It was late in the afternoon and Melanie was getting restless. Her blind date, or "hook-up", that her friends set up for her was running late and she figured he was going to ditch her. She wasn't all that upset if he did because he was just some guy she doesn't know but what she was upset about missing out on was that he shared a similar fetish as her. She loves to tease and deny men and this blind date happens to love to be teased and denied to cum.

It was now 4:45 and he was supposed to pick her up at her place at 4 pm. She had been ready for a while. Wearing a sexy little black dress that hugged her curvaceous and slim body with lace and spandex. She broke out her 4 inch black stilettos for such an occasion and her hair fell at her milky shoulders in soft ringlets. She looked in the mirror admiring the way the dress made her 32C boobs and perfect ass look even more perfect. She was a small girl in general, thin but not too thin, only 5'3" but with those heels nearly 5'7". She even opted out of wearing any panties because of the promise her friend made to her of the end of the night. Suddenly she heard the doorbell ring.

"Hey, sorry I'm la-...wow...you look...um...wow." Jeremy was tall, about 5'10"-6', built like a modern roman God. He had a handsome strong face but looked almost cute and boyish when he smiled. He had ice blue eyes and a nice medium skin tone. He was wearing dark jeans with a black button down shirt and had flowers in his hand.

"Oh it's ok now that you brought me flowers" she winked at him playfully. "Would you like to sit while I put these in a vase?"

She led him into the living room and he sat on the couch as she walked to the kitchen and he couldn't help stare at her perfect round ass, remembering exactly what his friend had also promised him would happen at the end of the night. It had been a while since he was with a cocktease and just the thought of it made his cock start to harden in his jeans. Melanie came back out and they both left for the movie and dinner. They hit it off very well and every once in a while they would both notice a little glimmer in each other's eyes that said they both knew how this date would end.

After the date they headed back to Melanie's house. They got to the door and she asked if he'd like to come in with a coy smile and a crook of her finger. He was melting already. They walked up to her bedroom and she turned to him and he quickly grabbed the sides of her face and kissed her hard and passionately. Just from that kiss she got wet and knew this would be a good long night but knew she had to take more control of the situation. When they let go she pushed him down onto her bed and he sat at the foot of the bed staring at her like a helpless puppy. His eyes dancing all over her amazing body and up to her angelic face and back down her body. She turned around in front of him so her ass was almost right in front of him.

"Can you unzip my dress for me?" She giggled as he slowly unzipped the dress as he watched more and more skin become visible. The dress fell to the floor revealing her perfect ass. He was surprised to see no panties or bra on her. She kicked off her heels and turned to face him. He groaned just from seeing her perfect breasts, tight tummy, clean shaven pussy, and long sexy legs. He reached up to touch her but she smacked his hand away.

"Ah ah ah, no touching until I say so cutie." She smiled and winked at him. He didn't even realize how hard he was and now that he noticed he realized how much it ached to be free from its jean prison. She knelt down in front of him and ran her hand over his hard bulge and sent shivers up his spine and he gave out a low groan. She giggled and continued to rub his cock from over his jeans. He was dying to rip off his pants and pile drive her pussy till she couldn't feel her legs but knew that would just ruin all the fun of the long night to come. She stopped and stood up and left the room for a minute and returned with wrist and ankle restraints and attached them to the bed.

"Take off all your clothes and lay down on the bed." All playfulness gone from her face and voice, now it was sheer lust and power. He stripped as she said and lay down and she put his wrists and ankles in the restraints. She then blindfolded him.

"What are the blind folds for?"

