy woman make love to you in the warm misty shower?"

Both women seem to be having trouble standing still now. They are looking intently at each other, and I notice Sheri has her lips parted and her hard nipples are lifting her loose top as takes one shallow breath after another.

Ben's dick is standing up now, a smile on his face as he watches his wife changing from the proper mother of their children, into a sexy, lustful, hotty, who's getting turned on by stories about having sex with a woman.

After a few moments he continues; "Your clinging sheets wake you from a dream, your body is thrumming with energy and your arm seems caught. When you try to free it, you hear soft moans and feel the intense pleasure of soft lips kissing your breasts, sucking on your nipples.

You are groggy, aroused by the sensations, but you drift back to sleep, only to wake again, and when you try to move your other arm, you hear again the moaning, a deeper voice this time and the pleasure from those lips..... on both of your breasts, building an undeniable charge of desire that is swirling around, trickling down, your sex responding, moistening, primed between your legs and you become more aware with the realization that your arms aren't caught in the linen and even though you are still in your own bed it is not cotton sheets that hold your arms captive, but human legs, hot strong legs, kneeling on both sides of you, holding your arms, your fingers deep inside the hot velvety sex of the two women who are kissing your breasts, or could it be an erect cock in your left hand?

Wider awake now, you're not sure you want to give in to the pleasure and try to close your legs, but they too are held fast by soft strong hands that hold them wide apart. The bed shifts and you are aware of the brush of someone's long hair on your legs, the mattress settles as she crawls closer, her curly hair caressing your legs makes your sex tingle and she kissed her way up your thighs, her hands slipping under you, gripping your eager ass, spreading your cheeks, while she parts your lips and dips her tongue, tasting you, and finding your hard button, she teases you as her fingers slide into you, the fingers of her other hand stroke and probe the naughty delights between your squirming buns.

You are quaking, thrashing, your sex clenching as the pleasure grows, building to the climax you know is not far off, but some sound, the twittering birds perhaps, wakes you to the early morning light.

It was only a dream; but as you lay there, your heart pounding, the unfulfilled need still controls your flushed body, you clinch you legs hoping to gain some relief, while your mind chooses the rolls each of your three friends could play if they came to you in the middle of the night to make love to you. The question is: is it just a dream, or do you want it to come true?"

"Last question of this round.

You're taking a drawing class but one of the models doesn't show up and you volunteer to take her place. Before you lie down on the posing stage, the model – a student from another class- takes your hand and introduces her self, chatting amiably while her eyes travel over your naked body. The pose is two naked women lying on their sides on a rudely covered day bed. You lie down on the crumpled white cloth, squirming on the rough material.

The instructor has you lying behind the model, but changes her mind and puts you in front. You lay on your left side, the other model slips her arm around your shoulders, and you lie back down, her hand reaching innocently toward the students. She is close to you, her breasts touching your bare back and her legs spooning yours. The instructor places the model's right hand on your stomach, almost touching your pubic hair while her left hand, the innocent one, is placed covering your breasts.

It seems that the composition is not quite perfect because your right arm just doesn't look right. The solution is for you to place it behind you, and the back of you fingers end up on her thigh. The instructor asked you if you're OK with the pose. You nod your agreement, but the other model says she needs to move a little. When she does, she places your finger tips so they are touching the trimmed curly hair between her legs. Your nipples were already hard and your posing partner has pressed her arm against your breasts causing them to swell up over her forearm. She is also she pushing her warm sex against your fingertips.

The instructor moves about the studio, checking the pose from the student's perspective, then comes closer and notices your hand between the models' legs. She smiles brightly at you and asks once more if you are OK. You're not sure you are, but the sensations coursing through your body are telling you otherwise.

"There are two questions. First, if you had to choose, which woman would you most want to be and second, would you accept the instructors' invitation to join the two of them for a glass of wine after the class?"

