tagGay MaleCocksucker: Cocksucking Training

Cocksucker: Cocksucking Training


Summary: A twink teaches a straight man how to suck cock properly.

Note 1: Thanks to goamz86, Robert and MAB7991 for editing this story.

You do not need to read the first part to enjoy this story. In case you are curious, here is a brief summary of part one called "Cocksucker":

Chris, a married straight man, is stuck at the airport when his flight is delayed. While waiting at the bar, he is slyly seduced by a younger man. After submitting to him in a restroom stall, he must complete seven humiliating tasks to get his wedding ring back.

Task one was to walk around with cum on his face until he arrived at his hotel room hundreds of miles away, and to tell the woman at the check in why he was late for his flight (I was sucking cock in the bathroom).

Task two is given at the end of part one; invite the very gay hotel desk clerk to your room and suck each other's cocks.

Without further ado, the continuing adventures of a straight married man who quickly discovers that he isn't as straight as he thought he was.


One more deep breath and I opened the door.

"Hi, sweetie," Oliver said, sauntering in.

I quickly closed the door and turned to see him pulling his pants down. My face flushed at just how quickly my life had quit making sense.

"So, I just finished chatting with Gary and he wants you to practice sucking cock," the twink said, pulling his underwear down and revealing a surprisingly large cock for such a skinny guy.

"Oh," was all I could muster, even though I can't say I was surprised, as I stared at his already hard cock and hairless body.

He shrugged, "Sorry, the thought of training a straight married guy to be a cocksucker for someone else got me damn horny. I mean I have been fucked by many straight guys, but this is new."

I didn't move, overwhelmed with the reality of the situation.

"Don't worry, cutie, I promise to return the favour, and I am very, very, very good," he said, which didn't remotely relax me but, rather, tensed me up even more.

"I am not sure I can do this," I said finally.

"Honey," he said, walking to me, "you already did it once today I am told. Consider this a sequel which will be just as good, or hopefully even better than the original." He put his hand on my cock, which, betraying me yet again, was rock hard and dying for release. "Hmmmmmm, seems someone is excited."

"It's just, I, um, I can't believe I did what I did," I said, letting out a groan as he rubbed my cock through my pants.

"Oh honey," he said, his fingers stroking my cock as he spoke, "you're balancing on the line."

"The line?" I asked, trying to focus on his words even as he did wonders with just two fingers.

"The 'straight' line," he smiled, as he began unbuckling my belt. "You see, you have always assumed you are straight, never even considered otherwise, but once the door is opened, it is impossible to close."

"What if I want it closed?" I asked, as I felt him pull my pants down.

"Do you?" He asked coyly, putting his hands in my underwear and fishing out my fully erect cock.

"I just never, aaaah, thought of myself as...um," I couldn't finish the sentence partly because his stroking my cock felt so good and saying out loud the word cocksucker would make it real.

"Thought of yourself as a cocksucker?" He asked, finishing my sentence.

"Yes," I whimpered, his finger rolling around my mushroom top.

"It's just a silly label," he continued. "Most women suck cock and are not called cocksuckers and most women eat cunt and are not called cunt-lickers...usually."

"Still, my wife," I started.

"Will never understand," he continued, as he lowered himself to his knees in front of me. "Men and women are built differently. Women see sex as love and intimacy, while men see it as a means to an end."

Before I could respond, he deep throated my cock; something Laura, even in her wild days had never done, creating a pleasure that instantly ended my feeble protests. I watched as he slowly bobbed back and forth, pausing at my mushroom top long enough to swirl his tongue around it before moving forward again and devouring my whole cock.

He did this for only a couple of minutes before stopping abruptly and standing up. Smiling, he said, "I promise to finish what I started, but Gary instructed that you get me off first and last."

"Oh-oh-oh-okay," I stammered, dying to shoot my long held in load.

He went to the bed and laid down, his cock standing at attention as if beckoning me to him. My mouth again watered, and suddenly I desperately wanted to feel it in my mouth.

"Come join me, cocksucker in training," he said.

I silently joined him on the bed and moved to my expected position between his legs, not remotely insulted by the name calling.

"Take my cock in your hand," he instructed.