"Well, when one sense is blocked off, all the others become slightly heightened. Also, the anticipation of what's coming next heightens your senses too. Hehe." There's that adorable giggle again. Jeremy felt her get onto the bed right between his legs and felt a warm soft hand wrap around his hard cock. He gasped when he felt it. She giggled and started to slowly stroke him. It was so slow he felt his dick almost burning with desire for more to satisfy his need. He started thrusting his hips against her slow strokes but the more he did the lighter her touch became until he couldn't feel her anymore. He stopped moving and listened for her. He heard her start giggling again and he suddenly felt her soft lips and wet tongue on his balls. Licking and massaging them with her tongue. He moaned and groaned and tried hard to get free from his restraints to get more contact than that. He begged her to suck on his eager dick but she ignored his pleas and continued to make love to his balls with her mouth and tongue. She then started to lick up his shaft lightly and slowly and he felt like he'd cum but knew it was not enough to send him to the edge. When she got to his head she took extra care to tease him by lightly licking the sensitive spot right underneath the head which made his cock twitch. He begged harder to feel her warm mouth surround his cock but she ignored him again. Licking him as if he was an ice cream cone that'd never melt. All of a sudden she stopped and there was no trace of her.

"Melanie? Where'd you go you little tease?" The smile in his voice was filled with both fear and eagerness.

"I'm right here cutie" he could hear her right next to him and felt her straddle his shoulders and knew what she wanted. He moved his head up and kissed her perfect pussy. She moaned and giggled. He began licking her methodically and lightly, knowing this would tease her too but it'd be nothing close to what she'd do to him. She moaned and rubbed her pussy against his face softly. He picked up the pace and strength of his tongue and she got louder and closer to climax. She let her fingers tangle in his soft brown hair edging him on to finish the job. He lapped at her clit as if to save his life and she screamed in orgasm as waves hit her like a bus. She giggled again and backed off of his chest and got off the bed. He heard her open a drawer and close it. Wondering what she took, only to find out what it was by feeling a feather tickling the underside of his cock. He jerked and twitched trying to get away from the teasing feel of the feather that sent him stings of pleasure that made him need more than just that light touch.

"Please, please Melanie. Let me fuck you please!"

"Hehe I figured you'd hold out longer than that Jeremy. I'm very disappointed in you." She said in mock disappointment. "I'm just gonna have to punish you aren't I?" She took hold of his hard thick meat and furiously jerked him off. He was moaning so loud it was almost screams. He was about to climax and she let go and backed away. He was still thrusting at nothing in frustration as the climax disappeared before it could be fulfilled. She waited a few minutes until repeating the same procedure about 3 more times. By now he was whimpering and begging to cum.

"Well, since you were such a good boy with eating me out I think I could be nice and release you" She knelt on the bed again between his legs and he gasped as he felt her warm wet mouth envelope his awaiting dick. She was able to go down all the way to the base and came up again slowly. Doing this over and over again slowly. He groaned at the feeling and wanted more but wouldn't rush her for fearing she might stop. Her pace quickened and he got closer to cumming. He felt her tongue swirl around his head every time she came up and felt his balls touch her chin when she went down. He was getting closer and closer and yelled out to her he was about to cum and then...nothing. She had stopped and was laughing, laughing at him.

"Did you really think I'd let you cum that easy? Ha! I haven't gotten all my use out of you yet. But soon I promise dear." He felt her put a cream on his dick and massaged it in and he groaned and thrusted to her touch. More and more he began to lose feeling. She had put a numbing cream on him but he was still hard as a rock. She untied the blindfold and he saw her standing over him. He watched her as she lowered herself onto his dick all the way until he was all the way inside her and she was fully straddling him. He knew he should feel her there but felt nothing and groaned in frustration. She began to grind on him and began moaning and pleasing herself with him numb member like he was her personal sex toy. He thrusted back at her against her thrusts so that he went in her as far as he could each time. Soon her body wracked with a mind blowing orgasm and she screamed his name as she came. That alone made him moan in return. He began to regain the feeling in his dick and she knew he was. He began fucking her from under her and she was fucking him back. He was getting closer and closer and she was rounding up to another mind blowing orgasm.

"Unh! Fuck! Jeremy! Cum for me baby, I'm gonna cum too!" within minutes she came screaming his name once more as he blew his hot load in her so hard he felt dizzy. She collapsed on his chest and kissed him on the neck. She got up and untied him and laid there with him, both naked.

"Second date?"


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