Sheri looked flushed as Arnie went over to compare notes with Ben. He was still holding the porn magazine and the muted Foursome DVD played over and over again on the wide screen TV. The scene that flickered in the darkened living room was of two women holding hands as they walked through a bed room door.

Ben and I pretended to scan the pages, nodding at the women who were staring wide-eyed at each other; both had a pink tint to their skin and seemed to be short of breath.

Ben laid the porn magazine on the table and walked directly over to his wife. Sheri had that deer in the headlights look in her eyes and stood there, staring blankly as her husband put his finger tips under her chin and kissed her lightly on the lips. She came back from where ever she'd been and kissed him back and glanced over at me, and then settled her gaze on Lori; smiling at her as she cleared her throat and croaked out an echo of Ben's statement about being set up.

Ben and I just smiled at the comment. Sheri was right, of course, and now it was time to see if it worked.

Sheri's breathing sharpened as I slipped my fingers inside her silky panties. Her breasts seemed to stand out as my finger tips slid through her curly hair, the heat of her desire rising to meet me. She was moist and she moved into my finger tip as I slipped effortlessly between her very wet lips. Sheri was trembling and I couldn't stop myself from tracing the insides of her sex, feeling her push against me, wanting to go to her clit, wanting to make her moan with desire, but Ben and I had agreed to forgo this pleasure for now. I wanted payback for sucking Ben's cock and by not letting our wives climax, it was inevitable that they would need each other to get off; it seemed a tad manipulative, but, hell, hadn't they, my wife in particular, manipulated me into getting on my knees and sucking Ben's cock?

Pushing our reluctant wives into bed with each other seemed a worthwhile goal for both of us, and a getting them there turned out to be something I would never forget.

Sheri's eyes were smoking with desire, her pussy twitching, little thrusting tremors pulsing around my wet finger. "I don't know Ben; I think I need a second opinion here". He pulled his hand out of my wife's panties and touched his nose as he stepped over to stand next to me.

Sheri's eyes flicked between the two of us, and then latched onto Lori. Ben and I were trying to keep the charade going, the pretended detachment of our clinical endeavor to solve some cosmic mystery. I raked my fingers through Sheri's damp hair and resisted the urge to smell the scent of her desire. Ben put his arm around his wife's shoulders, held her shapely ass against the chair back and plunged his finger into her wet sex.

He gave me a perplexed look –what an actor he turned out to be- shaking his head, holding panties out from her trembling pelvis. "I hate to be so wishy-washy, Arnie, but I'm going to defer to the women to decide this. He stepped to one side and placed his hand on my wife's back, guiding her to stand in front of his wife. "Lori?" he said, pulling Sheri's panties open a little farther, waiting as the four of us looked down Sheri's panties at her glistening pubic hair. Lori was torn; I think she wanted to make love to Sheri, but to touch her sex this way, with both of their husbands looking on?

She made her decision and covered herself by lightly saying, "Oh sure, glad to help."

I've got to hand it to her. Lori pulled Ben's hand away and stepped closer to Shari and slipped her hand down her friend's panties. The diamond on her wedding ring caught on the panties and pulled them down and Ben and I could both see her finger slip expertly inside Sheri's soaking pussy. Ben's wife jumped when Lori's delicate finger tip found her yearning clit, moaning as Lori added another finger and captured the sensitive button and squeezed it, rubbed on it. They were crushed together, kissing, writhing and moaning. But when Lori began kissing Sheri's neck, trailing her lips down, brushing the loose fitting top away from Sheri's breasts, Sheri pushed her back and breathlessly moan "no!"

Lori stepped back like she'd been stung. Her eyes were wide and she looked crestfallen.

Sheri, seeing the effect her word had on her friend, put an arm around her waist and led her over to the couch. "Not there, Lori, I want you to make love to me on the couch." Lori's smile blossomed and she started to sit down on the leather cushions, but Sheri stopped her. "Wait, Lori, up here" she said as she ran her finger tips along the back of the couch. Ben and I watched incredulously as Sheri drug her panties down and climbed onto the back of the large boxy couch.

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