I did, enjoying both its warmth and its incredible stiffness.

"Now I plan to watch you suck my cock, cocksucker. Remember that is what you are...a cocksucker. Your job is to serve, to please, to obey, is that clear?" He asked, not saying it firmly like Gary, but rather matter-of-factly, which somehow relaxed me.

"Yes, sir," I answered, without even thinking of its implications of my words.

"First, cocksucker, I want you to look at me as you run your tongue over your lips to get them good and wet," he ordered.

I did, feeling silly and yet enjoying being told what to do.

"Very hot," he smiled, "I think you are a natural born submissive cocksucker," he commented.

The term submissive startled me, although it sure felt that way at home, as I always did what Laura requested, and again today when I obeyed every order Gary gave me.

"Now begin at the bottom of the shaft and slowly slide your tongue up my cock," he instructed, as if reading from a manual on how to suck cock.

I obeyed, slowly moving up his cock, my tongue spread wide.

"Good boy," he said, sending an awkward chill up my back. "Now get my cock nice and wet, coat it with saliva."

I continued to obey, moving my head around his cock, my tongue creating a light sheen of saliva on his beautiful, delicious cock. Did I just think his cock was beautiful? Worse yet, did I just think it was delicious?

"Good cocksucker, now slide back down and put my balls in your mouth one at a time. Women usually ignore the balls, but a good cocksucker knows that they are an important part of the full package."

I slithered my tongue back down his iron rod and reached his balls. He was right. No woman, not even any of the college sluts, had ever sucked on my balls, or even touched them, for that matter. I looked at them something I can say I never had done before, not even my own for that matter, and wasn't even sure where to begin.

As if reading my mind, he said, "Just put my bag in your mouth, cocksucker, and find one of my two balls. When you find one, suck it into your mouth and pretend you're washing it."

"Okay," I nodded, leaning forward and opening my mouth. The texture was strange, but I found a ball after a moment and did as instructed. His bag and balls had a slightly salty sweaty taste which I assumed was natural as I concentrated on the ball pleasing task.

"Now, my other one, ball sucker," he said, a term I had never heard before.

I obeyed again, finding the other ball and duplicating the attention.

After a minute or two, he instructed, "Now slide back up my shaft, cocksucker."

I obeyed, dying to feel his cock in my mouth and become the cocksucker he said I was. I had just reached the head when my phone rang.

"Ignore it, cocksucker. A good cocksucker, a submissive cocksucker like you particularly, understands that when you are serving your man, your lover or your master, that all that matters is his pleasure, is that understood?"

"Yes, Master, I mean sir," I replied, as my phone continued to ring.

"Good, tell me Chris, do you want to be a good cocksucker?"

"Yes," I replied, the idea of learning to be good at it suddenly very appealing, as the phone stopped ringing.

"Tell me, tell me exactly what you want to be," he said, as I breathed on his cock, his mushroom top an inch away from my eager mouth.

I didn't hesitate. At that moment I wasn't a husband married to a beautiful wife (the term beautiful never to be the same again after today), nor was I a father of a nineteen year old son or eighteen year old daughter, nor was I a professional business man...no, I was a cocksucker, an eager, willing cocksucker. I answered, purposely choosing Master this time, "Master, I am an eager to learn, hungry to please, cocksucker whose place is on my knees or between a man's legs ready to obey and serve." My cock flinched with each derogatory word I used against myself, as it seemed the verbal humiliation only enhanced my pleasure.

"Gary is a very lucky Master and, tonight, so am I," he smiled. "Now open your mouth and just take the head of my cock in."

'Finally', I thought to myself, after fifteen or twenty minutes of him teasing me, I was going to be allowed to have his beautiful, yes beautiful, cock in my mouth. I opened up and took it in between my lips.

"Now swirl your tongue around my mushroom top as you try to create extra saliva in your mouth," he instructed.

I again obeyed, trying to do two things at once, something I was never good at, according to my wife. I created a fair amount of saliva and he groaned for the first time, which made my cock flinch and a chill go up my spine.

"Now cocksucker, slowly move up and down, attempting to take a bit more into that cocksucking mouth every three or four bobs," he instructed.

I moaned on his cock in acknowledgement as I was finally allowed to begin to suck his cock...the anticipation was overwhelming as I slowly took more of his eight inches in my mouth.

Sucking a cock when the man was lying down was surprisingly different than it had been when Gary was standing up. It was a little more difficult and awkward bobbing directly down on the cock in comparison to when I was on my knees. What was the same, though, was the exhilarating natural feeling of having a cock in my mouth.

He said, after a couple of minutes of me taking half his cock in my mouth, "Very good, cocksucker," before adding, "now did you hear my moans and my breathing start to increase?"

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "Yes."

"That is when you pick up the pace and try to take as much of my cock as you possibly can," he said.

I nodded, took his cock back in my mouth and began moving up and down on it faster, desperate to impress him by taking as much of his cock as I could.

"Faster, cocksucker," he instructed, a minute later.

I again obeyed, really going to town on his cock, each downward bob trying to take more of his stiff rod.

His breathing got heavier and he groaned, "I'm going to cum in your mouth, cocksucker, and I expect you to keep bobbing."

I didn't slow down, the anticipation of tasting his cum a major turn-on. A few more quick bobs and I felt his cum fill my mouth. I expected it to spray in my mouth like Gary's had when he came on my face, but his just seemed to ooze out of his cock and into my mouth.

I continued bobbing, swallowing his cum, which much to my surprise was almost tasteless, although never ending it seemed, as cum continued to leak out of his cock.

"That's it cocksucker, real cocksuckers swallow every drop and keep sucking until told to stop," he ordered, as I continued bobbing on his cock enjoying the knowledge that I had made him cum and oddly not wanting this submissive act to end.

Strangely, with a cock in my mouth, all my other worries disappeared as I just focused on the stiff rod I was pleasuring. I had never been one to deal well with stress, as I could never find something that relaxed me, yet as I continued swallowing a stranger's cock, in my hotel room, my mind was blank and I was stress free...maybe I had finally found a way to relieve my stress...as absurd as that sounds.

Finally, he pushed my head back and laughed, "Hard to believe that you have never sucked cock before today. I mean you're a natural born cocksucker and better than many gay men."

"Thank you very much," I said, flattered by the compliment that would have seemed absurd and ludicrous a day ago.

"Now sometimes a blow job isn't all sweet and nice," he said, standing up and moving to the floor on his knees.

I listened and watched, confused.

"Sometimes a blow job is about survival and just allowing your mouth, your face, to be a fuck hole," he continued, waving me over to him.

I moved off the bed and stood in front of him.

"Now I assume sometimes you just want to fuck the living shit out of your wife," he said.

"Fuck yes," I nodded, reminiscing to when I used to just pound her from behind so hard the headboard bounced off the wall.

"I want you to fuck my face, while paying attention to how my mouth feels wrapped around your cock," he said, opening his mouth open.

I didn't need to be told twice, my orgasm stuck in equilibrium since I first got rock hard back at the bar in the airport, and I slid my cock into his pretty mouth. I began pumping my cock in and out, still tentative trying to not be too rough, even though I wanted to just fuck his girly face.

He grabbed my ass and pulled me forward and I began moving faster, my balls bouncing off his chin with each forward thrust. It was a minute, maybe two, when I felt my balls bubbling and groaned, "I'm going to cum soon."

His hand slid between my ass cheeks and he startled me as he slid a finger deep into my ass which triggered the most intense orgasm of my life. I shot cum deep down his throat. As I slowed down, he bobbed hungrily, continuing to milk every last drop of my cum until my cock began to get sensitive and I had to beg, "Please, stop."

Taking my cock out of his mouth, looking up at me, he said, "I bet you never said that to your wife."

I laughed, "No, can't say I have."

Standing up he said, "I won't make you get face-fucked after I already came, but tomorrow I plan to train you to suck cock the aggressive way."

"Okay," I agreed, strangely looking forward to it.

He leaned in and I thought he was going to kiss me as he whispered, "You're going to be a great cocksucker, Chris."

"Thanks, although I can't fathom being as good as you," I said.

"Practice makes perfect," he smiled, again his lips close enough to imply he was going to kiss me, but then he moved away and got dressed.

Once dressed, he said, "Gary instructed that I was to come by tomorrow to teach you aggressive cocksucking and if you are up for it, I would love to have that cock of yours in my ass."

The idea of sucking his cock had me already looking forward to tomorrow, but the thought of fucking his ass, although a major turn-on, seemed somehow like cheating.

Moving to me, this time without warning, he leaned in and kissed me before saying, "Be careful sexy, or I may convert you completely to our side."

I laughed, "That is a tempting offer."

"Oh baby, once you fuck a man and get fucked my a man, you'll never be the same, similar, I suppose, to how after you once suck cock you can't wait for the next opportunity to get on your knees and suck cock again," he said his tone sultry.

The nervousness of fucking him was compounded by that last thing he threw out there for me to consider, as he implied I, too, would get fucked.

Seeing my eyes go big, he joked, "Don't worry sexy, I won't take that anal cherry of yours unless you want me to."

He kissed me one more time, as he reached down and stroked my cock, "Although it seems your cock likes the idea."

Stunned that I had kissed a man, which somehow seemed more taboo than sucking a cock, which sounds absurd, but it was how I felt, I watched him leave.

At the door, he turned and said, "By the way, I am off at eight tomorrow night."

"Okay, see you then," I said, apparently making a date to get my face fucked.

"For sure," he smiled. "By the way, I may bring a friend or two."

I was about to protest, but he was gone.

I collapsed on my bed and tried to understand my insatiable hunger to please. Just as I was thinking about it, I received a text.


Oliver tells me that the first training session has been completed. Good boy. Tomorrow you will meet him again for round two. Also tomorrow morning, I will send you task three. Since you are such a pretty little cocksucker, I think it is time you dress as one.

Goodnight and I expect a text thanking me for turning you into what you were born to be.


I stared at the last sentence. 'What I was born to be?' That was ludicrous. I wasn't born to suck cock. Yet, the longer I stared at the message, the more I was compelled to answer.

Finally, I answered, the words coming out of me without thought:

Master G

Thank you sir for looking past my exterior and seeing me for what I really am...a cocksucker...your cocksucker...even though I didn't know it myself. You have unlocked a part of me I didn't know existed and now that the door is open I want to open every possible door.

After pressing send, I read the text I had just written and shook my head at my words...words that were unfortunately very, very true.

I unpacked, brushed my teeth and washed my face and was just getting into bed when I got another text.

Bad Cocksucker,

You disrespected me by not addressing me in capitals!!

I instantly texted back, realizing I had not capitalized the whole word MASTER, although I didn't know that it was an expectation.


I'm so sorry, sir. Please forgive me.

Suddenly wide awake, I stared at my phone for five, and then ten, minutes before he responded:


I forgive you. But you need to be punished to understand that you need to ALWAYS obey. Go to the room beside you, the one that is on the same side as your bed, and tell them that you just learned you are a cocksucker and you just wanted to tell someone since your wife wouldn't understand your newfound love for sucking cock.

Every time I got a new order from him, I was both turned on and mortified. I also noticed that my name, cocksucker, was all in lower case letters...a subtle hint of power.

Another text:


Of course, I want you to record your declaration.

I took a deep breath and responded:


Yes sir, I am going now.

I got up, put on a robe, opened the door, flipping the latch so I could quickly retreat to my room once this humiliation was over, and moved to the room beside me. I pressed record on my phone and knocked on the door praying it wasn't some young family or underage girls.

The door opened and a man in his late fifties opened it.

Before he could speak, I said, "Hi, sir. I just needed to tell someone my big news."

"Okay," he said, looking at me perplexed.

"I just learned today that I am a cocksucker and love serving strangers with my mouth. My wife wouldn't understand my newfound lust for cock, but I had to tell someone. Thanks for listening," I said, before quickly turning to leave.

The older man said, "Well, why don't you come in and prove your newfound hunger."

I froze.

Part of me wanted to run back to my room and lock my door, yet another part of me was curious how his cock would look and feel in my mouth.

"Come on in," he said again.

I turned and silently walked into his room. Wanting to control the situation, and make this about sucking cock and not conversation, I dropped to my knees in the small hallway between the door and his bed.

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